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sense of Religion, Eternity, and Redeeming-Love! Let the bright prospects of the Gospel of Jesus be placed full before their eyes; and let its holy precepts be inculcated frequently into their hearts!

But, above all things, let the adorable name of the everlasting Johovah be kept sacred among you! Glorified angels fall prostrate before it! The very devils themselves tremble at it! And shall poor worms of earth; dependent on a pulse for every breath of being; surrounded with dangers innumerable; marching forth in the very “shadow of Death;” to-day here, and to-morrow in eternity-shall they dare to blaspheme that holy name, before which all nature bends in adoration and awe? Shall they forget their absolute dependence upon it for all they have, and all they hope to have?

Alas! when the name of our great Creator is become thus familiar, and prostituted to every common subject, what name shall we invoke in the day of danger? To what refuge shall we fly amidst the various pressures of life? To whose mercy shall we lift

up our eyes in the hour of death? And into whose bosom consign our souls, when we launch forth into the dark precincts of Eternity?

Once more, then, I beseech you, let the name of the Lord be holy among you; else have you no sure foundation for virtue or goodness; none for dependence upon Providence; none for the sanctity of an Oath; none for Faith, nor Truth, nor “ Obedience for Conscience-sake.”

Next to Religion and a sovereign regard to the honour and glory of your great Creator, it will be

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of the utmost importance to cultivate, in yourselves and those under you, a noble, manly, and rational* Enthusiasm in the glorious cause wherein you are engaged; founded on a thorough conviction of its being the cause of Justice, the Protestant cause, the cause of Virtue and Freedom on earth.

Animated by this sublime principle, what wonders have not Britons performed? How have they risen, the terror of the earth; the protectors of the oppressed; the avengers of justice, and the scourge of tyrants? How have the sons of Rapine and Violence shrunk before them, confounded and overthrown? Witness, ye Danube and Sambre, and thou Boyn, crimsoned in blood! bear witness and saywhat was it that fired our Williams and our Marlboroughs to deeds of immortal renown? What was it that steeled their hearts with courage, and edged their swords with victory? Was it not, under God, an ani. mating conviction of the justice of their cause, and an unconquerable passion for Liberty, and the purity of the Protestant faith?*

And do you think now, gentlemen, that the cause wherein you are engaged is less honourable, less important; or that less depends on the sword you draw?

• The author hopes to he excused in the use of this word, as here restricted and explained. He does not know another, that would convey his idea, to substitute in its plice.

+ Never were the noble effects of this sublime principle so conspicuous as at the glorious barrle of the Boyn. Here our great deliverer, king Wil. Jiam, with a small army, routed a much superior, and perhaps otherwise a better one. There was only this difference. The one fought for liberty, for religion, and their country; and were ardeat in their cause, from a conviction of its justice. The other fought in defence of tyranny, having, Title of their own to lose, and no steady principle to act opon,

No, gentlemen! I will pronounce it before Heaven and Earth, that from the days of our Alfreds, our Edwards, and our Henries, downwards, the British sword was never unsheathed in a more glorious or more divine cause than at present!

Look round you! Behold a country, vast in extent, merciful in its climate, exuberant in its soil, the seat of plenty, the garden of the Lord! behold it given to us and to our posterity, to propagate virtue, to cultivate useful arts, and to spread abroad the pure Evangelical Religion of Jesus! behold colonies founded in it! Protestant Colonies! Free Colonies! British Colonies! Behold them exulting in their Liberty; flourishing in Commerce; the Arts and Sciences planted in them; the Gospel preached; and in short the seeds of happiness and glory firmly rooted, and growing up

among them!

But, turning from this prospect for a moment, look to the other hand! Direct your eyes to the westward; there behold Popish Perfidy, French Tyranny, and Savage Barbarity, leagued in triple combination, advancing to deprive us of those exalted Blessings, or to circumscribe us in the possession of them, and make the land too small for us and the increasing multitude of our posterity!

Oh Britons! Oh Christians! what a prospect is this! It is odious to the view, and horrible to relate. See, in the van, a set of fierce Savages hounded forth against us, from their dark lurking places; brandishing their murderous knives; sparing neither age nor sex; neither the hoary sire, nor the hopeful son; neither the tender virgin, nor the helpless babe. Ten

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thousand furies follow behind and close up the scene! Grim Superstition, lording it over Conscience! bloody Persecution, shaking her iron scourge! and gloomy Error, seducing the unwary soul! while, in the midst, and all around, is heard the voice of Lamentation and Mourning and Woe; Religion bleeding under her stripes! Virtue banished into a corner! Commerce bound in chains, and Liberty in fetters of iron!

But look again, gentlemen! Between us and those evils, there is yet a space or gap left! and, in that gap, among others, you stand a glorious phalanx! A royal* corps formed by the best of kings for the noblest of purposes !--formed to be the avengers of Liberty and protectors of Justice in this new world!

And now is not my assertion proved? Considered in this light, does it not appear to yourselves that never, from the first of time, was a body of Britons engaged in a more glorious cause than you are at present; nor a cause on whose issue more depends? You are not led forth by wild ambition, nor by illgrounded claims of right, nor by false notions of glory. But, consigned to you is the happiness of the present age and of late posterity. You wear upon your swords every thing that is dear and valuable to us, as Men and as Christians. And upon your success it depends, perhaps, whether the pure religion of the Gospel, streaming uncorrupted from its sacred source, rational, moral, and divine, together with Liberty and all its concomitant blessings, shall finally be extended over these American regions; or whether

. This corps consisted chiefly of the royal American regiment.

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shall return into the bondage of idolatry, and darkness of error forever!

In such an exalted and Divine cause, let your hearts betray no doubts nor unmanly fears. Though the prospect may look dark against us, and though the Lord may justly think fit to punish us for our sins, yet we may firmly trust that he will not wholly give up

the Protestant cause; but that it is his gracious purpose, in due time, to add to the reformed church of Christ, “the Heathen for an inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession.'

Go forth, then, with humble boldness, as men conscious that their designs are approved of God. And oh! if perchance your feet shall touch those fields that have already drank in the blood of the slain, and have beheld your brethren expiring in all the variety of woe-gently, oh gently tread among their* uncoffined bones! drop a tear over their scat

• The body of men to which this discourse was delivered, were expected to have gone directly against Fort du Quesne on the Ohio, but were obliged to act only on the defensive for that year. A great part of them, however, were present at the reduction of the place the year following, under Brigadier-General Forbes, who, to his immortal honour, literally fulfilled what is here hinted at. For, having happily got possession of the fort in November, 1758, a large part of his army wa sent to Braddock's field, on the banks of the Monongahela, to bury the sad remains of the dead that had lain there upwards of three years. This was truly a moving and very solemn scene; made yet more so by the tears of sundries who had lost their fathers, brothers and dearest ralatives in that fatal spot.

There is an account of such a burying as this in the Roman bistory, painted in very moving terms by Tacitus; who tells us that Germanicus and his soldiers, having come near the forest of Tentoburgium, where by report the bones of Varus and the legions had lain six years unburied, they became possessed with a tenderness to pay the last offices to their countrymen. In performing this sad duty, " no one, says he, could distinguish whether he gathered the particular remains of a stranger, or those of a

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