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sidewalks, and encrua hmnents. Removal thereof.

Removal of snow or ice.

Explosive com

$ 17. The trustees shall have power, in their discretion:

i. To restrain cattle, horses, sheep, swine and geese strain run from going at large in the highways or streets, under a large of penalty not exceeding five dollars for each animal, to be

inflicted on the owner thereof. Animals so going at large shall also be liable to be distrained, impounded

and sold as may be provided in the by-laws. Incumber.. 2. To prohibit the incumbering of the sidewalks, highstreets and ways and streets of said village, and to cause buildings

S and other structures encroaching thereon to be removed

at the expense of the owners or occupants thereof, and Removal to permit building materials to be deposited or the street

or highways in front of any lot to such extent and for such time as they may prescribe.

3. To compel the removal, by the occupant, of snow or ice from the sidewalk in front of any lot, within such time, after potice, as they may direct.

4. To limit the quantity of powder or other explosive pounds. or combustible material which may be kept in any store

or building within any specified part of the village.

5. To determine the existence in any part of the village of a public nuisance, and to compel its removal or abatement, and if not done within such time as the

trustees may allow therefor, to cause the same to be Expense of removed or abated at the expense of the village, and to

declare such expense to be a lien on the lot on which the nuisance existed, and to enforce the collection of

such expense in the manner prescribed in this act. Flying of 6. To prohibit the flying of kites, playing ball, roll. kites, play

ing hoops, sliding down hill, fring of guns, crackers or artificial fireworks, or the fast driving of horses in any specified part or parts of the village,

7. To appoint and dismiss firemen and members of fire engine and hook and ladder companies, and to make

regulations for their conduct and government. Iinprove 8. To direct the grade and mode of improving the highways. highways and streets, and parts thereof in said village. Name of 9. To give names to highways and streets, and num.

bers to the tenements and lots, and to.change the same, Map of vil- to cause a map of the village to be made and litho

graphed or engraved, and to sell the same to reimburse the expense thereof.


removal to be a lien.

ing ball, fireworks, etc.

AppointMent of firemen.

ment of



cause prosecutis interested, of by-law of the

uons for

ment of


10. To cause prosecution upon any contract or liabil. Prosecuity in which the village is interested, or for penalties or penalties. fines imposed by this act, or by any by-law of the village, and to enforce the collection thereof, or to remit the same or any part thereof.

11. To employ attorneys in the prosecution or de Altorneys. fense of any action by or against the village, or for the transaction of any business of the village requiring legal skill.

$ 18. The trustees shall, within thirty days after he Assess. first meeting, and every annual meeting, direct the as- jax. sessors to proceed and assess, upon the taxable inhabi. tants and property liable to taxation in the village, the sums of money directed by such meeting to be raised . for the ordinary expenses of the village, and for special purposes, provided such sums do not exceed the amounts limited by this act. They shall also, in addition, deter: Highway mive the number of days of highway labor to be assessed for every thousand dollars on the assessment roll, and which shall not be less than two nor more than four days for every thousand dollars.

$ 19. Whenever the trustees shall direct a sidewalk Construcin front of any lot or piece of ground to be made, they walks. shall direct the grade, width and form of construction, and may prescribe the materials, or direct it to be covered with gravel or with flagging stone, hard brick or plank, with such curbing as they may deem proper. At least twenty days' notice shall be given to the owner Notice to or occupant of the lot or piece of ground where a side awne walk shall be ordered; for repairs only ten days' notice of such requirement shall be given. When a nuisance Notice to shall be declared to exist on any lot or piece of ground ances. and required to be removed or abated, such reasonable notice as the trustees may direct, allowing sufficient time for the removal or abatement, in no case to exceed twenty days, shall be served on the owner or occupant. If, in any case specified in this section, the owner or occupant of the lot or piece of ground shall fail to comply with the requirement of wbich he has been so notified, within the time limited by the notice, the trustees shall cause the same to be done at the expense of the village. Such Expense of expense when determined and allowed by the trustees,

tion of side

bing as tigging stonrect it to 2014

aba!e nuis


to be a lien.

How collected.

sessors to prepare assassinent roll.



shall thereby become a debt of the village against the owner of the lot or piece of ground upon or in front of which the said sidewalk was made or repaired, or the nuisance existed, and a lien upon such lot or piece of ground, and the debt may be collected by action or the lien enforced by leasing the lot or piece of ground as

hereinafter provided.. Village as. $ 20. It shall be the duty of the assessors, within prepare thirty days next after the first or annual election there

after, to prepare an assessment roll and valuation of property subject to taxation in the village, and to complete the same in all respects, as nearly as practicable,

in the manner prescribed by law in respect of town asTheir · sessors, and the village assessors are hereby invested

with tbe same powers in respect to assessments as town assessors have, including the power of administering

oath, and to correct the valuation on the application of Notice of the persons interested. Notice of the time and place

of meetings to hear applications to correct the valua- tion shall be posted in three of the most public places of the village.

$ 21. Upon the completion of the assessment roll of valuation, and on receiving from the trustees their direction stating the several sums to be raised hy general tax for the current year, authorized by this act, the assessors shall proceed and apportion the amount required to be raised according to the valuation, and in the same manner as required for town and county tax lists.

8 22. The village assessors shall also perform the duty, and they are hereby vested with the powers of commissioners of highways of a town in assessing highway labor upon the persons and property in the village subject to assessment therefor; and when their assessment shall be completed, it shall be certified and de

livered to the trustees and filed and kept with the clerk Delivery of of the village. Upon the delivery of the highway to collec. assessment by the assessors to the trustees of the vil.

lage, they shall cause a copy thereof, together with their warrant for the collection thereof in money, at the rate of cents for each day's labor assessed, to be delivered to the collector of the village.

Assessors to apportion taxes.

Assessment of highway labor.




have care of streets.


upon street

$ 23. The street commissioner shall have the care and Street supervision of the streets and highways within the vil. sioner 10 lage, to keep them in good repair and condition and clear of obstructions, and shall be subject to the control and direction of tbe trustees. Such commissioner His duties. also shall have power, when directed by the trustees, to cause to he worked and improved any of the roads or bighways in the town of Chateaugay leading to the vil. lage. It shall be his duty, as early as practicable after Annual rehis appointment, in each year to inspect all the streets and highways in the village, and to report to the trustees upon their condition, showing what improvements and repairs are necessary, with an estimate of the aggregate expenses. He sball, also, whenever required Report by the trustees, report upon the condition of such me streets and highways, with an estimate of the probable expense for proper repairs and improvements. The trustees shall cause the necessary funds arising from the highway assessment to be placed at his disposal, for the purpose of repairing or improving the said streets and .. highways from time to time, or they may cause such repairs and improvements to be done by contract by the lowest bidder wbo will give good security..

$24. The compensation of the street commissioner Compensa. sball be determined by the trustees, at a specified sum for each day actually and necessarily spent in the discharge of his duties, or by some other fixed rate of com. pensation, and his account for services shall be verified Accounts;

how paid. and audited as other charges against the corporation are required to be verified and audited, and shall be paid out of the bighway assessment fund; but such compensation shall not, in the aggregate amount thereof, in any year exceed fifteen per cent of the whole amount col. lected on the highway assessment. It shall be the duty Annual reof the street commissioner, at least ten days before the poo annual election in each year, to report in writing to the pended. president of the village, showing the whole amount of money expended for highway labor, or in improving or repairing streets and highways during the past year, specifying the highways or streets, the particular work or improvements, and stating the condition of the streets,


port of moneys ez

issue warrants to collector.

and fees.

Renewal of warrant.

with his opinion of the repairs and improvements for

the ensuing year, and the estimated expense. Trustees to $ 25. All taxes and assessments made under this act

may be collected under a warrant for that purpose, to be issued by the trustees, to be returned to them within sixty days after the receipt thereof by the collector,

with his certificate showing his collections thereon. His powers The collector shall be invested with the same powers

and entitled to the saine compensation and fees in respect thereof, as the collector of taxes in a town, and shall proceed in the same manner, except as herein otherwise provided, and shall, within the time fixed for the return of his warrant, pay over to the treasurer all moneys collected by him.

§ 26. In case the collector shall fail to collect the whole amount of any tax or assessment, for the collection of which a warrant may have been issued to him, the same may be renewed for thirty days, and such renewal may be repeated; but upon any renewal, a notice by the collector shall not be requisite as ou an original warrant, nor shall any such renewal be construed to discharge or exonerate the collector, or his sureties, from any liability incurred on the original warrant, or on any prior renewal thereof; but nothing in this section shall give authority or sanction to the collector, to retain iu bis possession any taxes which may have been by him collected for town, village, county or State

purposes. Reassess § 27. If any assessment or tax of any person or any

property shall fail to be collected, the assessors for the

ensuing year shall add the amount thereof to the assessCorrection ment of the same person or property for that year. If

any property of a non-resident shall be insufficiently described to enable a sale thereof to be made, the assessors who made the same may alter or correct the description at any time during the year. All taxes and assessments on property of persons not resident in the village shall be liens on the lots or picces of land assessed or taxed, when properly described.

$ 28. The treasurer shall receive, keep and disburse the funds of the village. He shall keep proper accounts of all moneys received and paid out, referring in his

ment of taxes.

of descrip-
tione in tax an)

Taxes to be a lien.

Treasurer; his duties.

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