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And all grants and appropriations of money for the
support of schools, and the erection and repair of school-
houses, in said city, shall be made by the city govern-
ment, in the same manner as grants and appropriations
are made for other city purposes. -
The qualified voters shall, at the same time and in
like manner, elect one person in each ward, who
shall be a resident of said ward, to be an assistant as-
sessor; and it shall be the duty of the persons so chosen
to furnish the assessors with all necessary information
relative to persons and property taxable in their re-
spective wards; and they shall be sworn to the faithful
performance of their duty.
And the persons to be chosen by the city council, as
assessors, shall constitute the board of assessors, and
shall exercise the powers, and be subject to the duties
and liabilities, of assessors in towns.
All taxes shall be assessed, apportioned, and col-
lected, in the manner prescribed by the general laws
of the Commonwealth. Provided, however, that the
city council may establish further or additional provis-
ions for the collection thereof.
Should there fail to be a choice of overseers of the
poor, members of the school committee, or assistant
assessors, in any ward, on the day of the annual ward
meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned from time to

52 time, until the elections shall be completed.

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Sect. 12. The city council shall have the same power in relation to the laying out, acceptance, altering, or discontinuing of streets and ways, and the assessment of damages, which selectmen and inhabitants of towns now have by law; but all petitions and ques6 tions relating to laying out, widening, altering, or dis

7 continuing, any street or way, shall be first acted on

8 by the mayor and aldermen.

9 Any person aggrieved by any proceedings of the 10 mayor and aldermen, or by the city council, in the ex11 ercise of such powers respecting streets and ways, 12 shall have the same right of appeal, by complaint, to 13 the county commissioners of the county of Worcester, 14 as is given by the laws of the Commonwealth to ap15 peal from the decisions of selectmen or the inhabitants 16 of towns.

SECT. 13. All the power and authority now by law vested in the selectmen of the town of Worcester, for the preservation of the public health, shall be transferred to and vested in the city council, to be carried into execution in such manner as the city council shall decm expedient.

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SECT. 14. The city council shall have authority to cause drains and common sewers to be laid down through any streets or private lands, paying the owners such damage as they may sustain thereby, and to require all persons to pay a reasonable sum for the privilege of opening any drain into said public drain or common sewer; and also to require that private drains shall be conducted into the public drain or sewer, in any case in which the said city council shall judge the 10 same necessary or proper for the cleanliness and health 11 of the city. 12 And the city council may make by-laws, with suit13 able penalties, for the inspection and survey, measure14 ment and sale, of lumber, wood, coal, and bark, brought 15 into the city for sale.


SECT. 15. It shall be the duty of the city council, in the month of October, annually, to meet in convention, and determine the number of representatives to be elected to the general court, by the city, in such year, which shall be conclusive. And the number thus determined shall be specified in the warrant calling meetings for the election of representatives.

SECT. 16. All elections for county, state, and United States officers, who are voted for by the people, shall be held at meetings of the citizens qualified to vote in such elections, in their respective wards, at the time fixed by law for these elections respectively; and at such meetings, all the votes given for said several officers, respectively, shall be assorted, counted, declared, and registered, in open ward meeting, by causing the names of all persons voted for, and the number of votes given for each, to be written in the ward record, at length. The ward clerk shall forthwith deliver to the city clerk a certified copy of the record of such elections. The city clerk shall forthwith record such returns; and the mayor and aldermen shall, within two days after every such election, examine and compare all said returns, and make out a certificate of the result of such elections, to be signed by the mayor and a majority of the aldermen, and also by the city clerk, which shall be transmitted or delivered in the same manner as similar returns are by law directed to be made by selectmen of towns.

In all elections for representatives to the general court, in case the whole number proposed to be elected shall not be chosen by a majority of the votes legally returned, the mayor and aldermen shall forthwith

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issue their warrants for a new election, conformably to the provisions of the constitution and laws of this Commonwealth.

SECT. 17. Prior to every election, the mayor and aldermen shall make out lists of all the citizens of each ward, qualified to vote in such elections, in the manner in which selectmen of towns are required to make out lists of voters; and, for that purpose, they shall have full access to the assessors’ books and lists, and be cmpowered to call for the assistance of the assessors, assistant assessors, and other city officers; and they shall deliver the lists, so prepared and corrected, to the clerks of the several wards, to be used at such elections; and no person shall be entitled to vote whose name is not borne on such list. And in relation to the preparation, posting, and correction of such

14 lists, the mayor and aldermen shall perform the same

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24, 25 26 27

duties, and be governed by the same regulations, as are required by law to be observed by selectmen of towns: provided, however, that a list of the voters of each ward shall be posted in one or more public places in each ward ; and provided, further, that any person whose name shall not be borne on the list of the ward in which he is entitled to vote, when it shall be placed in the hands of the clerk of said ward, shall have the right to have his name entered thereon, at any time thereafter before the closing of the polls, upon presenting to the ward officers a certificate, signed by the mayor or city clerk, setting forth his right to have his name so entered.

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SECT. 18. General meetings of the citizens qualified to vote may, from time to time, be held, to consult upon the public good, to instruct their representatives, and to take all lawful means to obtain redress for any grievances, according to the right secured to the people by the constitution of this Commonwealth. And such meetings may and shall be duly warned by the mayor and aldermen, upon the request, in writing, setting forth the purposes thereof, of fifty qualified WOterS.

SECT. 19. For the purpose of organizing the system of government hereby established, and putting the same into operation in the first instance, the selectmen of the town of Worcester, for the time being, shall, on some day in the months of March or April of the present year, issue their warrants, seven days at least previous to the day so appointed, calling meetings of the said citizens, at such place and hour as they may deem expedient, for the purpose of choosing a warden, clerk, and inspectors for each ward, and all other officers whose election is provided for in the preceding sections of this act; and the transcripts of the records of each ward, specifying the votes given for the several officers aforesaid, certified by the warden and clerk of the ward, at said first meeting, shall be returned to said selectmen, whose duty it shall be to examine and compare the same ; and in case such elections should not be completed at the first meeting, then to issue new warrants until such election shall be completed, and to give notice thereof, in manner before provided, to the several persons elected. And at said first meeting, any inhabit

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