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NotwithSTANDING the innumerable obstructions which are

continually opposed to literary undertakings, the difficulty of continuing novelty when curiosity is once roused, and of furnishing 'måtter of entertainment to learning and to taste, The EDITORS of the ANTHOLOGIA HIBERNICA are at length enabled to present to the world the THIRD VOLUME of their work. At the present period, however, when they have just completed the basis of their edifice, they pause for

moment from their work of industry, and, conscious of obligations which they are proud to acknowledge, turn themselves to those patrons of perseverance and desert, wherever found, whose countenance has facilitated their labours, and is at once the most apparent proof of their own worth, and of the estimation with which they regard those labours they condescend to proteci. Animated with the flattering prospects of future support, they no longer decline a task at which many have shrunk: they will ransack with vigour the laterit vo



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repositories of science, and gather strength in bearing away materials for the future embellishments of their pages.

On the nature of their plan and its utility they shall make no disquisition : but, while they forbear the indelicate employment of self-panegyric, they cannot help congratulating themselves on having engaged in the laudable: attempt of diffusing knowledge in their native land.-- Too long has Ireland been flumbering in inactivity, and has suffered her geniuses to be transplanted to other climates for that nurture which has been refused them at home!

-Hitherto she has been the passive pupil of Science ; content to draw knowledge from foreign sources :—but the voice that drives away her slumbers, shall aroufe her to emulation; and Ireland shall disdain to borrow

what she herself can so copiously supply!

As the Editors have begun this work, so shall they still continue ; and trust to public favour and public discernment for the recompense of their affiduity.

Sanctos, recludere fontes.

to mcrit the approbation of the learned and the wife shall be the object of their labour, and the end of their ambition :an ambition which virtue will not fail to commend; and a

labour in which defeat itself is not shameful.

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DWARD JONES AGNEW, esq. M. P. Mr. Joseph Adrien James Allen, esq. Mr. Arthur Annesley Mr. Thomas Archdeacon, jun. Clement Archer, esq. M. R. I. A. Rev. Nicholas Alhe, esq. Athy Captain Athe Miss Alhe James Atcheson, esq. Londonderry Jofeph Atkinson, esq. Rev. Gilbert Austin, M. R. I, A.

William Ball, efq. M. R. I. A.
Mr. George Barnes, Armagh
Lieutenant colonel Henry Barry
Rev. John Barrett, D. D. S. F. T. C. D.
Stephen John Barrett, esq.
Mr. William Bate
David Bates, efq, principal of the royal military

and naval academy, Summer-hill, Dublin
Thomas Beale, esq. Dungannon
John Beatty, esq.
Rev. Dan. Aug Beaufort, LL. D. M. R. I. A.
Mr. William Beauford, M. A. Athy.
Christopher Dillon Bellew, esq. Mount-Bellew
Christopher Bellew, esq.
Thomas Sterling Berry, esq.
Mr. John Barry, Limerick
Mr. John Berrell
John Birmingham, esq. Dalgin, Tuam
Nicholas Pitson, efq.
John Blachford, esq. Waltrim, Bray
Bindon Blood, esq.
Christopher Blunden, esq.
Mr. Oliver Bond
Mr. George Bonham, printer, Great George's.

street, south.
Alexander Boswell, esq. General Poft-office
Rev. Henry Boyd, M. A.
John William Boyton, M. D.
Thomas Bourchier, esq.
James Bradish, esq.
Mr. Henry Brocas, engraver
William Brooke, efq. M. D.



Right honourable lady Bandon
Right honourable John Beresford
Right reverend doctor Butler
Honourable Simon Butler
Honourable Mr. Browne
Sir William Barker, bart.
Rev. Walter Bagot, Riverstown
Mr. James Bagot, Ballingarry, Limerick
Richard Bagwell, efq. Trinity College, Dublin
Mr. Robert Bailie
Mr. Baker
Benjamin Ball, efq.

b 2

Valentine Browne, esq.

Colonel Crampton, Pallero, Bray Artur Browne, LL. D. S. F. T. C. D.

Hugh Crofton, efq. Mr. John Browne, Belfast

Edward Crosbie, esq. Mr. Patrick Browne, Portarlington

Samuel Crumpe, M. D. M. Ř. I. A. Limerick Mr. George Browne, Rutland

Mr. Thomas Cunningham, architect
Henry Brownrigg, esq.

John Cuthbert, esq.
Mr. Isaac Bull
Mr. William Bull
Mr. Henry 'Bunbury, Johnstown, Carlow

John Bunting, esq Newry'
Mr. William Burke, Limerick
Francis Burroughs, esq.

Right honourable lord viscount De Vesci Edward William Burton, esq. Clifden, Ennis Right honourable lady viscountess De Vesci Charles William Bury, esq. Tullamore, M. P. Right reverend Thomas lord bishop of Dromore M. R. I. A

Chevalier De Tours Mr. Peter Burtchell, Graigue

Andrew Daly, M. D. M. R. I. A. Humphrey Butler, esq.

Mr: William Daly
Garrett Byrne, esq.

James D'Arcy, esq. Limerick
Ifaac Auguftus D'Arippe, efq.
Mr. Robert Davis

Charles Davis, efq. Tuam

Richard Davys, esq. Clonbonny, Longford
William Dease, esq.

Oliver Dease, esq.
Right hon. James carl of Charlemont, K. S. P. Rev. Robert Baylis Dealtry, LL. D.
President R. I. A.

Lieutenant-colonel Andrew De La Cour
Right reverend William lord bishop of Cloyne Jasper Debrisay, esq.
Right reverend Thomas lord bishop of Cork Francis Dillon, esq. Carlow
Right hon. William Conyngham, M. R. I. A. Edward Dillan, efq. Raglass, Tallow
Hon. George Cavendish, M. P.

Gerald Dillon, efq.
Hon. cornet Creighton, 8th dragoons

Stephen Dickson, esq. M. D. M. R. I. A. Right reverend doctor Cruise

Rev. William Digby, D. D. dean of Clonfert Mr. Robert Callwell, Belfast

Rev. E. Donovan Mr. James Callwell

William Downes, çfq. Thurles
Mr. Nathaniel Callwell

Mr. Dooley, Athy
Rev. Thomas Campbell, LL. D. Clones Mr. James Draper, book-binder
Mr. Richard Campbell, printer

Rev. Richard Drury, M. A.
Mr. Samuel Campbell, Tripity-College, Dublin Mr. John Dumoulin
Rev. James Carey

Josias Dunn, esq.
Peter Carnac, efq.

Dublin Library Society
Rev. doctor Carpendale, Armagh
Mr. Carrick, printer
Mr. Carson, printer
Daniel Chambers, esq.

William Chapman, esq.
Mr. Samuel Clayton, engraver

Isaac Ambrose Eccles, esq. Cronroe, Wicklow James Cleghorn, M. D. M. R. I. A.

Charles Echlin, esq. Echlinville, Down Coffee-house Tuam

Mr. Oswald Edwards, principal of the mercan. Mr. Colthurst

tile and English academy in Golden-lane Mr. Comerford, Portarlington

Mr. James Elliott Captain Cooke

John Swift Emerson, esq.
Mr. Cooke

Rev. Thomas Evermont, D. D. Carlow
John Cooke, efq. London
Rev. Charles Cooce, D. D. dean of Kilfenora
Charles Henry Coote, esq. M. P.

Austin Cooper, efq. M. R. I. A. 2 copies.
Joseph Cooper, esq.
William Cope, esq.

Sir John Freke, bart. M. P.
Doctor Cormick, Cashel

Mr. George Faucett, Gerravecum
Mr. John Coyne, principal of the academy in Mr. John Faucett, Portarlington
Great George's-street, south

Mr. R. Fayle
Mr. Chr. Çox, principal of the mathematical William Finlay, esq.

and mercantile academy in Cope-street Thomas Fitzgerald, esq. Geraldinc Rev. Thomas Craddock, M. A. librarian of St. Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald, Limerick Patrick's, Dublin

Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald, College, Carlow Kev. Marmaduke Cramer, LL. D. Kilcullen William Fletcher, esq.

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