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BOOKS lately printed.

REPORTS of Cafes argued and adjudged in the Courts
of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from 1670 to 1683.
By the Honourable RICHARD FREEMAN Efq; late Lord
Chancellor of Ireland, revised and published, by Thomas
Dixon of Gray's-Inn, Efq;

CASES in PARLIAMENT refolved and adjudged, upon
Petitions, and Writs of Error, by Sir BARTHOLOMEW
SHOWER, Knt. the third Edition revifed, with additional

REPORTS of Cafes determined in the High Court of
Chancery, from April 25. 1740. to May 19. 1741. with
two Tables, one of the Names of the Cafes, the other of
the principal Matters, by THOMAS BARNARDISTON, Ser-
jeant at Law.

REPORTS of Cafes determined in the Court of King's
Bench, together with fome other Cafes from Trin. 12,
GEORGE I. to Trin.
Trin. 7, GEORGE II. with
Tables of the Names of the Cafes, and of the principal
Matters, in 2 Vols. by THOMAS BARNARDISTON,
Serjeant at Law.

ral Table to the Statutes, containing the Purport and
Effect of all the Acts of Parliament in Force, from
Magna Charta down to the Reign of K. GEEORGE II.
in a Method perfectly new and regular, with the nume-
rous Provifos and additional Claufes inferted under their
proper Titles: The whole very ufeful to Counsellors, At-
tornies, Sollicitors, Juftices of the Peace, Mayors, She-
riffs, Coroners, Clergymen, Merchants, and all trading
Perfons By G. JACOB, Gent. the fifth Edition, with
Additions; and an Appendix to the twenty-firft Year of

An ABRIDGMENT of the firft Part of my Lord
COKE'S INSTITUTES; with fome Additions, explain-
ing many of the difficult Cafes, and fhewing in what
Points the Law has been altered, by late Refolutions,
and Acts of Parliament. By WILLIAM HAWKINS Ser-
jeant at Law, the fixth Edition; to which is now ad-
ded, a large Index.



The Nature and Kinds of Deeds and
Inftruments used in Conveyancing:


An Abridgment of the LAW relating to
all Sorts of Conveyances of Eftates, with every
Thing belonging to them; proved by many
Law Cafes and Refolutions thereupon.


All Manner of PRECEDENTS made Ufe of in
Conveyancing, under the Heads of Bargain and Sale,
Gifts, Grants, Articles, Special Conditions, Cove-
nants, Exchanges, Deeds of Partition, Partnerships,
Special Releases, Letters of Attorney, Licences, Bills
of Sale, Charter-Parties of Affreightment, Leafes,
Settlements of Leafes; and alfo of perfonal Estates,
Annuities, Money in Funds, &c. inftead of Jointures
of Lands, &c.

The Second Edition, corrected; with Additions.



In the SAVOY:

Printed by HENRY LINTOT, LAW-Printer to the KING'S
moft Excellent MAJESTY, for DAN. BROWNE, at the Black
Swan without Temple-Bar; and JOHN SHUCKBURGH at the
Sun, next the Inner-Temple-Gate, Fleet-Street. 1750.

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S Conveyancing bath always been efteemed one of the moft confiderable Branches of the Law, our Ffates and Fortunes being thereby fecured to us and our Pofterity in the fureft Manner; to publish a compleat Work of the beft Precedents and Inftructions, in the whole Course of that Bufinefs, is a great and necesary Undertaking, worthy to be attempted.

This Confideration, (with the good Reception my Court-Keeper bas met with) keightned my Ambition to be concerned in fo ufeful and beneficial a Performance, wherein I bave endeavoured to Jet all Obfcurities in a clear Light, and made use of such Methods and Inftruments to accomplish the fame, as will render it a Directory to all, even in the most difficult Matters, fo as to draw any Deed or Conveyance in the most effectual Manner.


You'll fee thefe Volumes are not filled up with obfolete and antiquated Precedents, and any, whether good or bad, to add to their Bulk, as too commonly Books of this Nature But the Precedents herein, you are; will find conformable to the modern Practice, and agreeable to the beft Methods of Prac tice now in Use; which hath been fufficient to recommend them, fince I have this Opportunity of fending a further Edition of them into the World.

This firft Volume, you may obferve, contains an Abridgment of the Law relating to Conveyancing, and all Deeds in general, with every Thing incident to them, which I bave briefly collected from all the Books of any Signification extant on that Head, and which may ferve as a fufficient Inftruction concerning the Legality of Deeds? And alfo all Manner of the smaller Kinds of Precedents, concluding with Settlements of Perfonal Eftates, Annuities, Money in Funds, &c. But neither thefe Precedents, nor thofe contained in my two laft Volumes of this Work, are fuch as you meet with in the Works of other Perfons, unless it be fome few abfolutely neceffary.

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The Second Volume, comprehends Special Gifts, Grants, Affignments, Mortgages,


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