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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1923, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington


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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Ini-
portant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially—R. D.,
cases commented upon in our Votes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

Adkins v. Children's Hospital (U. S. S. C)., Valid-

ity of Minimum Wage Statutes Applicable to

Private Employment, Ed. 399.

Adkins v. Lyons (U. S. S. C.), The Minimum Wage

Decision, Ed. 147.

Ames v. Gerbracht (Iowa), Ordinance Prohibiting

Moving Picture Shows on Sunday Upheld, R.

D. 3.

Anderson v. Yellow Cab Co. (Wis.), Taxicab a

Common Carrier, R. D. 256.

Arotzky v. Kropnitzky (N. J.), Sales-Automobile

in Violation of Statute, ann. case, 338.
Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. v. Banks (U. S. C. C.

A.), Assumption of Risk and Contributory

Negligence Distinguished, Ed. 327.
Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. v. Williams (Ga.), Com-

merce-Employee Going to Work, ann. case.

Auerbach v. Maryland Casualty Co. (N. Y.), Re-

fusal of Liability Insurance Company to Com-
promise Claim Resulting in Loss to Insured,

Ed. 345.
Berlet v. Lehigh Valley Silk Mills (U. S. C. C. A.),

All Property Delivered Under Single Contract
Subject to Lien for Work on Any Part, R. D.


Berman v. Coakley (Mass.), Right of Client to

Recover Money Paid to Attorney for Com-

pounding a Felony, R. D. 166.

Berryman v. Maryland Motor Car Ins. Co. (Mo.),

Provisions in Automobile Policies Against

Renting and Use for Hire, Ed. 183.

Bethlehem Steel Co. v. Raymond Concrete Pile Co.

(Md.), When Fiction of Corporate Entity May

be Disregarded, Ed. 201.

Board of Trade v. Olsen (U. S. S. C.), Congress May

Regulate Future Sales of Grain on Boards of

Trade, R. D. 293.

Bradley v. Becker (Mo.), Specific Number of Miles

Per Hour of Automobile Need Not be Stated

in Instructions, When, R. D. 150.
Caldwell v. City of New York Ins. Co. (Mo.), Mis-

take in Number of Automobile No Defense to

Recovery of Insurance, R. D. 258.

Cammarata v. Merkewitz (N. Y.), Effect of De-

struction of Building Between Time of Signing

Contract and Delivery of Deed, R. D. 328.

Capital Garage Co. v. Powell (Vt.). Effect of Dis-

solution of Corporate Lessee for Non-Payment

of License, R. D. 95.

Charles Friend & Co. v. Goldsmith & Seidel Co.

(III.), Corporations as Citizens and Residents,

R. D. 311.

Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co. v. Chinn (Ind.), Inter-

state Commerce Repairman of Track Scales,

ann. case, 282.

City of Chicago v. The Tribune Co. (II.), Munici-

pality Cannot be Libeled, Ed. 184.

City of Cincinnati v. Public Utilities Commission

(Ohio), Separate Telephone Exchange Areas

for Suburbs Discrimination, R. D. 58.

Com. v. Guillemette (Mass.), In Prosecution for

Reckless Driving and Manslaughter it is No

Defense That Person Killed Was Negligent

and Was Driving Without a License, R. D. 221.

Commercial Union Assurance Co. v. Hill (Tex.),

Provisions in Automobile Policies Against

Renting and Use for Hire, Ed. 183.

Continental Casualty Co. v. Paul (Ala.), Fall Over

Embankment Not Covered by Collision Policy,

R. D. 311.

Cook's Case (Mass.), Injury Occurring on Street

Car as Compensable Under Workmen's Com-

pensation Act, R. D. 238.

Courtinard v. Gray Burial & Cremation Co. (N. J.),

Undertaker Not Liable for Negligence of

Driver of Hired Vehicle, R. D. 401.

Crowell v. Maryland Motor Car Ins. Co. (N. C.),

Provisions in Automobile Policies Against

Renting and Use for Hire, Ed. 183.

Cullinan v. Walker (U. S. S. C.), Difference Be-

tween Value of Securities Received



organization and Stockholder's Investment

Held Taxable Income, R. D. 383.

Cumberland Co. v. Louisiana (U. S. S. C.), Federal

Injunction Against Statutes Well Regulated,

Ed. 93.

Daniels v. Newton (Mass.), Anticipatory Breach of

Contract, R. D. 310.

Davis v. Scroggins (U. S. C. C. A.), Assumption of

Risk and . Contributory Negligence Distin-

guished, Ed. 327.

Denver Union Ter. R. Co. v. Cullinan (Colo.),

Business of Railroad Checkroom Not Interstate,

R. D. 95.

Devlin v. Herr (N. J.), Insurance--Jitney Bond,

ann, case, 248.

Dombrenos v. Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co. (Iowa),

Driver Need Not Have Such Control of Auto-

mobile as to Preclude Possibility of Collision

at Railroad Crossing. R. D. 203.

Dunlap V. Dunlap (Okla.), Wills-Attestation

Clause, ann. case, 66.

Elder v. Federal Ins. Co. (Mass.), Provisions in

Automobile Policies Against Renting and Use

for Hire, Ed. 183.

Epes v. Hardaway (Va.), Modernizing the Rules of

Evidence, Ed. 381.

Federal Baseball Club v. National League (U. S.

S. C.), Baseball and Vaudeville as Interstate

Commerce, Ed. 237.

Federal Trade Commission v. Claire Furnace Co.

(U. S. C. C. A.), Powers of Federal Trade Com-

mission, R. D. 185.

Felakos v. Aetna Ins. Co. (N. J.), Insurance-Mis-

representation of Model of Automobile, ann.

case, 158.

Fidelity & Casualty v. Blount Plow Works (Ind.),

Bond Indemnifying Against "Wrongful Ab-

straction" Covers Forbidden Use of Automo-

bile During Which Car was Stolen, R. D. 5.

Fidelity & Deposit Co. v. Panitz (Md.), Theft of

Fur Coat From Porch Not Covered by Insur-

ance Policy, R. D. 383.

Finegold v. Union Outfitting Co. (Neb.), When

Burden is on Owner of Vehicle Causing Injury

to Prove Driver Not His Servant, R. D. 367.

Firemen's Fund Ins. Co. v. Haley (Miss.), Insur-

ance--Automobile, ann. case, 30.

Flathead County State Bank v. First National

Bank (U. S. C. C. A.), Statement by Bank That

Check Was Good Did Not Bind Bank to Pay

It, R. D. 40.

Fried v. Singer (Mass.), Construction of Actor's

Contract for Satisfactory Performance, R. D. 4.

Gurdus to Use of Solnicki v. Philadelphia Na-

tional Bank (Pa.), Right of Bank to Repudiate

Payment to Foreign Correspondent, Ed. 291.

Halley V. Ohio Valley Electric R. Co. (W. Va.),

Workman Installing Electric Transformer En-

gaged in Interstate Commerce, R. D. 115.
Hart v. Keith Circuit (N. Y. L. J., May 21, 1923),

Baseball and Vaudeville as Interstate Com-

merce, Ed. 237.

Heisler v. Thomas Colliery Co. (Pa.), Pennsylvania

Statute Taxing Anthracite Coal Upheld, Ed. 19.

Herschensohn v. Weisman (N. H.), Admissibility

of Testimony That Automobile Driver Said He

Was Insured, R. D. 276.
Highland Dairy Farms Co. v. Helvetia Milk Con-

densing Co. (III.), When a Business Becomes

a Public Utility, R. D. 364.
Holmes v. State (Ark.), Hobbled Justice, Ed. 129.
Hoosier Mutual Auto. Ins. Co. v. Lanam (Ind.),

Automobile Collision Insurance Collision With

Embankment, R. D. 258.
Illinois Central R. Co. v. Buchanan (Ky.), When

Fiction of Corporate Entity May be Disre-

garded, Ed. 201.
In re Watertown Paper Co. (U. S. C. C. A.), When

Fiction of Corporate Entity May be Disre-

garded, Ed. 201.
Interstate Casualty Co. v. Stewart (Ala.), Striking

Embankment Held “Collision" Within Automo-

bile Policy, R. D. 275.
Jackson v. Mills-Fox Baking Co. (Mich.). No Re-

covery by Child Injured by Truck Left Stand-

ing in Street, R. D. 78.
Jacobs v. Fensterstock (N. Y.), Does Non-Payment

of Notes Given by Bankrupt in Composition

Revive Original Debt. R. D. 312.
Johnson v. Nebraska Building & Inv. Co. (Neb.).

Receipt of Dividends by Plaintiff Held Not a
Ratification of Purchase of Stock Preventing

Rescission for Fraud, R. D. 95.
Jones v. Brookfield Twp. (Mich.), That Automobile

Was Not Licensed No Defense in Action

Against Township, R. D. 151.
Keator v. Rock Plaster Co. (N. Y.), When is a

Tort Maritime? Ed. 111.
Keith v. State Barber Board (Kan.), Licenses-

Proprietor of a Beauty Parlor Not a Barber,

ann, case, 229.
Kline v. Burke (U. S. S. C.), Conflict Between

Federal and State Courts, Ed. 37.
Landrum v. Harvey (N. M.), Guest Not Required to

Conceal Valuables From Hotel Employees,

R. D. 22.
L. D. Powell Co. v. Rountree (Ark.), Resale of

Books Held Continuation of Interstate Trans-

action, R. D. 132.
Laughlin v. Wagner (Tenn.), "Residence Pur-

poses" Construed, R. D. 77.
Lee v. Chesapeake & O. R. Co. (U. S. S. C.), Re-

moval of Cause When Neither Party is Citizen

of State Where Action Brought, R. D. 203.
Lossing v. Hughes (Texas), Texas Motor Vehicle

Law Held Invalid, R. D. 76.
Madison Remedial Loan Association V. Wells

(Ind.), Statutory Lien for Repairs to Automo-
bile Ordered by Buyer Not Valid Against Con-

ditional Seller, R. D. 256.
Marker v. Cleveland (Mo.). Unlicensed Person May

Recover for Services as Nurse, R. D. 400.
Marmon Chicago Co. v. Heath (III.), Provisions in

Automobile Policies Against Renting and Use

for Hire, Ed. 183.
Massopust v. Lembeck & Betz Eagle Brewing Co.

(N. J.), Bills and Notes-Saloon Keepers Note

to Brewer, ann. case, 47.
Matter of Miele (N. Y. L. J., March 6, 1923), Per-

jury as Contempt of Court, Ed. 219.
McAdoo v. Anzellotti (U. S. C. C. A.), Assumption

of Risk and Contributory Negligence Distin-

guished, Ed. 327.
McGuire v. Wilkerson (Okla.), Municipal Corpora-

tions-Parking Ordinance Valid, ann. case, 10.
McKee v. Gratz (U. S. S. C.), Mussels in Stream

Are Property of Landowner, R. D. 76.
Merrill Trust Co. v. Brown (Me.), Bills and Notes

--Check Overdue, ann. case, 193.
Messersmith v. American Fidelity Co. (N. Y.),

Liability Under Automobile Policy when Car

Operated Unlawfully, Ed. 165.
Michaels v. Pontius (Ind.)“Any Time" Means

Reasonable Time Within Oil Lease Allowing
Removal of Fixtures, R. D. 240.

Missouri Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. v. Pub-

lic Service Commission (U. S. S. C.), Valuation
of Public Utility Property for Rate-Making

Purposes, Ed. 255.
Myers v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. (Mo.), Section

Hand Burning Fireguard to Protect Railroad
From Liability Under State Statute Not En-

gaged in Interstate Commerce, R. D. 239.
National Bank of Commerce of St. Louis v. Francis

(Mo.), Partnership-Elements of, ann. case, 171.
National Union Fire Ins. Co. v. Wanberg (U. S. S.

C.), Regulation of Insurance Companies, R.

D. 57.
Nevill v. Gulf C. & S. F. R. Co. (Tex.), News

Agent on Train is a Passenger, R. D. 113.
Orient Ins. Co. V. Van Zandt-Bruce Drug Co.

(Okla.), Provisions in Automobile Policies

Against Renting and Use for Hire, Ed. 183.
O'Rourke v. Marshall Field & Co. (I11.), Negligence

-Injury to Child in Department Store Play-

room, ann. case, 211.
Oxborough v. St. Martin (Minn.), Fee Agreement

by Attorney for Interest in Land in Litiga-

tion is Within Statute of Frauds, R. D. 294.
Pennsylvania R. Co. United States Railroad

Labor Board (Pa.), Constitutional Law-Fed-

eral Labor Board, Ed. 55.
People v. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. (III.), Valid-

ity of Statute Permitting Employees Time

From Their Work to Vote, R. D. 222.
Pratt v. Denver (Colo., "Public Garage,' R. D. 39.
Queen Ins. Co. v. Globe & Rutgers Fire Ins. Co.

(U. S. C. C. A.), Sailing Convoy Without
Lights During War, Neither "Warlike Opera-
tion" Nor Consequence of One, Within Insur-

ance Policy, R. D. 4.
Quirk v. Erie (N. Y.), Employee Removing Scrap

From Interstate Tracks, and Cutting Grass on
or Near Tracks, as Engaged in Interstate

Commerce, R. D. 58.
Quirk v. Erie R. Co. (N. Y.), Interstate Com-

merce-Employee Working on Right of Way,

ann. case, 394.
Raynard v. State (Ala.), Licenses-Blue Sky Law,

ann. case, 372.
R. C. Read & Co. v. Barnes (Texas). Sales-Care

in Return of Goods, ann. case, 357.
Re Hanover Trust Co. (Mass.). Character of

Christmas Club Deposits, Ed. 202.
Riley v. Wallace (Ky.), Perjury as Contempt of

Court, Ed. 219.
Rosenberg Bros. & Co. v. Curtis Brown Company

(U. S. S. C.), Corporations Doing Business

Within the State, R. D. 115.
Rowe v. United Railways Co. (Mo.), Plaintiff Not

Bound as by an Admission When Testifying

as Matter of Opinion, R. D. 240.
Rubin v. Globe & Rutgers Fire Ins. Co. (N. Y.),

Larceny Policy Insuring "Personal Effects,"

etc., as Covering False Teeth, R. D. 113.
Rumford Falls Paper Co. v. Fidelity & Casualty

Co. (Me.), Refusal of Liability Insurance Com-
pany to Compromise Claim Resulting in Logs

to Insured, Ed. 345.
Ruttonjee v. Frame (N. Y.), Measure of Damages

Under C. I. F. Contract, R. D. 366.
San Angelo Water, L. & P. Co. v. Anderson (Tex.),

Police Officer Relighting Street Light is In-

vitee, R. D. 76.
Schmidt v. Travelers Insurance Co. (Pa.), Refusal

of Liability Insurance Company to Com-
promise Claim Resulting in Loss to Insured,

Ed. 345.
Seaboyer v. Davis (Mass.), Helper on Truck Acting

Outside Employment in Driving Truck, R. D.

Shaffer v. Western Maryland R. Co. (W. Va.),

Employee Rerailing Car Blocking Interstate
Commerce is Engaged in That Commerce,

R. D. 347.
Silvian v. Tabusa (Wash.), Note Given to Secure

Satisfaction of Judgment to Enable Judgment
Debtor to Sue on Indemnity Policy Held Sup-
ported by Legal Consideration, R. D. 150.

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