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C. in Number 100; Centum. Dor. Dorothy.
C.C.C. Corpus Chrifti College. Dorset. Dorsetthire.
4. a Hundred Weight.

do. day.
Cape. Captain

E. Earl, Evening, or East.
Cent. or Centum, an Hundred. E. A. P. Priest of the Church
Chap. Chapter.

of England; Ecclefiæ Angli-
Cha, Charles.

cana Presbyter
Ch. Church

Edm. Edmund.
Chancr. Chancellor.

Edw. Edward.
Chr. Christopher.

1. g. for Example; exempli
Cit. City, Citizen, Citadel. gratiâ.
Clem. Clement.

Elea. Eleanor.
Cl. Clerk, Clergyman.

Eliz. Elizabeth,
C. P. S. Keeper of the Privy- Esqr. Esquire.

Seal; Cuftos Privati Sigilli. Engd. England.
Co. County.

Excelk. Excellent.
Col. Colonel.

Exa. Example.
Coll. Collector.

Exo. Exchange
Comp. or Co. Company."

Exr. Executor.
Com's, Commiffioners. Exon. Exeter.
Conf. Constable,

fl, the Ending full
Conts, Contents...

F. Fort, Foot, and Feet.
Correspe Correspondent.

Frd. Friend
Counselr. Counfellor.

Fr. French
C. S. Keeper of the Seal;

Fra. France.
Cuftas Sigilli.

Fafti. Factor.
C. Creditor.

fa. the Ending ford.
Cufto. Custom

F. R. S. or R. S. S. Fellow
Curt, Current.

of the Royal Society; Frater
D. in Number 500.

Regalis Societatis or Regalis
D, Duke, or Duchess.

Societatis Socius.
D, D, Doctor of Divinity;

Fran. Francis or Frances.
Doctor Divinitatis.

Fred. Frederick.
d. a Peny; denarius.

Fret. Freight
Dan, Daniel,

Gab. Gabriel,
Dav. David,

Gar. Garrison.
did, delivered.

Geo. George.
Den. Denis,

Gent. Gentleman,
Dep. Deputy

Genl. General.
Devon. Devonshire.

Genmo. Generaliffimo.
De. Ditto, the fame,

Ger. Gerrard,
Dr. Debtor, Doctor.

Gib. Gilbert,


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Gour. Governor.

L.C.7. Lord Chief Justice... G. R. King George; Georgius Iny. Lady. , Rex,

Leo. Leonard. Gre. Great.

Lew. Lewis. Greg: Gregory.

Ld. Lord. Gr. Gross,

LL. D. Doctor. of Laws; Han. Hannah.

Utriusque Legis Doctor. Hants. Hampshire.

L S. the Place of the Seal, Hen. Henry.

Locus Sigilli. Honble, Honourable,

Lap. Lordship Hond. Honoured.

Laip. Ladyship, Hon's. Honours.

Lieut. Lieutenant. Holld. Holland.

Lib. Liberty.. Hum. Humphry,

ti a Pound Sterling. I. in Number 1,

lb. a Pound. Weight; Libra. Jac. Jacob.

Lancah. Lancashire. Ja. James.

Londo. London. Feo. Jeoffroy.

Lyd. Lydia. yer. Jeremiah

Mi in Number 1 2003. Mille, 7. D. Doctor of Laws; Ma. Mary, Jurium Doktor.

M. Monsieur, Marquis, 7. H. S, Jesus the Saviour of Madm. Madam.

Men; Hesus Hominum Sal- M. A. Master of Arts ; vator.

Magifter Artium. Infta. Instance,

Majly. Majesty. Inf. Inftant.

Mar. Margaret, Martha, Imp. Imperial.

Margery; ibid. in the same place; ibidem. Mat. Matthew. i. e. that is; id eft.

Mr. Martin. id. the same; idem.

M. D. Doctor of Physic; Intl. Instal

Medicinae Doctor. Ino. John,

Mum. Memorandum. Hon. Jonathan.

Mr. Master. yf. Joseph.

Mrs. Mrs. Mistress, Juft. Juftice.

Math. Mathematics, Ingen?. Ingineere

Melis. Masters. Ks. King.

Mercbe. Merchant. Knt. Knight.

Mich. Michael. Kath, Katherine,

Michs. Michaelmas, L. in Number 50.

Mint. Minister. 1. Book ; liber.

Middx. Middlesex, Lau, Laurence,

Meafr. Measure.


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R. Right.

Mon. Month.

Proct. Proctor.
Mf. Moses.

Prop. Propofition.
Monfi. Monsieur.

Prest. Present.
Ms. Manuscripts ; Manu-

q. d. as if he should say; quafi fcripta.

dicat. M. S. Sacred to the Memory; 2.E.D. which was to be deMemoriæ Sacrum.

monstrated; Quod erat dem. the Ending ment,

monftrandum. Nat. Nathanael.

Q.E.I. which was to be found Neb. Nehemiah.

out; Quod erat inveniendum. Nic. Nicholas.

Q. Question, Query.
N. North.

grt. Quart.
N. B. Remark; Nota benè. q. Quantity.
North. Northampton. 94 quarter or part.
No. Number; Numero.

Ra. Ralph.
Nt. Neat, or Netto.

Ran. Randal, Randulph.
N. S. New Stile.

Rich. Richard.
ob. Half-peny; obolus. R. King or Queen; Rex aut
Obje, Object.
Obedt. Obedient.
07. Our.

Retr. Return.
Ordr. Order.

Reetr. Rector.
0. S. Old Stile.

Revd. Reverend.
Oli. Oliver.

Rege. Regiment.
Omnipt. Omnipotent. Royl. Royal.
Ow. Owen.

Recd. Received.
Oxon. Oxford,

Reb. Rebecca.

Rem". Remainder. by; per.

Recr. Receiver.
do Cent, by the Hundred; Regr. Register.
per Centum.

Rob. Robert....
Pat. Patrick

Rog. Roger.
Part". Partner:

Rol. Roland.
Parlmt. Parliament.

Rótto, Rotterdam.
Pet. Peter. ,

Salop. Shropshire.
Philomath. a Lover of Learn- Sar. Sarah.
ing; Philomathes.

S. South.
Ph. Philip.

Sr. Sir.
po m. Afternoon; poft meri- S. or Sc. Saint.

d. the Ending stead.
Ps. a Piece.

fd. said. Principi. Principal. Serge. Serjeant.


pd. Paid.

wf. what.

ye. the, y*then,

Sh Shire.

Wilts. Wiltshire.
s. a Shilling; Solidus. wt. weight or weighing.
Servi. Servant.
Seory. Secretary

web. which Scotld. Scotland,

wib. with. Sim. Simon.

w". when. Sol. Solution.

Worl. Worshipful. Spa. Spanish

Worp. Worship Spiritl. Spiritual.

wondl. wonderful. S.T. P. Doctor of Divinity; X. in Number 10.

Sanétæ Theologia Professor. 45. Christ. Stepb. Stephen.

Xes. Chriftian.
Templ. Temporal.

Xrmas, Christmase.
Theo. Theophilus.
Tho. Thomas."
Tim. Timothy.

yor. your Tob. Tobias.

yons. yours.
Tot. Total.
Triasy. Treasury.
Tr. Tare.

& and, Trt. Tret.

&c. and forth; et cætera. V. in Number 5.

Zac. Zachary. um. vain.

Jan. January viz. that is to say; videlicet. Feb. February. vi fee; vide,


March. verse.

April. Val. Valentine.

May. Ven. Venerable.


June. Vin. Vincent.

July Vier. Victualler..


Auguft. Picr. Vicar.


September. Ult, the last; ultimus.

7 ber. wk. week.

08. Wal. Walter.

8ber. W. Weft.


November. . Wardn. Warden.

gber. Weftm". Westminster.

Dec. Wm. William.

December, Win. Winifred.


ys. this,
ye. that.





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] RECREATION II. (1) Person dying, left his Widow the Use of 5000l. Toa

Charity he bequeathed 846). 1os. To each of his three Nephews 1230 1. To each of his four Neices 1050h To twenty poor House-keepers five Guineas each, and 200 Guineas to his Executor. What must he have died possessed of?

Answer, 14051 l. 10 s. (2) A Nobleman, going out of Town, is informed by his Steward, that his Corn-chandler's Bill comes to 1234 195. His Brewer's to 411. 1os.

His Butcher's to 2121. 64. To his Lordship's Baker is owing 241. To his Tallowchandler, 131. 8s. To his Taylor, 1371. gs. gd. To his Draper, 741. 135. 5d. His Coachmaker's Demand was 2141. 16s. 6d. His Wine Merchant's -681. 125. His Confectioner's, 161. 25. His Rent 82 Guineas. And his Servants Wages, for half a Year, came to 461. 55. What Money must he fend to his Banker for, in cafe he would carry with him, gol. to defray his Expences on the Road ?

: Answer, 11087. 18s. 3d. (3) A Merchant buys up fix Bags of Canterbury Hops, N°i. of which weighed, Cwt. 2. 2. 10.

N° 2. Cwt. 2. N° 3. Gwt. 2. 0. 24. N° 4. Cwt. 2. 3. only. No s. Cwt. 2. 1. 12.

N° 6. Cwt. 2. 1, 16. besides a couple of Pockets Do that weighed, lb. 584 each: How many Hundred-weight has he to pay Carriage for, on bringing them to Town?

Answer, Cwt. 15. 2. 27. (4) A Corn-factor buys seventy Quarter of Oats for 461.75. 6d. thirty-eight Quarter of Beans, for 100l. twelve Quarter of Peas, which cost 161. 16s. eighty-eight Quarter of Barley, for 731. 8d. fixteen Ditto of Wheat, for 561. gs. 10d. and fix Quarter of Rye, for 4l. 15. 6d. The Water-carriage of all comes to 13 l. 25. 7d. his Riding Charges to il. 138. and he clears eighteen Guineas by the Bargain, What do his Bills of Parcels amount to?

Answer, 3301. gs. id. (5) The Collector of Cash has been out with Bills, and gives Account, that A. paid him 131. and half a Crown; B. 21. 135. C. 145. and a Groat; D. il. gs. 8d. 1. E. 111. 64. , F. 178. and a Tefter; G. 125. 2d. H. a Pound


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