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Island Act.


6 VIC. c. 57. due west until it intersect the Queen's Road, which leads south

erly to Chidwell and northerly to Flint River; from that intersection to the north-westernmost part of Mr. Sawyer's settlement; thence due south to the line of Westmoreland and Hanover, and thence to the westernmost and southernmost buildings on Haddo Estate in Westmoreland; thence to the southernmost building on William Haldane's settlement in Westmoreland; thence to the first-mentioned point, so as to include all and every the persons inhabiting within the said lines.

8 VIC. c. 8. Island Act.

8 Vic. c. 8.) To separate the parish of St. David from the precinct of St. Thomas in the East and St. David,

Isld. [1844.]


St. David separated from St. Thomas in the East.

8 Vic. c. 8, sec. 1.) The parish of St. David shall be and is hereby declared a separate and distinct parish, from the precinct of St. Thomas in the East and St. David.



c. 32. 7 WILL IV.

c. 36.

6 Will. IV. c. 32.] Protection of persons and property. (a) 7 Will. IV. c. 36.] Malicious injuries to property. (a)

7 WILL. IV. c. 40.] Larceny and offences connected there- 7 WILL. IV. with. (a)

7 WILL. IV. c. 41.] Offences against the person. (a)
5 Vic. c. 43.] Complaints between masters and servants. (a)
6 Vic. c. 28.] Uniformity of weights and measures. (a)
6 Vic. c. 59.] Police of the town of Port Royal. (a)
7 Vic. c. 14.] Order in towns and communities. (a)
14 Vic. c. 41.] Highways and bridges. (a)

Isld. (1836-1851.]

c. 40. 7 WILL. IV.

c. 41. 5 Vic. c. 43. 6 Vic. c. 28. 6 Vic. c. 59. 7 Vic. c. 14. 14 Vic. c.41. Island Acts.


6 Will. IV. c. 32, sec. 12. 7 Will. IV. c. 26, sec. 26. 7 Will. IV. c. 40, sec. 59. — 7 Will. IV. c. 41, sec. 28. 5 Vic. c. 43, sec. 25. - 6 Vic. c. 28, sec. 24. 6 Vic. c. 59, sec, 45. 7 Vic. c. 14, sec. 31. – 14 Vic. c. 41, sec. 70.] The prosecution of every offence punishable on summary conviction under any of these acts (6) shall be commenced within three calendar months after the commission of the offence, and not otherwise.

4 Vic. c. 11. Island Act.


4 Vic. c. 11.] Regulating hawking and peddling.

Isld. [November 27, 1840.] 4 Vic, c. 11, sec. 15.] All suits, actions, appeals, or prosecutions for any thing done under or by virtue of this act, shall be commenced within the space of three months after the cause of such complaint shall have arisen or the penalty shall have been incurred and not otherwise.

9 Vic, c. 22 9 Vic, c. 23. leland Acts.


9 Vic. c. 22.] Conveyance of mails by railways.
9 Vic. c. 23.] Conveyance of troops and police by railways.

Isls. [December 31, 1845.] 9 Vic. c. 22, sec. 19.-9 Vic. c. 23, sec. 5.) The company Action shall not be liable to the payment of any penalty or forfeiture within one

(u) See titles of acts. (Ante.) (6) (Supra.)

S Vic. c. 22. imposed by either of these acts unless the complaint respecting Island Acts, such offence shall have been made within one month next after

the commission of such offence.


9 Vic. c. 38. Island Act.


Prosecution within three months.

9 Vic. c. 38.] Regulation of public markets.

Isld. [December 31, 1845.] 9 Vic. c. 38, sec. 11.] All prosecutions for offences against this act shall be commenced within three calendar months after the commission thereof, before two or more justices of the peace of the parish where the same shall be committed.

11 Vic. c. 6. Island Act.

11 Vic. c. 6.] For prevention of tumults and riotous assemblies.

Islo. December 28, 1847.]


Actions within six months.

11 Vic. c. 6, sec. 7.] No person or persons shall be prosecuted by virtue of this act for any offence or offences committed contrary to the same, unless such prosecution be commenced within six months after the offence committed. (a)

11 Vic. c. 30. Island Act.


Actions within six months.

11 Vic. c. 30.] Manning's Hill turnpike.

Islo. [December 28, 1847.] 11 Vic. c. 30, sec. 54.] No person or persons shall or may be convicted of any offence or offences contrary to the provisions of this act, in a summary way, before any justice or justices of the peace, after the expiration of six months from the time when any such offence or offences shall or may have been committed.

11 Vic. c. 36. Ieland Act


Actions within twelve months.

11 Vic, c. 36.] For regulating pawnbrokers.

İsld. (December 28, 1748.] 11 Vic. c. 36, sec. 24.] No person or persons using or exercising the trade or business of pawnbroker, shall be subject or liable to any prosecution or proceeding by virtue of this act for any offence against this act, unless information shall be given of such offence within twelve calendar months next after the same committed.

(a) This act expired December 31, 1852, but was revived and continued in force by 16 Vic. c. 35, to March 31, 1854.

Island Act.

26. No person who has been convicted of any fraud, or of 11 Vic. c. 36. obtaining money under false pretences, or of any felony whatsoever, shall be allowed to prosecute or inform against any person for any offence committed against this act

1847 Convicted persons, &c. not allowed to prosecute or inform.


13 Vic. c. 35.] Duties of justices of the peace as to summary 13 V16.C.35. convictions.

Isld. [February 1, 1850.] 13 Vic. c. 35, sec. 11.] In all cases where no time is already Time limitor shall hereafter be specially limited for making any such com- plaint or "in. plaint, or laying any such information in the act or acts of this formation. island relating to each particular case, such complaint shall be made, and such information shall be laid within six calendar monthis from the time when the matter of such complaint or information respectively arose.

c. 79.

British stat.


14 and 15 Vic. c. 79.] To consolidate and amend the laws 14 & 15 Vic. relating to steam navigation.

Brit. [August 7, 1851.] 14 and 15 Vic. c. 79, sec. 42.] No person shall be liable to the Penalties to payment of any penalty or forfeiture imposed by virtue of this within six act, and made summarily recoverable thereunder, unless the months. complaint respecting such offence be made before such justice, within six months next after the commissions of such offence.

No prcceed43. No conviction, order, or other proceeding, in pursuance ing to be of this act, shall be quashed or vacated for want of form, or be formality or removed by certiorari, or otherwise, into any superior court.

recovered by certiorari.

15 and 16 Vic. c. 44.] To amend and consolidate the laws 15 & 16 Vic. relating to passengers by sea.

Brit. (June 30, 1852.]

c. 44. British stat.


81. No action or suit shall be commenced against any emigra- Limitations tion officer, his assistant, government emigration agent, officer against of customs, or other person, for anything done in pursuance of or under the authority of this act, until ten clear days' notice has act. been given thereof in writing to the officer, agent, or person as aforesaid, against whom such action or suit is intended to be

officers executing the



15 & 16. Vic. brought, nor after three calendar months next after the act comBritish stat. mitted for which such action or suit shall be so brought; and

every such action shall be brought, laid, and tried where the

cause of action shall have arisen, and not in any other place; Defendant and the defendant in such action or suit may plead the general the general issue, and give this act and any special matter in evidence, at

any trial which shall be had thereupon; and if the matter or thing shall appear to have been done under or by virtue of this act, or if it shall appear that such action or suit was brought before ten clear days' notice thereof given as aforesaid, or if any action or suit shall not be commenced within the time hereinbefore liınited, or shall be brought or laid in any other place than as aforesaid, then the jury shall find a verdict for the defendant therein; and if a verdict shall be found for such defendant, or if the plaintiff in such action or suit shall become nonsuited, or suffer a discontinuance of such action, or if upon any demurrer in such action judgment shall be given for the defendant thereon, then and in any of the cases aforesaid such defendant shall and may recover full costs of suit as between solicitor and client, and shall have such remedy for recovering the same as any defendant may have for his costs in any other case by law.


Limitation 82. Where no time is expressly limited within which any ceeding to complaint or information is to be made or laid for any breach generally. or non-performance of any of the requirements of this act, the

complaint shall be made or the information laid within twelve calendar months from the time when the matter of such complaint or information respectively arose, or in case the master of any ship is the offender or party complained against, within twelve calendar months next after his return to the country in which the matter of complaint or information arose.

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