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Chandler P. Anderson, New York, N. Y.
Philip Marshall Brown, Princeton University.
Charles Noble Gregory, Washington, D. C.
Amos S. Hershey, Indiana University.
David Jayne Hill, Washington, D. C.
Charles Cheney Hyde, Northwestern University.
Robert Lansing, Washington, D. C.
John Bassett Moore, Columbia University.
Jesse S. Reeves, University of Michigan.
George G. Wilson, Harvard University.
Theodore S. Woolsey, New Haven, Conn.

Editor in Chief

James Brown Scott, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,

Washington, D. C.

Secretary of the Board of Editors and Business Manager,
George A. Finch, 2 Jackson Place, Washington, D. C.

The American Journal Of International Law is supplied to all members of the American Society of International Law without extra charge, as the membership fee of five dollars per annum includes the right to all issues of the Journal published during the year for which the dues are paid. (Members residing in foreign countries pay one dollar extra per annum for foreign postage.)

The annual subscription to non-members of the Society is five dollars per annum (one dollar extra is charged for foreign postage), and should be placed with the publishers, The Oxford University Press, American Branch, 35 West 32nd Street, New York City.

Single copies of the Journal will be supplied by the publishers at $1.25 per copy.

Applications for membership in the Society, correspondence with reference to the Journal, and books for review should be sent to James Brown Scott, Editor in Chief, 2 Jackson Place, Washington, D. C.

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