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Clerk, his duties and salary.

Treasurer to pay out moneys.

Annual financial report.

two trustees, or by request in writing of twenty electors of said village. In case of the death, absence or disability of the president, his place shall be supplied in a manner to be provided for in the by-laws of such corporation.

$ 14. The clerk shall attend all meetings of the people on business of the corporation, and all meetings of the board of trustees, record their proceedings, keep all books, records, deeds and writings belonging to the corporation, and deliver the same to his successor on demand, and shall receive a salary not to exceed one hundred dollars per annum, and no other compensation.

$ 15. The treasurer shall receive all moneys to be paid into the treasury, and shall pay out the same on the warrant, or order of the president, or presiding officer of the board, countersigned by the clerk. He shall, at each annual election, exhibit an account showing the state of the treasury, and the several sums of money which shall have been received and paid out by him during the preceding year, and shall deliver to his successor in office (on receiving five days' notice to that effect) all the moneys, books and papers appertaining to his office.

$ 16. The constable shall possess the same power, rights and privileges, and be subject to the same duties and liabilities as far as relate to criminal proceedings, and in such violations of the ordinances of said village as are appertaining and belonging to the constables of the several towns of both the counties of Oneida and Madison; and he shall also be police constable of the corporation, and shall perform such service as such con. stable, as shall be prescribed for him by the by-laws of

the corporation. Police jus. $ 17. The police justice shall have and exercise in powers the counties of Oneida and Madison the same powers,

rights and authorities, and be subject to the like duties in all respects, as appertain and belong to the justices of the peace in the several towns of said counties. He shall have cognizance of, and shall bave power to hear, try and determine all complaints and prosecutions for the violation of, or for the enforcement or the recovery of any penalty imposed by the by-laws or ordinances of

Constable, his duties and liabilities.

and jurisdiction.


lars, norhall be paind receiveces as juntall accouand costs recent

fees re.

be audited.

said village. The said police justice shall hold his office Term of for four years unless removed therefrom according to law. He sball be entitled to such salary as the trustees Salary. shall from time to time fix upon, not less than fifty dol. lars, nor more than five hundred dollars per annum, which shall be paid quarterly from the village treasury. He shall charge and receive for his services for the use of said village the same fees as justices of the towns receive for similar services. He shall account to the To acboard of trustees for all fines, fees, penalties and costs feesten that may be imposed and collected by him, and shall ceived. pay the same quarterly to the treasurer of the village, and each payment shall be accompanied by a statement in writing, containing a particular account of all such fees and perquisites received or earned by him during the preceding quarter, which statement shall be verified as to its fullness and accuracy by his affidavit attached thereto. He shall also keep an account of the criminal Account of business done by him, which by the statutes of this business to State are made a charge upon the counties of Oneida and Madison, and sball render a bill for the same, veri. fied by his affidavit according to law; and upon the same being audited by the said boards of supervisors, and which they are hereby required and empowered to do, the amount thereof shall be paid by the treasurer of said counties to the treasurer of the village of Durhamville. $ 18. The trustees shall, after each election, file with Certificate

of election the clerks of the towns of Verona and Lenox, also with of conthe clerk of the corporation, a certificate of the election police jug. of such constable as may have been chosen at such elec- tie tion, and any such certificate or certified copy thereof shall be legal evidence of the authority by which any such constable may hold his office and execute the duties thereof; and they shall transmit to and file with the clerks of Oneida and Madison counties, a certificate of the election of such person as may have been elected such police justice, and such certificate shall be legal evidence of the election of such person to that office.

§ 19. The assessors shall make out and deliver to the Assessors board of trustees valuations of estates, real and personal, out assessassessments and assessment rolls, with apportionment of

stable and

lice, how

his authority, copy the elec.

to make

ment rolls. taxes.

resame principles of nients, they shall provided

his powers

taxes annexed thereto, whenever they shall be required by the trustees to do so, and as herein provided ; and in making such assessments, they shall be guided by the same principles of valuation as prescribed by law

for assessors of towns in this State. Collector, $ 20. The collector shall collect all moneys which and duties. shall be ordered by the corporation to be raised by tax,

and which shall be specified in any tax list furnished to

him by the trustees, signed by a majority of them; and ... he is authorized to exercise the same powers and pursue

the same remedies in the collection of taxes as by law are

given to the collectors in the several towns in this State. Notice of Whenever he shall have received any warrant and tax receiving

list for the collection of taxes, he shall immediately thereafter cause notices of the acception thereof to be posted up in five public places in the said village, and so located as will be most likely to give notice to the inbabitants thereof, and shall designate in such notices a central and convenient place in said village where he will attend from nine o'clock in the forenoon until four o'clock in the afternoon of each day, at least fifteen days, exclusive of Sundays, for the purpose of receiving payment of taxes; and it shall be the duty of such collector to attend accord. ingly, and any person may pay his taxes to such collector at the time and place so designated, or at any other time or place, on paying one per cent fees thereon, within fifteen days, exclusive of Sundays, from the first posting of said notices; and no collector shall receive more than one per cent for receiving or collecting any taxes within said fifteen days, but every such collector shall be entitled to receive one cent fees on every fractional amount of tax under one dollar paid in or collected within said fifteen days; it shall be the duty of the col. lector, after the expiration of the said fifteen days, to procced and collect the unpaid taxes iu the same manner as is provided by law for the collection of taxes by town collectors, and he shall pay over the amount collected to the village treasurer; and he shall have all the powers and rights to enforce collection thereof given by law to town collectors; and he shall be entitled to charge, col. lect.and receive five per cent on such unpaid taxes which shall be yoted or allowed to him by the provisions of this

Collector's fees.


may estab.

laws for

act, which said fees shall be collected with such unpaid taxes from the several and respective persons named in said tax list. Whenever the assessors shall make out any tax list and warrant, they shall not add thereto the fees of the collection, but such fees shall be paid and collected as above described and set forth.

$ 21. The street commissioners, fire wardens, wood Duties of inspectors, poundmaster, swine driver, and all other offi- officers. cers, shall perform such duties as shall be required of them by the by-laws of the corporation.

$ 22. The trustees of the corporation shall have power Trustees to make and establish by-laws, to prevent and suppress lish’by. vice and immorality, to preserve the public peace, to acto. protect the citizens and their property, to establish and maintain a competent police, and to promote the order and good government of the said corporation, for the apprehension and punishment of idlers, vagrants, and disorderly or boisterous, or riotous or unruly persons, to suppress gaming houses and prohibit the keeping of any public billiard table, gaming table, bowling alleys or other instruments or device for gaming, to provide for and open streets and regulate the grading, paving and improving the same, to compel the owners of lots and grounds to construct sidewalks in front thereof, and to cover such sidewalks with plank, gravel, or to flag them with brick or stone, and keep the same in repair; to establish and maintain a public pound, to provide for and maintain the impounding of animals taken doing damage or running at large contrary to the laws of this State, to provide for the lighting the streets, to appoint and empower night watchmen and to prescribe their duties and powers, for the erecting and maintaining of watch house and lock-up, or place of detention, for persons arrested under this act, or under any by-law, and to confine and detain said persons therein, a town house, fire engine houses and hook and ladder. houses, to provide for the purchasing and repairing of fire engines, hose, and all necessary apparatus belovging to the same and a sufficient supply of hooks and ladders and other apparatus for one or more hook and ladder companies, and generally for providing all precautionary and proper measures and things, to prevent and remove dangers

er this act, or Place of detention ntaining of

Penalties for viola. tions.

from fires, the extinguishment of fires, the removal and protection of property exposed to destruction or injury from fires, and for pulling down, blowing up, or remove ing buildings for the purpose of arresting the progress of fires and extinguishing the same; but in every case where a building shali be so pulled down, blown up, or removed under the authority of said corporation with the view of arresting the progress of a fire, and said building shall be insured, the owner thereof shall be entitled to recover from the said corporation damages to the same extent as he would have been entitled to recover against the insurers in case such building bad been destroyed by fire. And the said trustees shall have power to make and establish from time to time all such by-laws, not inconsistent with the laws of the State, as may be necessary and proper for carrying into full effect the purposes of the said corporation, and the powers and privileges granted by this act, and not inconsistent with this act; and for the better improvement of such by-laws the said trustees shall also have power to prescribe such penalties as they may deem proper for a violation thereof, not exceeding fifty dol. lars for each offense, but all such by-laws shall be published before they shall take effect. All meetings

of the trustees of said village shall be public and all Dury of persons may attend the same, and it shall be the duty

of such trustees ' Care of re- 1. To provide for the care and custody of the public papers. property, records, seal and papers of said village. Duties of " 2. To see that the officers of said village perform

their duties faithfully and correctly and cause measures to be taken to punish any neglect of duty by them.

3. To present to every annual meeting a detailed statestateincut. ment signed by them, showing when and from what

source all moneys paid into the treasury of said village during the preceding year have been derived, and when, and to whom, and for what purpose all moneys paid from such treasury during the same period have been paid, how much of any sum raised in said village during such year for any specified purpose, or directed at the last annual meeting, or at any special meeting in such year to be applied to any special purpose, has been so

By-laws to be pub. lished.


cords and


Annual financial

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