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January 13, 1902.

Supplementary Convention between the United States and Great Britain,

extending for a period of twelve months from July 28, 1901, the time within which British Colonies or Foreign Pissessions may give their adhesion to the Convention for the tenure and disposition of real and personal property, signed at Washington on March 2, 1899. Signed at Washington, January 13, 1902; ratification adrised by the Senate, February 14, 1902; ratified by the President, March 1, 1902; ratified by Great Britain, March 11, 1902; ratifications exchanged at Washington, April 2, 1902; proclaimed, 'April 2, 1902.




Whereas a Supplementary Convention between the C'nited States of America and Great Britain extending for a period of twelve months from July 28, 1901, the time within which British Colonies or Foreign Possessions may give their adhesion to the Convention relative to the disposal of real and personal property, signed at Washington on the 2nd day of March, 1899, was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Washington on the 13th day of January, one thousand nine hundred and two, the original of which Supplementary Convention, is word for word as follows:

Vol. 31, p. 1939.

Contracting parties.

The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, finding it expedient to prolong for a period of twelve months the time fixed by Article IV of the Convention relative to the disposal of real and personal property, signed at Washington on the 2nd day of March, 1899, for the notification of their accession to that Convention by His Britannic Majesty's Colonies or Foreign Possessions, hạve agreed to conclude an additional Convention for that purpose, and have named as their Plenipotentiaries:

The President of the United States of America, the Honorable John Hay, Secretary of State of the United States of America; and His Majesty the King of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, the Right Honorable Lord Pauncefote, of Preston, G. C. B., G. C. M. G., His Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States; who, having communicated to each other their Full Powers, which were found to be in due and proper form, bave agreed upon the following sole Article:



Time for notice of adhesion of British

It is agreed that the time fixed in Article IV of the said Convention, colonies to tenure of within which the accessions thereto of His Britannic Majesty's Coloprobert En treaty ex. nies or Foreign Possessions shall be notified, shall be prolonged for a Vol. 31, p. 1910. period of twelve months from July 28th 1901.

In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Convention and hereunto affixed their seals.

Done in duplicate at Washington, the 13th day of January, in the Signatures. year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and two.

John Hay (SEAL.


And whereas the said Supplementary Convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and the ratifications of the two Governments were exchanged in the City of Washington, on the second day of April, one thousand nine hundred and two;

Now therefore, be it known that I, Theodore Roosevelt, President Proclamation. of the United States of America, have caused the said Supplementary Convention to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the
Seal of the United States of America to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this second day of April in

year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and two, (SEAL] and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-sixth.

By the President:

Secretary of State.

The following British colonies and possessions have acceded to the Convention
between the United States and Great Britain of March 2, 1899, relating to the tenure
and disposition of real and personal property:
St. Vincent,

St. Lucia,

Falkland Islands,

St. Helena,

Straits Settlements,
Sierra Leone,

British Honduras,


North Borneo,
New Zealand,

British Guiana,
Leeward Islands,

Gold Coast Colony, Bermuda,
Northern Nigeria, South Rhodesia,

South Nigeria.

British New Guinen.

May 22, 1902.

Protocol of an agreement between the United States and the Republic of

Mexico for the adjustment of certain contentions arising under what is known as The Pious Fund of the Californias.' Signed at Washington May 22, 1902.




The Pious fund of

Whereas, under and by virtue Por cuanto, en virtud de las disthe Californias. of the provisions of a convention posiciones de una Convención ajusVol. 15, p. 679.

entered into between the High tada entre las Altas Partes ContraContracting Parties above named, tantes arriba mencionadas, con feof date July 4, 1868, and subse- cha 4 de Julio de 1868, y siguienquent conventions supplementary tes convenciones suplementarias thereto, there was submitted to de ella, fué sometida a la Comisión the Mixed Commission provided Mixta establecida por dicha Confor by said Convention, à certain vención una reclamación presenclaim advanced by and on behalf tada por parte y en favor de los of the prelates of the Roman prelados de la Iglesia Católica Catholic Church of California Romana de California contra la against the Republic of Mexico República de México, por réditos for an annual interest upon a cer

anuales de cierto fondo llamado el tain fund known as "The Pious

“The Pious “Fondo Piadoso de las CaliforFund of the Californias," which nias," los cuales réditos se conside

interest was said to have accrued raron devengados desde el 2 de Vol. 9, p. 922. between February 2, 1848, the Febrero de 1848, fecha de la firma

date of the signature of the Treaty del tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo, of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and Febru- hasta el 1° de Febrero de 1869, ary 1, 1869, the date of the ex- fecha del canje de las ratificaciochange of the ratifications of said nes de la Convención arriba refeConvention above referred to; and rida; y

Whereas, said Mixed Commis Por cuanto la indicada Comisión sion, after considering said claim, Mixta, después de examinar dicha the same being designated as No. reclamación, que fué señalada en 493 upon its docket, and entitled el libro de registro con el número Thaddeus Amat, Roman Catholic 493 e intitulada “Thaddeus Amat Bishop of Montery, a corporation Obispo Católico Romano de Monsole, and Joseph S. Alemany, Ro- terrey, por la corporación unitaria man Catholic Bishop of San Fran- que representa, y Joseph S. Alecisco, a corporation sole, against many Obispo Católico Romano de The Republic of Mexico, adjudged San Francisco, por la corporación the same adversely to the Repub- unitaria que representa, contra la lic of Mexico and in favor of said Republica de México" decidió la claimants, and made an award reclamación contra la República thereon of Nine Hundred and de México, y en favor de dichos

Four Thousand, Seven Hundred reclamantes, dando un laudo por and 99 100 (904,700.99) Dollars; novecientos cuatro mil setecientos the same, as expressed in the find- pesos noventa y nueve centavos ings of said Court, being for ($904,700.99); los cuales, como se twenty-one years' interest of the expresa en la exposición de dicho annual amount of Forty-three tribunal, fueron el importe de Thousand and Eighty and 99/100 réditos vencidos en veintiún años (43,080.99) Dollars upon Seven a razón de cuarenta y tres mil Hundred and Eighteen Thousand ochenta pesos noventa y nueve and Sixteen and 50/100 (718,016.50) centavos ($13,080.99) anuales sobre Dollars, said award being in Mex- la suma de setecientos diez y ocho ican gold dollars, and the said mil diez y seis pesos cincuenta amount of Nine Hundred and centavos ($718,016.50) y habían de Four Thousand, Seven Hundred pagarse en oro mexicano; y dicha and 99 100 (904.700.99) Dollars suma de novecientos cuatro mil having been fully paid and dis- setecientos pesos noventa y nueve charged in accordance with the centavos ($904,700.99) fué comterms of said convention; and pletamente pagada y finiquitada

en conformidad con los términos

de dicha Convención; y
Whereas, the United States of Por cuanto los Estados Unidos
America on behalf of said Roman de América por los Obispos Cató-
Catholic Bishops, above named, licos Romanos arriba nombrados
and their successors in title and in- y sus sucesores con el mismo título
terest, have since such award e interés han reclamado á México
claimed from Mexico further in- después de dicho laudo los sucesi-
stalments of said interest, and have vos vencimientos de dichos réditos
insisted that the said claim was y han insistido en que la expresada
conclusively established, and its reclamación fué definitivamente
amount fixed as against Mexico juzgada y su monto fijado en con-
and in favor of said original claim- tra de México y a favor de los
ants and their successors in title primitivos reclamantes y de sus
and interest under the said first sucesores con el mismo título e
mentioned convention of 1868 by interés, conforme á la primera
force of the said award as res Convención mencionada de 1868,
judicata; and have further con en virtud de dicho laudo como res
tended that apart from such former judicata; y han sostenido además
award their claim against Mexico que independientemente de tal lau-
was just, both of which proposi- do su reclamación contra México
tions are controverted and denied era justa; aserciones ambas que
by the Republic of Mexico, and the han sido controvertidas e impug-
High Contracting Parties hereto, nadas por la República de México,
animated by a strong desire that y las Atlas Partes signatarias de
the dispute so arising may be ami- este Compromiso, animadas de un
cably, satisfactorily and justly set- vivo deseo de que la controversia
tled, have agreed to submit said así suscitada sea amigable, satis-
controversy to the determination factoria y justamente resuelta, han
of Arbitrators, who shall, unless convenido en someter dicha con-
otherwise herein expressed, be con- troversia á la decisión de árbitros,
trolled by the provisions of the quienes se ajustarán en todo lo que
International Convention for the no se disponga de otro modo por
pacific settlement of international el presente instrumento, á las pre-
disputes, commonly known as The venciones de la Convención inter-
Hague Convention, and which arbi- national para el arreglo pacífico
tration shall have power to de: de controversias internacionales

comunmente denominada “Con-
vención de La Hava" y estarán

facultados para resolver:
1. If said claim, as a consequence 1° Si dicha reclamación como

Scope of arbitration.

Contracting parties.

the governing principle of res ju- está regida por el principio de res dicata; and,

judicata; y 2. If not, whether the same be 2° De no estarlo, si es justa la just.

misma reclamación. And to render such judgment or Y

para pronunciar un fallo ó award as may be meet and proper laudo tal que sea adecuado y conveunder all the circumstances of the niente a todas las circunstancias case.

del caso: It is therefore agreed by and Por tanto, se conviene entre los between the United States of Estados Unidos de América, repreAmerica, through their represent- sentados por John Hay, Secretario ative, John Hay, Secretary of de Estado de los Estados Unidos State of the United States of de América, y la República de MéAmerica, and the Republic of xico, representada por Manuel de Mexico, through its representa- Azpíroz, Embajador Extraordinative, Manuel de Azpiroz, Ambas- rio y Plenipotenciario de la Repúsador Extraordinary and Pleni- blica de México en los Estados 'nipotentiary to the United States of dos de América, en lo siguiente: America for the Republic of Mexico as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Contentions referred to special tribunal.

That the said contentions be re Las referidas cuestiones serán ferred to the special tribunal here- sometidas al tribunal especial que inafter provided, for examination, en seguida se autoriza para examidetermination and award.

narlas, determinarlas y fallarlas.



Composition. The special tribunal hereby con El tribunal especial constituido

stituted shall consist of four arbi- por este instrumento se compondrá trators, (two to be named by each de cuatro árbitros, debiendo ser

of the High Contracting Parties) dos nombrados por cada una de las Umpire.

and an umpire to be selected in altas partes contratantes, y un árbiaccordance with the provisions of tro superior que será elegido con the Hague Convention. The arbi- arreglo á las disposiciones de la trators to be named hereunder Convención de La Haya. Los shall be signified by each of the árbitros nombrados, como se ha High Contracting Parties to the dicho, por cada una de las Altas other within sixty days after the Partes Contratantes serán dados á date of this protocol. None of conocer por la parte que los nomthose so named shall be a native bró a la otra parte dentro de sesenta

or citizen of the parties hereto. días que correrán desde la fecha Judgment. Judgment may be rendered by a de este protocolo. Ninguno de los majority of said court.

árbitros nombrados como se ha Åll vacancies occurring among dicho será oriundo ó ciudadano de the members of said court because las partes contratantes. El laudo of death, retirement or disability podrá ser pronunciado por mayoría from any cause before a decision de votos de dicho tribunal. Todas shall be reached, shall be filled in las vacantes que ocurran entre los accordance with the method of miembros de dicho tribunal por appointment of the member affect- causa de muerte, separación ó ined as provided by said Hague habilidad que provenga de causa Convention, and if occurring after anterior al pronunciamiento del said court shall have first assem- laudo serán cubiertas del mismo

bled, will authorize in the judg: modo que fue nombrado el miemExtension of time, ment of the court an extension of bro cesante, como se dispone en la time for hearing or judgment, as

Convención de La Haya, y si ocuthe case may be, not exceeding rrieren después que dicho tribunal thirty days.

se haya instalado podrán justifi


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