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Arrest. Sec. 35. If the person charged be present, the coroner may Arrest. order his arrest by an officer or any other person present, and shall then make a warrant requiring the officer or other person to take him before a justice of the peace.

Warrant. Sec. 96. If the person charged be not present, and the coro- Warrant of arner believe he can be taken, the coroner may issue a warrant to the sheriff or any constable of the county, requiring them to arrest the person and take him before a justice of the peace.

Same. Sec. 97. The warrant of a coroner in the above cases, shall be Same. of equal authority with that of a justice of the peace, and when the person charged is brought before the justice, he shall be dealt with as a person held under a complaint in the usual form.

Same stand as Complaint. Sec. 98. The warrant of the coroner shall recite substantially complaint. thie transactions.before him and the verdict of the jury of inquest leading to the arrest, and such warrant shall be a sufficient foundation for the proceeding of the justice, instead of a complaint.

Return. Seo. 99. The coroner shall then return, to the distriet court, Coroner's return. the inqusition, the written evidence, and a list of the witnesses who testify material matter.

Burial Expenses. Sec. 100. The coroner shall cause the dead body of a deceased Burial expenses ; person, which he is called to view, to be delivered to his friends, county, if any there be; but, if not, be shall cause him to be decently buried, and the expense to be paid from any property found with the body; or, if there be none, from the county treasury, by certifying an account of the expenses, which, being presented to the county board of supervisors, shall be allowed by them, if deemed reasonable, and paid as other claims on the county.

Justice to act as Coroner. Sec. 101. When there is no coroner, and in case of his ab- When justice to sence or inability to act, any justice of the peace, of the same county, is authorized to perform the duties of coroner, in relation to dead bodies, and, in such case, he may cause the person charged to be brought before himself, by his warrant, and may proceed with him as a justice of the peace.

Sec. 102. In the above inquisition by a coroner, where he or



act as coronor.

Surgeon may be summoned ; compensation.

Treasurer ; term
two years.
Bond to be ar-
proved by county

county .

When approved by chairman and clerk.

a jury shall deem it requisite, he may summons one or more physicians or surgeons, to make a scientific examination, and may allow, in such case, a reasonable compensation, subject to the confirmation of the county board of supervisors.

TREASURER. Sec. 103. A county treasurer shall be elected in each county, for the term of two years, and shall, before he enters upon the discharge of his duties, execute to the county board of supervisors of his county, a bond, with three or more sufficient sureties, to be approved by the board, and in such penal sum as they shall direct, which bond, with the approbation of the board endorsed

thereon by their clerk, shall be filed in the ollice of the county Filed in ni no of clerk, and in case the board of supervisors shall not be in session

in time for any county treasurer to present his bond for their approval, as above specified, or he shall be unable, from any cause, to present his bond at any regular meeting of the Loard, after due notice of his election, then it may be lawful for such treasurer to present his bond to the chairman and clerk of the said board, for their approval ; and their approval endorsed thereon shall have the same effect as is done by the board of supervisors ; and, in such cases, where the board shall have not fixed the penal sum of such bond, it shall not be less than twice the amount of all moneys directed by the board to be levieil in the county, and to be paid to such treasurer during the year.

Sec. 101. The condition of such bond shall be, in substance, as follows: "Whereas, the above bounden, was elected to the office of county treasurer of the county of -day of -- ; now, therefore, the con lition of this obligation is such that if the said and his deputy, and all persons employed in his office, shall faithfully and promptly perform the duties of said office, and if the said and his deputies shall pay, according to law, all moneys which shall come to his hands, as treasurer, and will renler a just and true account thereof, whenever required by said board of supervisors or by any provision of law, and shall deliver over to his successor in office or to any other person authorized by law to receive the same, all moncys, books, papers and other things, appertaining thcreto or belonging to his said office, then the above ubligation to be void; otherwise, to be in full force and an effect."

Sec. 105. The county treasurer may appoint a deputy, who, in the absence of the treasurer from his office or in case of vacancy in said office, for any disability of the treasurer to perform the

Condition or bond.

-, on the

Deputy, his duty.

cant, board muay


duties of his office, may perform all the duties of the office of treasurer, until such vacancy be filled or such disability removed.

SEC. 100. In case the oilice of county treasurer shall become when office savacant, the county board of supervisors may, if, in their opinion appoint, the interests of the county require it, appoint a suitable person to perform the duties of such treasurer, and the person so appointed, upon giving bond with the like sureties and conditions as that required in county treasurer's bonds, and in such sum as said board shall direct, shall be invested with all the duties of such treasurer, until such vacancy shall be filled or such disability be removed.

Sec. 107. No person holding the office of sheriff, judge of pro- Who shall not te bate, county attorney, county clerk, nor any member of the board of supervisors, shall hold the vilice of county treasurer.

SEC. 108. It shall be the duty of the county treasurer to re• Duty of county ceive all moneys belonging to the county, from whatever source they may be derived, and all other moneys which are, by law, di- , rected to be paid to him. All money received by him for the use of the county, shall be paid out by him, only on the orders of the board of supervisors, issued according to law, except where special provisions for the payment thereof is or shall be otherwise made by law.

Suc. 109. The said treasurer shall beep a just and true ac- to krop accounts count of the receipts and expenditures of all moneys which shall nation. come into his hands by virtue of his office, in a book or books to be kept by him for that purpose, which books shall be open at all times, for the inspection of the county board of supervisors or any member thereof and to all county and Territorial oilicers, and, at the annual meeting of the said board of supervisors or at such Mako oxhibitica other time as they may direct, he shall settle with them his accounts as treasurer, and for that purpose he shall exhibit to them all his books and accounts and all vouchers relating to the same, to be audited and allowed.

Src. 110. County orders, properly attested, shall be entitled Preference of to a preference as to payment according to the order of time in which they may be presented to the county treasurer, but where two or more orders are presented at the same time, precedence shall be given to the order of the oldest date; but every county treasurer shall receive of the township treasurers all county orders orders for county issued in said county, which said township treasurers may present in payment of county taxes, collected by any such township treasurer in his township, in the year for which such orders are offered in payment.

open for exami




Books, papers or moneys to be de

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Perfeiture for failing to deliver to successor.


Sec. 111. Upon the resignation or removal from office of any livered to succes- county treasurer, all the books and papers belonging to his office,

and all moneys in his hands by virtue of his office, shall be delivered
to his successor in office, upon the oath of such preceding treasurer,
or in case of his death, upon the oath of his executors or admin-
istrators; if any such preceding county treasurer, or, in case of
his deaih, if his executors or administrators shall neglect or re-
fuse to deliver such books, papers and moneys, on oath, when law-
fully demanded, every such person shall forfeit a sum of not less
than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, and
be, also, liable upon his official bond, for such refusal or neglect.

SEC. 112. The county treasurer shall receive for his services
two per cent. on all moneys received and paid out by him as
treasurer, that is, one per cent. for receiving and one per cent.
for paying out, except on moneys arising from the sale of lands
or other property belonging to the county, upon which he shall
receive only one-half of the above fees.


County surreyor, Sec. 113. A county surveyor shall be clected for the term of

two years, who shall give bonds to the county board of supervis-
ors, to be approved by the county clerk of the proper county, in
the sum of one thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful
discharge of his duties.

May appoint Deputies.
Sec. 114. The county surveyor may appoint as many depu-

ties as he thinks proper, for whose official acts he shall be reCertificate admit- sponsille. The certificate of the county or any of his deputies

shall be admitted as legal evidence in any court of this Territory,
but the same may be explained or rebutted by other evidence.

Sec. 115. It shall be the duty of the county surveyor, by him-
self or one of his deputies, io execute any survey which may be
required by order of any court, or upon application of any indi-
vidual or corporation.

Shall keep a record of Surveys, &c.
Sec. 116. The said surveyor shall keep a correct and fair
record of all surveys made by him or his deputies, in a book to
be provided for that purpose by the county, which he shall trans-
mit to his successor in office; he shall also number such surveys
progressively, and shall preserve a copy of field notes and calcu-
lations of each survey, endorsing thereon its proper number, a

his term and bond.

Vay appoint dep utios,



Shall record sur-

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Preserve Bela otca.

till vacancy

othoos kopt,

kept when there



Forfeiture for

copy of which, and also a fair and accurate plat, together with a flats furnished. certite of survey, shall be furnished by said surveyor to any pers” i requiring the same.

When Supervisors may appoint a Surveyor. Ss. 117. If the office of county surveyor be at any time va- Conoty board may cant, the board of county supervisors are hereby empowered to appoint some suitable person to perform the duties of the office until a county surveyor be elected.

Miscellaneous Provisions concerning County Officers.

SE : 118. Every sheriff, county clerk, register of deeds, coun- Whore connty ty treasurer, county attorney or probate judge shall keep his office at the seat of justice of his county, and in the office provided by the county, if any such has been provided; and, if there be none where ofices,

, established, then at such place as shall be fixed by special provi- is no county seat. sions of law, or if there be no such provisions, then at such place as the county board of supervisors shall direct, and they shall when to be kept each keep the same open during the usual business hours of each day, Sundays excepted ; and all books and papers required to be Banks open for kept in their offices shall be open for the examination of any person, and if any person of said officers shall neglect to comply Perfecto with the provisions of this section, he shall forfeit, for each day he so neglects, the sum of five dollars.

Officers shall be qualificd and deposit Bonds. Sec. 119. Every county officer named in this chapter shall, Qualification of before entering upon the duties of his office, and within twenty bund, &e. days after receiving official notice of his election or appointment, or within twenty days after the commencement of the term for which he was appointed or elected, execute and deposit his official bond as prescribed by law, and any such officer shall, also, within the same time, take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by law, before some officer anthorized to administer oaths, and deposit the same with his official bond, to be filed and preserved therewith.

Deputy to take oath of office. Sec. 120. Every deputy appointed to any of said offices, shall, Deputy to take before entering upon his duties under such appointment, take and subscribe the like oath of office as that required to be taken by the officer appointing him, and shall deposit the same in the office where the bond of such officer is deposited.

Copies of all Documents received as Eridence. Sec. 121. Copies of all documents, writs, proceedings, instru- Certified documents, papers and writings, duly filed or deposited in the office

cers, giving


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ments shall be evidence.

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