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powers of board, penalties, applications of world war veterans, public
health law amended, §§ 291, 295, subd. 2, § 299...

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Emery, Clara B.:

appropriation for balance of compensation due late Justice Edward
K. Emery for 1919...

Eminent domain: See Condemnation proceedings.

Employers' liability: See Workmen's compensation headings.

Enfield Falls reservation:

appropriation for maintenance and operation...

establishment and control by state, public lands law, article 8a,
§§ 93-100, added....

Engineers and surveyors:

licensing, general business law, article 4a, §§ 37-39m, added..............

Enrollment of voters: See Election law amended.

Ephratah town:

unpaid taxes for 1913-18, re-assessment and collection..

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Epileptics: See Craig Colony; Letchworth Village; State charitable insti-
tutions, general laws affecting.

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commissioners of equalization, compensation increased, tax law
amended, § 51...

54 98

Equipment inspectors:

appointment, compensation, railroad law amended, § 73...

867 2202

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Erie county: See also County headings.

criminal procedure amended, § 42....

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair.
county court, division into two parts, presiding judges, code of

actions in supreme and county courts, plaintiff's costs, code of civil
procedure amended, § 3228, subd. 5

488 1253

80 143

485 1250

county treasurer, when to act as coroner, county law, § 154, added.
transfer tax clerk, salary, tax law amended, § 234, subd. 3.

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trial terms, holding in different parts, presiding county judges, jurors,
judiciary law, § 203, added...

Essex county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair......
Estates: See Code of civil procedure amended; Decedent estate headings.
European corn borer:

appropriation for education department, research work...

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Evidence: See Depositions, Witnesses.


banks and trust companies, omission of state examination, condition,
banking law amended, §§ 130, 215....

Examinations before trial:

status of assignor or transferer of action, code of civil procedure
amended, § 872, subd. 5


Excise, state department of: See also Liquor tax law amended.

appropriation for contingent expenses..

Kahn, Joseph, reinstatement expenses.

maintenance and operation...

second appropriation

salaries . .

third appropriation

second appropriation

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third appropriation

fourth appropriation

certain offices abolished, additional powers of commissioner, liquor

tax law, § 5a, added....

Excise tax: See Liquor tax.

personal property, exemptions, code of civil procedure amended, § 1391 497


Executive department: See also Executive mansion; Governor.
appropriation for departmental reports and messages, printing.

general plant service

maintenance and operation

second appropriation

third appropriation


second appropriation

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Executive law amended: See also Table of amendments preceding index,
p. 15.

commissioners of deeds, appointment of residents of county with
office in city, § 106..

comptroller, salary increased, appropriation, § 40.
costs, when payable to relator, § 69, added..

miscellaneous court reports, distribution, surrogates to receive copy,
§ 32. . . .

mortgages, foreclosure, validating appearance of attorney-general,
§ 69a, added..

secretary of state, salary increased, appropriation, § 20.

state engineer and surveyor, salary increased, appropriation, § 70..
state police, personnel, salaries increased, appropriation, §§ 93, 94.
state treasurer, salary increased, appropriation, § 50...

Executive mansion: See also Public building headings.
appropriation for incidental expenses..

maintenance and operation...

Executors: See Administrators and executors; Code of civil procedure
amended; Decedent estate headings; Surrogate headings:

Exemptions: See Personal property, Tax law amended.


exemption at international exhibitions, personal property law, article
7a, § 250, added.....

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Chap. Page

loss of eye-sight, workmen's compensation law amended, § 15, subd. 3.. 532 1356

Factory and mercantile inspectors:

compensation, application of state insurance fund to safety inspectors,
appropriation, labor law amended, § 54, subds. 1 and 2, subd. 3,

Fairs: See State fair commission.

Fallsburgh town:


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unpaid taxes in 1916-18, reassessment and collection.

uniform fares on railroads operated in certain cities, railroad law,
§ 57a, added....

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Farm and industrial prison: See Wingdale prison.

renting by farms and markets council..

288 839

Farm machinery:

Farms and markets council:

election of William E. Dana, and E. Lincoln Rockerfeller as members
of council at joint session of legislature held in Albany February 11,

Farms and markets, state department of: See also Agricultural headings;

Farms and markets law amended.


appropriation for agricultural and dairying exhibit at New York city. 406 1023
agricultural fairs

[blocks in formation]

Farms and Markets law amended: See also Table of amendments preceding
index, p. 16.

cold storage, article 42, §§ 90-97, added...

796 1937

department of markets for a county or county and city; establishment,
§ 89, added

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Feeble minded persons: See Incompetent persons; Mental deficiency law


compensation claims, soliciting fees and business from claimants pro-
hibited, workmen's compensation law amended, § 24.....

Felonies: See Crimes.

Females: See Women.

529 1352


See also Trusts and trustees.

bank tax on banks acting as, excludes other taxes, tax law amended,
§ 24c.

stock, manner of voting where fiduciaries disagree, general corporation
law amended, § 23a.....

Fines and penalties: See also Crimes; Penal law amended.
income taxes, penalties, additional taxes and interest, tax law,
§ 376 added..

violations, tax law, § 376 repealed.

liquor tax violations, penalties, actions to recover, liquor tax law
amended, §§ 36, 43.....

moieties abolished, conservation law amended, § 29.

remission of fines and forfeitures, judiciary law, article 20a added..


Fine town:

Fink, Henry C.:

[blocks in formation]

partial loss of use, workmen's compensation law amended, § 15, subd. 3.

[blocks in formation]

reassessment of Wanakena state forest lands....

235 739

pension as retired policeman, New York city, increase...

722 1782

Fire districts:

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Round Lake Association grounds in Malta town to constitute, tax for

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

exempt volunteer firemen's benevolent fund, Brooklyn, compensation of
secretary and treasurer..

432 1087

Fire department of the city of Schenectady, corporate existence ex-

203 704

Glens Falls, pension fund, establishment and maintenance.
Lockport, temporary loans for increased salaries for 1920.

614 1557

365 962

Mount Vernon, current expense fund for department increased.

[blocks in formation]

New York city, members of department killed while on duty, awards
to dependents



Oneonta, salaries, time of payment.



volunteer firemen, reimbursement for injuries and lost time, general
municipal law amended, § 205....




appropriation for conservation commission, fire fighting and preven-
tion, salaries




compensation of wardens and fire fighters, conservation law amended,
§ 51, subds. 13, 14.

461 1214

town boards may regulate sale and use, town law, § 220 added.....




Fiscal supervisor of state charities:

appropriation for maintenance and operation...

Fiscal year:

highway commission, change, highway law amended, § 23, subd. 6,
§ 47, subd. 13, §§ 90, 107...

Chap. Page.
582 1496

559 1407

Fish: See also Conservation headings; Game; Names of particular fish.
muskalonge, time of taking, conservation law amended, § 239......

467 1232

[blocks in formation]

Foods and markets: See Farms and Markets headings.

Ford, Albert H.:

Ford, R. T. Co.:

668 1675

release from New York city police force, pension award.....

........ 428 1079

canal claim, jurisdiction of court of claims..

675 1636

appropriation for refund of deposit on bid, Manhattan State Hospital

535 1363

Foreclosures. See Deeds and conveyances.

Foreign born:

educational extension facilities, appropriation, education law, § 94,
subd. 11d added...

852 2172

training of teachers to instruct, appropriation, education law amended,
§ 94, subd. lla.....

851 2171

Foreign corporations: See Corporations, general laws affecting.

Foreigners: See Aliens.

Forestburgh town:

unpaid taxes in 1916-18, reassessment and collection...

Forest fires:

appropriation for conservation commission, temporary loans for sup-

fighting and prevention, powers of supervisor, town law amended,
§ 98, subd. 8.

Forest, fish and game laws: See Conservation headings.

Forest preserve:

See also Conservation headings; Lands of state; Parks,
reservations, historic places and memorials, state.
acquisition of lands for state park purposes, appropriation.
appropriation for sinking fund.

second appropriation

commission to investigate land titles claimed adversely to state,
creation, appropriation

direct state tax for 1920-21..

payment of taxes and interest on lands..

use for water power and transmission lines, constitutional amend-
ment, referred to next legislature....

water supply reservoirs on lands of, conservation law, article 9b,
$$ 540-548 added...

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