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Leases and contracts; how executed.

Notices, licenses,

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Actions ; how brought.

resident of the village, such notice may be given by publishing the same for at least three weeks in a newspaper published in the county of Franklin. Said newspaper to be designated by the trustees. The lease shall be presumptive evidence that all the proceedings creating the lien, and for the enforcement thereof, to and including the lease, have been regular and according to law.

§ 41. Leases, contracts, obligations and other instru. ments on the part of the said village, and binding the same, when proper may be executed by the president of the village, substantially as follows: "The village of Chateaugay, by A. B., president. By direction of the trustees." Proof of the handwriting of the president, and that he was such at the time the paper bears date, shall be presumptive evidence of the due execution thereof.

Notices, warrants and licenses may be subscribed by the etc., how, officers authorized to give or issue them by their proper

signatures, adding thereto their designation of office.

§ 42. Actions may be maintained by and against the. village in the same manner as by and against other cor

porations. Actions for penalties may be brought before Eligibility, a justice of the peace of the town of Chateaugay, and it jurors, etc. shall not be objected against a justice of the peace or a

juror, in any action, that he is a resident of the village or subject to taxation therein.

§ 43. Any person, in said village, who shall keep a liquor 10 tavern or grocery, or place where intoxicating liquors

shall be sold, who shall sell or furnish to any habitual drunkard or person subject to occasional fits of intoxication, any intoxicating liquor to be drank, or which shall be drank at the time of selling or furnishing the same on the premises of the person keeping such tavern, grocery or place, or elsewhere, shall be subject, for each and every offense, to forfeit and pay a penalty of twentyfive dollars, to be sued for and recovered by and in the name of said village, and to its use, before any justice of the peace of the town of Chateaugay.

§ 44. The overseers of highways of the town of Chateaugay, whose districts are respectively included, in whole or in part, by the boundaries of said village, shall continue to exercise their functions until the first Mon

Penalty for selling


Terms of present overseers of highways; when to


day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, when their functions, as to all highways and parts of highways, in said village, shall cease. All acts or parts of acts, or Repeal orders, relating to the village of Chateaugay, are hereby repealed; but this repeal shall not affect any vested right or proceeding taken, nor the validity of any act dope.

§ 45. This act is hereby declared to be a public act.

§ 46. This act shall take effect immediately; but the Terms of present officers of the village shall hold their respective village offioffices until and including the day of the first meeting and election of officers under this act.

47. The boundaries herein above, in section number Boundaries one of this act, are intended to, and shall include and school contain the same, and all the boundaries of school district number one of said town of Chateaugay.


district number


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Chap, 532.
AN ACT to incorporate the New York Burglar
Insurance Company.

Passed May 3, 1869.
The People of the State of New York, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. Samuel North, P. W. Rhodes, James Sut. Corporaton, S. V. R. Cooper, P. S. Ely, Cornelius A. Runkle, La Mott W. Rhodes, John E. Ashe, Charles L. McArthur, Jacob G. Runkle, Edward Hogan, Charles Del. monico, Leander L. Chaffee, John B. Treinor, John E. Crowly, John Keyser, Jr., and their associates, are hereby created a body corporate and politic by the name of The New York Burglar Insurance Company,” Corporate subject to the regulations and restrictions of an act entitled " An act for the incorporation of life and health tons of life insurance companies, and in relation to agencies of said act, appicompanies,” passed June twenty-fourth, eighteen hun-. cable. dred and fifty-three, together with the amendments and additions thereto.

2. In addition to the usual powers of bodies corpo. Insurance rate, the said corporation bereby created shall have the ons by




Capital stock.

sonal pro


burglary or power to make insurance against loss of property of

every description by burglary or theft; to establish rates of premium to be paid for such insurance, and to make suitable rules and regulations for the transacting of its business.

§ 3. The capital stock of said company shall be three

hundred thousand dollars, which shall be divided into To be per- shares of fifty dollars each, and which shall be deemed

personal property, and transferable in such manner upon the books of the company as the by-laws shall direct:

§ 4. The corporate powers of said company shall be vested in a board of directors thirteen in number, who

shall be stockholders therein, and a majority of whom Terms of shall be residents of this State ; they shall hold office

for two years, and until their successors are elected as provided in this act ; they shall elect by ballot from their own number a president and vice-president, and shall select, by ballot or otherwise, a secretary, treasurer, general agent and attorney, who sball hold their offices at the pleasure of the board. A majority of the directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of busi

Board of directors.



Business quorum.


Annual elections.

5. The election of directors shall be held on the second Monday in January in each alternate year at twelve o'clock meridian at the office of the company, a notice of wbich shall be published at least fifteen days

prior to the day of such meeting, in two of the daily Manner of papers of the city of New York. The election shall be voting

by ballot and by such of the stockholders as shall attend in person or by proxy, each stockholder being entitled to one vote for every share of stock standing in his or her name upon the books of the company, for at least fifteen days prior to the day of such election, and the persons having the greatest number of such votes shall be declared directors; and if it shall happen that any two or more persons shall bave an equal number of votes, the directors in office at the time shall, by plurality of votes, determine which of the persons having

an equal number of votes shall be director or directors. Election of As soon as all the stock shall have been subscribed, as

provided in this act, the committee having in charge the

first direc. tors.



books of subscription shall, hy public notice of nut less than six days, call a meeting of the stockholders to elect directors who shall hold office until the period first designated in this section for an election.

86. Within three months from the passage of this Books of act the corporators named in the first section thereof tion to shall appoint a committee of not less than three nor open. more than five of their own nuniber, who shall open books of subscription to the capital stock of the corporation hereby created, by giving not less than ten days' Notice notice in two newspapers published in the city of New York, baving the largest circulation, stating the time and place where such books will be opened.

§ 7. Every subscriber for said stock shall, at the time installmen of subscribing, pay to the committee authorized in the subscrippreceding section tive dollars on each share by him subscribed ; and, after the shares shall have been distri. Distribubuted pro rata amongst the subscribers, each stockholder stock shall pay the full amount remaining due on the shares so alloted hini, at such place and times, as the board of of subdirectors shall appoint; public notice of which shall be scriptions. given at least one week before the time of such payment. The share or shares of each stockholder failing Forfeiture to make such payment when required as above desig- paymeu. nated may be forfeited to the company, together with all previous payments thereon, by resolution of the board of directors.

$ 8. The principal office of the company shall be in Principal the city of New York, but branch offices may be established by vote of the directors in such other places as offices. may be deemed essential to the interests of the company or for the accommodation of the public.

9. This act shall take effect immediately.




Chap: 533.
AN ACT to amend the act entitled “ An act to

amend the several acts in relation to Union
village, in the county of Washington, and to
change the name of said village to Greenwich,
passed April third, eighteen hundred and sixty-


Tax for 1869 and 1870.

Annual notice.

Passed May 3, 1869; three-fifths being present. The people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enacl as follows :

SECTION 1. The second section of the act entitled "An act to amend the several acts in relation to Union vil. lage, in the county of Washington," passed April third, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

§ 2. The sixth section of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

$ 6. The inhabitants of said village, qualified to vote for the raising of moneys, shall have power at any annual or special meeting to direct the raising by tax of such sums, not exceeding two thousand dollars annu. ally, for the years eighteen hundred and sixty-nine and eighteen hundred and seventy, and not exceeding one thousand dollars annually thereafter, as they may deem necessary to carry into effect the intent and provisions of this act. But no such 'tax shall be raised at any meeting unless the intention of so doing shall be expressed in the notice calling the same. The said inhabitants also, at any annual meeting, may raise by tax such sum as they may think proper for the then ensuing year, for the purpose of affording to the trustees, assessors, clerk, treasurer and fire wardens, or any of them, such suitable compensation for their services, not exceeding one dollar per day for the time they may be employed in the business of said corporation as a majority of sucb inhabitants may think fit.

§ 2. The third section of said act of eighteen hundred and sixty-six, making the village of Greenwich aforesaid a separate road district, is hereby repealed.

83. This uct shall take effect immediately.

Notice of raising tax

Tax for compensation of village officers.


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