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OCTOBER 3, 1901.

Remitter should write here name and address of person to whom the Order was sent.

(Model A (1)-Reverse.]

This Advice must be dispatched by the first mail aiter the Stamp here the issue of the Order. The Postmaster at the office drawn upon date of receipt. unless it is withdrawn by the issuing Postmaster on account

of repayment, will keep the Advice carefully for one year
from the last day of the month of issue, when, if the Order
remains unpaid, it must be sent by him to the Department
as an “Invalid Advice." If, on the other hand, the Order
has been paid at the office drawn upon, the Advice must be
retained thereat for four years, after which it may be dis-
posed of as waste paper.
(Form No. 6006

The spaces opposite are
to be Alled in when the Form No. 6075

190.. Wanks named are used. Form No. 6089

190.. Memoranda of paying clerk, to proof of identity, et for reference in case of alleged improper payment.

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OCTOBER 3, 1901.

Model E-United States-Face.]



(For space for reply see other side of this sheet.)

When an Advice is missing the Postmaster drawn on will pass his pen through the space headed ** Particulars of Advice," and the issuing Postmaster will fill in and return without delay the Second Advice on the other side of this sheet.

If there is a discrepancy between the Advice and Order or statement of Payee, as to name, amount, etc., the Postmaster receiving this inquiry will carefully examine the application, and if it agrees with the First Advice, he will, if practicable, ascertain from the remitter what correction, if any, is required in the application, and will fill in the Second Advice on the opposite side of this sheet accordingly. If the Order or statement of the Payee agrees with the application in its original form the particulars of the Second Advice should be filled in from that application.

[blocks in formation]


Date.... To Postmaster at the office where above Order was issued:

Payment of the above-described Money Order is delayed for the reason that*

(See instructions below.)

Please fill in and return Second Advice form upon the other side of this sheet.

Postmaster drawn on.

* Here state whether by reason of defective Advice or Order." ** original Advice not received." "discrepancy between Advice and Order," or "between Advice and statement of Payee," or between amount in letters in body of Order and amount in figures at right hand margin,' etc., giving in either case such full particulars as should enable the Postmaster who receives it to fully understand the cause of delay in payment. (OVER.)

OCTOBER 3, 1901.

(Model E-United States-Reverse.)

If used to take the place of an Advice spoiled in process of issue, change the above

word Second" to First," draw the pen diagonally across the Inquiry" on
the other side of this sheet, cancel the original Advice by drawing the pen across
the face (thus X) and attach such original to the Second Advice.

[blocks in formation]

1. In case of discrepancy be (To be filled in by issuing Postmaster.) tween the amount wriiten in letters in the body of the Order and the amount indicated by figures No.


....190 at the right-hand margin, pay

(Write date of original issue.) ment may be made after receipt of a Second Advice naming either of these amounts.

Amount, $... 2. When the original and Second Advices agree in naming a larger amount than is indicated | Issued at.. in the Order, only the smaller amount should be paid, but the paying Postmaster should report the case, by letter inclosing both Tayable at Advices, to the First Asst. Postmaster General, so that the lat ter may direct the issue of an additional Order for the residue. Remitter,.

3. When an Order is paid on a Second Advice, write across the face of the Order the words Paid

Residing at in accordanee with Second Advice," adding thereto a statement of the amount paid, if it be less Payee..... than the amount originally indicated in either place on the Order.

Residing at 4. The Postmaster to whom a Second Advice is sent will be carefui to preserve it on file in

Remarks. his office, and attach it to the original Advice, if that has been received, or should subsequently reach him.

Stamp of issu.

ing office.

Issuing postmasler.

The date written in this Advice mus be the original date of issue of the Money Order, while date of stamp must be the date on whicht his Second Advice is prepared and dis. patched. This form must also be filled in when the original advice is imperfect or illeg. ible, because of the carbonized sheet having been used when upside down. The Department absolutely forbids the use of pen and ink for filling in the particulars in an original advice.

See footnote.

30, 1901

, 1901

(Model E-Canada-Face.]

This half of the form to be filled up by the Postmaster at the Office where the order is payable.
Cette moitié de la formule doit être remplie par le maître de poste du bureau le mandat est payable.



.day oi..
jour de

The Advice of your Money Order No...
L'avis de votre mandat de poste No.


for the sum

pour la somme , payable at this Office, not having been

payable à ce bureau, n'ayant pas été

of $. de


you will please fill up and immediately return this form. In the meantime, payment of the Order vous voudrez bien remplicet renvoyer immédiatement cette formule. Dans l'intervalle, le paiement cannot be made. de votre mandat ne peut être fait.

Maitre de Poste.

To the Postmaster
Au Maitre de Poste



*Write here - received," "stamped," "signed,” or other words denoting the irregularity in respect to the * Ecrivez ici “ reçu." - timbré," - signé," ou autres mots démontrant l'irrégularité relative à cet aivs.


On His Majesty's Service.

Dy. P. M. Gen'l.

The Postmaster at

Province or State of..

OCTOBER 3, 1901.

[blocks in formation]

This form is to be used when the Original

Cette formule doit être employée lorsque le Advice is accidentally spoiled, or is reported premier avis est accidentellement gáté, ou qu'il not to have reached its destination, not to have

est rapporté n'être pas arrivé à destination, been duly stamped or signed by the Postmaster,

n'avoir pas été régulièrement timbré ou signé or to be otherwise defective. This second ad: par le maître de poste ou qu'il est autrement vice must agree in all particulars, except the

défectueux. Le second avis doit être sous tous Date Stamp with the Original.

les rapports conforme au premier à l'exception du timbre à date.

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Timbre du bureau expédteur.

(Date du second avis. ]


Province, State, or country.
(La Province, l'Etat ou le Pays.) )





Amount.- Montant.]



(BENEFICIAIRE.] The person to whom the order is payable.

[La personne à qui le Mandat est payable.) Christian name.-(Nom de Surname.-(Nom de famille.]




Street and number.
[Rue et numéro.]

City or Town.
(Ville ou Village.]

County, Department or Canton,
(Comté, département ou canton.]


(L'ENVOYEUR.) The person who purchased the Order. (La personne qui a obtenu le mandat.] Christian name.-[Nome de baptême.] Surname.-[Nom de famille.] Résidence.

Stamp of paying office.

Signature of Postmaster who draws the Order.
(Signature du Maître de Poste qui tire le Mandat.]

Timbre du bureau payeur.

This advice must be dated, Cette Avis doit être daté, timbré

stamped and signed by the et signé par le Maitre de Poste Postmaster who draws the

qui a tiré le mandat. Order.



On His Majesty's Service.

Dy. P. M. Ge'l

The Postmaster at

Province or State of

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