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yet the great harbor cities represent an enormous investment in real estate and buildings. To maintain its value and keep their wealth earning, these cities are being promoted for conventions and so forth.

In the meantime, the 90 percent of humanity that, historically, had been living and working on the farms were suddenly displaced after World War II by mass produced farm machinery, and they no longer needed to be near the source of food growth because of successful canning, drying, freezing and refrigeration. Food became shippable to anybody anywhere around the world. Thus, the great majority of people left the farms and came into the cities, which cities themselves were obsolete, being no longer used for the purpose for which they were originally built—the great warehousing and trading of the world's east-west water-borne life support traffic.

In 1961, humanity changed abruptly from a water borne to an air borne world.


Now I want you to look once more at my

nondistorted map

of World Two, in which there is one world island and one world ocean. Map One—the British Empire--had the oceans integrated at the center, framed around by divided lands. In World Two the lands are integrated at the center and are surrounded by the waters. World One is an east-west circling water world. World Two is a north-south landing and take-off air strip world. Ninety percent of humanity can now reach each other on the shortest great circle air routes without going near the Atlantic, the Pacific, or the Indian Ocean. Enormous investments have been made in the East-West world in the form of real estate holdings, buildings, road building and all, but it is suddenly to be a North-South world, and that is what Nature's evolution is doing. This is all evolutionary. None of it was planned by man, but it is fantastically powerful and as yet almost unrecognized by humanity. During the same 80-year period of my lifetime, we have gone

from less than 1 percent to 52 percent of all humanity enjoying a higher standard of living than had ever been experienced by anyone, includng the monarchs and millionaires before January 1, 1900 when I was 5 years of age. During this 52-percent gain of all humanity, the world population doubled, so there was actually a 104-folding of the life support production capability. During that same time, the life expectancy of that newly advantaged human crop approximately doubled, indicating the improvement of living experience. This was as unplanned and as unorganized as the shift from an East-West to a North-South world integration had been.


All the time we have political organization of human affairs becoming evermore severely partisan, dividing the world into 150 sovereign nations which tend to divide into two main political camps on a basis that it is a fundamental law of Universe that there is not enough vital life support to go around and there never will be. In view of the assumption of lethal fundamental inadequancy of life support, each

ideology says: "You may not like our system, but we have the fairest and most effective way of coping. We assume that there must always be periodic trial by arms to find out which side is the fittest to survive.” So the ultimate strength of all political power must be its armaments and skill in the art of killing. No political system has ever been able to consider taking care of everybody. This would be contradictory to the assumed fundamental reason for having a political system. At the opening of the 19th century, Thomas Malthus was political economist for the East India Company College in England whose East India Company itself manipulated the strings and spoke the words that seemed to come out of the lips of its great puppet, “The British Empire.” All historical empires of history prior to the British Empire had been so relatively local on our planet Earth's 200 million square mile surface as to cover only about 10 million square miles, 5 percent of humans within those empires knew nought of the geography beyond the empire borders and thought of the world as a plane extended to infinity in every lateral direction. The British Empire was the first great watery empire and embraced a spherical closed-system planet. Informed by the vital statistics from around the whole Earth, Malthus discovered and announced that humanity was multiplying at a geometrical progression rate while increasing the production of all life support only at an arithmetical rate, wherefor the vast majority of humans clearly were designed to be economic failures. Darwin's dictum of "survival only of the fittest”, characteristic of evolution, pronounced 40 years after that of Malthus, turned what was only an assumption of fundamental inadequacy of life support into a seemingly incontrovertible hard fact. “Pray as earnestly as you may but that's all there is and it's eternally inadequate. It is always going to be 'you and yours or me and mine for there is not, never will be, enough for us both.” Ergo, preparation for all-out war always has had prior consideration in all matters. This is the essence of our world's political confrontations and economic commitments.


Because you introduced me as related to geodesic domes, I can tell you that there are now over 100,000 geodesic domes installed around the world. There are radomes, for instance, in all the places where no other structure can stand the structural stresses and yet be so delicate as to let through the electromagnetic microwaves. One such geodesic dome exactly covers our Earth's South Pole. Geodesic domes are in all such places where the conditions are too formidable for any other clear span enclosing structure. For a given weight of materials I can give you 300 clear span enclosing-earthquake-proof, fireproof, snow, rain and hurricane-proof tensegrity geodesic domes of a given floor area, size and other performance characteristics for every one equal capability building to be produced by the best known alternative structural engineering strategies other than tensegrity geodesic structures, and can erect those 300 domes with fewer man-hours than those necessary for the one conventional dome of equal capability. I therefore know what I am talking about when it comes to housing. All human activity requires housing, but I find that people don't know what buildings weigh nor think in the terms of performance

per pound in respect to buildings. Yet we know exactly what our ships and airplanes weigh; you know what our Boeing 747 weighs—about 150 tons fully loaded—and you know what her rate of climb, cruising range, ceiling, passenger capacity, cruising and top speed are, but we don't even know what buildings weigh, let alone what performance they are giving per pound of material, seconds of time, and ergs of energy invested either in producing or operating them.


Because our highest priority of all political systems is the preparation for Armageddon, the opposed major nations of the Earth together have been spending an average of $200 billion each year for the last twenty years (a total of four trillion dollars) getting ready for the great showdown. Highest priority of use of the highest performance material resources and highest performance tools and highest technology are all committed to preparation for war. Not only does every action have a reaction, as engineering recognizes, but so too does all priority have equal and opposite anti-priority. The great historical anti-priority has to be the home front. Science has never been asked to look at the home front. No scientist has ever looked scientifically at the plumbing. It was for this reason that I committed myself in 1927 to just such scientific consideration of the home problems and their scientifically arrived solutions and scientific industry production, distribution and maintenance of the scientific results. I know now exactly what is needed and how to provide environment controls under all relevant conditions on our planet. I can state and prove that it is technically feasible to take care of all humanity at higher standards of living than any have ever experienced and do so by 1985, while employing only proven methods and resources. Not only does this statement include all environment-controlling services for humanity but also the energies required to produce and maintain those life support, protection, travel and communication accommodating services. Our World Game energy income studies make it perfectly clear that it is feasible to take care of all humanity with that higher standard of living than anybody has ever known, and do so by 1985 while concurrently phasing out all human use of fossil fuels and atomic energy.


Therefore, I know that the fundamental vital life support inadequacy which is assumed by all the great political organizations on Earth is invalid and that there is indeed enough life support, protection and freedom of communications accommodating to go around for all. That humanity has been committed through the ages to a false premise is only because humanity had not as yet acquired enough experience to occasion its correction of its premises. Now that I really know all this, I realize that it does not have to be you or me and that Nature is quite clearly trying to make all humanity a success instead of a failure and that Nature is trying to integrate all humanity and integrate all its interests and thereby to provide universal recognition of the success for all that can only be realized by using all resources only for everyone.


The whole of present socioeconomic direction which seeks to define even more sharply the separate interests of 150 sovereign nations in the United Nations is a trend exactly opposing what evolution is trying to do. All the world's great corporations have found sovereign nations' geographical confinement to be absolutely untenable wherefor they have all become supranational operations. So too have all the great political ideologies become supranational. Only the people are left locked into 150 national pens. They are locked in by their passports. They are subject to conscription, taxation and exploitation in an age of omni-mobilization. Humans are experiencing exactly the opposite of political freedom.

Personally I would say, the way I read the data—and my time is really now up--that it is perfectly clear to me that (1) Nature is trying very hard to integrate humanity, (2) she has humanity here in Universe and aboard our Spaceship Earth for a very important purpose, (3) that humans are not here just to be pleased or displeased with the experience. We now know of a billion galaxies of a hundred billion stars each. Universe is not just a decorative array of stars to please the eyes of little people on our planet. We are here for the Universe, not the other way, and (4) I am sure we are here to use our minds.

Humans have an extraordinary capability which is able to discover so far that there are a billion galaxies of a hundred billion stars each, and to take inventory of the relative abundances of all the chemical elements within a radius of eleven billion light years distance of Earth. Only the minds of humans have such capabilities. Human muscle is cosmically negligible, yet human muscle is still as yet in the saddle of world affairs. Therefore, I say humanity is now entered into its final cosmic examination.

The great intellectual integrity and wisdom manifest in the omniinteraccommodative inventory of generalized scientific principles discovered thus far by human mind to be eternally operative and responsible for the integrity of eternally regenerative physical universe deliberately designed us to be born naked, helpless and ignorant, yet hungry, thirsty, curious and procreatively excitable, ergo we were forced to find our way only by trial and error in order ultimately to discover the scientific principles and thereafter to use those principles such as leverage or metallic alloys in the development of artifacts which would so alter the environment of accomplished know-what and know-how as to permit us to graduate into functioning in the main affairs of regenerative Universe operating directly on cosmic principles.


So I say we are here for problem solving, for using our minds. But human minds are not in the command saddle of human affairs. Mindless, exclusively brain-centered muscle is still in the saddle. Mind is trying to master muscle. That is why you are having such a hearing as this one. I think we have no more than the next ten years within which to pass our final exam, by mounting mind into the command saddle of human affairs. Only mind can accomplish integration of all human affairs—which integration involves the dissolving of 150

sovereign nations and all of their respective "me first-or else" attitudes. No sovereignty relinquishment could be more difficult than that of the United States in which the President and all others are elected on the basis of supporting, above all, our national sovereignty. The President's oath of office commits him to looking out for this side above all others. In dictatorships, a dictator can agree with another dictator; that's up to them; or the controlling political party can commit its country to surrendering its sovereignty to others, but it is impossible for a whole democracy to agree unanimously on relinquishing any of its freedoms or its armaments. If any U.S. President said publicly that he advocated termination and renouncement of our sovereignty, he would soon be impeached or precipitate a civil war waged with the opposing political party of the nation.


So the most difficult conditions for effecting desovereignization and world integration exist in the U.S.A. That is why this could not be a more important occasion for a senatorial foreign policy committee hearing. I think universal desovereignization is at the crux of whether humanity is going to continue on our planet. With desovereignization comes omni-disarmament, which must be accomplished if mind is to take the saddle from muscle and we are to operate on the basis that there is sample life support to sustain support of all humanity for all foreseeable time. If we are to successfully pass our cosmic exam, all humanity must discover why we are here in the Universe.

All humanity is now coming out of the common womb of permitted ignorance, which gestation period was given an enormous cushion of resources to be squandered while learning only through trial and error. But now humanity has acquired all the knowledge of scientific principles and technical know-how to render all humanity continuingly successful. Humanity is now being born into a new relationship with Universe—a relationship in which 99 percent of the information resources necessary to sustain all humanity are only available within the invisible-to-human-frequency ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, ergo, are available only through mind's organized exploration, discovery and use of the abstract generalized principles governing eternally regenerative Universe.

This comprehensive unitary birth of all humanity as a single organism into the new world of inherent physical success for all individuals may well be a still-birth. Birth is life's most critical moment. It will be a still-birth if humanity does not emerge with mind in permanent control of physical power.

I hope you realize how really critical I think your particular hearing is, this particular subject is. I wish there were more Senators behind that bench.

Thank you, sir.

The CHAIRMAN. I wish that same thing, and I hope there will be more here soon.

Next, we will hear Mr. Richard Scammon, Elections Research Center, in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Scammon.

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