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Court of claims Continued:

Bowen, Horace L., jurisdiction of claim..

Brown, Manheim, jurisdiction of claim.

clerks and stenographers, compensation increased, appropriation, code

of civil procedure amended, § 280....

De Marco, Frank and others, jurisdiction of claims.

deposited awards, disposition, code of civil procedure, § 268b added..

Ellis, Erna, jurisdiction of claim.

second claim

filing of written claims, code of civil procedure amended, § 264.

Ford, Albert H., jurisdiction of claim...

Gunter, Grace E., jurisdiction of claim..

Chap. Page

678 1689

754 1850

392 1005

814 2116

486 1251

88 154
676 1687

482 1246
675 1656

735 1797

[blocks in formation]

land appropriated by state, proceedings, bringing in parties by order

of court or judge, code of civil procedure amended, § 281a.

404 1020

legislative and department printing contracts, claims for increased
cost, jurisdiction

[blocks in formation]

O'Grady, Thomas, claims for services as detective, jurisdiction.

321 885

Oltarsh, David M., jurisdiction of claim...
Ripton, Michael H., jurisdiction of claim.

815 2117

813 2115

Court of claims act: For text and index, see volume IV.

Court officers: See Sheriffs.

Court reports:

miscellaneous reports, distribution, surrogates to receive copy, execu-
tive law amended, § 32..

Courts: See also Code headings; Judiciary law amended; Jurors; Names
of particular courts.

Courts of general sessions:

188 684

New York county, judges' clerks, compensation increased..



Courts of record:

stenographers, fees for folio work, code of civil procedure amended,
§ 3311

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Syracuse, officers, compensation, duties, official minutes...

[blocks in formation]

Craig Colony, Sonyea: See also State charitable institutions.

[blocks in formation]

name changed to Craig Colony, state charities law amended, article 8,
title, 100...

[blocks in formation]

Cream: See Milk and milk products.

Creedmoor: See Brooklyn State Hospital.

Creeks: See Streams; Names of particular creeks.

Crimes: See also Code of Criminal procedure amended; Names of par-
ticular crimes; Penal law amended.

buying or receiving stolen property, degree of crime, penal law
amended, § 1308.

Chap. Page.

570 1443

false information, furnishing to publishers, penal law, § 1353 added.. 569
fireworks, regulation by town boards, violation a misdemeanor, town
law, 220 added..

motor vehicles on grounds of state institutions, speed regulations, vio-
lation, misdemeanor, highway law, § 287a added, § 290, subd. 2
amended. . .











punishment for second offense of felony, penal law amended, § 1941..
Saugerties town, certain offenses declared misdemeanors, punishment. 575
standard contents of articles purporting to contain platinum, marking,
violation misdemeanor, penal law, § 445 added...

Criminal anarchy:

investigations and proceedings, privilege of witnesses, penal law
amended, § 166....




destruction of nests not prohibited, conservation law amended, § 220..

[blocks in formation]

appropriation for bushes destroyed to control white pine blister rust. 165 508

Dairying: See also Milk and milk products.

appropriation for agriculture and dairying exhibit at New York city. 406 1023


private dams utilized in canal construction, adjustment of owners'

Dannemora State Hospital: See also Prisons, state, general laws affect-
ing; State hospitals, general laws affecting.

[blocks in formation]

Deaf and dumb: For items of appropriation in detail, see names of
particular institutions for the deaf and dumb throughout index;
see also State charitable institution headings.
appropriation for Albany Home School for Oral Instruction of the Deaf.
Central New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf..
Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes..





165 401





582 1503

165 399



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Le Couteulx Saint Mary's Institution for Improved Instruction of
Deaf Mutes, Buffalo...

New York Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb..
Northern New York Institute for Deaf-Mutes, Malone....

[blocks in formation]

Saint Joseph's Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes.
Western New York Institution for Improved Instruction of Deaf

[blocks in formation]

children in institutions, allowance for clothing, education law amended,
§ 975, subd. 1.

[blocks in formation]

maximum cost of maintenance, education law amended, § 979....

[blocks in formation]

Death by wrongful act:

action for causing death of decedent, decedent estate law, article 5,
§§ 130-134 added..

[blocks in formation]

Debts of municipalities, general:

bonded indebtedness of certain school districts, maximum, education
law amended, § 480, subd. 1.......

[blocks in formation]

expense charges in certain towns, town law amended, § 170, subd. 2..

[blocks in formation]

Debts of municipalities, local: See also Bonds of municipalities, local;
Taxes and assessments, special and local laws affecting.
Cortland county, time of town meetings, vacancies, temporary loans,
town law, article 31d, § 589b added.

Hempstead town, loans for waterways improvement, amount increased.
Lockport, petition for local improvements, majority vote of common

temporary loans for increased salaries to firemen and policemen
for 1920

New York city certificates of indebtedness, maximum for 1920.

second reference

school purposes, issuance, payment.
corporate stock notes, when issued.

Ossining village, certificates of indebtedness, authority to issue.
Syracuse, certificates of indebtedness, issuance for certain purposes..

Debt service, state:

appropriation for sinking funds..

Debts of state: See also Bonds of state.

appropriation for sinking funds, canals.

second appropriation

forest preserve


Palisades interstate park.

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

671 1683

Saratoga Springs state reservation.

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation

673 1685

not to be contracted without appropriation, exception, state finance law
amended, § 35...

613 1557

savings banks, investments in judgments against state, banking law
amended, § 239a, subd. 1.....

701 1749

Decedent estate law amended: See Decedent estates; Table of amend-
ments preceding index, p. 10.

action by creditor against debtor's next of kin, legatee or devisee,
article 7, §§ 170-194 added..

919 2360

by or against executor or administrator, practice regulations, arti-
cle 6, §§ 140-160 added...

919 2354

Decedent estate law amended - Continued:

for causing death of decedent, article 5, renumbered article 10, new
article 5, §§ 130-134 added..

to establish a will or construe a devise, article 8, §§ 200-206 added.
liability of heir or devisee not affected where will makes satisfactory
provision for payment of debt, § 102 repealed..

of heirs and devisee after death of decedent, § 101 repealed.
receivers, article 9, § 210 added...

Decedent estates: See also Decedent estate law amended; Tax headings.
funeral expenses, term includes perpetual care of decedent's burial lot,

code of civil procedure amended, § 2686...

[blocks in formation]

Hughes, Patrick, waiver of state's interest to Winifred Higgins.
papers in safe deposit, etc., jurisdiction of surrogates, tax law amended,
$ 228

[blocks in formation]

real property, sale to pay debts, time of bringing proceeding, code of
civil procedure amended, § 2702..
savings banks, payment of deposits of decedent, where no personal
representative appointed, banking law amended, § 248, subd. 4..

[blocks in formation]


appropriation for New York guard, service decorations....



Deeds and conveyances: See also Commissioners of deeds; Real property

[blocks in formation]

abandoned canal lands, conveyance to railroad corporations, prefer-
ences, public lands law amended, § 54..

[blocks in formation]

Syracuse, conveyance by state to city..

[blocks in formation]

Belfast town, conveyance of property to water district.



Binghamton, sale and conveyance of property by city to Israel J.
Hullman legalized

[blocks in formation]


Cortland, normal and training school property, conveyance by state
to city

Hempstead town, deed of Oceanside property for public dock, accept-
ance, conditions

school property, conveyance to school district.

Kings Park state hospital lands, conveyance to Smithtown school

Mack property in Dryden town, release of state's interest to Charles
A. Clement and others.

mortgages, foreclosure by advertisement, proceedings, real property
law, article 17 added...

heretofore recorded with taxes unpaid, adjustment, effect.
validating appearance of attorney-general in action to foreclose,
executive law, § 69a added...

Newburg, Washington street property, conveyance by city to state..
New York city, lands and lands under water, grant to United States
for establishment of air stations...

public beaches, acquisition of property for, boundary lines, cost of

Niagara river lands under water, conveyance by state to Clifford M.

Oswego, lands adjoining Montcalm park, conveyance to state by city.
real property held by life tenant or in trust, sale, mortgage or lease,
effect, notices, real property law amended, §§ 67-70, 107..
Sing Sing prison lands, sale and conveyance to Ossining Hospital

Suffolk county, tax deeds, county as grantee, disposition of title, tax
law amended, § 154...

tax deeds of county treasurer, confirmation.

Brooklyn State Hospital property, conveyance of portion to New York

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Deeds and conveyances - Continued:

Chap. Page

Thacher property for addition to John Boyd Thacher Park, accept-
ance of deed by state..

[blocks in formation]

Treman property to be known as Enfield Falls reservation, acceptance
by state for public park.

[blocks in formation]

Uniontown, Main street cemetery property, conveyance to Johnson city
village, removal and reinterment of bodies....

[blocks in formation]


Japanese deer, license to breed, conservation law amended, § 372,
subd. 1

[blocks in formation]

open season, limit, manner of taking, transportation, conservation
law, 190 repealed, new § 190 added.

[blocks in formation]

Defense council: See Council of defense, state.


actions for rent in certain cities, oppressive agreement a good defense. 136


[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

open season and "hunting," conservation law amended, § 380,
subds. 4, 27.....

Delaware county: See also County headings.


72 115

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...... 80 134

Delaware river:

appropriation for acquisition of bridge properties, condition..
use of eel weirs in, conservation law amended, § 256...

Delaware town:

unpaid taxes in 1916-18, reassessment and collection...

Delhi State School of Agriculture and Domestic Science:
appropriation for construction..

[blocks in formation]

Delhi supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Dental examiners, state board of:

883 2245
109 182

342 919

165 575

582 1499

165 372

165 359

165 371

582 1485

appropriation for salaries...

165 332

Department of

: See specific name-words; e. g., Agriculture,
department of; State departments, boards, bureaus and commissions.
Departmental printing: See Printing.

Depositions: See also Oaths and acknowledgments.

may be taken before foreign notaries, code of civil procedure amended,
§ 899




savings banks, maximum five thousand dollars, banking law amended,
§ 247, subd. 1....


county detectives, compensation in certain counties...



779 191

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