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knoweth not the Father thus, knoweth not the Father aright, nor does he know how he is to be worshipped. For even the Heathens, the Jews, and the Turks believe that there is one God, the creator of heaven and earth; nay, they boast that they worship the only true God; yet they believe not, neither do they know, that the true mind and will and good-pleasure of God, is, that we know Christ as sent by him and given for our redemption. Yet, neither the Pope nor any of his sects can be persuaded of this; and hence it is, that we have unceasingly to contend, war, and fight with them in support of this principal article and sum of our faith and salvation,

But observe-Christ does not only say "I have declared unto them thy name,” but adds, " and will declare it.” That is, I will not be content with having begun to manifest thy name, but will go on to make it more manifest, and will urge the same unceasingly both by the Word and by the Spirit, that my

Christians may not seek after any thing else, or any thing more great, but may be occupied in this one thing, that thy name may become the more illustrious, and that they may the more firmly retain it in their minds. And it is in this that the whole force of the matter rests—that we rightly know the Father by faith, that our hearts, being filled with all assurance and hope, may stand before him, and have no fear of wrath or anger. And, according to my judgment, there is not a more difficult point to arrive at in all heaven and earth. Therefore, let no one fall into the thought that it is a trifling matter, which can be attained unto in a short time without any great trouble, and may be understood as soon as heard; which is the way in which our unexperienced, frothy praters are wont to talk.

That the love wherewith thou hast loved me, &c.

This is that which, (as I have said before,) I consider to be the main thing to be attained unto--that we might know the will and heart of the Father; here, by. the Word preached unto us; but hereafter, in the life

to come, by open vision : whereby we shall behold how - he loved us, and will love us for ever, but through his Son Jesus Christ only. When we attain unto this, then shall we be in possession of the whole treasure of our consolation and salvation. Then shall we dwell in him and he in us, so that we shall remain for ever united in one; (of which we have treated before in its order.) May Christ our Lord preserve and confirm us in this pure knowledge of his Father, and in the unity of faith, until the day of his appearing in glory. To whom, with the Father and the Holy Spirit be honour, praise and glory, for ever and ever, Amen!

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