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August, 1919.
1 CHINA. House of Representatives passed a bill declaring China

at peace with Germany. A motion was adopted proposing to
send a telegram of thanks to the United States Senate for
stand taken on the Shantung question. London Times, August
4, 1919.
HUNGARY. Government passed from control of Bela Kun to
the Social Democrats. Bela Kun fled to Vienna where he was
interned. Text of message to Peace Conference: London Times,
August 4, 1919. On August 6th cabinet resigned and Arch-
duke Joseph took over control with title of State Governor.
London Times, August 8, 1919. On August 9th Archduke
Joseph requested the recognition of the new government by
the Peace Conference. Text: London Times, August 11, 1919.
Personnel of new cabinet under Archduke Joseph: London
Times, August 18, 1919. On August 22d Supreme Council
sent note to Interallied Mission in Budapest refusing to
recognize Archduke Joseph as head of Hungarian Govern-
ment, whereupon Archduke and cabinet resigned. Text:

London Times, August 25, 1919. 2 COSTA RICA. United States Senate adopted resolution (S. Res.

105) asking President Wilson whether Nicaragua has been permitted to invade Costa Rica and why Costa Rica was not allowed to sign Peace Treaty. Secretary Lansing explained to the Senate why Tinoco was ignored. Congressional Record,

August 2, 1919. 2 MEXICO—UNITED STATES. Protest sent to Mexico relative to

cancellation of concessions. New York Times, August 3, 1919. 6 GERMANY — DENMARK. Denmark formally recognized Ebert

Government. London Times, August 7, 1919. 6 INTERNATIONAL LABOR CONFERENCE. United States Senate passed

a resolution authorizing President to call a general International Labor Conference. Congressional Record, August 6,

1919. 6 PORTUGAL. Senhor Antonio Jose de Almeida was elected presi

dent of Portugal. London Times, August 8, 1919. 6 CHINA-JAPAN. President Wilson issued statement regarding

Viscount Uchida's reference to agreement of 1915 between
China and Japan. Text: New York Times, August 7, 1919.

8 TURKEY—GREECE. Turks have proclaimed “holy war" against

Greeks landed at Panderma. New York Times, August 9, 1919. 8 SPAIN—KINGDOM OF SERBS, CROATS AND SLOVENES. Spain for

mally recognized Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

London Times, August 11, 1919. 8 GERMANY-UNITED STATES. Announced that German potash may

now be imported into the United States. London Times, Au

gust 8, 1919. 8 INDIA—AFGHANISTAN. Peace signed at 11 a.m. This war began

May 2d, when Afghan troops crossed the Indian border near

Kuyber. London Times, August 9, 1919. 9 GREAT BRITAIN-PERSIA. Two treaties signed—one political, the

other defining the terms of a loan to be made to Persia by Great Britain. Texts: London Times, August 16, 1919. See

editorial in this JOURNAL, p. 749. 11 GERMANY–POLAND. Negotiations begun in Berlin between rep

resentatives of the German and Polish Governments with regard to transfer from Germany to Poland of territories specified in

Peace Treaty. London Times, August 13, 1919. 11 JAPAN—GREAT BRITAIN. Secretary Lansing announced that

at the time of the Sino-American negotiations, Viscount Ishii concealed British-Japanese pact. New York Times, August

12, 1919. 12 AUSTRIAN REPUBLIC. Announced that the Inter-Allied Supreme

Council had decided to recognize the new Austria as the “Aus

trian Republic.” London Times, August 13, 1919. 13 UNITED STATES—GREAT BRITAIN. Viscount Grey of Fallodon

appointed special Ambassador to the United States. London

Times, August 14, 1919. 13 Costa Rica. President Tinoco fled from Costa Rica. Juan Bau

tiste Quiros seized government. New York Times, August 14, 1919; London Times, August 15, 1919. On August 20th Costa Rica was informed that United States would recognize no government unless elected by people under the Costa Rican

constitution. Washington Post, August 21, 1919. 13 Russia. Announced that United States will send arms to Kol

chak. New York Times, August 14, 1919. 14 UKRAINIA-POLAND. Note presented to British Foreign Office

by Ukrainian Mission protesting against outrages alleged to have been committed by Poles in Galicia, Kholm district and Volhynia, and asking that a commission of inquiry be ap

pointed. London Times, August 14, 1919. 15 FINLAND-ESTHONIA. Announced Finland has recognized the

independence of Esthonia. London Times, August 15, 1919. 15 JAPAN–RUSSIA. Announced that Japan will inform Admiral

Kolchak that she is unable to accede to his request to send several divisions against the Bolshevists. London Times, Au

gust 16, 1919. 16 Death of Dr. Thomas Joseph Lawrence, an eminent authority on

international law. Dr. Lawrence was born April 23, 1849, was educated at Cambridge and was the first Whewell scholar to be appointed. He was ordained a priest of the Anglican Church in 1874. His Principles of International Law passed through six editions and his Handbook of Public International Law through ten. Among his other books may be mentioned Essays on Some Disputed Questions in International Law, War and Neutrality in the Far East, and Documents Illustrative of International Law. He was a member of the Institut de Droit International, and was professor of international law at the University of Cambridge 1883-85, and at the University of

Chicago 1892-93. London Times, August 18, 1919. 16 KINGDOM OF SERBS, CROATS, SLOVENES. New cabinet announced.

Personnel : London Times, August 18, 1919. 17 GREAT BRITAIN-MEXICO. Announced that Mexico had ordered

Mr. H. A. Cummins, British chargé, to leave Mexico. London

Times, August 18, 1919. 19 UNITED STATES-FRANCE. Senate Judiciary Committee holds

treaty with France not in violation of Constitution. New York

Times, August 20, 1919. 21 GERMANY–POLAND. Resolution adopted by conference between

two governments. Text: London Times, August 22, 1919. 21 BULGARIA. Peace Treaty signed at Quai d'Orsay. New York

Times, September 20, 1919. 21 FINLAND UNITED STATES. A. H. Saastamoingen, first Minister

from Finland to United States, presents credentials. New York Times, August 22, 1919.

21 UKRAINIA—ROUMANIA. Agreements signed allowing Ukrainia

to transport munitions across Roumania. New York Herald,

August 22, 1919. 22 GERMANY. Friedrich Ebert took oath of office as Imperial Presi

dent. New York Times, August 23, 1919. 23 UNITED STATES—CANADA. Treaty signed providing for protec

tion of fish in the Pacific coastal and boundary waters. London

Times, August 25, 1919. 26 BELGIUM. The Belgium Senate voted unanimously in favor of

ratifying the Peace Treaty. London Times, August 27, 1919. 27 GREAT BRITAIN—BELGIUM. Announced that Great Britain had

transferred to Belgium the administration of Ruanda and Urundi in German East Africa. The League of Nations gives this mandatory to Great Britain. London Times, August 29,

1919. 28 UNITED STATES—CHINA. Paul Reinsch, American Minister to

China, resigned. New York Times, August 29, 1919. 28 HOLLAND – CZECHO - SLOVAKIA. Announced that Holland had

recognized Czecho-Slovakia. London Times, August 28, 1919. 28 TURKEY. Admiral Bristol was appointed High Commissioner to

Constantinople. New York Times, August 29, 1919. 29 PERU—UNITED STATES. The Leguia government of Peru recog

nized by the United States as the de facto government. Wash

ington Post, August 30, 1919. 30 POLAND-UKRAINIA. Announced that agreement as to boundaries had been signed. New York Sun, August 31, 1919.



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1 Parliamentary and Official Publications of Great Britain may be obtained for the amount noted, from the Superintendent of Publications, H. M. Stationery Office, Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W. C. 2.

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