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“Glenart Castle,” “Guildford Castle” and “Llandovery Castle.”
Miscellaneous, No. 26 (1918). 4%d.
Imperial War Conference, 1918. Resolutions agreed to by the

Conference; Extracts from Minutes of the Proceedings; and Papers laid before the Conference. (Cd. 9177.) 2s.6d.

Merchant Tonnage and the Submarine. Supplementary statement showing for the United Kingdom and for the world, for the period Aug., 1914, to Oct., 1918, merchant tonnage losses by enemy action and marine risk, merchant shipbuilding output, and enemy vessels captured and brought into service; with diagrams showing losses and output of merchant tonnage for the United Kingdom and for the world for each quarter up to Sept. 30, 1918. (Cd. 9221.) 3d. Military Service. Order in Council, Sept. 27, 1918, under the Military Service Conventions with Allied States, Act 1917, signifying that a Convention, dated Aug. 8, 1918, has been made with Greece. (St. R. & O. No. 1225.) Ministers. List of His Majesty’s Ministers and Heads of Public Departments. Revised, Nov., 1918. 2%d. Ministry of Shipping. Order, Oct. 18, 1918, made under sec. 11 (5) of the New Ministries and Secretaries Act, 1916, substituting the Shipping Controller for the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty in the Agreements specific in the Schedule to this Order. (St. R. & O. 1918, No. 1421.) Nitrate of Soda. Memorandum of Agreement between the Chilean Government and the Nitrate of Soda Executive for the sale and purchase of Nitrate of Soda. Miscellaneous, No. 22 (1918). (Cd. 9149.) 11%d. Parcel Post. Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post Amendment (No. 85) warrant, Aug. 27, 1918. Costa Rica. (St. R. & O. No. 1239.) Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post Amendment (No. 86) Warrant, Nov. 22, 1918. (St. R. & O. No. 1544.) Prisoners of War. Agreement between the British and German Governments concerning Combatant Prisoners of War and Civilians. Miscellaneous, No. 20 (1918). (Cd. 9147.) 4%d. Report on the Treatment by the Germans of Prisoners of War taken during the Spring Offensives of 1918. Miscellaneous, No. 19 (1918). (Cd. 9106.) 3d. Further report on same. Miscellaneous, No. 27 (1918). 3d.

Report on the Employment in Coal and Salt Mines of *

the British Prisoners of War in Germany. Miscellaneous, No. 23 (1918). (Cd. 9150.) 2d.

Prisoners of War. Report on the Treatment by the Enemy of British Officers, Prisoners of War in Camps under the 10th (Hanover) Army Corps, up to March, 1918. Miscellaneous, No. 28 (1918). 3d.

- Report on the Treatment of British Prisoners of War in Turkey. Miscellaneous, No. 24 (1918). (Cd. 9208.) 41/2d.

Russia. Despatches from His Majesty's Consul General at Moscow, Aug. 5 to 9, 1918. Miscellaneous, No. 30 (1918). 2d.

Termination of the Present War. (Definition.) Bill to make provision for determining the date of the termination of the Present War, and for purposes connected therewith. (H. L. 1918, Nos. 144 and 144a.) Each 112d. (H. C. 1918, No. 115.) 11/2d.

Trade. Interim Report of Committee on Commercial and Industrial Policy regarding importation of goods from the present enemy countries after the war. (Cd. 9033.)

- Interim report of Committee on Commercial and Industrial policy on the treatment of exports from the United Kingdom and British overseas possessions and the conservation of the resources of the Empire during transitional period after the war. (Cd. 9034.)

- Final Report of Committee on Commercial and Industrial Policy on policy after the war. (Cd. 9035.)

Trading with the Enemy. (Statutory List.) Proclamation, together with the consolidated Statutory List of Persons and Firms in Countries, other than Enemy Countries, with whom persons and firms in the United Kingdom are prohibited from trading. With notes for British merchants engaged in foreign trade. Complete to Nov. 15, 1918. No. 68a. 81/2d.

- Enemy Banking Business Rules, Dec. 8, 1918, made under sec. 2 (4) of the Trading with the Enemy (amendment) Act, 1918. (St. R. & 0. No. 1649.)

Treaty. Between Great Britain and Greece respecting the liability to military service of British subjects in Greece and Greek subjects in Great Britain. Miscellaneous, No. 16, 1918. (Cd. 9103.)

Treaty of Peace between Germany and Finland, together with Commercial and Shipping Agreements signed March 7, 1918. Miscellaneous, No. 29 (1918). 2d.

- Between Central Powers and Ukrainian People's Republic, together with the supplementary treaty thereto, signed at Brest-Litovsk, February 9, 1918. Miscellaneous, No. 18 (1918). (Cd. 9105.) 2d.

UNITED STATES ? Alien Enemies. Proclamation abrogating, annulling, and rescinding certain regulations prescribing the conduct of alien enemies. December 23, 1918. 1 p. (No. 1506.) State Dept.

Alien Property. Executive order concerning certain sales to be conducted by Alien Property Custodian pursuant to trading with the enemy act and amendments thereof, relating to seats upon or membership in any stock, cotton, grain, produce or other exchange. Sept. 13, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2955.) State Dept.

Alien Property Custodian. Executive order vesting power and authority in a designated official (managing director of Alien Property Custodian in Philippine Islands) or his successors in office, subject to supervision of Alien Property Custodian. Sept. 13, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2959.) State Dept.

Aliens. Joint resolution authorizing readmission to United States of certain aliens who have been conscripted or have volunteered for service with military forces of United States or cobelligerent forces. Approved Oct. 19, 1918. 1 p. (Public resolution 44.)

Anarchists. Act to exclude and expel from United States aliens who are members of anarchistic and similar classes. Approved Oct. 16, 1918. 1 p. (Public 221.)

Arbitration. Agreement between United States and Great Britain, extending duration of convention of April 4, 1908; signed, Washington, June 3, 1918; proclaimed Sept. 30, 1918. 4 p. (Treaty series, 635.) State Dept.

Armistice. Terms of armistice signed by Germany, address of President to joint session of Congress, Nov. 11, 1918. 11 p. (H. doc. 1339.)

Army. Report on bill amending act to give indemnity for damages caused by American forces abroad so as to provide for prompt settlement of debts of deceased members of expeditionary forces. Oct. 10, 1918. 2 p. (S. rp. 589.)

- Regulations for Army, 1913; corrected to April 15, 1917. 1918 (reprint with additions]. (War Dept. doc. 454.) Cloth, 60c.

2 Where prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount noted, from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

Birds. Proclamation of amendments of and additions to migratory birds treaty act regulations, Oct. 25, 1918. 3 p. (No. 1490.) State Dept.

Cables, Submarine. Executive order, censorship of submarine cables, telegraph and telephone lines (amending Executive order of April 28, 1917, so as to include points on or near Mexican border). Sept. 26, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2967.) State Dept.

-- Proclamation taking possession and control of marine cable systems. Nov. 2, 1918. 2 p. (No. 1492A.) State Dept.

Consular courts. Regulations for United States consular courts in China, with set of court forms used in American consular court at Shanghai, and act of July 1, 1870. 1918. 64 p. State Dept.

Copyright law of United States, act of March 4, 1909, in force July 1, 1909, as amended by acts of August 24, 1912, March 2, 1913, and March 28, 1914; with rules for practice and procedure under sec. 25, by Supreme Court. Edition of August, 1918. 80 p. (Bulletin 14.) Library of Congress. Paper, 10c.

Courts-martial. Manual for courts-martial, courts of inquiry, and of other procedure under military law. Revised edition corrected to Aug. 1, 1918. 1918. (War Dept. doc. 560.) Cloth, 65c.

Defensive Sea Areas. Executive Order revoking all Executive Orders heretofore issued for the establishment of. Jan. 25, 1919. (No. 3027.) State Dept.

Diplomatic and Consular Service. Diplomatic and consular service of United States, corrected to Aug. 31, 1918. 45 p. State Dept.

Economic Reconstruction. Analysis of main tendencies in principal belligerent countries of Europe, with statistics of production, consumption, and trade in important foodstuffs and industrial raw materials. 1918. 74 p. (Miscellaneous series, 73.) Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau. Paper, 10c.

Europe. Strategic map of central Europe showing international frontiers. 1918. 30c.

Exports. Conservation list effective Jan. 16, 1919, supersedes all previous export conservation lists. War Trade Board.

German-Bolshevik Conspiracy. Oct., 1918. 30 p. (War Information series 20.) Public Information Committee.

German East Africa. Black slaves of Prussia, letter to Lieut. Gen. J. C. Smuts relative to German rule in East Africa, by Frank Weston, Bishop of Zanzibar. 1918. 14 p. (S. doc. 296.)

Germany. Germany's confession, Lichnowsky memorandum. 1918. Public Information Committee.

Great War, 1914. Check list of literature and other material in Library of Congress on European War. 1918. 293 p. Library of Congress. Paper, 30c.

- - Spirit of coming era; address by Secretary of State, Oct. 10, 1918. 9 p. State Dept.

Greeks in United States. Act to authorize payment of indemnities to Greece for injuries inflicted on its nationals during riots occurring in South Omaha, Neb., Feb. 21, 1909. Approved Aug. 30, 1918. 1 p. (Public 212.)

Hungary. Affairs of Hungary, 1849–50; message from President of United States transmitting in response to Senate resolution of Dec. 7, 1909 (March 22, 1850), correspondence with A. Dudley Mann (1849—50), relating to affairs in Hungary, also additional papers transmitted by Secretary of State Robert Lansing to Senator Lodge on Sept. 10, 1918, relating to same subject. 1918. 64 p. (S. doc. 282.)

Inland Waterways. In response to resolution, report on commercial advantages of ship canals connecting Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and Lake Ontario and Hudson River, with bibliography. 1918. 16 p. (S. doc. 301.) Commerce Dept.

Investments in Latin America and British West Indies, by Frederic M. Halsey. 1918. 544 p. (Special Agents' Series, 169.) Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau. Paper, 50c.

Licenses. Proclamation cancelling regulations requiring licenses for importation, etc., of certain food commodities. Jan. 7, 1919. (No. 1506-A.) State Dept.

- Regulation 17 governing salt-water fishermen, contains all general and special rules issued up to Nov. 13, 1918, which affect salt-water fishermen catching and selling salt water fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Nov. 13, 1918. 16 p. Food administration.

Military service. Convention providing for reciprocal military service with France; signed, Washington, Sept. 3, 1918. 2 p. State Dept.

- Convention providing for reciprocal military service with Greece; signed, Washington, Aug. 30, 1918. 3 p. State Dept.

Neutrality. Laws of neutrality as existing on Aug. 1, 1914. May, 1918. 578 p. State Dept. Paper, 35c.

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