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A foutra for the world and worldlings base,
I sing of Africa and golden joys."

King Henry IV., Part ii.

-or I described
Great Egypt's flaring sky, or Spain's cork groves.”

Robert Browning's Paracelsus."

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“ If it be asked why it is called the Nile, the answer is, because it has beautiful and good water."

Werne's White Nile."

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“What, then, is a Howadji ?" said the Emperor of Ethiopia, draining a beaker of crocodile tears.

· Howadji,” replied the astute Arabian, " is our name for merchants ; and as only merchants travel, we so call travellers.” “ Allah-hu Akbar,” said the Emperor of Ethiopia. “God is great."

Linkum Fidelius's Calm Crocodile, or the Sphinx unriddled."

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He saw all the rarities at Cairo, as also the Pyramids, and sailing up the Nile, viewed the fainous towns on each side of that river."

Story of Ali Cogia, in the Arabian Nights.

Canopus is afar off, Memnon resoundeth not to the sun, and Nilus heareth strange voices."

Sir Thomas Browne.

-There can one chat with mummies in a pyramid, and breakfast on basilisks' eggs. Thither, then, Homunculus Mandrake, son of the great Paracelsus; languish no more in the ignorance of those climes, but abroad with alembic and crucible, and weigh anchor for Egypt.”

Death's Jest Book, or the Fool's Tragedy.

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