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Published November, 1908




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All rights on poems in this volume are reserved by the holders of the copyright. The publishers and
others named in the following list are the proprietors, either in their own right or as agents for the
authors, of the poems of which the authorship and titles are given, and of which the ownership is thus
specifically noted and is hereby acknowledged.

Messrs. D. Appleton & Co., New York. William Cullen Bryant: "The Green Mountain Boys,"
"Seventy-Six," "Song of Marion's Men," "Oh Mother of a Mighty Race," "Our Country's Call,"
ham Lincoln," "Centennial Hymn."

Messrs. Richard D. Badger & Co., Boston. Edwin Arlington Robinson: "The Klondike."

The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis. - Charles Edward Russell: “The Fleet at Santiago,"
from "Such Stuff as Dreams."

The Century Company, New York. Richard Watson Gilder: "At the President's Grave," Charles-
ton," "The White City," "The Comfort of the Trees"; Robert Underwood Johnson: “Dewey at Manila";
Silay Weir Mitchell: "Herndon,' How the Cumberland went down," “Kearsarge," "Lincoln," "The
Song of the Flags." From the Century Magazine. - William Tuckey Meredith: "Farragut"; Helen
F. More: "What's in a Name": Will Henry Thompson: "The High Tide at Gettysburg."

The Robert Clarke Company, Cincinnati. - William Davis Gallagher: "The Mothers of the West";
William Haines Lytle: "The Siege of Chapultepec," "The Volunteers."

Messrs. Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia. — Ethel Lynn Beers: “The Picket-Guard"; Charles
Fenno Hoffman: "Rio Bravo," "Monterey."

Messrs. Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. – Ernest McGaffey: “Little Big Horn," "Geronimo"; William
Henry Venable: “John Filson," "Johnny Appleseed," "The Founders of Ohio," "El Emplazado,"
"Battle-Cry," "National Song."

The R. R. Donnelly & Sons Company, Chicago. — Francis Brooks: "Down the Little Big Horn."

Messrs. Dana Estes & Co., Boston. Hezekiah Butterworth: “The Thanksgiving for America,"
"The Legend of Waukulla," "The Fountain of Youth," " Verazzano,” “Ortiz," "Five Kernels of Corn,"
"The Thanksgiving in Boston Harbor," "Roger Williams,” “Whitman's Ride for Oregon," "The
Death of Jefferson," "Garfield's Ride at Chickamauga," "The Church of the Revolution."

Messrs. Funk & Wagnalls, New York. — Richard Realf: “The Defence of Lawrence."

Messrs. Harper & Brothers, New York. Wallace Bruce: "Parson Allen's Ride"; Will Carleton:
"The Prize of the Margaretta," "Across the Delaware," "The Little Black-Eyed Rebel," "Cuba to.
Columbia," "The Victory-Wreck"; William Dean Howells: “The Battle in the Clouds"; Herman Mel-
ville: "Malvern Hill," "The Victor of Antietam," "The Cumberland," "Running the Batteries," A
Dirge for McPherson," "Sheridan at Cedar Creek," "The Fall of Richmond," "The Surrender at Appo--
mattox," At the Cannon's Mouth." From Harper's Magazine and Harper's Weekly. - Guy Wetmore
Carryl: “When the Great Gray Ships come in"; Joseph B. Gilder: “The Parting of the Ways"; Thomas
A. Janvier: “ Santiago"; Thomas Dunn English: "Arnold at Stillwater," "The Charge by the Ford,"
"The Fall of Maubila," "The Battle of the Cowpens," "The Battle of New Orleans "; John Eliot Bowen:
"The Man who rode to Conemaugh."

Messrs. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston. - Thomas Bailey Aldrich: “Fredericksburg," "By the Poto-
." "The Bells at Midnight,"

," "An Ode on the Unveiling of the Shaw Memorial," "Unguarded
Gates"; Phæbe Cary: "Ready," “ Peace"; John White Chadwick: "Mugford's Victory," "Full Cycle";
Mrs. Florence Earle Coates: "Columbus," "Buff lo," "By the Conemaugh"; Christopher Pearse Cranch:
"After the Centennial"; Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Concord Hymn," “Boston Hymn"; Annie Fields:
"Cedar Mountain"; Louise Imogen Guiney: "John Brown"; Francis Bret Harte: "Caldwell of Spring-
field," "The Reveille," "John Burns of Gettysburg," "A Second Review of the Grand Army," “An Arctic
Vision," "Chicago"; John Hay: "Miles Keogh's Horse"; Oliver Wendell Holmes: "A Ballad of the
Boston Tea-Party," "Lexington," "Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle," "Old Ironsides,"
"Daniel Webster, * Brother Jonathan's Lament for Sister Caroline," "Sherman 's in Savannah,” “After
the Fire," "Welcome to the Nations,' 'On the Death of President Garfield," Additional Verses to
Hail Columbia"; Mrs. Julia Ward Howe: "Our Country," "Battle-Hymn of the Republic," "Robert
E. Lee," "Pardon," "Parricide," "J. A. G."; William Dean Howells: "The Battle in the Clouds";
Lucy Larcom: "Mistress Hale of Beverly," "The Nineteenth of April," "The Sinking of the Merri-
mack"; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The Skeleton in Armor," "Sir Humphrey Gilbert," "The
War-Token," "The Expedition to Wessagusset," Prologue," "The Proclamation," "Prologue,'
"The Trial," "The Battle of Lovell's Pond," "A Ballad of the French Fleet," "The Embarkation,"
"Paul Revere's Ride," "Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem," "The Wreck of the Hesperus,'
Victor Galbraith," "The Cumberland," "The Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face," "President Garfield,"
"The Republic"; James Russell Lowell; “Flawless his Heart," "The New-Come Chief," "Mr. Hosea
Biglow speaks," "What Mr. Robinson thinks," "Jonathan to John," "The Washers of the Shroud,"


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"Ode recited at the Harvard Commemoration"; William Vaughn Moody: "On a Soldier fallen in the
Philippines," "An Ode in Time of Hesitation"; Nora Perry: “Running the Blockade"; Edna Dean
Proctor: "Columbus Dying." "The Captive's Hymn," "The Lost War-Sloop," "Sa-cá-ga-we-a,

," "The Brooklyn Bridge"; Margaret Junkin Preston: "The Mystery of Cro-a-tàn," "The Last Meeting of Pocahontas and the Great Captain," "The First Proclamation of Miles Standish," "The First Thanksgiving Day," “ Dirge for Ashby," “Under the Shade of the Trees," " Virginia Capta," “Acceptation"; John Godfrey Saxe: "How Cyrus laid the Cable"; Edward Rowland Sill: “The Dead President"; Harriet Prescott Spofford: "How we became a Nation," Can't"; Edmund Clarence Stedman: “Peter Stuyvesant's New Year's Call," "Salem," "Aaron Burr's Wooing," "How Old Brown took Harper's Ferry," "Sumter," "Wanted -A Man," " Kearny at Seven Pines," "Treason's Last Device," "Gettysburg," Abraham Lincoln," "Israel Freyer's Bid for Gold," "Custer," "Liberty Enlightening the World," "Cuba," "Hymn of the West"; Bayard Taylor: "Through Baltimore," "Lincoln at Gettysburg," "The National Ode"; Joseph Russell Taylor: "Breath on the Oat"; Edith M. Thomas: “A Christopher of the Shenandoah," "To Spain — A Last Word"; Maurice Thompson : "The Ballad of Chickamauga"; J.T. Trowbridge: "Columbus at the Convent"; Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward: "Conemaugh"; Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney: “Peace"; John G. Whittier: "The Norsemen," "Norernbega,' "John Underhill," "Cassandra Southwick," "The King's Missive,” “St. John," "Pentucket," "Lexington," "The Vow of Washington," "Skipper Ireson's Ride," " Texas," "The Angels of Buena Vista," "The Crisis," "To William Lloyd Garrison," "Ichabod," The Kansas Emigrants," "Burial of Barber," "Le Marais du Cygne," "Brown of Ossawatomie," "Barbara Frietchie," "The Battle Autumn of 1862,” “At Port Royal," " To John C. Frémont," "Astræa at the Capitol," "The Proclamation," “ Laus Deo," "To the Thirty-Ninth Congress," "The Cable Hymn," "Chicago," "Centennial Hymn," "On the Big Horn," " The Bartholdi Statue"; Forcey the Willson: "Boy Brittan"; Constance Fenimore Woolson: “Kentucky Belle." From the Atlantic Monthly. George Houghton: "The Legend of Walbach Tower"; Henry Newbolt: Craven"; Thomas William Parsons: “Dirge."

Mr. P. J. Kenedy, New York. - Abram J. Ryan: "The Conquered Banner."
The Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia. — Virginia Woodward Cloud: “The Ballad of Sweet P."

The J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia. - George Henry Boker: "Upon the Hill before Centre- ville," "Dirge for a Soldier," "Zagonyi," "On Board the Cumberland," "The Cruise of the Monitor,"

The Ballad of New Or eans," The Varuna," "Hooker's Across," "Before Vicksburg," "The Black Regiment," "The Battle of Lookout Mountain"; William C. Elam: "The Mecklenburg Declaration"; Robert Loveman: “Hobson and his Men"; Marion Manville: "The Surrender of New Orleans," "Lee's Parole"; Henry Peterson: "The Death of Lyon”; Thomas Buchanan Read: “The Rising," “Valley Forge," "Blennerhassett's Island," "The Attack," "Sheridan's Ride," "The Eagle and Vulture"; Francis Orrery Ticknor: “The Virginians of the Valley, A Battle Ballad," "Our Left," "Little Giffen."

The Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Company, Boston. Richard Burton : "The Old Santa Fe Trail"; Paul Hamilton Hayne: “Macdonald's Raid," "Beyond the Potomac,” “Vicksburg," "The Battle of Charleston Harbor," "Charleston," "The Stricken South to the North," "South Carolina to the States of the North," "Yorktown Centennial Lyric"; William Hamilton Hayne: “The Charge at Santiago."

The McClure Company, New York. Edwin Markham: "Lincoln."

Messrs. A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago. — Kate Brownlee Sherwood: “Albert Sidney Johnston," ... Thomas at Chickamauga."

The Macmillan Company, New York. Hamlin Garland: “Logan at Peach Tree Creek"; George Ed. ward Woodberry: “Our First Century," Essex Regiment March," “ The Islands of the Sea," "O Land Beloved."

The Mershon Company, New York. -John Boyle O'Reilly: “Crispus Attucks," At Fredericksburg," "Chicago," "Boston," "Midnight — September 19, 1881," "The Ride of Collins Graves," "Mayflower."

The Oliver Ditson Company, New York. — Kate Brownlee Sherwood: "Molly Pitcher."
Out West, Los Angeles. Sharlot M. Hall: "Arizona."

Messrs. L. C. Page & Co., Boston. Charles G. D. Roberts: "Brooklyn Bridge," "In Apia Bay," "A Ballad of Manila Bay."

Messrs. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. - Louis James Block: The Final Struggle"; Guy Wetmore Carryl : “When the Great Gray Ships come in."

Messrs. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. William Ernest Henley: "Romance"; George Parsons Lathrop: "Keenan's Charge"; Sidney Lanier: “The Story of Vinland," "The Triumph," "Lexington," “Land of the Wilful Gospel," The Dying Words of Stonewall Jackson," "The Centennial Meditation of Columbia": Thomas Nelson Page: “The Dragon of the Seas"; James Jeffrey Roche: “Panama"; Richard Henry Stoddard: " Abraham Lincoln,” “Men of the North and West,” “The Little Drummer.'

Messrs. Small, Maynard & Co., Boston. Richard Hovey: "The Word of the Lord from Havana," The Battle of Manila": Walt Whitman: "Ethiopia Saluting the Colors," "O Captain! My Captain!" “The Sobbing of the Bells."

Messrs. Herbert S. Stone & Chicago. – John Williamson Palmer: "The Fight at San Jacinto." The Whitaker & Ray Company, San Francisco. Joaquin Miller: "Columbus," "The Defence of the Alamo," "Alaska," "Rejoice," "Cuba Libre," · San Francisco," "Resurge San Francisco."

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The Youth's Companion, Boston. — Mary A. P. Stansbury: "The Surprise at Ticonderoga"; Thomas Tracy Bouvé: “The Shannon and the Chesa peake.”

In addition to the above, the compiler begs to acknowledge express permission from the following authors for the use of such of their poems as appear in this volume:

Joel Benton, Louis James Block, Virginia Fraser Boyle, Robert Bridges, Wallace Bruce, Richard Burton, S. H. M. Byers, Will Carleton, Madison Cawein, Robert W. Chambers, John Vance Cheney, Joseph I. C. Clarke, Virginia Woodward Cloud, Florence Earle Coates, Kinahan Cornwallis, F. Marion Crawford, Mrs. Ernest Crosby (for Ernest Crosby), Caroline Duer, Barrett Eastman, Francis Miles Finch, Hamlin Garland, Joseph D. Gilder, Richard Watson Gilder, Arthur Guiterman, Sharlot M. Hall, Edward Everett Hale, William Hamilton Hayne (for himself and Paul Hamilton Hayne), Caroline Hazard, Rupert Hughes, Minna Irving, Thomas A. Janvier, Tudor Jenks, John Howard Jewett, Robert Underwood Johnson, Walter Learned, Robert Loveman, Charles F. Lummis, Ernest McGaffey, Edwin Markham, John James Meehan, Lloyd Mifflin, William Vaughn Moody, Thomas Nelson Page, Mrs. John W. Palmer (for John Williamson Palmer), John James Piatt, Wallace Rice, Laura E. Richards, Edwin Arlington Robinson, James Jeffrey Roche, John Jerome Rooney, Alfred D. Runyon, Charles Edward Russell, Clinton Scollard, Mrs. Katherine Brownlee Sherwood, Lewis Worthington Smith, Joseph Russell Taylor, Richard H. Titherington, William Henry Venable, Robert Burns Wilson.

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