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It is desirable and important that the decisions of the Land Department illustrating the administration of the land laws of the United States should be published in an authentic manner, and in permanent form convenient for reference. This will enable the several divisions of the office to refer readily, not only to the decisions originating in the appropriate business of each, but with equal readiness to consult the decisions of all the other divisions, and of the Department; and, it is believed, will greatly systematize and facilitate the operations of the office.

For the purpose indicated, the present publication, commencing with the beginning of the present administration of this office and extending to this date, is directed.

It is intended to continue the publication hereafter at stated periods.

June, 1883.




Page Ackroyd, Levi

481 Big Flat Gravel Mining ComAdams, Martin A

pany v. Big Flat Gold Mining Aiken, James 462 Company

562 Alabama and Chattanooga Rail

Bingham, William T

297 road Company 343, 374,376 Birchfield, Joseph....

92 Alari, State of California v ...... 407, 453 Bird et al., Nickals v

43 Anderson, Annie ..... 24 Bishop, George S....

09 Anderson, Andrew, et al 1 Blair, Alexander, et al

493 Anton Chico.......

287 Bodie Tunnel and Mining ComArant v. State of Oregon


pany v. Bechtel Consolidated Arnold v. Langley ..... 439 Mining Company et al

584 Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

Bontain, Pierre..

300 Company.... 308 | Booth, Henry...

48, 537 Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

Bosworth, Caulfield v

431 Company v. Fisher 392 | Bowers, Delaney v..

163 Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

Bowers v. Wilson

434 Company, McGrath v....

328 Bowling, Charles Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

Boyce, Wallace v

26 Company, Gonzales v... 361 | Boyer, Benedict v.

154 Atlantic and Pacific Railroad

Braden, W. N

101 Company v. Forrester 475 Bradford, James L......

302 Atlantic, Gulf and West India

Bradley, Schneider v..

132 Transit Company, Martin o.... 359 | Brady, Patrick

606 Attwell v. Oregon Railway and

Bray, Marks v Navigation Company 294 Brewer, Elvira

296 Aubrey v. Clapp 489 Bronson v. Sawyer ..

107 Brown v. Jefferson et al

407 Baker, Central Pacific Railroad

Brown v. Quinlan et al.

424 Company o... 355 Bull et al., Titus v

404 Ballard v. McKinney.

W. M.

72 Barber, Joseph

Bundy v. Livingston.

152 Barker, Johnson

Burke, W. W...

96 Barnes and Allison. 34 Burrill v. Coulter

75 Bartlett v. Dudley

160 Baughman v. Oregon Central

California, State of ...

312, 320 Wagon Road Company...

352 California, State of, v. Alari . 407, 453 Bechtel Consolidated Mining

California, State of, Garlick v ... 494 Company et al., Bodie Tunnel

California, State of, v. Pierce.... 442 and Mining Company v....... 584 California and Oregon Railroad Becker et al. v. Sears.. 575, 577 Company

330 Bellevue, Town of 503 Callaghan, Michael

301 Benedict v. Boyer 154 | Cañon De San Diego..

287 Bonetto. Collins 42 Carland, John.....

531 Bennett v. Cottnach et al.... 159 | Carnochan, Eda M...



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484 565

47 486 160 455


63 293 303


46 146 45



Cassidy, James ...
Caulfield v. Bosworth.....
Cedar Hill Mining Company
Cedar Rapids and Missouri River

Railroad Company, Leggett v. Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad Company,

Jenness o.. Central Pacific Railroad Company

v. Baker...... Central Pacific Railroad Com

pany, Perkins v.. Challacombe v. Hogue Chapman v. Zweck Chase, Edward R.. Chilili, Town of... Chilton, Cornell v. Churchill, Rees v... Church Placer, War Dance v.... Cieneguilla grant.. Clapp, Aubrey v ... Clontarf claim (S. G. Wright et al) Cole v. Phelps . Cole, Schofield v.. Collins, Bennett v.... Colwell, Fenton v.. Conner, Charles Conner, Joseph.... Conlin v. Yarwood Cook, Dennis... Cook, George W. Cooper et al. v. Sioux City and

Pacific Railroad Company Copper Prince, Warren Mill-Site v Corcoran, Dominick.. Cornell v. Chilton.... Cottnach et al., Bennett v. Cotton Owen.. Cowan v. Woodside. Coulter, Burrill v. Cox, Kate .... Critchfield v. Lewis.... Cromartie, P. G..... Cudney v. Flannery. Curtis v. Griffes.....

392 165

394 58


120 Dieffenbacher, Joseph M..
431 | Dobbs Placer Mine....
628 Dodge, H.C

Drumhiller, Thomas v. 354 | Dudley, Bartlett r..

Dusterberg, Willardson v 353

Ebinger, Christian F.. 355 Edwards v. Sexson.

Elliott, Elijah 336 Elliott, John J. 135 | Emerson v. Southern Pacific Rail123 road Company

81 Ewell, Eli 285 Ewing v. Rickard 153 | Ezernack, Edward 450 549 Favrow, Milam v 622 | Fenton v. Colwell 489 Field, William C.. 569 Fisher, Atlantic and Pacific Rail109 road Company 140 | Flannery, Cudney v.....

42 Flint and Pere Marquette Rail148 road Company.. 603 Flom, Torjus H 304 Forrester, Atlantic and Pacific 411 Railroad Company v.... 310 Fort Maginnis... 128 | Fullen v. Thomas.

Fulton, Snodderly v. 345 Flynn v. Stiles... 555 307 Gahan v. Garrett .. 153 Galloway v. Winston. 159 Garaghty, J ....

99 Garcia, Juan Rafael. 127 Gardner, George H.. 75 Gardner v. Snowden 52 Garlick v. State of California.... 421 Garrett, Gahan v.. 607 Genzel v. Gschwend 165 Georgetown, Breckenridge and 148 Lead ville Railroad Company..

Gieseke v. Kiwilian..... 389 Gilbert v. Saint Joseph and Den

ver City Railroad Company... 85 Givens, Renville v 78 Gjuve, Saint Paul, Minneapolis 111 end Manitoba Railway Com529

pany v... 545 Gonzales v. Atlantic and Pacific 163 Railroad Company.

Gonzales et al.. 40 | Gordon, Eben M



446 457 129

137 142 524 279

79 496 494 137 432

610 46

465 480

Dalles Military Wagon - Road

Company, Overholtv...
Darby, Hewlettv....
Darcey, McCarthy v..
Davis, Richards v...
Day, G. C........
Dean Richmond Lode.
Delaney v. Bowers...
Dephanger, Philip
Dewhurst, W. W..



361 529 62


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