Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute, Том 22

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United States Naval Institute, 1896

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Страница 391 - ... (c) A sailing vessel under way shall sound, at intervals of not more than one minute, when on the starboard tack one blast, when on the port tack two blasts in succession, and when with the wind abaft the beam three blasts in succession.
Страница 390 - prolonged blast" used in this article shall mean a blast of from four to six seconds' duration. A steam vessel shall be provided with an efficient whistle or siren, sounded by steam or by some substitute for steam, so placed that the sound may not be intercepted by any obstruction, and with an efficient fog horn, to be sounded by mechanical means, and also with an efficient bell.
Страница 391 - Sailing vessels and boats of less than 20 tons gross tonnage shall not be obliged to give the above-mentioned signals; but if they do not, they shall make some other efficient sound signal at intervals of not more than one minute.
Страница 391 - Turkish vessels, or a gong where such articles are used on board small sea-going vessels. A sailing vessel of 20 tons gross tonnage or upward shall be provided with a similar fog-horn and bell. In fog, mist, falling snow, or heavy rainstorms, whether by day or night...
Страница 577 - ... there is no reason why they may not approach any vessels descried at sea, for the purpose of ascertaining their real characters. Such a right...
Страница 573 - American ships, offending against our laws, and foreign ships, in like manner, offending within our jurisdiction, may, afterwards, be pursued and seized upon the ocean, and rightfully brought into our ports for adjudication. This, however, has never been supposed to draw after it any right of visitation or search. The party, in such case, seizes at his peril. If he establishes the forfeiture, he is justified.
Страница 391 - A vessel, when towing a vessel employed in laying or in picking up a telegraph cable, and a vessel under way, which is unable to get out of the way of an approaching vessel through being not under command, or unable to manoeuvre as required by these Rules shall, instead of the signals prescribed in sub-divisions (a) and (c) of this Article, at intervals of not more than two minutes, sound three blasts in succession, viz.
Страница 580 - And in all cases of seizure, detention, or arrest, for debts contracted or offences committed by any citizen or subject of the one party, within the jurisdiction of the other, the same shall be made and prosecuted by order and authority of law only, and according to the regular course of proceedings usual in such cases.
Страница 571 - That the right of visiting and searching merchant, ships upon the high seas, whatever be the ships, whatever be the cargoes, whatever be the destinations, is an incontestible right of the lawfully commissioned cruisers of a belligerent nation.
Страница 391 - Article shall be used as follows, viz. : — (a) A steam vessel having way upon her shall sound, at intervals of not more than two minutes, a prolonged blast. (b~) A steam vessel under way, but stopped and having no way upon her, shall sound, at intervals of not more than two minutes, two prolonged blasts, with an interval of about one second between them.

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