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from streets,

of snow and ice.

of tanne.

6. To prevent horse racing, immoderate riding or Horse driving in any of the streets of said village, and to " authorize the stopping of any one who shall be guilty of immoderate driving in said streets by any person.

7. To prevent and remove any incumbrances, obstruc- Removal tions and encroachments from any cause whatever, upon tions and the public or private streets, bridges, public squares or ments grounds, sidewalks or crosswalks of said village, and to cause the same to be removed, and the streets to be walks, etc. cleaned, and to prevent riding, driving or leading horses or teams or cattle, with or without wagons, sleighs or carriages on any sidewalks in said village.

8. To compel all persons to keep and remove snow, Removal ice and dirt from the sidewalks in front of the premises andic owned or occupied by them."

9. To compel the owner or occupant of any grocery, Cleansing cellar, tallow chandler shop, soap factory, tannery, stall, rice, se privy, sewer, slaughter-house or other unwholesome ers, etc. house or place, or cleanse, remove, abate or discontinue the use of the same whenever the same may be necessary for the health or comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of said village.

10. To determine what are nuisances, and to remove, Nuisances. destroy, prevent or abate the same, and to regulate Slaughter slaughter-houses, and to direct or prevent the use or houses. location of the same, and to regulate nuisances generally.

11. To regulate the keeping or conveying of gun- Gunpow. powder and other combustible and dangerous materials, de and the use of candles and lights in barns and stables.

12. To regulate and restrain the ringing of bells, to Ringing of erect bay-scales in said village, to appoint an examiner Hay of weights and measures.

13. To prevent or prohibit all exhibitions of any Caravang, natural or artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, circuses, theatrical and other shows or exhibitions or per. formances for money, within the bounds of said corpo. ration; and, if the said trustees shall deem advisable, to license the same, on payment of such sum as the trustees may determine, not excecding twenty dollars for the exhibition of the same for not more than twenty-four bours.

14. To grade, pitch, level and pare, repair and con- Improvo.



* 13. To prevficial curioor shows or ends of said able to

forman theatrical and curiositiubit all exhi


bridges, Bewers,

ment of struct, make, amend or relay, or cause the same to be sidewalks, done, any street, lane, alley, road or highway, sidewalks,

cross-walks; bridges, drains, sewers or aqueducts, either with plank, stone, dirt or gravel, as said trustees may determine; and to provide for planting or setting and protecting ornamental or shade trees in any public


Shado trees.


protecting unds or streets in said v

Survey and map.

15. 18 rounds or bad or shadplanting

eets of said v

Precau. tions against tres.

President and clerk pró tem.

Other powers.

and ordi-
and penal. Lo
ties for

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15. To survey the boundaries and streets of said vil. lage from time to time, and to make and establish a map thereof.

16. To enter and to authorize others to enter, in the day time, into any building in the said village in wbich shall be a fireplace, chimney, stove or stovepipe, for the purpose of examining the condition of the same, and to make such regulations in regard thereto as a proper security against tires shall, in their judgment, require.

17. To appoint one of their number to perform the duties of the president in his absence, and to appoint any person to perform the duties of the clerk in his absence.

'18. To exercise all other powers conferred on them by this act, for any purposes whatever.

§ 2. The trustees of the said village may make, publish, ordain, amend and repeal any such ordinances, by. ". laws and police regulations, not contrary to the laws of

this State, as may be necessary to carry into effect the powers given to said trustees by this act, and enforce observance of all rules, regulations, resolutions, ordi. nances and by-laws made in pursuance of this act, by imposing pevalties on any person or persons or corporations violating the same, not exceeding in one case fifty dollars, to be recovered with costs in a civil action of debt in any court having cognizance thereof. Every such ordinance or by-law imposing any penalty or for. feiture for a violation of its provisions shall, after the passage thereof, be published two weeks successively in the newspaper printed and published in said village, and proof of such publication by the affidavit of the printer or publisher of said newspaper, taken before any officer authorized to administer oaths, and filed with the clerk of the village, or any other competent proof of such publication, shall be conclusive evidence of the legal

Publica tion thereof.





publication of such ordinances or by-laws in all courts and places.

$ 3. The trustees shall have power from time to time Trustees :0 to prescribe the duties of all officers and persons ap- duties of pointed by them under this act subject to provisions of officers. this act, and may remove all such persons so appointed at any time.

$ 4. It shall be the duty of the trustees each and Annual every year, at the place where the annual meeting or report. election is held, to exhibit at stich meeting or election a statement of all moneys received by them or the treasurer, and the several sums paid out, and for what purpose.

$ 3. The trustees of said village, or a major part of Inspectors them for the time being, shall be the inspectors of all colecelections pursuant to this act, and shall give at least Notices of three days' notice, by posting written or printed notices of the same in five public places in said. village, and publishing the same in the village newspaper, it practi. cable, and shall declare the persons receiving the greatest number of votes duly elected to the respective offices to which they were chosen, and give a certificate of such Certifiresults, signed by them, to the clerk of the corporation; election. and the said inspectors shall have the same powers and authority, in all respects as near as may be, as inspectors of elections in towns possess.

$ 6. The trustee having the shortest time to serve President shall be the president of the corporation and of said tion, his trustees, and it shall be his duty to preside at the meetings of the trustees, to call extraordinary meetings of the trustees whensvever he shall think proper, to receive complaints of any breach of the by-laws, to see that the acts, by-laws, rules, regulations and ordinances are faithfully executed and observed, and to prosecute in the corporate name for all offenses against such hy. laws and ordinances, and for all penalties and forfeitures for the use of such village, and to do such other acts as the trustees may legally require him to do.

$ 7. It sball be the duty of the trustees to superintend Trustees to all the works, labor and improvements done and bestowed upon any of the streets, roads, lanes, alleys, bridges and work. sidewalks in said village, and to procure materials for

cates of

tors of The trusteident of thaduty to prinary

of corpora.

duties and powers.

superintend street

Additional special


Duties of village clerk.

the same, and employ the laborers, and to do and per: form such other services as may be prescribed by this

act. Additional § 8. The trustees shall have power to appoint special police con- additional police constables, who shall have all the pow.'

ers and exercise all the duties of the police constable elected under this act, and after such length of time as they may deem proper, whenever in their judgment such additional police shall be necessary.

DUTIES OF CLERK. 89. The clerk shall attend and act as clerk to all meetings and elections of the inhabitants and trustees, record their proceedings, keep all the books and the seal of the corporation, and deliver the same to his successors on demand; and copies of all papers duly filed in his office, and transcripts from the records of the proceedings of the board of trustees, certified by him under the corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts in like manner as if the original were produced, and for certi. fying the same shall be entitled to receive ten cents per folio from the person requiring the same. The books and papers under his custody and control shall always be produced for inspection to any person who may be interested; he shall attend to the publication of all bylaws, ordinances and notices as the trustees shall direct, and notify all persons of their election or appointment to office under this act, and perform such other duties as the trustees may allow to him such sum for his services as they shall deem proper.

§ 10. The clerk shall keep a poll list of the names of all persons voting at any election for officers of said village; and, in case of his absence from any meeting of the inhabitants of said village authorized by this act, or of said trustees, such person as shall be chosen or ap. pointed therefor by the trustees shall, on such occasions, perform the duties appertaining to such clerk.

$ 11. The treasurer shall receive all moneys directed to be paid into the treasury of said corporation, and pay out the same, and shall render an account of the state of the finances to the trustees whenever required by them, and -shall deliver all moneys, books, papers and

To keep poll list at village elections.

Treasurer, to receive and disburse moneye.


property of the corporation in his hands to his successor on demand. No money shall be paid by the treasurer unless by a previous vote of the trustees, and a check of the clerk countersigned by the president of the board of trustees for the time being; and the treasurer in his settlement with the trustees shall be allowed for no moneys except such as are paid out as above, and shall Compensareceive for his compensation one per cent on all moneys paid out by him, which compensation shall be ordered paid by said trustees on inspection of his account if the same be found correct:

DUTIES OF COLLECTOR. $ 12. The collector shall proced to collect all the Village corporation taxes in the same manner and receive the his powers same fees, except as herein otherwise provided, as town collectors, and pay the said taxes to the treasurer of the village as fast as collected, and the whole within sixty days from the receipt of the warrant by him (the said treasurer to give the collector a receipt for the same), and the collector shall file the treasurer's receipt there. for with the clerk, together with this warrant and tax list annexed thereto.


and fees.

han in the corporher process for ith such ontent and

DUTIES OF POLICE JUSTICE. 8 13. The police justices elected under this act shall Jurisdic. have criminal jurisdiction over all offenses committed powers of , within the corporation, and shall have full power to issue rice warrants and other process for the apprehension and arrest of criminals charged with such offenses, upon complaint made before him, and such warrant and process may be executed anywhere within the county, and he shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction to conduct all examinations, and to hold courts of special sessions Trials and for the trial of such offenses, and possess all the powers and jurisdiction, and perform all the duties of such court, and commit'to the jail in said county all criminals convicted before him, and all persons brought before him charged with any offense not triable before him, and to issue all process for any violation of the charter or bylaws of said village, and have jurisdiction of all actions arising therein, but shall have no other civil jurisdiction.

police jus


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