No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals & Customer Retention

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Entrepreneur Press, 2016 - 182 страница
Business owners agree. The referred customer is far superior to the one brought in by 'cold' advertising. Yet most business owners will invest more money to find new customers than getting referrals from current, happy customers.

Millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy and customer retention expert Shaun Buck dare you
to stop chasing new customers and keep an iron cage around the ones you already have.
Kennedy and Buck present a systematic approach to help you keep, cultivate, and
multiply customers so that your entire business grows more valuable and sustainable,
and you replace income uncertainty with reliable income through retention and referrals.

Learn how to:
- Apply the #1 best retention strategy (hint: it's exclusive)
- Catch customers before they leave you
- Grow each customer's value (and have more power in the marketplace)
- Implement the three-step customer retention formula
- Use other people's events to get more referrals
- Create your own Customer Multiplier System
- Calculate the math and cost behind customer retention

Discover the referral-getting, sales-increasing, battle-tested tactics designed to help you
build a thriving business for the long-term.

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Dan S. Kennedy is the provocative, truth-telling author of the popular "No B.S." book series; a serial, successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; trusted marketing advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1-million to $1-billion in size; and he influences well over 1-million independent business owners annually through his newsletters, tele-coaching programs, local Chapters and Kennedy Study Groups meeting in over 100 cities, and a network of top niched consultants in nearly 150 different business and industry categories and professions.

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