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having had the same under consideration, beg leave to report, in part, said bill back, with the following amendments, and recommend the same to be printed.

By order,

F. W. EMMONS, Chairman.


To the Bill Regulating the Sale of Alcohol, and Prohibiting

Intoxicating Drink."

Sect. 1. After medicinal,” line 2, strike out and sacramental.""

Sect. 2. After character," line 4, strike out to "as,” line 6. After section," line 8, insert "and wine for sacramental purposes;" and after “aldermen," line 10, strike out all that follows.

Sect. 4. Before “name," line 7, insert “and;" and after purchaser," strike out all that follows. SECT. 5. After 66

After “forfeit,” line 3, strike out "one hundred dollars," and insert "not less than twenty dollars, nor more than fifty dollars." After renewed," line 4, insert "for the space of one year;" and after any," line 6, strike out 66 other."

Sect. 6. Strike out all after “Sect. 6," and substitute :"Every purchaser of alcohol, who shall, designedly, by false pretences, or false description of his name or the purpose for which the liquor is bought from any licensed seller thereof, obtain alcohol, rum, brandy, gin, wine, or other spirituous or intoxicating liquors, to be used as a beverage, or for other purposes than permitted by the laws of this Commonwealth, shall forfeit twenty dollars for every such offence."

Sect. 7. After "person,” line 1, strike out all to "shall,” line 2

Sect. 8. Before "jail,” line 5, for "common” read "county.” After "the," line 9, strike out "state prison," and substitute " county jail;" and after “not," line 10, strike out "exceeding five years, and substitute "less than one year."

Sect. 10. After "peace," line 1, strike out all that follows, and substitute, “And every court before whom any person may be convicted of drunkenness, or of being a common drunkard, shall, within ten days after sentence is pronounced, certify the same to the clerk of the town or city where such convict resides; and it shall be the duty of such clerk, forth with, to cause written notice of such conviction to be given to all licensed sellers of alcohol in such town or city; and if such licensed seller, or any other person, with knowledge of such conviction, shall, thereafter, give or sell to any such convict, any intoxicating liquor, he shall, for every such offence, forfeit one hundred dollars."

Sect. 11. After "on," line 3, strike out "motion," and insert "a complaint under oath ;” and after court,” line 14, add "at auction to licensed dealers only."

SECT. 13. After" wine," line 3, strike out "porter, ale, strong beer,"

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The special committee on the license law, to whom were recommitted the bill of the House, No. 62, “Regulating the Sale of Alcohol," &c., and the "amendments" thereto, reported by said committee, and contained in “Supplement to House No. 62," with instructions to embody the same in a new draft, having attended to this duty, beg leave herewith to report the same as so embodied.

By order,

F. W, EMMONS, Chairman.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty



Regulating the Sale of Alcohol, and Prohibiting Intoxicat

ing Drink

BE it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1 SECT. 1. Alcohol, pure, mixed, and combined, to 2 be used in the arts and for medicinal purposes, and 3 wine for these and for sacramental purposes, may be 4 sold in any quantities, by suitable persons who shall 5 be licensed therefor, but not otherwise.

1 Sect. 2. The selectmen of the several towns, and 2 the mayor and aldermen of the several cities, shall, on 3 application, grant licenses to as many discreet persons,

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