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the corporate property of the county as they may deem expedient: Second, To examine and settle all accounts of the receipts and expenses of the county, and to examine and settle and allow all accounts chargeable against the county ; and, when so settled, they may issue county orders therefor, as provided by law: Third, To build and keep in repair county buildings, and cause the same to be insured, in the name of the county treasurer, for the benefit of the county ; and, in case there are no county buildings, to provide suitable rooms for county purposes : Fourth, Apportion and order the levying of taxes, as provided by law, and to borrow, upon the credit of the county, a sum sufficient for the erection of county buildings, or to meet the current expenses of the county, in case of a deficit in the county revenue: Fifth, To represent the county, and have the care of the county property and the management of the business and concerns of the county, in all cases where no other provision is made by law : Sixth, To perform all other acts and duties which may be authorized or required by law : Serenth, To set off, organize and change the boundaries of townships in their respective counties, to designate and give names therefor, and fix the time and place of holding the first elections therein: Eighth, To establish one or more election precincts in any township, as the convenience of the inhabitants thereof may require : Ninth, To lay out, alter or discontinue any road running through two or more townships in such county, and, also, to perform such other duties respecting roads as may be required by law : Tenth, To alter or change the route of any Territorial road within their respective counties: Eleventh, To grant license for keeping ferries in their respective counties, and such other licenses as shall be prescribed by law : Twelfth, To perform such other duties as are or may be prescribed by law.

SEC. 15. The county board of supervisors shall not borrow

money for the purposes specified in the fourth subdivision of secvote of the people. tion fourteenth of this act, without having first submitted the

question of making such loan to a vote of the electors of the county.

Sec. 16. Whenever it shall become necessary, under the protion of borrowing visions of this act, to submit to a vote of the electors of any

county the question of raising any sum of money by loan, the said board, after having determined the sum necessary to be raised, shall cause notice of such determination, and of the time when the question will be submitted to the electors of such county, to be given, by written or printed hand bills, posted up in three of the most public places in each township, for at least

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No money borrowed on the credit of the county, withont a

Manner of submitting the ques

to a vote.

thirty days previous to the time fixed for the taking such vote, and shall, also, cause such notice to be published in at least one newspaper printed in the county, if any, and, if none in the county, then in the paper published nearest thereto, for at least three successive weeks previous to such vote.

Sec. 17. At the time specified in such notice, a vote of the same. electors of such county shall be taken in each of the townships in such county, at the place designated in the notice. The inspectors receiving the votes shall be the same as required at the annual township meeting, and the votes shall be canvassed by the same officers and in the same manner as required at such annual meeting; and the result of such vote shall be certified by them, and transmitted to the county clerk within ten days after Buch vote shall be taken, which certified statement shall be delivered, by such clerk, to the board of supervisors, at their next meeting. All voting in the several townships, as provided in this section, shall be by ballot; and those voting in favor of such proposed loan shall have written or printed on their ballots “For the loan," and those voting against the loan shall have written or printed on their ballots “Against the loan;" and, if a majority of the votes cast at such election be against the loan, it shall not be made.

Seo. 18. The county board of supervisors shall not set off or New townshipeorganize any new township, unless it shall contain territory tion. equal to at least thirty-six square miles and at least five hundred inhabitants within the limits thereof, except when an incorporated city or town is included in the limits of such township ; nor shall any township be set off and organized unless a petition be first presented to the board, signed by at least fifty citizens resident therein.

Sec. 19. The county board of supervisors may alter and change County board may the township organization of their county, so as to agree with 2 pr to simfoom the standard fixed in the preceding section, in respect to territory and population, if such change be desired by the citizens of the county.

Sec. 20. Every county board of supervisors shall have a seal, Must have a seal and may

alter the same at pleasure. They shall sit with open and sit with open doors, and all persons conducting in an orderly manner may attend their meetings, and they may establish rules and regulations to govern the transaction of their business.

SEC. 21. They shall, at the first meeting after their election, Chairman when choose one of their number chairman, who shall preside at such

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to provisions soction eighteen.






Chairman may
Administer oaths.

Acoounts allowed how and when afidavit and evi. denne.

County orders must be under seal.

meeting, and all other meetings during the year, if present;
but, in case of his absence from any meeting, the members pres-
ent shall choose one of their number as temporary chairman.

Sec. 22. The chairman of said board shall have power to ad-
minister oaths to any person, concerning any matter submitted
to the board or connected with their powers and duties, and he
shall sign all county orders.

Src. 23. No account shall be allowed by the county board of supervisors, unless the same shall be made out in separate items, and the nature of each item stated ; and, where no specific fees are allowed by law, the time, actually and necessarily devoted to the performance of any service charged in such account, shall be specified, which account, so made out, shall be verified by affidavit: Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent any such board from disallowing any account, in whole or in part, when so rendered and verified, nor from requiring any other or further evidence of the truth and propriety thereof as they may think proper.

Sec. 24. County orders shall be under the seal of the board, signed by the chairman and attested by the clerk, and shall specify the nature of the claim or service for which they are issued.

Sko. 25. When any claim of any person against a county, shall be disallowed, in whole or in part, by the board of supervisors, such person may appeal from the decision of such board to the district court for the same county, by causing a written notice of such appeal to be served on the clerk of such board, within thirty days after the making of such decision, and executing a bond to such county, with sufficient security, to be approved by the clerk of said board, conditioned for the faithful prosecution of such appeal, and the payment of all costs that shall be adjudged against the appellant.

Sec. 26. The clerk of the board, upon such appeal being torney of appeal, taken, shall immediately give notice thereof to the county attor

ney, and shall make out a brief return of the proceedings in the
case before the board, with their decision thereon, and shall file
the same, together with the bond and all papers in the case in
his possession, with the clerk of the district court, and such ap-
peal shall be entered, tried and determined the same as appeals
from justices' courts, and costs shall be awarded thereon in like

Sec. 27. The board of supervisors, in any county, shall, at

Appeal from mounty board to distriot court.

Clerk to give noties county atand file in the district court.

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date they were


receipts and ex

the expense of the county, furnish, annually, and in due season, Agrostars to be the assessors in each township in their county, with a suitable blauks, &e. blank assessment roll for his township, prepared in accordance with provisions of law, and shall also provide suitable books and Books and sta stationery for the use of each of the county officers of their countj ulä сers. county, together with appropriate cases and other furniture, for the safe and convenient keeping of all the books, documents and papers belonging to each of said oflicers, and, also, official seals for each of said officers, where the same are required by law.

Sec. 28. The board of supervisors, at their annual session in Board to examine cách year, or oftener if they dcem it necessary, shall carefully cuenca de herense examine the county orders returned by county treasurer, by com- cancelled. paring each order with the record of orders in the clerk's office. They shall cause to be entered on the said record, opposite the entry of each order issued, the date when the same was cancelled. They shall also make a list of the orders so cancelled, specifying the number, date, amount and the person to whom the same was payable, and enter the same on the journal of the board.

Sec. 29. The several boards of supervisors shall cause to be femmes au porto made out and published yearly, in at least one newspaper in their penditures. county, if such there be, a report of receipts and expenditures of the year next preceding, and the accounts allowed ; but, if there be no newspaper printed in said county, then said statements shall be posted in at least five places in said county.

Sec. 30. If any supervisor shall refuse or neglect to perform Fine for neglect any of the duties which are or shall be required of him by law, as a member of the county board of supervisors, without just cause therefor, he shall, for each offense, forfeit a sum not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars. Sec. 31. Whenever any board of supervisors shall organize a when new town

ship organized, new township or alter the boundaries of any township in their, Po wie anderecord county, they shall cause a plat and record thereof to be made by their clerk, specifying the name and boundaries of such township, which plat and record shall be kept in the office of such clerk, and a copy thercof, under the seal of said board, shall be made by said clerk and filed with the proper officer of said township.

Sec. 32. It shall be the general duty of the clerk of the board Boots of clerk of of supervisors : First, To record, in a book to be provided for that purpose, all the proceedings of the board : Second, To make regular entries of all their resolutions and decisions in all questions concerning the raising of money: Third, To record

to be .


Duty of clerk rospecting accounts

Respecting orders.

Clerk to transmit to secretary of Territory,

the vote of each supervisor on any question submitted to the board, if required by any member: Fourth, To sign all orders issued by the board for the payment of money, and to recoru, in a book provided for that purpose, the reports of the

, county treasurer, of the receipts and disbursements of the county: Fifth, To preserve and file all accounts acted upon by the board with their action thereon, and he shall perform such special duties as are required of him by law.

SEC. 33. It shall be the duty of such clerk to designate, upon every account which shall be audited and allowed by the board, the amount so allowed, and he shall also deliver to any person who may demand it, a certified copy of any record in his office, or any account on file therein, on receiving from such person ten cents for every folio contained in such copy.

SEC. 34. Such clerk shall not sign or issue any county order, except upon a recorded vote or resolution of the board of supervisors authorizing the same, and every such order shall be numbered, and the date, amount and number of the same, and the name of the person to whom it is issued, shall be entered in a book kept by him in his office for that purpose.

Sec. 35. The said clerk of each county shall, as often as a Inaloundaries of new township shall be organized in his county, or the boundaries

of any town therein shall be altered, and immediately thereafter make out and transmit to the secretary of State [Territory,] a certified statement of the names and boundaries so organized, and of the boundaries of any township, the boundaries of which shall have been altered.

Sec. 36. Such clerk shall receive a reasonable compensation for such services as he may perform as clerk of the board, where no specific fees are allowed therefor, the same to be filed by the board and paid by the county.

PROBATE JUDGE. Sec. 37. There shall be elected in each county a probate Bond, approved judge, who shall hold his office for two years, and who shall, be

fore he enters upon the duties of his office, execute to the Territory of Kansas a bond, in the penal sum of three thousand dollars, with two or more sufficient securities, to be approved by the county treasurer and filed in his office, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties required of him by law, and for the faithful application and payment of all moneys and effects that may come into his hands in the execution of the duties of his oflice.

of now townships.

Compensation of clerk.

Probate judge, term two .

county urer.

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