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34. BALKAN PENINSULA: HISTORY, CONDITIONS, *Andrassy, Graf Julius. Whose Sin Is the World War?

PROBLEMS. Translated by E. J. Euphrat. New Era Publishing House, Abbott, George Frederick. Turkey, Greece, and the Great 1915, p. 154. 50 cents. Author is son of famous state chan. Powers; a Study in Friendship and Hate. McBride, 1917, cellor, and has himself been an Hungarian minister. Able, p. vii, 384. $3. Part I deals with Turkcy and the Great tactful presentation of Austria's case against Serbia and Powers; Part II treats Greece similarly. Both historical Russia; places blame squarely on Russia.

antecedents and relations during the war are discussed. Austria-Hungary and the War. Fatherland Corporation, Author was formerly a war correspondent. Historical sec1915, p. 64. Nine articles by prominent Austrians on tions are inadequate; judgments of contemporary events to causes of the war and Austrian interests. Official Austrian be taken with caution. Criticises treatment of Greece by propaganda.

the Allies. Capek, Thomas, editor. Bohemia under Hapsburg Mis. Brown, Demetra (Vaka) (Mrs. Kenneth Brown). The rule, a Study of the Ideals and Aspirations of the Bohemian Heart of the Balkans, Boston, Houghton, 1917, p. 248. $1.50. and Slovak Peoples as they Relate to and Are Affected by A series of sketches of travel through the Balkans in 1913 the Great European War. Revell, 1915, p. 187. $1. Arti- or thereabouts. cles by leading authorities on Bohemian affairs setting forth *Buxton, Noel Edward, and Buxton, Charles Roden. The anti-Hapsburg feeling and opposition to Germanization. War and the Balkans. London, Allen & Unwin, 1915, p. Not to be relied on as accurate or authoritative.

112. 2s. 6d. Unusually successful effort to set forth conKnatchbull-Hugesson, Cecil Marcus. The Political Evolu- cisely and impartially the views and feelings of the several tion of the Hungarian Nation. London, National Review, Balkan peoples. 1908, 2 vols. Deals primarily with the Magyar element and

*Courtney, Leonard Henry Courtney, 1st Baron, editor. presents its views.

Nationalism and War in the Near-East, by a Diplomatist. Ludwig, Ernest. Austria-Hungary and the War, with a Oxford Press, 1916, p. xxvi, 428. $4.15. Marked by demopreface by Dr. K. T. Dumba. Ogilvie, 1915, p. 200. $1. The cratic and pacifist bias, but, perhaps, ablest discussion of Austrian case told by the former consul at Cleveland. At- Balkan problems, especially of years immediately preceding tention centered on the Serbian question, with best account the war. Not so much narrative or descriptive as analytical of Sarajevo trial. Chapter on Ruthenian problem, also one and philosophical. on relations with United States.

*Forbes, Nevill; Toynbee, Arnold Joseph; Mitrany, D.; *Pollak, Gustav, The House of Hohenzollern and the and Hogarth, David George. The Balkans, a History of Hapsburg Monarchy. Evening Post Co., 1917, p. 107. 50 Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Rumania, Turkey. Oxford Press, cents. Reprint of seven timely articles on German and p. 407. $1.75. Bulgaria and Serbia by Forbes, Greece by Austrian questions from New York Evening Post by a na. Toynbee, Romania by Mitrany, Turkey by Hogarth; the tive of Vienna.

last being especially good. Diverse in method and value, Schierbrand, Wolf von. Austria-Hungary, the Polyglot and with no unity except the binding; general treatment Empire. New York, Stokes, 1917, p. vii, 372. $3. Jour- of Balkan problem is unfortunately lacking. Better for nalist who had spent years in Germany and Austria de- general reader than Miller for accounts of separate states; scribes conditions, problems, and war-time situation. Miller's account more unified and general.

*Steed, Henry Wickham. The Hapsburg Monarchy. Holland, Thomas Erskine. The European Concert in the Scribner, 1913, p. xxxii, 304. $2.50. Author writes with Eastern Question, a Collection of Treaties and other Public knowledge and insight due to a decade's residence in the Acts, with introductions and Notes. Oxford Press, 1885, Dual Monarchy as London Times correspondent. Pleasing p. xii, 366. $3.25. Contains principal documents from style, but too much knowledge is presumed for easy reading. 1830 to 1883. Describes organization and administration of the monarchy "Marriott, John Arthur Ransome. The Eastern question, and such conditions and problems as foreign policy, Bosnia, an Historical Study in European Diplomacy. Oxford Press, Yugoslavs, and Jews.

1917, p. viii, 456. $5.50. An historical account of the Whitman, Sidney. Austria (Story of the Nations Series). Ottoman empire is the central topic for a treatment of the Putnam, 1898. $1.50. Brief outline account to 1898. The Balkan problems and the international interests involved. same series contains a volume on Hungary by Vámbéry The present war and its immediate antecedents receive (1886).

ample attention. There is a chapter on the geography of

the Balkans. The only good systematic work in English 33. AUSTRIA-HUNGARY: SLAVIC PEOPLES. by well-known English historical scholar. Bailey, William Frederick. The Slavs of the War Zone.

*Miller, William. The Ottoman Empire, 1801-1913. PutDutton, 1916, p. xii, 266. $3.50. Descriptions of Austrian

nam, 1913, p. xvi, 547. $2.50. History since 1801 of all Slavs, both northern and southern, impassioned but inform

lands then part of Ottoman Empire, hence really an account of the rise of the Balkan nationalities, and of the inter

national relations involved. Mass of facts, which covers to Seton-Watson, Robert William. Racial Problems in Hungary, by Scotus Viator (pseud). London, Constable,

close of first Balkan war, makes the book informing but 1908, p. xxvii, 540. The Southern Slav Question and the

the style and method are scarcely enlightening. Hapsburg Monarchy. London, Constable, 1911, p. xii, 463.

The Near East from Within. Funk, 1915, p. viii, 256. $3. 129. 6d. Corruption and Reform in Hungary, à Study of Author claims to have been highly placed diplomat in the Electoral Practice. London. Constable, 1911. D. xvi. 197. 43. confidence of the Kaiser. Purports to unburden his mind 6d. German. Slav, and Magyar, a Study in the Origins of of intrigues of secret diplomacy in the Balkans; interesting, the Great War. London, Williams & Norgate, 1916, p. 198. but authenticity needs to be vouched. 2s. 6d. Four works on various phases of the Southern Slav *Newbigin, Marion Isabel, Geographical Aspects of Balkan question in Hungary, by a specialist on the subject, an Problems in their Relation to the Great European. War. advocate of Jugoslavic nationality.

Putnam, 1915, p. ix, 243. $1.75. Covers whole peninsula


and Danube valley; important on trade routes, river sys. Comprehensive but not always accurate account of the tems, agricultural conditions and other features connected Balkan wars and their antecedents. with racial questions and political ambitions. Written with Trapmann, A. H. The Greeks Triumphant. London, full recognition of the two Balkan wars and of importance Forster, Groom & Co., 1915, p. xi, 294. 78. 6d. Accounts of Balkan problems in present war.

of the two Balkan wars by correspondent of London Daily * Phillipson, Coleman, and Buxton, Noel. The Question Telegraph. of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles. London, Stevens & Haynes, 1917, p. xvi, 264. Discusses general problems of 36. SERBIA, MONTENEGRO, SOUTHERN SLAVS. international law involved; surveys history of question "Jones, Fortier. With Serbia into Exile, an American's from 1774 to 1878 with reference to successive treaties and Adventures with the Army that Can Not Die. Century, their application; considers future readjustment, with

1916, p. 447. $1.60. London Times calls it best personal special reference to Russia and to internationalization

narrative of Serbian retreat. Author was student in Col. similar to Danube Commission.

umbia School of Journalism who engaged in Serbian relief Savic, Vladislav R. South-Eastern Europe, the Main work. Problem of the Present World Struggle, with Introduction

Petrovic, Vojislav M. Serbia, her People, History, and by Nicholas Murray Butler. Revell, 1918, p. 276. $1.50.

Aspirations. New York, Stokes, 1915, p. 280. $1.50. Surveys history of Southern Slavs and of their relations

relations Convenient, though not scrupulously accurate, outline of

Convenient thong with Austria-Hungary and with Bulgaria; chapters on Serbian history to 1914, with clear statement of national America and the South Slav State, Pan-Slavism, and the

aims; by Serbian diplomatist. Adriatic Question. By Serb correspondent of English

Reiss, Rodolphe Archibald. Report upon the Atrocities papers.

Committed by the Austro-Hungarian Army during the First Seton-Watson, Robert William. The Balkans, Italy, and in

Invasion of Serbia; English translation by F. S. Copeland. the Adriatic. London, Nisbet, 1915, p. 79. ls. Brief study London. Simpkin. 1916. p. 192. 5s. Report to Serbian gov. of Adriatic question and of Italy's interests in the Balkans. ernment by Dr. Reiss of University of Lausanne on mate

*Seton-Watson, Robert William. The Rise of Nationality rials gathered in autumn of 1914. in the Balkans. London, Constable, 1917. 10s. 6d. Thorough

Stead, Alfred, editor. Servia and the Servians. London, account by a leading authority.

Heinemann, 1909, p. 390. 12s. 6d. Useful compilation, Singleton, Esther. Turkey and the Balkan States as including economic data. Described by Great Writers, Dodd, 1908, p. xii, 336. $1.60.

Taylor, A. H. E. The Future of the Southern Slavs. Well selected compilation illustrating manners, customs,

Dodd, 1917. $3. Deals with Serbia and the Jugoslav ques. and conditions.

tion; chapter on the Adriatic question takes sides with Villari, Luigi, editor. The Balkan Question, the Present

Slavs against Italy. Condition of the Balkans and of European Responsibilities,

*Temperley, Harold William Vazielle. History of Serbia. by Various Writers, with Introduction by James Bryce.

Macmillan, 1917, p. x, 354. $4. Good account by competent Dutton, 1905, p. 362. $3. Distinguished writers of various

English historian. Unfortunately closes with 1910. nationalities discuss various aspects of problems and argue for extension of international European control for imme

Trevor, Roy. Montenegro, a Land of Warriors. Macdiate relief of conditions.

millan, 1914, p. vii, 87. $.55. Avoids politics; describes

people and conditions. Woods, Henry Charles. The Danger Zone of Europe, Changes and Problems in the Near East. Boston, Little, Tucic, Srgjan Pl. The Slav Nations; translated by Fanny 1911, p. 328. $3.50. Based on travel and research; discusses S. Copeland. Doran, 1915, p. viii, 192. $.50. Serbian writes several phases of Balkan affairs.

chapter on each Slav nation, descriptive of peoples. Hasty, Woolf, Leonard Sidney. The Future of Constantinople.

enthusiastic sketches. Macmillan, 1917, p. 109. $1. Suggests control by inter- Velimirovic, Nicolai. Serbia in Light and Darkness, with national commission similar to Danube Commission of

a Preface by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Longmans, 1916, which some account is given.

p. xii, 147. $1.20. Based on addresses of a Serbian priest to

English audiences, voicing national spirit and portraying 35. BALKAN WARS, 1912-13.

national life; not a book of facts. International Commission to Inquire into the Causes and

37. ALBANIA. Conduct of the Balkan Wars. Report. Washington, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1914, p. 413. Durham, Mary Edith. The Struggle for Scutari. Turk. Report of an attempt to make thorough impartial study of Slav, and Albanian. Longmans, 1914, p. 332. $4. Also Balkan situation. Places blame on all Balkan peoples, but includes discussion of international affairs in Balkans and finds Greeks rather more guilty of atrocities than Bul- gives special attention to Albanians. garians.

Peacock, Wadham. Albania, the Foundling State of Rankin, Reginald. The Inner History of the Balkan War. Europe. Appleton, 1914, p. 256. $2.50. Author spent some Dutton, 1914, p. x, 569. $5. After historical surveys of the time at Scutari in English consular service and admires several countries of the Balkans, recounts causes and pro- Albanians. Historical and descriptive account with some gress of the war with personal journalistic experiences. discussion of problems. Lengthy and pretentious.

38. GREECE. *Schurman, Jacob Gould. The Balkan Wars, 1912-13. Princeton, University Press, 1914, p. xv, 140. $1. Author Cassavetti, Demetrius John. Hellas and the Balkan was American minister to Greece at the time. Clear con- Wars; with an Introduction by W. Pember Reeves. Dodd, cise review of causes, events and results.

1914, p. xv, 368. $3. Record of Greek history and aims for Sloane, William Milligan. The Balkans, a Laboratory of last half century with special reference to causes and History. Methodist Book Concern, 1914, p. viii, 322. $1.50. Greek participation in Balkan wars of 1912-13. Carefully

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done with citation of authorities. Patriotic and anti-Bul- Sykes, Sir Mark, Bart. The Caliph's Last Heritage, a garian.

Short History of the Turkish Empire. Macmillan, 1916, p. Garnett, Lucy Mary Jane. Greece of the Hellenes. Scrib- ix, 638. $6.25. Half of volume is a not very critical or ner, 1914, p. vii, 246. $1.50. Good descriptive work on thorough historical account, but remainder of volume contemporary life and conditions.

records author's travels in Asiatic Turkey. Kerofilas, Dr. C. Eleftherios Venizelos, his Life and Work. Whitman, Sidney. Turkish Memories. Scribner, 1914, with an Introduction by M. Take Jonesco; translated by

P. xi, 305. $2.25. Based on visits to European and Asiatic Beatrice Barstow. Dutton. 1915, p. xvii. 198. $1.25. Laud. Turkey between 1896 and 1908. Favorable portrayal of the atory, popular account of career to early months of the

f the Turk. war. Introduction by former Romanian premier is best

40. BULGARIA. part of book. Price, W. H. Crawford. Venizelos and the War. London,

Fox, Frank. Bulgaria. London, Black, 1915, p. 216. 10s.

Historical and descriptive account by war correspondent. Simpkin, 1917. 2s. Athens correspondent of London Daily Mail describes recent relations of Greece with the Allies

Historicus, pseud. Bulgaria and her Neighbors. 1917. and with other Balkan states.

By Bulgarian diplomat, presenting Bulgarian side of case; Venizelos, Eleutherios. Greece in her True Light, her

moderate and candid. Position in the World-wide War as Expounded by El. K.

Monroe, Will Seymour. Bulgaria and her People, with an Venizelos, her Greatest Statesman, in a Series of Official

account of the Balkan wars, Macedonia, and the Macedonian Documents, translated by S. A. Xanthaky, and N. G. Sakel.

Bulgars. Boston, Page, 1914, p. xxi, 410. $3. Author was larios. Sakellarios and Xanthaky, 1916, p. 288. $2. Sup.

in Bulgaria during second Balkan war, but draws largely plemented with an account of career of Venizelos.

from official reports and reference books. Considerable account of the two Balkan wars from Bulgarian point of


41. ROMANIA. Baker, B. Granville. The Passing of the Turkish Empire Seton-Watson, Robert William. Roumania and the Great in Europe. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1913, p. 335. $3.50. War. London, Constable, 1915, p. 102. 2s. Sketch of peoAuthor was in Constantinople during the first Balkan war,

ple, history, and policy, with special reference to Romanian but says little of it; mainly descriptive material which element in Transylvania and to reasons why Romania had throws some incidental light on political problems.

not entered the war. Cobb, Stanwood. The Real Turk. Boston, Pilgrim Press, 1914, p. xv, 301. $1.50. Author lived three years in

42. POLAND. Turkey under Young Turk rule and frankly endeavors to Gibbons. Herbert Adams. The Reconstruction of Poland present the good side of Turkish people.

and the Near East, Problems of Peace. Century, 1917. $1. Eliot, Sir Charles Norton Edgecumbe (Odysseus, pseud). Written before Russian revolution. Reprinted from Cen. Turkey in Europe. Longmans, second edition, 1908, p. vii, tury Magazine. His formula of settlement is government 459. $2.50. Based on residence and travel especially from by consent of the governed. The local will and not the im. 1893 to 1898, with additional chapters to 1907. Deals with perial interest of the great powers must be assured to safeBalkan peoples in general, but with special reference to guard small nations and prevent future war. Clear stateTurks. Good historical and descriptive account. Furnishes ment of various problems with sufficient historical back. background for understanding events of last decade. First ground. edition, pseudonymous, 1900.

Lewinski-Corwin, Edward Henry. Political History of Emin, Ahmed. The Development of Modern Turkey as Poland. Polish Book Importing Co., 1917, p. xv, 628. $3. Measured by its Press. Longmans, 1914, p. 142. $1.50. A Good survey of Polish history, well illustrated; most useColumbia University doctoral thesis on influence of the ful for period since partition, including chapter on present press on reform movements in Turkey.

war. Some discussion of Poland's future. Eversley, George John Shaw-Lefevre, 1st Baron. The Orvis, Julia Swift. Brief History of Poland. Boston, Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay. Dodd, 1917, p. 392. Houghton, 1916, p. xix, 359. $1.50. Good, readable account $3. Earlier parts derived from familiar authorities, but of Polish history down to the present time; useful for the later sections record personal observations and use other historical background of the existing Polish problem. first-hand material. Good, popular account.

Phillips, Walter Alison. Poland. Holt, 1916, p. vi, 256. Jabotinsky, Vladimir. Turkey and the War. London, 50 cents. Good brief sketch of Polish history 'and problem Unwin, 1917. 6s. Discussion of the partition of Turkey, by by English believer in integrally restored Poland. a Russian journalist.

Poland's Case for Independence, being a Series of Essays Pears, Sir Edwin. Forty Years in Constantinople. Apple. Illustrating the Continuance of Her National Life. Dodd, ton, 1915, p. xiii, 390. $5. Reminiscences of Englishman 1916, p. 352. $3. Six papers collected by Polish Informa.. long resident at Constantinople with special reference to tion Committee on Polish history, culture, and problems in English diplomats; chapter on American Ambassador strong nationalist strain. Morgenthau and his services after outbreak of war. *Pears, Sir Edwin. Turkey and its People. London,

43. RUSSIA: HISTORY. Methuen, 1911; second edition, 1912, p. vi, 409. 12s. 6d. Kornilov, Alexander. Modern Russian History, being Excellent historical and descriptive volume based on long an Authoritative and Detailed History of Russia from the residence and extensive travel in Turkey.

Age of Catherine the Great to the Present; translated by Pears, Sir Edwin. Life of Abdul Hamid. Holt, 1917, p. A. S. Kaun. Knopf, 1917, 2 vols., p. 310, 370. $5. Concerned X, 365. $2. Account of villainous acts and influences of primarily with internal affairs, social and cultural develop. the former Sultan, by an authority of special competence ment prior to 1890. The translator adds supplementary on Ottoman affairs.

chapters to cover from that date to the third year of the war. Only available account in English carrying Russian ditions and thoughts of the people shortly before the war. history from the beginning of the nineteenth century into A portion condensed and rewritten as The Mainsprings of the present war, which may be regarded as acceptable. By Russia (Nelson, 1915. $1). Petrograd professor. Poor translation.

Bechhofer, C. E. Russia at the Cross-roads, with an McCabe, Joseph. The Romance of the Romanoffs. Dodd, Introduction by A. H. Murray. Dutton, 1916, p. viii, 201. 1917, p. xiv, 390. $2. The seamy side of Russian autocracy $2. By Anglicized Russian, with no thoroughness of knowl. to the fall of Nicholas II, written in lively style.

edge or depth of insight. *Mavor, James. An Economic History of Russia. Dut. Bubnoff, J. V. The Co-operative Movement in Russia, its ton, 1914, 2 vols., p. xxxii, 614; xxii, 630. $10. Professor in History, Significance and Character. Fainberg, 1917, p. University of Toronto has written fullest and best account 162. $1.25. Good account of movement which has develin English. Second volume deals with revolutionary move oped rapidly during past dozen years. ments and forces contributing thereto during nineteenth *Duff, James Duff. editor. Russian Kealities and Probcentury and down to 1907.

lems. Putnam, 1917, p. vi, 229. $2. Collection of six Novikova, Olga Aleksieevna. Russian Memories, with an lectures by Milyukov, Struve, Dmowski, Lappo-Danilevsky, Introduction by Stephen Graham. Dutton, 1916, p. 310. and Harold Williams. Informing and enlightening, though $3.50. Covers period from 1876 to 1916. The author played written before overthrow of the Tsar. a prominent international part in 1876-8, and was a sup- Gorky. Maxim. pseud. (Alexei Maximovitch Pveshkoff); porter of the old regime in Russia. Though including ma- Andreieff, Leonid Nikolaevich; and Sologub, Feodor, pseud. terials on recent years, the main interest attaches to the

(Feodor Kuzmich Teternikov), editors. The Shield, with a earlier time.

foreword by William English Walling; translated from the Reeves, Francis Brewster. Russia Then and Now, 1892- Russian by A. Yarmolinsky. Knopf, 1917, p. xviii, 209. $1.25. 1917. Putnam, 1917, p. xiii, 186. $1.50. Author's personal Collection of articles from various authors on Jewish probcontribution is confined to service in 1892 on committee for lems in Russia. Original published by a non-Jewish Russian relief of famine sufferers. Material on Russia during the society for the study of Jewish life. war is mostly in appendix.

Graham, Stephen. A Vagabond in the Caucasus, with *Skrine, Francis Henry. The Expansion of Russia, 1815. Some Notes of his Experiences among the Russians. Lane, 1900. Putnam, 1903, p. vii, 386. $1.50. Clear, well-balanced 1911, p. vii, 311. $1.50. Undiscovered Russia. Lane 1911, narrative by retired Anglo-Indian civil servant; peculiarly p. xvi, 337. $4. Changing Russia, Lane, 1913, p. ix, 309. sympathetic for date of its writing.

$2.50. A Tramp's Sketches. Macmillan, 1912, p. xiii, 339. Vassili, Count Paul, pseud. Behind the Veil at the Rus. $1.60. Four volumes of which second and third are the most sian Court. Lane, 1914, p. 408. $4.50. Covers events from important, based on walking tours in Russia, written with Crimean war into reign of Nicholas II, by a member of insight, charm, and force. Much valuable description of conRussian diplomatic service. Much gossip, but rather more ditions and ideas, but not well arranged for the student. historical value than usual in such books.

Jarintzoff, N. Russia, the Country of Extremes. Holt, Wesselitsky, Gabriel de. Russia and Democracy, the 1914, p. 372. $4. Published on eve of the war by Russian German Canker in Russia, with a Preface by Henry Cust. woman resident in England. Interestingly written jumble Duffield, 1916, p. viii, 96. $.75. By London correspondent of facts, many of them not usually found in books on of Novoe Vremya. Survey of Russian history, but with Russia. purpose of proving Russians essentially democratic and that

Raisin, Jacob Salmon. The Haskalah Movement in Russia. autocracy is due to Germans who have controlled the gov.

Jewish Pub. Co., 1914, p. 355. $1.50. Excellent account of ernment.

intellectual awakening of Jews in Russia in last half


Sarolea, Charles. Great Russia, her Achievement and *Alexinsky, Gregor. Modern Russia; translated by Ber Promise. Knopf, 1916, p. ix, 252. $1.25. English title: nard Miall. Scribner, 1914, p. 361. $3.75. Not a revelation Europe's Debt to Russia. Author's chief competence for the of spirit and soul of Russia but mass of information on work is literary. First section, on geographical foundeconomic and social conditions and problems since eman ations of Russian politics is distinctly useful; second part cipation of serfs, the organization of government, revolu- devoted to main theme reveals Russia as liberator of op. tion of 1905-6, questions of nationality, religion, and liter pressed nationalities; third part, to literature; fourth part, ature. Lacks accurate historical scholarship and readable to typical Russian problems such as, Poland, Jews, and style. Author former member of Duma, with liberal, per revolutionary movements. haps socialistic, tendencies.

Vinogradoff, Sir Paul Gavrilovich. The Russian Problem. Alexinsky, Gregor. Russia and Europe; translated from Knopf, 1915, p. viii, 44. $.75. Two articles, Russia after the manuscript by Bernard Miall. Scribner, 1917, p. 352. $3. the War, and Russia, the Psychology of a Nation. Sanguine Complementary to his Modern Russia. Deals with views by eminent Russian historian and jurist, now promaterial bonds between Russia and Europe, Russia's part fessor at Oxford. Self-Government in Russia. Dutton, in European wars before 1914, Europeanization of the state 1916, p. 118. $1.25. Series of lectures giving optimistic and other topics. Written on eve of March Revolution view of development of self-governing institutions and which it forecasts. Wealth of facts; poor style.

capacity prior to 1916. *Alexinsky, Gregor. Russia and the Great War. Scribner, Walling, William English. Russia's Message: the People 1915, p. 357. $3. Survey of domestic and foreign affairs against the Czar. Knopf, 1917, p. 245. $1.50. First edition, from war with Japan to early months of present war. Im- 1908. This reprint omits some material and has an introportant for conditions at opening of war and attitude duction which partly brings it up to date. By an Amer. toward the war. Still useful if read with caution.

ican socialist who spent two years in Russia before writ. *Baring, Maurice. The Russian People. Doran, 1911, p. ing the original text. Particularly interesting on economic 358, $3.50. One of the best accounts for insight into con matters.

"Wiener, Leo. An Interpretation of the Russian People. Souiny-Seydlitz, Leonie Ida Philipovna, Baroness. Russia McBride, 1915, p. 248. $1.25. Author is native Russian, of Yesterday and Tomorrow. Century, 1917, p. 382. $2. By now professor of Slavic at Harvard. Utilizes his scholarly wife of Russian baron. Two chapters refer to the Revoknowledge of Russia's past to judge Russia of the present. lution of March, 1917. Readable, trivial, lacks discriminatOne of most illuminatirg hooks on Russia.

ing judgment. *Williams, Harold Whitmore. Russia of the Russians.

47. AFRICA. Scribner, 1914, p. ix, 430. $1.50. Not historical, but *Gibbons, Herbert Adams. The New Map of Africa, 1900descriptive on wide range of topics, best on culture, social 1916, a History of European Colonial Expansion and Coloconditions, and political thought. By able correspondent nial Diplomacy. Century, 1916, p. xiv, 503. $2. Contains long resident in Russia. Best introductory account avail. sufficient preliminary matter to make clear events since the able.

Boer war; includes first two years of Great War. Careful Winter. Nevin Otto. The Russian Empire of Today and and impartial. For earlier history best brief account is Yesterday, the Country and its Peoples, together with a Sir H. H. Johnston's Colonization of Africa (Putnam). Brief Review of its History, Past and Present, and a Lewin, Percy Evans. The Germans and Africa, with an Survey of its Social, Political and Economic Conditions. Introduction by the Right Hon. Earl Grey. New York, Boston, Page, 1913, p. xvi, 487. $3. Lacks insight of Baring Stokes, 1915, p. 317. $3.60. Excellent account, by Librarian or Williams, though giving wider range of facts.

of the Royal (English) Colonial Institute, of German colo

nization, with special reference to each of their four African 45. RUSSIA: CONDITIONS IN WAR-TIME. colonies. *Child, Richard Washburn. Potential Russia. Dutton,

48. JEWS, ZIONISM, PALESTINE. 1916, p. 221. $1.50. American writer visited Russia during Goodman, Paul, and Lewis, Arthur D., editors. Zionism, the war, describes conditions observed and discusses ques. Problems and Views. Bloch, 1917, p. 286. $1.50. Twentytions of Russia's part in the war. Partly reprinted mag. three papers by Anglo-Jewish writers. Some discussion of azine articles. Dispassionate and illuminating.

capability of Jews for national life, and account of what Fraser, John Foster. Russia of Today. Funk, 1916, p. they have done in Palestine. viii, 296. $1.50. By English journalist, on conditions in war Hyamson, Albert Montefiore. Palestine, the Rebirth of time. Ephemeral.

an Ancient People. Knopf, 1917, p. xiv, 299. $1.50. After Graham, Stephen. Russia and the World, a Study of the brief historical Survey, describes present-day conditions, War, and a statement of the World-Problem that Now with some notice of war-time conditions and of Zionist Confronts Russia and Great Britain. Macmillan, 1915, p. xi, movement. 305. $2. Attempt to interpret Russia and its conditions Kohler, Max James, and Wolf, Simon. Jewish Disabili. immediately following outbreak of war, to English people, ties in the Balkan States. American Jewish Historical Soas favorably as possible. Antiquated. Russia in 1916. ciety, 1917, p. 169. $1.50. Relates largely to Romania. Macmillan, 1917, p. 191. $1.25. Similar record of Russian Careful collection of facts. Deals with American action in tour made after two years of war.

diplomatic ways in behalf of Jewish rights and indicates Ruhl, Arthur Brown. White Nights and Other Russian application and effect of the policy in settling future peace. Impressions. Scribner, 1917, p. viii, 248. A correspon Sacher, Harry, editor. Zionism and the Jewish Future. dent's sketches of scenes and conditions in war-time Russia. Macmillan, 1917, p. viii, 252. $1. Chapters contributed by Also description of Swedish and Norwegian attitudes Zionists from many countries and arranged by an English toward the war.

journalist. Good account of present status of Zionist moveRussian Court Memoirs, 1914-1916, with Some Account of ment for propaganda purposes. Court, Social, and Political Life in Petrograd before and

49. THE ARMENIANS. since the War, by a Russian. Dutton, 1917, p. 315. $5. Anonymous; aristocratic in sympathies; archaic since the

Bryce, James Bryce, Viscount. Treatment of Armenians Revolution; light weight.

in the Ottoman Empire, 1915-1916; Documents presented

to Viscount Grey. Putnam, 1917, p. 726. $1. Sources cited Simpson, James Young. The Self-discovery of Russia.

include American consuls and missionaries, German travel. Doran, 1916. p, 227. $2. Seven articles by Edinburgh pro

lers and missionaries, Danish Red Cross Workers, Swiss fessor on conditions and problems of Russia in war time.

visitors, native teachers, pastors and other religious leaders. Sympathetic; point of view, summer of 1915.

British Blue-book mainly compiled by A. J. Toynbee. Wright, Richardson Little. The Russians, an Interpretation. New

Buxton, Noel, and Buxton, Harold. Travel and Politics York, Stokes, 1917, p. xii, 288. $1.50.

in Armenia, with an Introduction by Viscount Bryce, and a Written before the March revolution by a correspondent

Contribution on Armenian History and Culture by Aram of the New York World to interpret the Russians, their tendencies and ideals to Americans. The Revolution makes

Raffi. Macmillan, 1914, p. xx, 274. $1.50. Because of mas.

sacres by Turks, Russia should be permitted to occupy much of it a misinterpretation.

Armenian vilayets of Asiatic Turkey. 46. RUSSIA: REVOLUTION OF 1917.

Gibbons, Helen Davenport (Brown) (Mrs. Herbert Adams Lovine, Isaac Don. The Russian Revolution. Harper, Gibbons). Red Rugs of Tarsus, A Woman's Record of the 1917, p. 279. $1. By foreign news editor of New York Armenian Massacre of 1909. Century, 1917, p. xiv, 194. Tribune. Describes forces and conditions underlying the $1.25. Personal experiences and observations. revolutionary movement, the internal history of Russia *Gibbons, Herbert Adams. The Blackest Page of Modern during the war, and the events of March, 1917.

History. Putnam, 1916, p. 71. $.75. Vigorous indictment Marcosson. Isaac Frederick. The Rebirth of Russia. of Turks for Armenian massacres of 1915, for which careLane, 1917. p. xvi. 208. $1.25. By American journalist who fully sifted testimony is adduced. Ultimate blame attribvisited Russia immediately after the March Revolution, of uted to Germany. which the larger part of the book is an account. Some Toynbee, Arnold Joseph. The Armenian Atrocities, account of leading personages.

the Murder of a Nation, with a Speech Delivered by Lord

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