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Bleecker town:

unpaid taxes for 1913-18, reassessment and collection.

Blue line surveys:

See State engineer and surveyor.

Board of inebriety:

New York city, abolished, powers transferred to department of cor-

Board of claims: See also Court of claims.

appropriation for determinations of, payment.....

Bonds and undertakings:

See also Bond headings following.

appropriation for industrial commission, surety bonds.

bonds of certain fish and game officers, conservation law amended,
§ 167

bonds to be given in excise actions, liquor tax law amended, § 16.
jail liberties, action on undertaking, prison law, article 13a added..
official, actions on, public officers law, article 2a added.
Oswego, state canal land conveyance and undertaking, legalized.
Peekskill village, water commissioners, bond of treasurer.

Bonds legalized: See Bonds of municipalities; Table of legalizing acts
preceding index, p. 68.

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Bonds of municipalities, general: See also Bonds of municipalities, local.
second class cities, salaries of officers increased, special revenue bonds,
second class cities law amended, § 16....

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Bonds of municipalities, local: See also Bonds of municipalities, general.
Buffalo, river improvement bonds, amount of issue increased.
Cohoes, water works bonds validated..

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Corning, bonded indebtedness, limitation.

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Elmira, Main street bridge bonds, issuance, acquisition of property..
Jamestown, lighting system bonds, acts and proceedings legalized..
school district bonds not part of city debt, education law amended,
8 879, subd. 5..

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water system bonds, acts and proceedings legalized..
Johnston city village, water works bonds, issuance legalized, sale, tax
for payment

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Lockport local improvement bonds, disposition..

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Mechanicville, authority to issue, referendum.



for school purposes...

New York city, bond issues, use of proceeds for erection of municipal
building in Brooklyn...

special revenue bonds for salary increases for justices..

subway under Fourth avenue, Brooklyn, continuation, bonds for

589 1514

960 2501

710 1767


827 2132


North Elba town, school district bonds, issuance legalized.
Ogdensburg, sewer bonds, issuance and sale.

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Peekskill village, awards for street widening, damages, bond issue
and tax for annual payments..

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street improvement bonds, issuance, tax for payment.
Plattsburgh, street and sidewalk improvement, bonds, issuance and

Poughkeepsie, public school bonds, issuance, election, education law,
8878 subd. 4 added. . .

Rochester, current expense bonds, term, effect.

Syracuse, Furnace brook, regulation of flow, bond issue.

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Bonds of municipalities, local



Chap. Page.

Troy, special franchise tax assessment bonds, issuance and sale, tax for

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Waterloo village, street paving, bonds, issuance and proceedings

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Watkins village, electric lighting bonds, issuance, referendum.

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Bonds of state: See also Debts of state.

appropriation for sinking funds, canals...

forest preserve


Palisades interstate park..

Saratoga Springs state reservation.

bonuses for world war veterans, bond issue, referendum.

Bonuses for soldiers: See Soldiers and sailors.

Borough presidents: See New York city.


Syracuse, city and fifth ward....

Bowen, Horace L:

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automobile claim, jurisdiction of court of claims....

678 1689

Boxing and sparring:

legalization, establishment of boxing commission, appropriation.... 912 2333

Bradford-Carrollton highway. See Highways.

Brekstone, Abraham:

services rendered Hon. E. A. Johnson, appropriation for...

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Elmira, Main street bridge bonds, issuance, acquisition of property.
toll bridges acquired by state, notice of entry to owners, possession,
highway law amended, § 269...

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Troy-Cohoes structure, reconstruction, apportionment of expense,

Brightwaters village:

907 2271

street improvement bonds, issuance and sale, tax for payment.....

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county court attendants, compensation, judiciary law amended,
$ 352.

738 1800

816 2118

Bronx county - Continued:

county court stenographer, salary, judiciary law amended, § 319 subd.

current docket books and filing for county, county law, § 173 added...
records, filing photopraphic copies, legal effect.

surrogate's court employees, compensation, judiciary law amended,
§ 348a.

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transfer tax assistant, compensation, tax law amended § 234, subd. 15.

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Brooklyn appellate division library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Brooklyn State Hospital: See also State Hospital, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction.

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second appropriation.

165 579
165 621

third appropriation

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Creedmoor division, appropriation made by L. 1920, ch. 20,
repealed, funds reappropriated for Brooklyn State Hospital.
construction and development..

[blocks in formation]

maintenance and operation.

[blocks in formation]

second appropriation.

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

second appropriation.

conveyance of part of grounds to New York city for highway purposes 706 1763

Brooklyn supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Broome county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...
stenographer of surrogate's court acting in county court, compensation,
code of civil procedure amended, § 2496..

Brown, Manheim:

claim for personal injuries, jurisdiction of court of claims..

Budget committee:.

legislative budget committee, creation, budget secretaries, salaries,
duties, legislative law amended, §§ 27-30...

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Budgets of cities:

Mount Vernon, current expense budget, total increased.



Budgets of state: See also Appropriation headings.
appropriation for executive department, budget bureau..
legislative, finance and ways and means committees..

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Church Extension Society of Buffalo, incorporation, purposes, powers.
fire department, discipline, hearing before council member..

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Niagara river, lands under water, conveyance by State to Clifford M.

780 1912

Buffalo - Continued:

police department, certain expenses to be charged against city.

trial of officer before council member...

powers of city to condemn property, procedure.

river improvement bonds, amount of issue increased.

[blocks in formation]

tax sales, publication and expense of notices.
redemption after twenty-five years.

University of Buffalo, council of the University, personnel, terms...

Buffalo Institute for the Study of Malignant Disease: See State Institute
for the Study of Malignant Disease, Buffalo.

Buffalo Normal School:

appropriation for maintenance and operation...


second appropriation

contract, claim of Liberty bank, jurisdiction of court of claims....

Buffalo State Hospital: See also State hospitals, general laws affecting.
appropriation for contruction..

maintenance and operation.

second appropriation

salaries .

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Buffalo supreme court library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

[blocks in formation]

co-operative corporations, definition, purposes, corporate name, viola-

tion, §§ 25, 26, 38, 38a added...

net earnings, dividends, place of filing report, §§ 34, 36.

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index, p. 5.

superintendent of public works, deputy, salaries increased, appropria-
tion, §§ 30, 32....

Canals: See also Public works headings; State engineer and surveyor.
abandoned canal lands, conveyance to railroad corporations, prefer-
ences, public lands law amended, § 54....

appropriation for barge canal improvement, miscellaneous receipts...
improvement under L. 1903, ch. 147..
sinking funds



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Chap. Page.

terminals, construction, reappropriation..

terminal facilities

second appropriation

third appropriation

towing and terminal facilities, improvement.

canal claims, determinations and judgments with interest.
canal fund, public works dept., repairs and maintenance.
Cayuga and Senaca canals, completion of improvement.
improvement, miscellaneous receipts....

comptroller's office, canal affairs bureau, salaries and expenses.
Coney Island ship canal...

Jamaica and Peconic bay canal.

miscellaneous items, canal fund.

public works department..

second appropriation

third appropriation

[blocks in formation]

fourth appropriation

sinking funds.

second appropriation

[blocks in formation]

barge canal; Oswego, state land conveyance legalized.

terminals, control of railroads operating within, public service
commission law amended, § 49, subd. 3 paragraph a.

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direct state tax for 1920-21...

[blocks in formation]

private dams utilized in construction of canals, adjustment of owners'

Erie canal, lease or sale of certain portions, constitutional amendment,
two propositions referred to next legislature..

[blocks in formation]

sinking fund, extinguishment of certain canal stock, cancellation of

superintendent of public works to provide towing facilities, appropria-

Utica, conduit in bed of Erie canal, construction..

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407 1024

370 967

744 1836

890 2250

Canandaigua: City third class; see also City headings.

city judge, qualifications, compensation of city officers..

Cancer: See State Institute for the Study of Malignant Disease, Buffalo.

[blocks in formation]

Catskill state park: See Forest preserve; Forestry headings; Parks,
reservations, historic places and memorials,. state.

Cattaraugus county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...
deputy sheriffs serving in riots or emergencies, compensation...
Cattaraugus reservation: See Parks, reservation, historic places and
memorials, state.

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