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The club was grief-stricken over the news of their beloved president's death, and has telegraphed an order for flowers and sent dispatches of sympathy, both as an organization and individually.

In New York Mrs. Stuart was identified with the Barnard, McDowell and Wednesday Afternoon clubs.


FOR 1917.

RECEIPTS. December 31, 1916, balance cash on hand. ............$ 150.31 Dues collected in January, 1917............$ 32.00 Dues collected in February, 1917............ 16.00 Dues collected in March, 1917.......$ 526.00 Refund for dinner ticket........... 1.00 Refund by Perry & Buckley, printers. 3.85

530.85 Dues collected in April, 1917........

78.00 Dues collected in May, 1917........$ 70.00 Refund by Hotel Grunewald, centennial banquet, 1915.............. 212.50

282.50 Dues collected in June, 1917.....

46.00 Dues collected in July, 1917........$ 16.00 Refunded by postoffice..........

32.26 Dues collected in August, 1917........

4.00 Dues collected in November, 1917............. 28.00

Total receipts ...........



Grand total ......

January, 1917, sundry expenses.......
February, 1917, sundry expenses.....
March, 1917, sundry expenses....
April, 1917, sundry expenses.......
May, 1917, sundry expenses.....
June, 1917, sundry expenses....
July, 1917, sundry expenses................$
American Printing Co., on account of Souvenir

Book, 1915.....
American Red Cross. ...
Dunbar Rowland, for Letters of Claiborne, six

volumes. .............................

...$ . 19.85

37.69 35.35 70.90 22.15

38.40 50.11


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American Tea UTOSS......................




August, 1917, sundry expenses.........
December, 1917, sundry expenses...........$
Miss C. S. Freret, clerical services...........
Binding Souvenir Books for War Libraries...

[blocks in formation]

Total disbursements .........

....$ 803.58 Balance cash on hand.....

396.34 There were no receipts in September, October or December, and no disbursements in September, October or November.

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SECRETARY AND LIBRARIAN. At the meeting of the Society on February 21, 1917, the regular meeting date was changed from the third Wednesday to the third Tuesday of each month.

During the year 1917 ten monthly meetings were held and two special lectures were given by the Society, as follows:

MEETINGS AND LECTURES. January 17–Purnell M. Milner, Forgotten Treks. February 21-James Renshaw, The City Beautiful. March 21—Miss Grace King, Boimare's Notes Bibliographiques. March 26–Motion Pictures, Celebration of the Centennial of the

Battle of New Orleans. April 17–S. A. Trufant, Review of Banking in New Orleans,

1830-1840. May 15—Mrs. H. F. Magruder, Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Old

and New, and Its People. T. P. Thompson, The U. S. Flag and the Designation of the

States of the Union by the Enlargement of Particular

Stars. June 19—Colonel Allison Owen, History of the Washington Ar

tillery. July 17—Doctor Joseph Holt, Review of Colonel Owen's Paper

on the History of the Washington Artillery. Professor Henry M. Gill, The War. October 16-Joe Mitchell Pilcher, The Story of Marksville. November 27–Miss Grace King, The True History of Philip

December 18—W. 0. Hart, History of the First Protestant

Church in New Orleans.
J. F. C. Waldo, Story of the Unitarian Church in New Or-


December 21–Edward A. Parsons, In the Path of the Black

Eagle. Illustrated.
The Executive Committee met twelve times during the year.

On January 8th, the Annual Reunion Dinner of the Louisiana Historical Society took place in the Gold Room of the Grunewald Hotel, about 130 members and friends of the Society participating. The excellent menu and well-filled program of speeches and singing were greatly enjoyed by all present. Mr. W. 0. Hart was toastmaster of the occasion.

On October 24th, at 1 o'clock, at the City Hall and in the Coupil n i i took place a reception and ceremonies commemo. . .peremonies taking place this day in Paris and preliminu' te tv Biennial Bi-Centennial Celebration in New Orleans in April, 1918. The program, which was preceded by a concert on the City Hall gallery by the United States Naval Station Band, was as follows:

The invocation, by Rev. A. Gordon Bakewell; address of welcome, by Mayor Behrman, and replied to by Mr. Gaspar Cusachs; speech, by Mr. E. Genoyer, acting Consul of French Republic, “America and France”?; paper on Bienville, by Miss Grace King; outline of the Bi-Centennial program prepared for the celebration in New Orleans in April, by Mr. T. P. Thompson; song, “La Marsellaise,” Miss Anita Deynoodt; song, “Joan of Arc,” Miss Constance Ray; song, “The Call of the Flag,” Mr. Charles Dorhauer; song, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” led by Miss Rose Dirmann; Salute to the Flag, led by Mrs. C. Hamilton Tebault, and benediction, by Rev. J. B. Jeanmard.

Mr. W. 0. Hart was master of ceremonies.
A large and brilliant gathering attended the ceremonies.

The delegates sent by the City of New Orleans to Paris to attend the ceremonies taking place there on the same date were: General W. J. Behan,

J. M. Vergnole,
Andre Lafargue,

Paul Villere.

MEMBERSHIP. Seventy-nine applicants were elected to active membership in the Society-fifty-two gentlemen and twenty-seven ladies.

During the year there were twenty-five resignations and seventeen deaths from among the members. The net increase in membership for 1917 is thirty-seven active members, making a total of 625 active members and thirteen honorary members on the roster of the Society on January 1, 1918.

Death has removed the following esteemed members during the year 1917:

Mr. Dudley Avery,
Reverend James H. Blenk,
Judge A. A. Gunby,

Judge A. D. Land,
Captain T. J. Woodward,
Captain C. W. Drown,
Mr. T. L. Barnes,
Mr. C. Meyer Eiseman,
Reverend William C. Gaynor,
Mr. Emile Hoehn,
Mr. A. Schmedtge,
Mr. Philip Werlein,
Mr. C. H. Willard,
Mr. Thomas J. Ford,
Mr. H. A. S. Bacher,
Mrs. Ruth McEnery Stuart,
Mrs. Aimee Bengnot.

Miss Rena Duncan, 1533 Erato Street.
Mrs. Benjamin Lewis, 2419 Milan Street;
Mrs. Samuel B. Sneath, Tiffin, Ohio;
Mr. Alexander Hay, 834 Broadway;
Dr. Felix Gaudin, 1001 State Street;
Mrs. Edward Wisner, 2362 Camp Street;
Mr. Etienne Mazureau Reynes, 1206 North Rampart Street;
Mr. Albert Aschaffenburg, Lafayette Hotel;
Mrs. F. G. Govan, 909 Eleonore Street;
Mr. J. D. Kennedy, Hotel Monteleone;
Mr. M. Augustin, 323 Baronne Street;
Hon. John Marshall, Baton Rouge, La.;
Mr. S. Locke Breaux, 1907 Prytania Street;
Mr. R. D. Reeves, 1106 Nashville Avenue;
Miss Nellie Farwell, First and St. Charles Avenue;
Mr. Alfred Slidell, 136 Carondelet Street;
Mrs. George Koppel, 4411 Carondelet Street;
Mr. Gustave Pitot, 1438 North Prieur Street;
Mr. Frank Henning, 718 Pelican Avenue;
Mr. William A. Briant, 2409 Bienville Street;
Mrs. Celeste Claiborne Carruth, New Roads, La.;
Mr. T. L. Barnes, Hotel Bentley, Alexandria, La.;
Judge Taylor Beattie, Thibodaux, La.;
Miss Florence Lavelle, Mandeville, La.;
Mr. Arthur H. Dicks, 437 Carondelet Street;
Mr. Armand Romain, 211 Camp Street;
Mrs. Mary T. Yount, 2223 Soniat Street;
Mr. F. D. Charbonnet, Jr., 624 Gravier Street;
Mr. A. H. Johness, 630 Gravier Street;
Mr. Joseph Bernard, 1000 Title Guarantee Building;
Dr. J. L. Deslattes, Convent, La.;

Mr. Thomas J. Ford, 406 Chartres Street;
Mr. Parham Werlein, 605 Canal Street;
Mr. Charles F. Buck, Jr., 2027 Carondelet Street;
Mrs. Charles F. Buck, Jr., 2027 Carondelet Street;
Mr. Peter A. Chopin, 2800 St. Charles Avenue;
Rev. C. W. Bispham, 1727 Coliseum Street;
Mr. John B. Stetson, Jr., Elkin's Park, Pa.;
Mr. O. G. Boisseau, Holden, Missouri;
Mr. J. Edward Crusel, Denegre Building;
Mr. Fernand Laudumiey, 1112 North Rampart Street;
Dr. Rigney D’Aunoy, 1935 Ursuline Avenue;
Mrs. George B. Penrose, 2302 Prytania Street;
Dr. A. E. Fossier, 8134 Cohn Street;
Rev. Raymond Carra, St. Patrick's Church;
Mr. J. R. Wells, 211 St. Charles Street;
Mr. Bertrand Beer, 4035 St. Charles Avenue;
Miss Florence E. O'Neal, 215 Macheca Building;
Mr. J. L. Rice, 2326 Robert Street;
Hon. Harry D. Wilson, Baton Rouge, La.;
Mr. J. A. Wherry, 132 Carondelet Street;
Mr. E. W. Burgis, 222 Elmira Avenue, Algiers, La.;
Mrs. Wyndham A. Lewin, 2110 Bayou Road;
Mrs. Peter F. Pescud, 1413 Third Street;
Miss Eleanor E. Riggs, 4535 Prytania Street;
Mrs. Victoria M. Jones, 1337 Esplanade Avenue;
Mr. St. Clair Adams, 416 Hibernia Building;
Miss Alice M. Goforth, 635 Mills Avenue, Baton Rouge, La.;
Miss Nellie W. Price, 1231 Webster Street;
Dr Milton A. Dunn, Colfax, La.;
Mr. Joe Mitchell Pilcher, Marksville, La.;
Mr. Jules Mazarat, 1921 Ursuline Avenue;
Mr. J. A. Barger, 7315 St. Charles Avenue;
Colonel James Long Wright, 617 Common Street;
Mr. Alfred S. Amer, St. Charles Hotel;
Mr. Robert Legier, 124 Carondelet Street;
Mr. F. A. Brunet, 313 Royal Street;
Miss Marie L. Points, 930 Elysian Fields Avenue;
Mrs. J. W. Carnahan, 2204 Calhoun Street;
Mrs. Benjamin Ory, 1620 Seventh Street;
Mrs. Fred Querens, 2016 Baronne Street;
Miss M. V. Denegre, 2427 St. Charles Avenue;
Mr. P. L. Noblom, 516 Canal Street;
Mrs. Olivia Blanchard, 1237 St. Andrew Street;
Mr. Louis A. St. Martin, 3700 Dauphine Street;
Miss Delphine Points, 930 Elysian Fields Avenue;
Mr. Adolfo E. Hegewisch, Wolvin Line, Whitney Building;
Mr. W. H. Anderson, 5212 Coliseum Street;
Mrs. Marie Mioton, 1219 North Rampart Street.

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