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[No. 1, January, 1919, pp. 1-157; No. 2, April, 1919, pp. 159-387; No. 3, July,

1919, pp. 389-630; No. 4, October, 1919, pp. 631-860.]

The Lack Of Uniformity In The Law And Practice Of States With

Regard To Merchant Vessels. Fred K. Neilsen 1

Treatment Of Enemy Aliens. James W. Garner 22

Private Property On The High Seas. Graham Bower 60

The Peace Conference Of Paris, 1919. Geo. A. Finch 159

Reconstruction And International Law. Theodore S. Woolsey 187

The German Conception Of The Freedom Of The Seas. Amos 8. Hershey 207

The Nedtrality Of Switzerland. IV. Gordon E. Sherman 227

The Constitutionality Of Treaties. Quincy Wright 242

The Law Of Angary. J. Eugene Harley 267

The Orligation To Ratify Treaties. J. Eugene Harley 389

The American-german Conference On Prisoners Of War. Raymond

Stone 406

Diplomatic Procedure Preliminary To The Congress Of Westphalia.

Kenneth Colegrove 450

The Relations Between The Untied States And Porto Rico. Past II

(Continued). Pedro Cap6 Rodriguez 483

Some Legal Questions Of The Peace Conference. Robert Lansing 631

The Treaty Providing For American Assistance To France In Case Of

Unprovoked Aggression Ry Germany Against The Latter. Pitman

B. Potter 651

The International Regime Of Ports, Waterways And Railways. David

Hunter Miller 669

The Shantung Question. Charles Burke Elliott 687

Kditorial Comment:

Peace Conference delegates at Paris 79

Two treaties of Paris. Theodore S. Woolsey 81

International executives. Chandler P. Anderson 85

Some points as to ships in enemies' ports as prizes. Charles Noble

Gregory 88

Pan-nationalism. George G. Wilson 91

The recognition of the Czecho-Slovaks as belligerents. Charles Cheney

Byde 93

Pleasure and racing yachts in prize law. Charles Noble Gregory 95

Agreement between the United States and Germany concerning prisoners

of war. Chandler P. Anderson 97

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Editorial Comment (continued):

International participation in courts-martial. George G. Wilson 101

Self-determination. Theodore S. WooUey 302

International Intermediary Institute at The Hague. Editor 305

Concerning the recognition of new governments by the United States.

Charles Cheney Hyde 306

The Neutrality Board. James Brown Scott 308

Meeting of the Executive Council and postponement of the Annual Meeting

of the Society. George A. Finch 311

Announcement 526

The ratification of treaties with reservations. Chandler P. Anderson.. . . 526

The Shantung cession. Amos S. Sershey 530

The peace negotiations with Germany. George A. Finch 536

Incursions into Mexico and the doctrine of hot pursuit. Amos S. Hershey 557

The "understandings" of International Law. Philip Marshal Broun.. 738

The provisions of the Treaty of Peace disposing of German rights and

interests outside Europe. T. S. Woolsey 741

Some of the financial clauses of the Peace Treaty with Germany. Charles

Cheney Hyde 745

The new Anglo-Persian agreement. Amos S. Hershey 749

Jewish nationalism. Philip Marshall Brown 755

Current Notes:

Errors in the ordinary versions of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 313

Some territorial questions before the Peace Conference:

The Banat of Temesvar 317

The Duchy of Teschen 318

Territorial claims of Greece 320

The Hedjaz 322

The League of Nations:

Address of President Wilson on presenting the draft of the Covenant to

the Peace Conference at Paris, February 14, 1918 570

Extract from address of President Wilson to the United States Senate,

July 10, 1919 576

Letter of Honorable Elihu Root to Honorable Will H. Hays, March 29,

1919 580

Letter of Honorable Elihu Root to Senator H. C. Lodge, June 19, 1919 596

Message of President Wilson transmitting to the Senate the treaty with

France of June 28, 1919 759

Statement of President Wilson regarding the disposition of Fiume 761

Reply of Signor Orlando, Premier of Italy, regarding the disposition of

Fiume 764

Effect of reservations and amendments to treaties. Frank B. Kellogg... 767

Chronicle Of International Events. Kathryn Sellers 102, 323, 774

Purlic Documents Relating To International Law. George A. Finch

and Hope K. Thompson 112, 332, 796

Judicial Decisions Involving Questions Of International Law:

District Court, Southern District of California:

Ex parte Larrucea et al 118

United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Ninth District:

Swayne and Hoyt, Inc., v. Everett 123

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council:

The Stigstad 127

The Kronzprinzessin Victoria 603

The HeUig Olaf 610


Judicial Decisions Involving Questions Of International Law (continued):

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council:

His British Majesty's Procurator-General in Egypt v. Deutsche Kohlen

Depot Gesellschaft 805

The Leonora 814

Supreme Court of the United States:

Sandberg et al. v. M'Donald 339

Turner v. United States and Creek Nation of Indians 344

Cordova v. Grant 348

Panama Railroad Company v. Bosse 351

Book Reviews:

Pollard: The Commonwealth at War 134

Scott: Reports to the Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907 137

Latane: From Isolation to Leadership: A Review of American Foreign

Policy 140

Balch: A World Court in the Light of the United States Supreme Court 142

Marquis de Dampierre: German Imperialism and International Law.... 146

Davenport: European Treaties Bearing on the History of the United

States and its Dependencies to 1648 148

Hill: Impressions of the Kaiser 356

Loria: The Economic Causes of War 362

Oakes and Mowat: The Great European Treaties of the Nineteenth

Century 364

Phillipson and Buxton: The Question of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles 365

Tyau: The Legal Obligations Arising out of Treaty Relations between

China and Other States 369

Tyau: China's New Constitution and International Problems 371

Kaeckenbeeck: International Rivers 373

Laun: Die Internationalisierung der Meerengen und Kanale 373

The Grotius Society: Problems of the War. Volume III 375

Cox: The West Florida Controversy, 1798-1813 377

War Office: Manual of Military Law 615

Jacobs: Neutrality Versus Justice: An Essay on International Relations 616

Overlach: Foreign Financial Control in China 618

de Lavalle: El Peru y la Gran Guerra 621

Fried: Mein Kriegs-Tagebuch. Vol. I. Das erste Kriegsjahr 622

Lorenzen: The Conflict of Laws Relating to Bills and Notes 624

University of Wisconsin: War Book 625

Oppenheim: League of Nations 627

Wehberg: Die Internationale Beschriinkung der RUstungen 832

Lawrence: The Society of Nations 834

Lemonon: Les Allies et les Neutres 836

Scott: James Madison's Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of

1787 S37

Hershey: Modern Japan 840

Medina: Cuestiones internaeionules: Bolivia-Paraguay 844

Medina: Bolivia-Chile: Cuestiones de actualidad 844

Wolf: Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question 845

Kohler: Jewish Rights at the Congresses of Vienna and Aix-La-Chapelle 845

Grotius Society: Problems of the War. Vol. IV 850

Periodica!. Literature Of International Law. Kathryn Sellers. .150, 380, 855

Index 8(il

SupplementImportant Texts Of An International Character

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The annual subscription to non-members of the Society is five dollars per
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