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Administration of William McKinley, 164.
Advice from the Enemy, 248, 249.
Africa, Free-Trade in, 103.
Agricultural Exports, 202, 267.
Agricultural Exports from 1888 Decem-

ber, 1898, 41.
Agricultural Nation, No Longer an, 233.
Allison, Hon. W. B., on H. O. Havemeyer's

Attack, 292.
America for Americans, 138.
American Coffee for Americans, 19.
American Commerce Will Figure in Fight

Again, after a Sleep of Thirty-five Years,

American Consular Methods, 236, 237.
American Education and Intelligence, 126.
American Gain and British Loss of Carry-

ing, 15.
American, Iron, Steel and Ships-London

Statist,” 74, 75.
Americanism, A Lesson in, 151.
American Labor Speaks Regarding the

Restoration of American Shipping, 42.
American, The, Laborer Should Not Be

Lead by False Guides, 125.
American Manufacturers Strenthen Their

Grip, 247.
American Markets, Access to the, 139.
American Policy, Abandonment of, Un-

speakable Folly, 88.
American Policy, The, 199.
American Policy the Only Way, 5.
American Policy-A Typical Instance, 222.
American Securities, 197.
American Shipbuilding, 194.
American Shoes, German Hospitality to,

American Silk Ribbons, 247.
American Steel & Wire Co. Advance Wages

of Employees, 93.
American Trade Expansion Policy and

What Foreigners Say of It, 158.
American Wine Should Be Used in Christ-

ening Every American Ship, 18.
American Wines Must Depend on the

Home Market, 65.
American Wines Pure and Healthful, 174.
American Wines, Waters, Cigars, etc., Con-

spicuous for Their Absence, 211.
America's Commercial Spirit, 153.
America's Good Fortune, 140.
An “ Accidental," 40.
Annual Meeting of THE AMERICAN PRO-

TECTIVE TARIFF LEAGUE, 39, 45, 46, 47.
Annual Meeting Notice of THE AMERICAN

An Ominous Forecast, 29.
Appraiser of New York, Enforcement of

Law by, 231.
Appraiser of Port of New York Adopts

New Policy for Inspection, 78.
Arnold, Alex S., on Protecting Our Com-

merce, 33.
Articles of Export for 1898 as Compared

with 1897, 54.
As Others See Us, 232.
Atkinson, Edward, a Domestic Filipino,

256, 259.
Australia Strongly Impressed by the Show-

ing of Prosperity Under Protection in
America, 70.

Babcock, Chairman Rep. Congressional

Com., on H. O. Havemeyer, 307, 308.
Baggage Laws Defined by Assistant Secre-

tary Howell, 86.
Baggage Law Provisions, 100.
Baldwin Locomotive Works' Large Con-

tract with China, 90.
Bank Clearings for 1898, 6.
Banks, Business Done by the, 197, 207.
Banks, Elizabeth L., in “Pall Mall Ga-

zette" on Nelson Dingley Thorougly

American, 69.
Basis of Permanent Prosperity, 164.
Bathing Suits as an Index, 259.

Belmont. 0. H. P., Speaks of the Country's
buruens, 294.

Better Times are Lasting," 149.
Bicycle Exports of the U. S., 158.
Bill to Elect W. J. Bryan-Dr. Samuel A.

Robinson, 31, 32.
Bliss, Ex-Secretary, on the Civil Service

Exemption Order, 294, 297, 298, 299.
Bliss, Mr., Welcomed Home, 206, 209.
Bradford's Trade in 1898, 82.
British Exports and Imports, 117.
British Friendship, Better Lose, than

American Interests, 269.
British Outlook on Trade Expansion of the

United States, 138.
British Profits on American Products, 124.
“ British, A, Resident," Should Guess

Again, 196.
British Supremacy, 243.
British Trade and the Tariff, 187.
British Way, 186.
Bryan, Mr., on Trusts, 299.
Bryanism an Incident, Not a Cause, 160.
Builded Better Than They Knew, 257.
Burdens, A Matter of, 196, 259.
Burdens, Relief from, 294.
Business Boom Still On, 63, 274.
Business of the New York Clearing House,

Business Outlook in Connecticut, 149.
Business Philosophy of Protection and
Free-Trade, 224, 225, 226.

Campaign Oratory, To Improve, 269, 271,

272, 273.
Canada Needs a Dingley Tariff, 154.
Canada Prohibits Exportation of Logs to

the United States, 207.
Canada's Folly in Refusing to Take the

Benefits of Protection, 187.
Canadian Log Question, 291.

Can't They Stand Alone," 230.
Carpet Industry's Growth, 210.
Carter, Senator Thos. H., on H. O. Have-

meyer's Opposition to the Protective Sys-

tem, 290.
Cartoons :

Absent from the Feast, 17.
A Decoration Day Suggestion. 245.
Agreeable to the Many, Distasteful to

the Few, 269.
A Hemp Field in Nebraska, 5.
Altogether Desirable, 31.
An American Easter Product, 151.
An Encouraging Prospect. 79.
Another Possible Poison Mystery, 125.
A Peaceful Invasion, 171.
A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit, 65.
Down and Out, 283.
Dumping the Refuse of a Dismal Past,

Easy to See Which Tree Will Be Cut

Down, 185.
Fine Music on a Fine Instrument, 257.
Free-Trade in Raw Sugar, 303.
Heavily Handicapped, 91.
He Cuts a Fine Figure and Is Greatly

Envied, 53.
He Has Struck Rich Diggings, 241.
His Monument. 43.
Hoist With His Own Petard, 293.
It Is a Cold Winter for Them, 41.
Justifiable Homicide, 221.
Mightiest of Modern Hunters, 1.
No Work for Him, 55.
Preparing to Knock It Out of Sight For-

ever, 133.
Prosperitv Has Reached the Working-

man, 193.
Sisters Three, 67.
The Easter Outlook, 145.
The International Trade Expansion

Race, 161.
The Personal Baggage Law, 113.
The Strong Man. 209.
They Lead the Nations of the World, 77.
Too Good a Thing to Dron. 197.
Two Pages of American History, 233.

Cartoons :

Two Views of the Same Subject, 137.
Very Discouraging for Some People, 89.
Waiting for the Dood to Open, 29.
“ We Have Scotch'd the Snake, Not

Kill'd It," 157.
Will Not Be April-Fooled, 149.

Will the Cat Come Back? 101.
Census Bureau Will Show Phenomenal

Growth of Industries and Development

of the Country, 134.
Century, A, of Protection, 159, 166.
Chalfant, Jno. W.-Obituary, 77.
Cheap Ships and Dear Seamen, 44.
Civil Service Exemptions, 297, 298, 299.
Clarke, Sec'y, of the Home Market Club,

on Protection and Trade Expansion-

Boston “ Herald," 125.
Cleveland's, President, Joke, 242.
Cluett, J. W. A.–Obituary, 292.
Coal-Its Growth of Production, Exporta-

tion, etc., 138, 139.
Cobdenism in Extremes, 51.
Cobdenite Counsel to Be Noted and Disre-

garded, 248, 249.
Cobdenites Alarmed, 148.
Cobdenites are Wasting Their Time, 76.
Coffee About to Become an American Prod-

uct, 19.
Coghill, Douglas Harry, Urges Withdrawal

of American Tariff. 238.
Coin and Bullion, 305.
Coin Under a Protective Policy, 266.
Colcock, D. D., on H. O. Havemeyer, 303.
Commerce, Our, and Navigation, 3, 14, 15,

34, 35.
Commercial Progress, Our Marvelous, 90.
Comparisons, A Question of, 234.
Competition and Protection, 269, 273.
Competition, Unfair, of Undervalued Con-

signments, 89.
Congressmen on H. 0. Havemeyer, 307,

Consular, American, Methods. 236, 237.
Copper Mine Owners in Boston in the Six-

ties, 18.
Campaign Institutes for Oratory-Lee

Fairchild, 271, 272, 273.
Experts and Exports-F. C. Chappell.

Forecasting the Future Carter M. Lou-

than, 250.
Hot Shot for Havemeyer-Dr. E. P. Mil-

ler, 295, 296, 297.
How the Wage Earner's Prosperity Ex-

tends to the Farmer-E. G. Pipp, 146.
Cotton Exports, 267.
Curious Reasoning. 182.
Customs, Honest Collection of, 231.
Customs Receipts for First Eight Months

of Current Fiscal Year, 174.
Customs Receipts for January. 55.
Customs Receipts for May, 1899. 306.
Customs Receipts Under the McKinley,

Wilson-Gorman and Dingley Laws, 147.
Customs Revenue Law a Double Benefit, 4.
Customs Revenues Since January, 1898.

Defense and Attack, 223.
Democracy and Discrimination, 32, 33.
Democracy's Pressing Need, 126.
Democrats Will Attempt to Make Trusts

a National Issue, 176.
Democrats Would be Wise in Avoiding

Reference to Tariff, 212.
Dingley Act no Longer Denounced by Free

Trade Editors, 238.
Dingley Law, Industrial Conditions Great-

ly Improved Under, 201.
Dingley Law and Lumber, 23.
Dingles Law as a Revenue Producer, 153.
Dingley Law Receipts for January, 55.
Dingley Law, Truth Regarding the, 102.
Dingley, Nelson--Obituary, 30.
Dingley. Nelson. Thoroughly American, 69.
Dingley's. Mr., Jllness, 22.
Dingley Tariff Blessings, 165.

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