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1,725 Communications received and replied to....... Letters sent out in connection with library work.......... Letters written announcing election to membership....... 79 Corrections made in addressograph stencils, new addresses Addressograph plates made for new members............

As a supplement to this report is given a list of the officers and the committees of the Society on January 1, 1918, and the Constitution and By-Laws, also a list of the papers published in the proceedings of the Louisiana Historical Society, Volumes 1 to 10, 1895 to 1917. Respectfully submitted,

ROBERT GLENK, Corresponding Secretary and Librarian.

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.........President MR. JOHN DYMOND........, ......... First Vice-President MR. T. P. THOMPSON.....

... Second Vice-President JUDGE HENRY RENSHAW

..... Third Vice-President MR. W. 0. HART.........

................. Treasurer Miss GRACE KING.......

........ Recording Secretary MR. BUSSIERE ROUEN.....

. Corresponding Secretary Mrs. HELOISE H. CRUZAT..

....... Assistant Secretary

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EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Gaspar Cusachs, Chairman; John Dymond, T. P. Thompson, Henry Renshaw, William 0. Hart, Miss Grace King, Robert Glenk.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. Colonel H. J. de la Vergne, Chairman; Miss Emma Zacharie, George Koppel.

FINANCE COMMITTEE. Justin F. Denechaud, Chairman; Henry M. Gill, Sebastian Roy.

WORK AND ARCHIVES COMMITTEE. Gaspar Cusachs, Chairman; Grace King, Robert Glenk, William 0. Hart, T. P. Thompson and A. B. Booth.

BIENVILLE MEMORIAL COMMITTEE. Mayor Martin Behrman, Chairman; T. P. Thompson, John Dymond, Miss Grace King, W. 0. Hart; Gaspar Cusachs, exofficio.


THE HOTEL GRUNEWALD. Judge Charles F. Claiborne, Chairman; John Dymond, W.O. Hart, A. B. Booth and Mrs. M. Seebold Molinary.



MEMBERSHIP. Section 1. The members of this Society shall be composed of such persons as are mentioned in the Act of Incorporation by the Legislature of the State, approved April 30th, A. D. 1877, and such other persons of both sexes as may be duly elected.

Section 2. The active members shall be residents of the State, and shall be elected by ballot, or vice versa, as may be deemed expedient at any regular meeting.

Section 3. Honorary members may be either residents or nonresidents, and shall be chosen in the same manner as the active members. A majority of the members present at any regular meeting shall be requisite to elect a member of either class. Five members at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.


OFFICERS. Section 1. The officers of the Society shall be a President, three Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary and Librarian.

Section 2. All officers of this Society shall be elected annually at a January meeting held on the 8th of January. If the 8th falls on Sunday, the meeting shall be held on Monday.


The standing committees shall be as follows:

An Executive Committee, to consist of the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and three fellows.

A Finance Committee of three members, to be appointed by the President.

A Committee on Work and Archives of six members, including the President and Secretaries.

A Committee on Membership of three members, to be appointed by the President.


TRANSACTIONS. The transactions of the Society shall be published in such form as may be most convenient and practicable, and shall be exchanged with those of other historical societies as far as possible.

ORDER OF BUSINESS. The general order of business at every meeting shall be as follows:

1. Calling the roll of officers and members.
2. Reading of the minutes.
3. Reports of committees.
4. Resolutions.
5. Communications or essays.
6. Such other business as may be brought up.


FELLOWS. The Executive Committee shall propose and the Society shall elect from its members a number of FELLOWS (this number never to exceed fifty). No members shall be eligible as fellows who have not donated valuable historical matter to the Soociety, or contributed original articles to its publications.

Three of these fellows shall be elected also as members of the Executive Committee.


AMENDMENTS. This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the active members present. Provided, that notice of the amendment proposed shall have been given in writing and read at a previous regular meeting.


The dues of the Society shall be two dollars a year.



VOLUMES 1 TO 10, 1895-1917. Adams, Prof. Ephriam D.: Letter relative to the Battle of New

Orleans, written by British officer in 1815. Vol. 9,

1916. Augustin, J. M.: Reception of President McKinley at Cabildo,

Report. Vol. 3, 1901. Augustin, J. M.: Catalogue of the exhibit of the Louisiana His

torical Society at the Public Library, February, 1900.

Vol. 2, 1901. Bakewell, Rev. A. Gordon: Reminiscences of John J. Audubon,

Vol. 5, 1910. Beer, William: The Capture of Fort Charlotte, Mobile. Vol. 1,

Contributions to pamphlet literature by Charles Gayarre.

Vol. 3, 1905.
Transcripts of French Manuscripts, Mississippi Valley,

1679-1769. Vol. 4, 1908.
Early census tables of Louisiana, transcripts by Tantet.

Vol. 5, 1910.
Impressions of J. K. Paulding on Journey from New Or-

leans to Cairo, 1817; reprint. Vol. 8, 1915.

State Historical Department of Mississippi. Vol. 8, 1915. Beyer, Prof. George E.: The Mounds of Louisiana ; Larto Group.

Vol. 2, 1896.
The Mounds of Louisiana ; Franklin Parish. Vol. 2, 1898.
Ancient Basketwork from Avery Island. Vol. 2, 1898.
Investigation of Shell Mounds in Calcasieu Parish. Vol.

2, 1898.

Mound Investigations at Lemar, La. Vol. 2, 1899. Bouchereau, A.: Statement of the Sugar Crop in Louisiana in

1896-97. Vol. 2, 1897. Breaux, Judge Joseph A.: Some Early Colleges and Schools in

Louisiana. Vol. 8, 1915. Butler, Prof. Pierce: Celebration of the Louisiana Statehood

Centennial; Report, 1912. Vol. 6. Cruzat, J. W.: Journal de la Campagne de Mr. de Villiers, du

puis son arrivée ou fort Duquesne jusqu'a son retour

and fort. (From Canadian Archives.) Vol. 3, 1904. Biographical and Genealogical Notes concerning the fam

ily of Philippe de Mandeville Ecuyer sieur de Marigny.

1709. Vol. 5, 1910.

The Defenses of New Orleans in 1797. Vol. 5, 1910. Cusachs, Gaspar: Representation upon the limits of Louisiana

made to His Excellency the Duke of Alcudia by His

Bioprot Philippe 1910rleans ino?

Excellency Brigadier General Estevan Miro. Vol. 2,

1898. Letter of Governor Miro to the Commissioner of the State

of Georgia. Vol. 2, 1898. Letter from Governor Claiborne to General James Wil

kinson, 1806. Vol. 9, 1916. Dart, William Kernan: Walt Whitman in New Orleans. Vol. 7,

1915. De La Vergne, H. J.: Charles Frederick D’Arensburg. Vol. 7,

1915. Devron, Dr. Gustavus: Biography of Pierre Margry. Vol. 2,

1896. Two original and newly found documents of the depart

ure, shipwreck and death of Mr. Aubry, last French

Governor of Louisiana. Vol. 2, 1897. Dupre, Hon. H. Garland: Fernando de Lemos, by Charles Gay

arre; review. Vol. 3, 1905. Elder, Mrs. S. B.: Bienville's Difficulties in Founding of New

Orleans. Vol. 7, 1915.

A Statue due to Sieur de Bienville. Vol. 7, 1915. Favrot, Henry L.: The State Seal. Vol. 3, 1902.

Some of the causes and conditions that brought about the

West Florida Revolution in 1810. Vol. 1, 1895.
West Florida Revolution, and incidents growing out of it,

Vol. 1, 1896.
Ficklen, Prof. John R.: The Northwestern Boundary of Louisi-

ana, with special reference to the French Cession of

1803. Vol. 2, 1898.

Judge Gayarre's Histories of Louisiana. Vol. 3, 1905. Fortier, Prof. Alcee: Philip II of Spain, by Charles Gayarre.

Vol. 3, 1905.
Review of Old Papers of Colonial Times. (Records of

Superior Council of Cabildo.) Vol. 1, 1895.
Centennial Celebration of the Louisiana Transfer; report.

Vol. 3, 1903. Glenk, Robert: Activities of the Louisiana Historical Society

for the year 1914-15. Vol. 8. Activities of the Louisiana Historical Society for the year

1915-16. Vol. 9. Grima, Edgar: Municipal support of Theatres and Operas in

New Orleans. Vol. 8, 1916. Hart, W.O.: The School for Politics, by Charles Gayarre. Vol.

3, 1905. The Bible in Louisiana a Century Ago. Vol. 9, 1916. History of the First Protestant Church in New Orleans.

Vol. 10, 1917. Kernion, George C. H.: Samuel Jarvis Peters; the man who

made New Orleans of To-day. Vol. 7, 1915.

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