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Collected Materials for the Study of the War

Compiled by the Editor of The HISTORY TEACHER's MAGAZINE

Ready June 15th A collection of the most important documents bearing upon America's entrance into the war, together with detailed material for the study of the war in all its aspects. Designed for the use of teachers and scholars in high schools and colleges, and for reading circles in clubs, camps, and community centers.

I. A Selection from President Wilson's Addresses.
II. Topical Outline of the War, by Prof. S. B. HARDING.
III. Syllabus of the Preliminaries of the War, by Mr. H. L. Hoskins.
IV. The Geography of the War, by ProFS. S. B. HARDING and W. E. LINGELBACH.

V. Annotated Bibliography of the War, by Prof. G. M. DUTCHER.
VI. More important United States Statutes bearing upon the state of war.

VII. Executive Proclamations issued since April 6, 1917. Accompanying these documents are suggestive topics and directions for the issue of the material, and outline maps for noting further political and military changes.

Bound in boards, 180 pages, the size of THE HISTORY Teacher's MAGAZINE, equivalent to a book of over five hundred pages.

Price, 65 cents a copy (carriage extra)

Particularly suited to the needs of history classes in Summer Schools McKINLEY PUBLISHING COMPANY :: PHILADELPHIA, PA.

Outline Maps of the Great War

M HERE have recently been added to the McKINLEY SERIES of

Outline Maps, six special maps for use in the study of the Great War:

91 a and b. The Western Front
92 a and b. The Eastern Front
93 a and b. The Balkan States
94 a and b. The North Sea, British Isles and English Channel
95 a and b. Turkey, Egypt and Mesopotamia

96 a and b. Austro-Italian Frontier These are issued in two desk sizes as follows: Large Size, (b), 74 by 10 inches, at 60 cents a hundred; and double size, (a), 10 by 15 inches, at $1.00 a hundred.

The new maps make it possible to trace the progress of the War in all its principal campaigns.

In addition to the OUTLINE MAPS OF THE GREAT War, the McKinley Series contains wall and desk outline maps of all the parts of the world and of most of the European countries. For Free Samples, write to McKINLEY PUBLISHING CO., 1619 Ranstead Street, PHILADELPHIA



The study of Historical Geography by means of the filling in of Outline Maps by the pupil, is now recognized as a necessary part of high school work in History. Many colleges are requiring similar work in their freshman and introductory courses in History, and often it is used with profit in more advanced courses, where maps showing new historical material are to be constructed. Even in the grades it is found that much time can be gained by the use of printed map outlines, in place of the laborious map-drawing by pupils. Many colleges use outline maps in entrance examinations in history; and for ten years the College Entrance Examination Board has included among its questions in history, the placing of historical data upon McKinley Outline Maps. No series of Outline Maps is so well constructed, so conveniently prepared, so varied in its assortment,

or so well adapted to different needs, as the


The Series includes large wall outline maps; desk outline maps in three sizes; envelopes of loose maps, assorted as desired; bound maps, in atlas form, for nine periods of history; bound maps, with notepaper interleaved, for six periods of history; and skeleton maps, with coastlines only, for elementary history and geography classes.

OUTLINE MAPS OF THE GREAT WAR: The Western Front, the Eastern Front, the Balkan States, the North Sea and English Channel, Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean, and Austro-Italian Frontier. Issued in the double size and large size. See prices below. McKinley Wall Outline Maps , McKinley Desk Outline Maps I SMALLER EUROPEAN DIVISIONS

Size, 82x44 inches

Isles, England, Scotland, Ire10x15 inches; $1.00 a !

land, France and the Netherlands (with hundred; 30 cents for an envelope of

England), Spain, Germany, Austro-HunDESCRIPTION. The Wall Outline Maps twenty maps. show

gary and Danube Valley, Russia, Greece the coast-lines and rivers of the LARGE SIZE. 742x10 inches; 60 cents a countries and continents, and, usually, the hundred; 20

and Ægean Sea, Italy.

cents for an envelope of ANCIENT HISTOŘY AND SPECIAL present boundaries of states, together with twenty maps.

SUBJECTS the lines of latitude and longitude.

SMALL SIZR. 642x742 inches; 40 cents PRICE. Single copies, 25 cento each; a hundred; 15 cents for an envelope of

Roman Empire, Central Italy (early Ro

man History), Ancient Rome (čity), twenty maps. more copies, 20 cents each.

Greece (Continental), Ancient Athens, (Postage or expressage extra.)

Eastern World (Alexander's Empire, etc.), The series of Wall Outline Maps now

Skeleton Outline Maps

Palestine, Egypt, India, China. includes:

The World (Mercator's Projection). The World, Europe, Asia, Africa, North

McKinley Outline Atlases
America, South America, Australia,

United States.

These Atlaseg consist of twenty-fivo Africa.

McKinley Outline Maps specially selected North Americi,

Geographical and Historical for use in the study of a particular feld South America.

of history. Each åtlag contains several Australie

Desk Maps

hundred page references to historical at


lases and text-books where material can The World (Mercator's Projection), Eu be gained for filling in the maps. British Isles.

rope, Asia, Africa, Australia, North Amer. France and England.

Atlases for the following periods of hisica, South America,

tory: Greece and gean Sea.


No. 1. For United States History. Italy. United States (state boundaries and

For English History. Central Europe. physical features),- United States (state

3. For Ancient History (includ. Eastern World (Greece to India). boundaries only)

ing Greece and Rome). Palestine. THE UNITED STATES IN THREE

For Grecian History. Roman Empire.


For Roman History. Southeastern Europe.

Eastern United States (east of the Mis " 6. For European History(876-1910 sissippi River), Mississippi Valley, Pacific

United States.
Coast and Plateau States.

7. For Medieval History (876-1600 Eastern United States. SMALLER SECTIONS OF UNITED

A.D.). New England.


" 8. For Modern History (1450-1918 Middle Atlantic States.


A.D.). Bouth Atlantic States,

New England, Coast of New England “ 9. For General History. Mississippi Valley, Northern Section,

(for early settlements, Middle Atlantic PRICI. Mississippi Valley, Southern Section.

26 cents (net) each. States, South Atlantic States, Coast of SPEOLAL ATLASES. In orders of 100 AtPacific Coast and Plateau States.

Southern States (for early settlements), Eastern Virginis and Maryland (tor

lases, the publishers will bind the McKin. Eastern Virginia (for Civil War), Missis. ley Outline Maps in any desired assort. Civil War).

sippi Valley, Northern Section, Mississippi City of Philadelphia (price, 30 cents).

ment. Price for such Special Atlases, 86 Valley, Northeastern Section, Mississippi cents (net) each. Valley, Northwestern Section, Mississippi

Valley, Southern Section and Texas, SouthCo-ordinate Paper-Wall Size western United States, Cuba, Philippines,

McKinley Historical Notebooks California, Minois, Massachusetts, MichiSheets of stout paper, 82x48 inches,

The notebooks consist of the McKinley raled in both directions, with blocks one

gan, New York (state of), Ohio, Pennsyl. Outline Maps combined with blank leaves quarter inch square; serviceable in clasees

vanía, Texas, Gull of Mexico, Panama, to constitute an historical notebook of

etc., West Indies, Canada. in economics, geography and history, for

104 pages. EUROPE AND ITS LARGER DIVISIONS depicting lines and curves of growth or

At present there are notebooks for Europe, Europe (central and southern

American History. development. They may also be used for parts). Central Europe (Charlemagne's

English History. constructing chronological charts for hisEmpire, etc.), Mediterranean World, Bal.

Ancient History. tory classes.

tio Lands, Southeastern Europe and East. European History. PRICE. The same as Wall Outline Maps. | ern Mediterranean.

PRICE. 28 cents (net) each. Samples of any of the above publications will be cheerfully furnished, to any teacher, upon request. McKINLEY PUBLISHING CO., 1619 RANSTEAD STREET, PHILADELPHIA

War Reprints

The monthly War Supplements to THE HISTORY TEACHER'S MAGAZINE are being reprinted in inexpensive form immediately after their appearance in the MAGAZINE


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No.fi. The Study of the Great War.

By Prof. S. B. HARDING. Price, 20 cents each.
No. 2. War Curiosities and the Belgium Secret Press.

By Prof. Christian Gauss. Price, 10 cents each.
No. 3. A Bibliography of the Great War.

By Prof. George M. DUTCHER. Price, 25 cents each. No. 4. War Geography, with Many Maps.

By Prof. S. B. Harding and Prof. W. E. LINGELBACH. Price, 20 cents each.
No. 5. Syllabus of a Course of Study in the Preliminaries of the World Conflict.

By HALFORD L. HOSKINS. Price, 20 cents each.
No. 6. A Selection from the Addresses of President Wilson.

Price, 20 cents each.

No.57. Important Statutes and Executive Proclamations Issued in the United States

from April, 1917, to May, 1918. Price, 25 cents each.

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Collected Materials for the Study of the War Compiled by the EDITOR OF THE History Teacher's MAGAZINE.


Contains principal war addresses of President Wilson ; many recent statutes of Congress ; executive pro

clamations ; outline maps ; and the material contained in War Reprints No. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

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War Supplement to The History Teacher's Magazine, February, 1918

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