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Postmaster-General, report of the-Continued.
Report of the Superintendent of the Railway Mail Service:
Railway post office clerks; route-agents-mail-route messen-

gers- local mail-agents; necessity for readjustment of sal-
aries of employés of railway mail service; chief head clerks
should be allowed traveling expenses-reclassification of
employés recommended; number of employés; comparative
statement of mail service; extension of postal-car service
in the South; errors in distribution by employés; errors in
distribution by postmasters; case examinations; list of

casualties; uniforms; conclusion.
Report of Third Assistant Postmaster-General :
Explanation of accompanying tables; operations of finance

division; operations of postage-stamp division; operations
of registration division; files, records, and mails; division
of dead letters; compensation of postmasters; estimates
for appropriations; condition of appropriations;

and expenditures; receipts and disbursements at Treasury
depositories; receipts and disbursements at depository post-
offices; issues of postage-stamps, &c.; statistics of dead-

letter office; statistics of registration.
Ocean mails, payments for transportation of.
Postal service of England and France, report by W. A. Knapp,

chief clerk Post Office Department:
The British postal organization; appointments; salaries ;

uniforms-discipline branch; transportation of mails; reg-
istration; telegraphs postal savings-banks—dead letters ;
the French postal service, administration and appoint-
ments; rules governing appointments; salaries ; pensions;
registration; money-orders; post-offices and postmasters-
railway service; dead letters--depredations and special
agents; revenues and expenditures in England and France;
conclusions; safety of registered matter in France and En-

Lottery letters in the mails, opinions and argument of the

Assistant Attorney-General for the Post-Office Department.
Results of an actual count of mail-matter originating at some

of the principal post-offices, and upon all railroad and
steamboat lines, during the first seven days of November,

Report of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post-Office Department:
Collection of post-office revenues; revenue account of the

Post-Office Department; summary of revenues and expond-
itures; deficiency appropriations; mail transportation;
statement of collecting division--accumulation of valueless
files; statement of audited accounts; postal receipts and
expenditures; miscellaneous payments; condition of appro-
priations; revenues and expenses of free-dilivery offices;
money-order business; weight of foreign mails; statement
of receipts and losses by postmasters for 1877–78.

Alphabatical index.

Letter from, relating to section 232 of the postal laws and reg-
Letter from, relative to the use of the mails for lottery purposes.
Letter from, transmitting a report of all allowances made to

contractors during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879...
Post-Office Department,

quarterly accounts of the Treasurer of the
United States on account of the..
President of the United States, annual message of the.

Message from, transmitting a report relative to the consulate

at Hong-Kong.
Message from the, transmitting a report from the International

Polar Congress
Message from, transmitting the report of the public land com-



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President of the United States Continued.

Message from, transmitting reports relative to expatriation

and slavery in China....
Message from, transmitting a report from the Secretary of State,

relating to the immigrution of Chinese to the United States.
Message from, transmitting the desk upon which the Declara-

tion of Independence was written.....
Message from, transmitting copies of correspondence in rela-

tion to the Interoceanic Canal.....
Message from, relative to compensation of United States

Message from, in relation to the unsettled claims of Spanish

inbabitants of East Florida during the years 1812 and 1813.
Message from, relating to commercial reports
Message from, relating to papers in case of A. H. Emery..
Message from, with his veto of special deficiency appropria-

tion bill..
Public lands commission.
Public lands, depredations on
Public lands, report of...

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Railroads, statistical abstract of..
Real property acquired by the United States
Refunding of national debt, and specie resumption, letter from the

Secretary of the Treasury transmitting papers and documents

relating to
Removal of wrecks
Reports, annual, of various heads of departments and subordinate

officers. (See according to name of head of department).
Retired list of the Army
Retired list, Army officers on the.
Rock Island, Ill., harbor at..
Rock Island Rapids
Rocky River Harbor, improvement of.

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Sacramento River, mining débris....

Saint Croix, Chippewa, Wisconsin, and Mississippi Rivers, sur-
veys on

Saint Croix River, relative to the improvement of.
Sand-bars and deposits near Mare Island, California....

Secretary of the Interior, annual report of the. (3 volumes). 9, 10,

Embracing: Volume 1. Indian Affairs: Agricultural and 11

herding; Indian freighting and niechanical pursuits; edu-
cation; government of law on the reservations; Indian
police; sale of arms and ammunition to Indians; Indian
Territory; White River Utes; Southern Utes; Victoria and
the Southern Apaches; Chief Moses and his people; Puncas;
general conclusions. Publio Lands: Depredations on the
public timber lands; redwood and big trees of California;
private land claims. Geological Surrey: Public lands com
mission. Bureau of Railroad Accounts: Union Pacific Rail.
road; Central Pacific Railroad; Kansas Pacific Railway;
Central Branch Union Pacific Railroad; Sioux City and
Pacific Railroad; Texas and Pacific Railway; Southern
Pacific Railroad; Northern Pacific Railroad; Saint Louis
and San Francisco Railway; Burlington and Missouri River
Railroad, in Nebraska; Denver Pacific Railroad; Oregon
and California Railroad; Oregon Central Railroad; appen-
dix, recommendations, &c. Pensions. Patents. Education.
Census. Entomological Commission: Hot Springs; Yellow-
stone Park; Capitol building and grounds; hospital for the
insane; institution for the deaf and dumb; Freedman's

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Secretary of the Interior, annual report of the-Continued.

hospital; Columbia hospital for women; Court of Claims.
Territories : Utah; Washington Territory; New Mexico;
Dakota; Idaho; reconstruction of Indian Department


for land; penal settlements; sale of arms to Indians; In-
dian education; Indian freighting; stock cattle; granaries
and root houses; Indian police; marriages; Poncas; Chief
Moses and his people; remnant of Dull Knife's band; Little
Chief's band of Cheyennes; ontbreak of the Utes; Uto
commission of 1878; Victoria and the Southern Apaches;
Joseph's band of Nez Percés; Mission Indians; sanitary;
consolidation of agencies; Yakama and Malheur agencies;
reservation titles; invasion of the Indian Territory; intru-
sion on Indian lands; law for Indian reservations; depre-
dations on Indian timber; Board of Indian Commissioners;
appraisement of Kansas Indian lands in Kansas. Reports
of Indian Agents : Colorado River Agency, Arizona; Pima
Agency, Arizona; San Carlos Agency, Arizona; Hoopa
Agency, California; Round Valley Agency, California;
Tule River Agency, California ; Mission Agency, San Ber-
nardino, California; Los Pinos Agency, Colorado; Southern
Ute Agency, Colorado; White River Agency, Colorado;
Cheyenne River Agency, Dakota; Crow Creek Agency,
Dakota; Devil's Lake Agency, Dakota; Fort Berthold
Agency, Dakota;. Lower Brulé Agency, Dakota; Pine
Ridge Agency, Dakota; Rose Bud Agency, Dakota; Sisse-
ton Agency, Dakota ; Standing Rock Agency, Dakota;
Yankton Agency, Dakota; Fort Hall Agency, Idaho; Lemhi
Agency, Idaho; Lapwai Agency, Idaho; Cheyenne and
Arapaho Agency, Indian Territory; Kiowa, Comanche, and
Wichita Agency, Indian Territory; Osage and Kaw Agency,
Indian Territory;

Pawnee Agency, Indian Territory ; Ponca
Agency, Indian Territory; Quapaw Agency, Indian Terri-
tory; Sac and Fox Agency, Indian Territory; Sac and Fox
Agency, Iowa; Kansas Agency, Pottawatomie Reserve,
Kansas; Mackinac Agency, Michigan; White Earth Agency,
Minnesota; Blackfeet Agency, Montana; Crow Agency,
Montana; Flathead Agency, Montana; Fort Peck Agency,
Montana; Fort Belknap Agency; Montana; Great Nemaha
Agency, Nebraska ; Otoe Agency, Nebraska; Santee Agency,
Nebraska; Consolidated Winnebago and Ómaha Agencies,
Nebraska; Nevada Indian Agency; Western Shoshoné
Agency, Nevada; Abiquiu Agency, New Mexico; Mescalero
Agency, New Mexico; Navajo Agency, Arizona; Pueblo
Agency, New Mexico; Zuni Pueblo Day School, New Mex-
ico; New York Agency, New York; Grand Ronde Agency,
Oregon; Klamath Agency, Oregon; Malbeur Agency, Ore-
gon; Siletz Agency, Oregon; Umatilla Agency, Oregon;
Warm Springs Agency, Oregon; Vintah Valley Agency,
Utah; Fort Colville Agency, Washington Territory; Col-
ville Agency, Washington Territory ; Neah Bay Agency,
Washington Territory, Puyallup, Nesqually, &c., Agency,
Washington Territory; Quinaielt Agency, Washington Ter-
ritory; S'Kokomish Agency, Washington Territory; Tula-
lip Agency, Washington Territory; Yakama Agency, Wash-
ington Territory; Green Bay Agency, Wisconsin; La Pointe
Agency, Wisconsin; Shoshone and Bannock Agency; re-
port of Shoshone school; report of Arapaho boarding school;
report of the Ute commission; report of commission to re-
appraise Kaw lands in Kansas'; letter of Chief Spotted Tail
to honorable Secretary of the Interior; Indian legislation
by the third session of the Forty-fifth Congress, and the
first session of the Forty-sixth Congress; proclamawon by
the President; liabilities of United States to Indian tribes,

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Secretary of the Interior, annual report of the-Continued.

&c.; trust funds and trust lands; investments of Indian
funds, &c.; redemption of bonds, &c.; list of Indian tribes
for whom stock is held by the United States, &c.; stock
account, &c.; stock held in trust by United States for
tribes, &c.; funds held in trust by United States, &c.; in-
terest collected op United States bonds in gold, &c.; interest
col'ruled on United States bonds in currency, &c.; interest
collected on State bonds, &c.; interest appropriated by
Congress on non-paying State bouds, &c.; appropriations
for Indian tribes and Indian service for tiscal year ending
June 30, 1880, &c.; receipts and disbursements on account
of sales of Indian lands, &c.; executive orders affecting
Indian reservations; Indian reservations, agencies, denom-
inations nominating agents, tribes occupying or belonging
to reservations, &c.; statistics relating to population, edu-
cation, &c.; table showing agricultural improvements,
stock, productions, &c.; vital statistics, &c.; Indian agen-
cies assigned to the several religious denominations; Board
of Indian Commissioners, with their post-ottice address;
Indian agencies, agents, with post-office and telegraphic

GENERAL LAND OFFICE: Letter of Commissioner, transmit.

ting his annual report; report of Commissioner; surveys;
survey of Oalumet Lako; survey of Cherokee lands in North
Carolina; resurvey of the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation;
Old Cherokee Indian Reservation; survey and subdivision
of Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Reserves in Dakota; sur-
vey of the Colorado and Utah boundary; abstract of de-
cisions affecting surveys; circular in relation to assignment
of certificates of deposit on account of surveys; disposals of
public lands; pre-emptions; homesteads; timber culture;
grants for railroads, wagon-roads, and canals; circular in-
structions to registers and receivers relating to the adjust-
ment of railroad grants; mineral lands; adjustment of ac-
counts; timber lands, timber depredations; private land
claims; Southern public lands; abandoned military reser-
vations; reservations of public lands for military purposes;
clerical force and work of the General Land Office; area of
public domain surveyed during fiscal year; lands sold and
entered under homestead and timber culture act; swamp
ands; issues and locations with bounty-land warrants;
concessions to States and corporations for railroads and mil-
itary wagon-road purposes; concessions to States for canal
purposes; time when railroad rights attach to lands granted;
lapsed railroad grants; rights of way to railway companies;
abstract of suspended cases in the public land division con-
firmed by the board of adjudication; abstract of suspended
cases rejected by the board of equitable adjudication; esti-
mates of appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30,
1881; historical and statistical table of the United States
and Territories. Reports of the Surveyor8-General: Arizona;
California ; Colorado; Dakota; Florida; Idaho; Louisiana;
Minnesota; Montana; Nebraska; Nevada; New Mexico;

Oregon; Utah; Washington Territory; Wyoming.
Volume 2. Annual Reports of Auditor of Railroad Accounts;

Commissioner of Pensions; Commissioner of Patents;
Superintendent of the Census; Architect of the United
States Capitol ; Board of Visitors of the Government Hos-
pital for the Insane; Columbia Institution for the Deaf
and Dumb; Freedmeu's Hospital and Asylum; Columbia
Hospital for Women and Lying-in Asylum; governor of
Arizona; surveyor-general of Arizona; governor of Da-
kota; governor of Idaho; surveyor-general of Idaho; gov-
ernor of Montana; governor of New Mexico; governor of
Utah; governor of Washington Territory; surveyor-general

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Secretary of the Interior, annual report of the-Continued.

of Washington Territory; surveyor-general of Wyoming;
Government Directors of Union Pacific Railroad Company;
Hot Springs Commission.

Volume 3. Report of Commissioner of Education.
Secretary of War, report of the. (4 volumes)
Embracing: Volume 1. Reports of the General of the Army;

Adjutant-General ; Inspector-General ; Lieutenant-General
Sheridan; Brig. Gen. Alfred H. Terry ; Col. John Gibbon;
Col. N. A. Miles ; Col. T. H. Ruger; Brig. Gen. George Crook;
Brig. Gen. John Pope; Col. Edward Hatch ; Brig. Gen. E.
0. Č. Ord; Maj. Gen. W. S. Hancock; Inspector-General
N. H. Davis ; Brig. Gen. C. C. Augur; Maj. Gen. Irwin
McDowell; Brig. Gen. 0. 0. Howard; Col. O. B. Wilcox;
Maj. James Riddle; Maj. Gen. J. M. Schofield; Col. George
W. Getty; Judge-Advocate-General; Quartermaster-Gen-
eral; Commissary-General of Subsistence; Surgeor-Gen-
eral; Paymaster-General; Board of Visitors of the Mili-
try Academy; Board of Commissioners of Soldiers' Home;
on the State, War, and Navy Department building; on
the improvement of the South Pass of the Mississippi
River; on military prison, Fort Leavenworth, Kans. ; on
pablication of war records.

Volume I. Report of the Chief of Engineers.
Volume II. Report of the Chief of Ordnance.

Volume III. Report of the Chief Signal Officer.
Shipping between Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
Shipping, statistical abstract of..
Sinking fund of the District of Columbia
Specie resumption and refunding of national debt, letter from the

Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting letters and documents
relative to...
State Department, contingent fund of, letter from the Secretary of

State on
State Department, letter transmitting list of employés in....
State, Secretary of:
Letter from, transmitting

a statement of the disbursement of
contingent fund of the State Department...
Letter from, transmitting list of employés in Department of..
Letter from, transmitting the speeches of M. Thiers, as a pres-

ent from Madame Thiers, to the Library of the House of

Representatives ..
Statistical abstract of the United States for 1879 (finance, com-
merce, immigration, coinage, shipping, postal service, popula-

tion, railroads, agriculture, coal, and iron)
Statistics, Bureau of, annual report of Chief of, on the commerce

and navigation of the United States....
Statistics, Treasury Department, report of Chief of Bureau of, on

the internal commerce of the United States...

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Tennessee River, improvement of, letter from the Secretary of War
relative to
Testing metals, report of the board on
Thiers, M., speeches of...
Trade between Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
Treasury Department, contingent fund of the.
Treasury, schedule of claims certified by accounting officers of the.
Treasury, Secretary of the:

Annual report of the, on the state of the finances for 1879...
Letter from, relative to expenditures of coast and geodetic

survey for 1879
Letter from, relating to the United States Treasury and New

York clearing-house
Letter from, relative to real property acquired by the United


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