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Treastry: Secretary of the Continued.

Lotter from, relative to pleuro-pneumonia in neat cattle....
Letter from, relative to tradu between Atlantic and Pacific

Letter from, relating to custom-house at Detroit, Mich.
Letter from the Acting, relating to amounts collected from

States under act of 1861..
Letter from, relating to Life-Saving Service on the lakes.
Letter from, relative to shipping between the Atlantic and

Pacific coasts...
Letter from, transmitting schedule of claims arising under act

of July 4, 1864..
Letter from, transmitting estimates of deficiencies for fiscal

year ending June 30, 1880..
Letter from, transmitting schedule of claims certified by tho

accounting officers of the Treasury Department..
Letter from,

transmitting a report upon the operations of the
sinking fund of the District of Columbia
Letter from, transmitting anuual report of Assay Commission.
Letter from, transmitting statement of fees of officers of cus-

toms for the year ended June 30, 1879 ...
Letter from, transmitting a report relative to enforcement of

internal-revenue laws
Letter from, transmitting statement of contingent fund of the

Treasury Department
Statement of money refunded by, on customs duties for the

year ending June 30, 1879 .
Statistical abstract of the United States (finance, coinage, im-

migration, shipping, postal service, population, railroads,
agriculture, coal, and iron)....
Transmitting letters and documents pertaining to resumption

of specie payments and refunding of the national debt ..
Transmitting estimates of appropriations for the year ending

June 30, 1881...
Treasurer of the United States, quarterly accounts of the, on ac-

count of the Post-Office Department..

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United States:
Internal commerce of the.

Militia forces of the

Real property acquired by the.

Statitiscalabstract for 1879(finance, coinage, commerce, immi-

gration, shipping, postal service, population, railroads, ag-

riculture, coal, and iron)
Treasury and New York clearing-house.

Commercial relations of the, with foreign countries.

25, 26
Papers relating to the foreign relations of the
Civil service in, papers relating to

Marshals, compensation of.

Ute Commission investigation, White River.



1, 2




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Vernillion River and other waters in Louisiana
Voto of special deficiency appropriation bill.




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War Departmen“, letter of Secretary of War transmitting report

of expenditures on..
War, Secretary of:

Annual report of. (4 volumes. See Secretary of War).....
Communication from, relative to remarks made by Hon. Mr.

Atherton, in the House of Representatives, on April 30, 1880.
Letter from, on the improvement of the Tennessee River.

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War, Secretary of-Continued.
Letter from, on the survey of Chattahoochee, Etowah, and
Duck Rivers ...

12 17
Letter from, relative to Nantucket Harbor

Letter from, relative to Waukegan Harbor and Oconto and
Wolf Rivers....

12 19
Letter from, relative to the Rocky River Harbor, improve-
ment of ...

21 26
Letter from, relative to improvement of the harbor at Peters-
burg, Va..

21 28
Letter from, relative to harbor at Rock Island, Ill.

21 32
Letter from, relative to improvement of the Allegheny River,

21 34
Letter from, relative to the improvement of the Saint Croix

21 40
Letter from, relating to claims of George Williams

24 56
Letter from, relative to the removal of wrecks..

24 73
Letter from, relative to a list of officers on the retired list, their
rank, pay, &c....

24 79
Letter from, transmitting a report relative to the mining d6-
bris in the Sacramento River...

24 69
Letter from, relative to Rock Island Rapids

24 67
Letter from, transmitting a copy of the report of Capt. A. N.
Damrell upon a survey of Mobile Harbor, Alabama ..

24 65

from, transmitting a report on the improvement of
the Wisconsin River

22 49
Letter from, transmitting report of survey of Illinois River.. 24 87
Letter from, transmitting report of survey of Vermillion and
other waters in Louisiana...

24 54
Letter from, transmitting the preliminary report of the Mis-
sissippi River Commission..

Transmitting an abstract of the militia force of the United

21 36
Transmitting report on surveys of Mississippi, Saint Croix,
Chippewa, and Wisconsin Rivers.

21 39
Transmitting a report of the survey of the Connecticut River. 21 42
Transmitting a communication relative to military posts on
Dorthern lakes

21 45
Transmitting estimate for repair of buildings at Fortress
Monroe, Va....

22 48
Transmitting a report upon the survey of the harbor at Mo-

24 64
Transmitting a list of Army officers on detached duty.

24 89
Report of expenditures of the War Department for year
ended June 30, 1879...

Waukegan Harbor and Oconto and Wolf Rivers, survey of.

12 19
White River Uto Commission investigation.

24 83
Williams, George..

24 56
Wisconsin River, improvement of

22 49
Wisconsin River, survey of

12,21 19,39
Wolf and Ocontó Rivers, and Waukekan Harbor, surveys of.

Wrecks, removal of ...

24 73


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. Doc






The unsettled claims of Spanish inhabitants of East Florida during the

years 1812 and 1813.

MARCH 3, 1-60.-Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and ordered to be


To the Senate and House of Representatires :

I deem it proper to invite the attention of Congress to the subject of the unsettled claims of Spanish inhabitants of East Florida during the years of 1812 and 1813, generally known as the “East Florida claims," the settlement of which is provided for by a stipulation found in Article IX of the treaty of February, 1819, between the United States and Spain.

The provision of the treaty in question, which relates to the subject, is the following: “The United States will cause satisfaction to be made for the injuries, if any, which by process of law shall be established to have been suffered by the Spanish officers and individual Spanish inhabitants by the late operations of the American Army in Florida.”

The act of Congress of the 3d of March, 1823 (Statutes at Large, vol. 3, p. 768), to carry into effect the ninth article of the treaty in question, provided for the examination and judicial ascertainment of the claims by the judges of the superior courts established at Saint Augustine and Pensacola, and also made provision for the payment by the Secretary of the Treasury of such claims as might be reported to him by the said judges, upon his being satisfied that such claims were just and equitable, and a subsequent act, approved the 26th of June, 1834 (Statutes at Large rol. 6, p. 569), gave further directions for the payment, and also provided for the hearing and determination, by the judge of the superior court of Saint Augustine, of such claims as had not then been already heard and determined. Under these acts of Congress I understand that all claims presented to the judges in Florida were passed upon and the result of the proceedings thus had reported to the Secretary of the Treasury. It also appears that in the computation of damages the judges adopted a rule of five per centum per annum on the ascertained actual loss from the date of that loss to the time of the rendition of their finding, and that the Secretary of the Treasury in 1836, when the first reports were presented to him, not deeming this portion of the claims, covered by the five per cent. rule, just and equitable within the meaning of the treaty and the acts of Congress, refused to pay it, but did continue to pay the ascertained amounts of actual loss. The demand for payment of this rejected item has been pressed at various times and in various ways, up to the present time, but Mr. Woodbury's successors in the Treasury Department have not felt at liberty to review that ruling. Under these circumstances, I have thought it proper to lay the subject before Congress for its consideration and such action as may be deemed necessary. The history of the proceedings already had in regard to the matter is of record in the Treasury Department, and will be furnished by the Secretary of the Treasury should Congress desire it.

R. B. HAYES. WASHINGTON, March 1, 1880.

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