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avenue, how laid out.


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rection of of the said park commissioners, who shall stand in the missioners. place of and act when required as the common council

or street commissioner would be required to act in the May em- premises, and they shall employ an attorney, clerk and cers and surveyor, and such other agents as may be required for

s. the purposes of this act. Street and 86. The said widened street and avenue shall be

laid out according to a plan to be devised or adopted

by the said park commissioners, the sidewalks thereof, Width of which are contiguous to the said park, shall be thirty

feet wide, and the opposite sidewalk shall be twenty feet wide, and seven feet in width of said opposite sidewalk adjoining the lots facing on said street and avenue may be used for court yards or areas, within which to erect porches or stoops to houses, provided the occu. pants will inclose such court yards or areas with good

and sufficient iron or picket fences not exceeding five Paving and feet high. The said street and avenue shall also be but street paved, curbed and guttered in such manner as the said

park commissioners shall direct, and the said commissioners may plant the same with suitable sbade trees on both sides thereof, and construct such carriageways and walks, and make use of such materials of construction or pavements as they shall deem best.

$ 7. All expenses incident to the improvement speci. fied in the last preceding section of this act shall, after the

.., completion of the same, be duly certified by the said to be apa park commissioners to the board of assessors of the city of

Brooklyn, and shall by said hoard be apportioved and assessed upon the lands within the district of assess

ment, so to be fixed by the park commissioners in the Assess. same manner as other local improvements, and by law tiguous to directed to be apportioned and assessed, except that

three-fifths of the said assessment shall be laid upon the sides of said street and avenue contiguous to the park, and two-fifths thereof on the opposite side. And the said assessments when laid shall, after confirmation, constitute liens upon the several pieces of property to be charged therewith, and shall be levied and collected in the same manner as other local assessments are levied and collected in said city

$ 8. This act shall take effect immediately.

and arenue. Shade trees and walks.

Expenses of sidewalks, paving, trees, etc.,

portioned by assess ors.

ments con

park, how mate.



Chap. Toi..
AN ACT to incorporate the Hillsdale Union

Hall Company.

. Passed May 7, 1869. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows : ,

SECTION 1. Joshua H. Bulkeley, Ira J. Winchell, Corpora. Owen Bixby, George Sorenberger, Arthur F. Park, Horace G. Westlake, Henry Cornell, Freland Van Deusen, William Wright, Charles Crow, Peter J. Becker, Ezra Burrows and others in the county of Columbia, and their successors, are hereby created a body corpo- Corporate rate, by the name of the Hillsdale Union Hall Company, for the purpose of constructing a building in the objects and village of Hillsdale, Columbia county, New York, to be purposes. used as a public ball, masonic hall, school room, and for such other purposes deemed proper by the members of said corporation, with power for such purposes to take, by purchase, devise, subject to all provisions of May hold law relative to devises and bequests of last will and personal testament or otherwise, and to hold, lease, transfer and pr convey, real and personal property to the amount of ten thousand dollars.

§ 2. The control and disposal of the funds, property Executive and estate, and direction and management of the con- c cerns of said corporation, shall be vested in an execu. tive committee, whose powers ayd duties may be particularly described in the constitution and by-laws of the suid corporation. The said executive committee Officers shall consist of the president, the secretary, the treasurer lees. and four trustees of the said corporation, who shall be elected to their respective offices at such times as may be prescribed by the constitution, and by such of the members of said corporation as are or may be entitled by the said constitution and by-laws to vote at such election.


Ø 3. The said top thousand dollars mentioned in the Number of first section of this act, shall be divided into shares of sharos of fifty dollars each, to be applied to the purchase of a site How apand the erection thereon of a suitable building, to be pli


and trus



Subscription books to be


devoted to the objects specified in the above named sectiou of this act, and also for the purchase of the necessary furniture for 'said building, and said shares shall

be transferable in such manner as the by-laws of said Manner of corporation may direct; and every shareholder in said voting at

corporation shall, while holding and owning said share, be deemed a member thereof, and shall be entitled to vote at all elections for officers of said corporation in manner prescribed by the constitution and by-laws thereof.

$ 4. The president, secretary and treasurer of said corporation may forthwith, after the passage of this act, open books and take subscriptions and receive money for the said building stock of ten thousand dollars of said corporation, in such manner as they may deem most expedient, and to issue to such subscribers the necessary certificates of shares, which shall be signed by the presi

dent and secretary. Present $ 5. The several officers of said company, at the time continue in of the passage of this act, shall continue to hold their

respective offices as officers of the corporation hereby

created until their successors shall be elected and inLiability of stalled, and the said corporation shall assume and be corpora

liable for all contracts, agreements and liabilities which have been entered into or incurred, previous to the pas. sage of this act, by the officers of the said company or any of them lawfully acting in behalf of the said com. pany.

8 6. The election for officers of said corporation shall be held as directed by the constitution and by. laws thereof.

87. The said corporation shall possess the powers and be subject to the provisions and liabilities of the Revised Statutes relating to incorporations.

$ 8. This act shall take effect immediately.

Present officers to continue in office.


Election, how conducted.

General powers,

Chap. 702.
AN ACT to amend an act entitled “An act for

the incorporation of the New York Harmonic
Society," passed April sixteenth, eighteen hun-
dred and fifty-seven..

Passed May 7, 1869. The People of the State of New Jork, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. The sixth section of the act entitled " An Time for act for the incorporation of the New York Harmonic hohe Society, passed April sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fiction for fifty-seven, is hereby amended by striking out the words "and on the first Monday in September in every year succeeding, and inserting in lieu and stead thereof the words “and on the last Monday in June in every year succeeding."

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

holding annual

Chap. 7O3.
AN ACT to enable the Board of Public Instruc-

tion in the city of Albany to obtain sites for
school houses.

Passed May 7, 1869; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate und Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. Whenever the Board of Public Instruction Board may in the city of Albany sball have selected any lot or acquire lots in said city, for the purpose of erecting a school lands, for house thereon, and shall be unable to agree for the pur- house chase of the same, said board shall have the right to acquire title to the same in the manner and by the special proceedings prescribed in this act.

$ 2. For the purpose of acquiring such title said board Petition for may present a petition praying for the appointment of me commissioners of appraisal to the Supreme Court, at any con general or special term in the third district. Sucb peti- appraisal. tion shall be signed and verified according to the rules

title to



ment of commis. sioners of

petition, how served.

and practice of the court by the president or any mem. ber of said board. It must contain a description of the real estate which the board seeks to acquire, and must in effect state the purposes for which such real estate is needed; that the same is necessary for the purpose of building a school house thereon; that the board has not been able to acquire the title thereto and the reason of such inability, and also the names and residence of the parties, so far as the same can by reasonable diligence be ascertained, who own or have a claim to own, or have estates or interests in said real estate; and if any such persons are infants, their ages as near as may be, must be stated, and if any such persons are idiots, or of un. sound mind or are unknown, that fact must be stated, together with such other allegations and statements of liens' or incumbrances on said real estate as the board

may see fit to make. Copy of § 3. A copy of such petition, with proof of service of

a copy thereof, and of a notice of the time and place of presenting the same, must be served in the manner and on the persons and for the time required by the fourteenth section of the act entitled "An act to authorize the formation of railroad companies and to regulate the same," passed April second, eighteen hundred and fifty, and any amendments thereto; and thereupon said peti. tion may be presented to said Supreme Court, and such proceedings may be had thereon as by the said act and the amendments thereto ure, or may be, authorized in the case of railroad companies desiring to acquire the title to land.: .

. $ 4. On the payment or deposit by said board of the

"* sums to be paid as compensation for said real estate and depositor for the costs, expenses and counsel fees as may be direct

ed by the order of the said court, made according to the requirements of said act and the amendments thereto, the title to said real estate shall vest in the mayor, alder. men and commonalty of the city of Albany. And said board of public instruction shall be entitled to enter

upon and take possession of said land, and to use the Possession same for school purposes. And all persons who have

been made parties to the proceedings shall be divested of all right, estate and interest in said land forever.

Proceedings by Supreme Court thereon.

Title to vest in city, on pay.



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