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THIS Collection of illustrative materials is designed to accompany my American Government and Politics, now in preparation, and the choice and arrangement of the selections have been dominated by the plan of that volume. However, I hope that the pages which follow may be used with profit in connection with other manuals, and read with some interest by the student of government who wishes to go beyond the statements of text writers for his information.

While the materials come from a large variety of sources, I have chosen wherever possible from the writings of men who have had a practical experience in the conduct of government. I have also sought to illustrate the larger and more permanent features of our political system, rather than to furnish a "handy guide to the law and practice." To facilitate the work of the student and teacher, I have endeavored to make each extract clear, compact, and self-explanatory, and in several instances I have condensed considerably by omitting obscure allusions and passages not bearing directly on the principles which I have wished to bring out. To avoid marring the pages with unsightly "points," I have merely placed an asterisk at the head of each selection which has been subjected to this process of condensation. The side notes are intended primarily to help the teacher in conducting class discussions.

I am indebted to the editors of several magazines for the privilege of making extracts from valuable articles. Mr. Alexander Holtzoff has made many long and painstaking searches for me into the fugitive literature of party politics, and I am under special obligations to him. Mr. Frederic W. Erb, of

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