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9 tion may, within the limits aforesaid, construct and 10 maintain docks and wharves, erect buildings, and so 11 manage and improve said property as to them shall 12 seem expedient: provided, that nothing herein con13 tained shall authorize said corporation to infringe upon 14 the legal rights of any person or corporation whatever.

1 SECT. 2. Said corporation shall have all the pow2 ers and privileges, and be subject to all the duties, 3 liabilities, and restrictions, set forth in the forty-fourth 4 chapter of the Revised Statutes.

1 SECT. 3. Said corporation may hold real and per2 sonal estate, necessary and convenient to carry into 3 effect the purpose of this act, not exceeding in amount 4 one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

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RESOLVE On the Petition of the North Baptist Society in Dorchester.

Resolved, for the reasons set forth in said petition, that the time during which the clerk of said society is authorized to leave, with the town clerk of the town of Dorchester, a copy of the record of the proceedings of the meeting at which the said society was organized as a corporation, be extended to the expiration of thirty days from the time when this resolve shall be approved by the governor; and if the said copy of the record of proceedings be left with the said town clerk, to be recorded within the said period, then all the proceedings of said society shall be held valid in the same manner as if the copy of the said record had been left with the town clerk, within ten days after the meeting at which the said society was organized as a corporation.

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In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Eight.


For Repairs on the State House.

Resolved, That the sum of one thousand dollars be appropriated for making necessary repairs upon the state house, and that the same be expended under the direction of the sergeantat-arms, the accounts thereof to be audited and paid agreeably to the provisions of the act passed on the eighteenth day of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, entitled An Act relating to the State House.

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