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of voters.

to general are or shall 19. and the samler as a

. President

at meetings.

meetide at such mrity of the trust present

Terms of


tions of shall, at the time and place of offering his vote, be enti

tled to vote for Member of Assembly, shall be entitled to vote for all officers to be elected by virtue of this act

in said village. . . . Challenges $ 5. Every person offering to vote at such election

may be challenged in the same manner as at a general election for State officers, and the same proceedings had thereon as are or shall be prescribed by law in relation to general elections, so far as the same shall be appli. cable.

$ 6. The president of the board of trustees shall preto preside' side at all meetings and elections when present, but, if

not present, one of the trustees present who shall be selected by a majority of the trustees then présent, shall preside at such meeting or election, or at any legal meeting of the board of trustees. .

$ 7. All officers elected at the annual village election whento shall enter upon the duties of their offices on the Tues

day succeeding their election, and continue in office until the Tuesday succeeding the next annual village election, except as in the case otherwise provided, and until their successors have taken the oath of office and hecome duly qualified to serve therein. All officers appointed shall enter upon their duties immediately.

8. If any vacancy shall happen in any elective office, when to be the board of trustees may order and direct a special

election to be held to fill the same ; and such election shall be held and conducted in the same manner as the annual election of the village; and such person so elected shall enter upon the duties of his office immediately.

$ 9. No person shall be elected to any office under this act, unless he shall be, at the time, a resident and owner of real estate within the bounds of such village of West Mount Vernon, and whenever any officer of said village shall cease to be a resident of the village, his

office sball thereby become vacaut. official $ 10. The treasurer and such other officers or sercertain vants of the corporation, as may, by ordinance or reso.

lution of the board of trustees, be thereto required, shall severally, before they enter upon the duties of their offices, file with the clerk a bond to the village of

Special elections,


119 9. No nless he sh within to

Oficers to be resident freeholders.

bonds of





West Mount Vernon in such penalty and with such soreties as the board of trustees shall direct; the sureties to be approved by said trustees, conditioned that they shall faithfully perform the duties of the respective offices, and account for and pay over all moneys to be received from them by virtue thereof..

$11. Within five days after any person, who shall Vaths of, have been elected or appointed to any office in the vill. when to be age, shall have received from the clerk notice in writ. ing of bis election or appointment as herein provided, he shall take and file with the clerk the constitutional oath, and give notice of his acceptance thereof to the said clerk in writing. If he shall neglect or refuse so to do, the board of trustees may declare the office to which he was elected or appointed vacant, if it is one which the board of trustees are authorized to fill, or may order a new election to fill it, if it is not. · Ø 12. Resignation of any office held under the pro- Resignavisions of this act shall be made to the board of trustees in writing, and filed with the clerk of the village.

$13. The president of the village shall be the pre- Duties of siding officer of the board of trustees. It shall be his pre duty to call special meetings, whenever two of the trus. tees shall so request ; receive complaints of any breach of the by-laws, rules, regulations and ordinances, and see that the same are faithfully executed. In case of his absence from the village, or his inability to perform the duties of his office, the board of trustees shall appoint one of their own number as chairman, who shall, during such absence or inability, be vested with the powers and duties of the president.

14. The clerk shall keep the corporate seal and all Village books and papers belonging to the village. He shall attend the meetings of the board of trustees, and record, in a book to be provided for that purpose, all votes, regulations, ordinances and proceedings, and shall perform such other duties as the said board of trustees shall, from time to time, require of him. He shall keep an accurate account, under the appropriate heads, of expenditures and of all orders drawn on the treasury, in a check book to be kept for that purpose. Copies of all papers filed in his office and transcripts from the




Annual financial report.

Street commissioner.

records of the proceedings of said board, duly certified by him, shall be evidence in all courts and places in

like manner as if the originals were produced. Treasurer. § 15. The treasurer shall receive all moneys belong.

ing to the village, and keep an accurate account of all expenditures, so as to exhibit the amount paid under each particular class of purposes for which moneys shall be raised. All moneys eball be drawn from him in pur suance of a resolution of the board of trustees, by warrants, specifying for what purpose they are drawn, signed by the clerk and countersigned by the president of the board of trustees, or the presiding officer of the said board for the time being. The treasurer shall, at least ten days before the annual election in each year, and at such other times as the said trustees shall require, present to said board of trustees and file with the clerk, a full account of his receipts and disbursements since the date of the last report, and a statement of the financial condition of the treasury.

$ 16. The street commissioner shall, uvder the direction and supervision of the board of trustees, superintend all work ordered or required to be done or performed upon any of the streets, highways, lanes, alleys and walks in said village. He sball bire and employ the requisite laborers, and direct them as to the time and manner of the execution of their work, and shall certify as often as required to the said board all persons wbo

shall have been employed by him, and the amount paid To act as each person each day. He shall, within said village, highways. possess the powers and perform the duties of overseer

of highways, so far as such powers and duties are required to be performed therein and are consistent with this act. He shall keep an accurate account of all moneys expended by him, and shall, at least ten days before the annual election, and at such other times as the board of trustees shall require, render to the said board a statement, under oath, setting forth the amount of work

done and when and where done, the amount of money Compensa- received

received and paid out, together with vouchers; and the street commissioner shall be entitled to receive for his services, such sum as the trustees shall direct, not exceeding one dollar and fifty cents per day for every

overseer of

Compensa tion.

master, firo wardens, &c, appointment and powers.

officers to receive commission.

not to be interested in contracts.

refusal to


day actually spent in the performance of his duties, to be paid out of the general highway fund. The pound Pound master, fire wardens and other officers appoiuted by the fire wardboard of trustees shall perform such duties, possess such powers, and receive such compensation as shall be prescribed by the board of trustees. .

$ 17, Every officer appointed by the board of trustees Appointive shall receive a proper warrant or commission under the Fillage seal.

$ 18. No member of the board of trustees shall be Trustees interested, either directly or indirectly, in any contract interested to which the village is a party.

§ 19. If any person elected or appointed to an office Penalty for under this act shall refuse, on request, to deliver to his surrender successor all property, books, papers and effects in his possession or under his control belonging to the village etc. or appertaining to his office he shall forfeit and pay to the use of said village the sum of twenty-five dollars besides all damages caused by such refusal, which shall be sued for in the name of the corporation.

.20. At any election of officers enumerated in this Plurality act the persons having the greatest number of votes for sary to each office, respectively, shall be deemed duly elected. cers.

$ 21. The board of Trustees shall hold stated meet. Stated and ings at such places and at times to be determined by in them, and special meetings whenever called by the trustees. president or any two trustees, by notice to each member of the board personally, or by leaving a written notice at his place of residence. A majority of the Business board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of quoi business,

$ 22. The said trustees shall have the management Trustees to and control of the finances and all the property, real trol of vila and personal, belonging to the said corporation, and periy! shall have power within said village to make, establish, May make publish, modify, annul and repeal rules and regulations by-laws. and by-laws for the following purposes ;

1. To prevent vice and immorality; to preserve peace To prevent and good order; to prevent and quell riots and disor- riots, dic. derly assemblages. 2. To restrain and suppress disorderly and gaming To sup::

press dishouses, all instruments and devices used for gaming, Ordorlys**

vote neces

elect offi

special meetings of


Trustees to have con

lage pro

shows, etc.



Horse racing.


ing of streets.

and gam. and to prohibit all gaming and fraudulent devices within ing houses. the said village. Caravans, 3. To prohibit, restrain and regulate all exhibitions

of any vatural or artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, theatrical and other shows and exhibitions, circuses or other performances for money, and to authorize the same on such terms as the trustees shall deem

expedient. To punish 4. To restrain and punish vagrants and disorderly and disor. persons, and prevent and puvish drunkenness and disderly per

orderly conduct in all public streets and places, and all disorderly assemblies therein.

5. To prevent horse racing or immoderate riding or driving in the streets of said village, and to authorize the stoppage of any one who shall be guilty of immod

erate riding or driving in said streets by any person; Ball play and to prevent the playing of ball in any of the streets

of said village. Incumber. 6. To prevent the incumbering of the streets, squares,

sidewalks, crosswalks, lanes and alleys with teams, car

riages, carts, sleighs, sleds, wheelbarrows, boxes, lum·ber, timber, firewood, or any other substance or material

whatever. Running at 7. To restrain the running at large of cattle, horses,

goats, geese and swine, and to authorize the restraining and impounding and sale of the same for the penalty

and costs of keeping and proceedings. Dogs. 8. To prevent the running at large of dogs in said

village, and authorizing their destruction when at large contrary to the ordinance.

9. To compel all persons to keep snow and dirt from off the sidewalks in front of the premises owned or occupied by them.

10. To establish and regulate a public pound, and prescribe the duties of the pound master.

11. Concerning the duties of all officers appointed by the trustees.

12. To establish and organize a fire department, and to regulate the management, use and protection of the

engines, hose carts, books and ladders belonging to said Fire com- village; to prescribe the powers and duties of the fire, kremen. hose, hook and ladder companies, and all members

large of animals.


snow and dirt from sidewalks.

Public pounds.

Duties of officials.

Fire de partment.

panies and tiremen.

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