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SOMEWHERE in India, upon a time, (Read it not Injah, or you spoil the verse)

There dwelt two saints whose privilege sublime It was to sit and watch the world grow worse,

Their only care (in that delicious clime) At proper intervals to


and curse ; Pracrit the dialect each prudent brother Used for himself, Damnonian for the other.



One half the time of each was spent in praying For blessings on his own unworthy head,

The other half in fearfully portraying Where certain folks would go when they were

This system of exchanges—there's no saying To what more solid barter 'twould have led,

But that a river, vext with boils and swellings At rainy times, kept peace between their dwell



So they two played at wordy battledore And kept a curse forever in the air,

Flying this way or that from shore to shore;

No other labor did this holy pair,

Clothed and supported from the lavish store Which crowds lanigerous brought with daily care ;

They toiled not neither did they spin; their bias Was tow’rd the harder task of being pious.

IV. Each from his hut rushed six score times a day, Like a great canon of the Church full-rammed

With cartridge theologic, (so to say,) Touched himself off, and then, recoiling, slammed

His hovel's door behind him in a way That to his foe said plainly-you'll be damned ; And so like Potts and Wainwright, shrill and

strong The two D-D'd each other all day long.


One was a dancing Dervise, a Mohammedan, The other was a Hindoo, a gymnosophist;

One kept his whatd’yecallit and his Ramadan, Laughing to scorn the sacred rites and laws of his

Transfluvial rival, who, in turn, called Ahmed an Old top, and, as a clincher, shook across a fist

With nails six inches long, yet lifted not

eyes from off his navel's mystic knot.

VI. 4 Who whirls not round six thousand times an

hour Will go,” screamed Ahmed,“ to the evil place;

May he eat dirt, and may the dog and Giaour Defile the graves of him and all his race;

Allah loves faithful souls and gives them power To spin till they are purple in the face;

Some folks get you know what, but he that pure is Earns Paradise and ninety thousand houries."

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