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most convenient to the inhabitants, and shall reapportion the members of the common council among the several wards, according to the principles herein prescribed for the original division and apportionment by the selectmen.

SECT. 4. On the first Monday of March, annually, there shall be chosen by ballot, in each of said wards, a warden, clerk, and three inspectors of elections, residents of the wards in which they are chosen, who shall hold their offices for one year, and until others have been chosen in their places, and qualified to act. The warden shall preside at all meetings, with the powers of moderator of town meetings. And if the warden shall not be present, the clerk shall preside until a warden, pro tempore, shall be chosen by ballot. If, at any meeting, the clerk shall not be present, a clerk, pro tempore, shall be chosen by ballot. The clerk shall record all the proceedings, and certify the votes given, and deliver over to his successor all such records and journals, together with all other documents and papers, held by him in said capacity. The inspectors of elections shall assist the warden in receiving, assorting, and counting, the votes. And the warden, clerk, and inspectors, shall respectively make oath faithfully and impartially to discharge their several duties relative to all elections, which oath may be administered by the clerk to the warden, and by the warden to the clerk and inspectors, or by any justice of the peace for the county of Hampden. A certificate that said oaths have been taken shall be entered upon the records of the ward, by the clerk. All warrants for the meetings of the citizens for municipal

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purposes, to be held either in wards or in general meetings, shall be issued by the mayor and aldermen, and shall be in such form, and be served, executed, and returned, in such manner, and at such times, as the city council may, by any by-law, direct.

SECT. 5. The mayor and aldermen, the city clerk, city treasurer, and a school committee of five persons, shall be elected at large, by the qualified voters of the city, voting in their respective wards. And the common councilmen shall be elected from and by each ward, being residents in the wards in which they are elected. All of said officers shall be chosen by ballot, and shall hold their offices for one year from the first Monday in April ; and the mayor, city clerk, and city treasurer, until others shall be elected and qualified in their places.

SECT. 6. On the first Monday in March, annually, the qualified voters, in each ward, shall give in their votes for a ward clerk, warden and inspectors, and for mayor, aldermen, and common councilmen, city clerk, city treasurer, and five persons, at large, to be a school committee. All the votes so given shall be assorted, counted, declared, and registered, in open ward meeting, by causing the names of persons voted for, and the number of votes given for each, to be written in the ward records, in words, at length. The ward clerk, within twenty-four hours after such election, shall deliver to the persons elected members of the common council, certificates of their elections, signed by the warden and clerk, and by a majority of the inspectors of elections, and shall deliver to the city

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clerk a copy of the records of such election, certified
in like manner. Provided, that if the choice of com-
mon councilmen, ward clerk, warden or inspectors,
shall not be effected on that day, the meeting may be
adjourned from time to time, to complete such elec-
tion. The board of aldermen shall, as soon as con-
veniently may be, examine the copies of the records of
the several wards, certified as aforesaid, and shall
cause the person who may have been elected mayor,
to be notified, in writing, of his election; but if it shall
appear that no person has received a majority of the
votes, or if the person elected shall refuse to accept the
office, the board shall issue their warrants for a new
election, and the same proceedings shall be had as
are hereinbefore provided for the choice of mayor, and
repeated, from time to time, until a mayor is chosen.
If it shall appear that the whole number of aldermen
have not been elected, the same proceedings shall be
had as are hereinbefore prescribed for the choice of
mayor. And each alderman shall be notified, in
writing, of his election, by the mayor and aldermen
for the time being.
In case of the decease, resignation, or absence of
the mayor, or of physical inability to perform the
duties of his office, the board of aldermen and the
common council shall, respectively, by vote, declare
that a vacancy exists, and the cause thereof; where-
upon, the two boards shall meet in convention, and
elect a mayor, for the time being, who shall serve
until another is chosen, or until the occasion causing
the vacancy is removed. The oaths prescribed by
this act may be administered to the mayor by the

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city clerk, or any justice of the peace for the county
of Hampden.
The aldermen and common councilmen elect shall,
on the first Monday of April, at 10 o’clock in the fore-
noon, meet in convention, when the oath required by
this act shall be administered to them by the mayor,
or any justice of the peace for the county of Hamp-
den, and a certificate, setting forth that such oath has
been taken, shall be entered on the journals of each
board, by their respective clerks. When it shall
appear that no mayor has been elected previous to
the first Monday in April, the mayor and aldermen,
for the time being, shall make a record of that fact,
an attested copy of which the city clerk shall read at
the opening of the convention, to be held as afore-
said. After the oath has been administered, the two
boards shall separate, and the common council shall
be organized by the choice of a president and clerk,
to hold their offices during the pleasure of the common
council; the clerk to be sworn to the faithful per-
formance of the duties of his office. In case of the
absence of the mayor elect on the first Monday in
April, the city government shall organize itself, as
hereinbefore provided, and may proceed to business
in the same manner as if the mayor were present;
and, at any time thereafter, in convention of the two
branches, the oath of office may be administered to
the mayor, and to any member of the city council who
may have been absent at the organization. In the
absence of the mayor, at any meeting, the board of
aldermen may choose a presiding officer, pro tempore,
who shall also preside at joint meetings of the two
boards. Each board shall keep a record of its own

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proceedings, and judge of the elections of its own members. In case of failure of election, or in case of a vacancy, declared by either board, the mayor and aldermen shall issue their warrants for a new election.

SECT. 7. The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of said city. He shall be vigilant and active in causing the laws, and all by-laws and ordinances of the city to be enforced, and keep a general supervision over the conduct of all subordinate officers. And whenever, in his opinion, the public good requires it, he may, with the consent of the appointing power, remove from office any officer, over whose appointment he has the power of nomination. He may call special meetings of the boards of aldermen and common council, or either of them, when, in his opinion, the interests of the city require it, by causing notices to be left at the places of residence of the several members. He shall communicate, from time to time, to both boards, such information, and recommend such measures, as, in his opinion, the business and interests of the city may require. He shall preside in the board of aldermen, and in the convention of the two boards, but shall have only a casting vote. His salary, for the first year in which this charter shall take effect, shall be five hundred dollars, and no more ; and it shall afterwards be fixed by the city council, but shall not, at any time, exceed eight hundred dollars; and it shall neither be increased nor diminished during the year for which he is chosen : provided, that the city council may appoint the mayor commissioner of highways, when, in their opinion, such an officer is necessary, and allow him a suitable compensation therefor.

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