Gender, Development, and Citizenship

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Caroline Sweetman
Oxfam, 2004 - 101 страница
Focusing on citizenship means thinking about the relationships between individuals and the states in which they live. What difference does having citizenship rights mean for peoplee(tm)s lives? Are structures of governance efficient, and responsive to peoplee(tm)s needs?

This collection of articles examines ways in which citizenship is denied, and argues that citizenship can be used to demand and advance human rights. Women often find themselves excluded from full citizenship by legal systems which leave men to look after the interests of their female dependants. But women need recognition as citizens in their own right, to protect them from exploitation and abuse. People from marginalized communities also often find that the state fails to respond to their needs and interests. Finally, migrants e" a growing group of women and men in our global economy e" live precariously as aliens in states which do not acknowledge their claims to basic security and services.

Topics here include the tension between cultural sensitivity and universal concepts of rights; reinterpretations of citizenship in communities where the state has failed to guarantee political or economic rights; and projects that are helping to advance active citizenship by increasing peoplee(tm)s voice in decisionmaking.

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Страница 3 - I mean the whole range from the right to a modicum of economic welfare and security to the right to share to the full in the social heritage and to live the life of a civilized being according to the standards prevailing in the society.
Страница 77 - Article 15 1. Everyone has the right to a nationality. 2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor be denied the right to change his nationality.
Страница 77 - States Parties shall grant women equal rights with men to acquire, change or retain their nationality. They shall ensure in particular that neither marriage to an alien nor change of nationality by the husband during marriage shall automatically change the nationality of the wife, render her stateless or force upon her the nationality of the husband. 2. States Parties shall grant women equal rights with men with respect to the nationality of their children.
Страница 43 - The fundamental deprivation of human rights is manifested first and above all in the deprivation of a place in the world which makes opinions significant and actions effective.
Страница 84 - ... (Education for Citizenship and the Teaching of Democracy in Schools: 4). He set up an Advisory Group with the following terms of reference: 'to provide advice on effective education for citizenship in schools - to include the nature and practices of participation in democracy; the duties, responsibilities and rights of individuals as citizens; and the value to individuals and society of community activity'.
Страница 77 - There shall be no discrimination against any citizen in respect of appointment to the government service or any other public service only on grounds of religion, race, sex, caste, tribe or any of them.
Страница 31 - I had come to understand one thing: if women's rights are a problem for some modern Muslim men, it is neither because of the Koran, nor the Prophet, nor the Islamic tradition, but simply because those rights conflict with the interests of a male elite.
Страница 65 - Negotiating room for manoeuvre: reflections concerning NGO autonomy and accountability within the new policy agenda', in M.
Страница 68 - In that context, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women...
Страница 8 - Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, the State shall take affirmative action in favour of groups marginalised on the basis of gender, age, disability or any other reason created by history, tradition or custom, for the purpose of redressing imbalances which exist against them.

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Caroline Sweetman is Editor of the international journal Gender & Development and works for Oxfam GB.

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