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by the clerk or, in his absence, by the director or treasurer, on the written request of ten legal voters of the district.

SEC. 39. No annual meeting shall be deemed illegal for want when illegal. of notice, unless it shall appear that the omission to give such notice was willful and premeditated.

trict meetings.

SEC. 40. The inhabitants qualified to vote at a school district Powers of dismeeting, when assembled at the first meeting in their district meeting, or when lawfully assembled at any other district meeting, shall have power: First, To appoint a chairman for the time being: Second, To adjourn, from time to time, as occasion may require: Third, To choose a director, treasurer and clerk, at their first and each annual meeting: Fourth, To designate a site for a district school house: Fifth, To vote such tax, not exceeding one half [of] one per cent. on the taxable property in the district, as the meeting shall deem sufficient, to purchase or lease a sight for a school house: Provided, When not included within the limits of an incorporated town or village, said site shall not contain less than one acre; and to build, hire or purchase such school house, and to keep in repair and furnish the same with the necessary fuel and appendages: Sixth, To vote a tax, not exceeding an half of one per cent. on the taxable property in the district, as the meeting shall deem proper, for the pay of teacher's wages in the district: Seventh, To authorize and direct the sale of any school house, site or other property belonging to the district, when the same shall no longer be needful for the use of the district: Eighth, To impose such tax as may be necessary to discharge any debts or liabilities of the district lawfully incurred: Ninth, To vote a tax not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars in any one year, for the purpose of purchasing blackboards, outline maps or any other apparatus for illustrating the principles of agriculture, chemistry or the mechanical arts: Tenth, To give such direction and make such provision as may be deemed necessary in relation to the prosecution or defense of any suit or proceeding in which the district may be a party or interested: Eleventh, To alter or modify and repeal their proceedings, from time to time, as occasion may require.


SEC. 41. No sale of any school house shall be authorized, or Powers of special the site of the same changed, or any tax voted at any special meeting, unless the notice for such meeting be posted in at least five public places in the district, ten days before the time appointed for said meeting.

Sec. 42. Whenever the time for holding an annual meeting in

when called by clerk.

Special meetings, any district shall pass without said meeting being held, the clerk or, in his absence, the director or treasurer last elected, within twenty days after the time for holding such meeting shall have passed, may give notice of a special meeting; but, if such meeting shall not be notified within twenty days as aforesaid, the When by county county superintendent may give notice of sach meeting in the


Voters determine time when school shall be taught.

Of male and fomale teachers.

manner provided in the thirty-first section of this act, for the formation of new districts; and the officers chosen at such special meeting shall hold their offices until the time for holding the next annual meeting.

SEC. 43. That the qualified voters at each annual meeting may determine the length of time a school shall be taught in their district [for] the then ensuing year, which shall not be less than three months, and whether such school shall be taught by a male or female teacher, or both, and whether the school money to which the district may be entitled shall be applied to the support of the summer or winter term of the school, or a certain portion of each; but, if such matters shall not be determined at the annual meetPower of district ing, the district board shall have power, and it shall be their duty to determine the same.

Whether school kept in summer or winter.


Officers of school district.

Who sign orders.

Who appear for district in suits at law.

Treasurer to collect tax.

Treasurer to re


SEC. 44. The officers of each school district shall be a director, treasurer and clerk, who shall hold their respective offices until the annual meeting next following their election or appointment, and until their successors shall have been chosen and qualified.

SEC. 45. It shall be the duty of the director of each district to sign, together with the clerk, all orders drawn by the clerk upon the treasurer of the district, for moneys collected or received by him to be disbursed therein.

SEC. 46. The director shall appear for and in behalf of the district, in all suits brought by or against the district, when no other direction shall be given by the qualified voters of such district at a district meeting.

SEC. 47. It shall be the duty of the treasurer of each district, to collect all taxes assessed in pursuance of the provisions of this act, in obedience to the command contained in the warrant annexed to the tax list; he shall, also, apply for, and receive from the county superintendent all school moneys apportioned to his district, and pay over, on the order of the clerk and director of such district, all moneys so collected and received by him.

Sec. 48. The treasurer shall present to the district, at each annual meeting, a report, in writing, containing a statement of all

moneys received by him during the preceding year, and of such disbursements, and exhibit the vouchers therefor, and also a statement of all taxes assessed upon taxable property of the district during the year, the purposes for which such taxes were assessed, and the amount assessed for each particular purpose, which report shall be recorded by the clerk, and, if it shall appear that any balance of moneys is in the hands of such treasurer at the time of making such report, he shall immediately pay over such balance to his successor in office.

cute a bond.

SEC. 49. The treasurer shall execute to the district a bond, in Treasurer to exedouble the amount of money, as near as can be ascertained, to come into his hands as treasurer during the year, with sufficient securities, to be approved by the director and clerk, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office.


SEC. 50. Such bond shall be filed with the clerk, and, in case Bond filed with of the breach of any condition thereof, the director shall cause a suit to be commenced thereon in the name of the district, and the money, when collected, shall be applied by such director to the use of the district, as the same should have been applied by the


point treasurer.

SEC. 51. If the treasurer shall fail to give a bond as is re- When board apquired in this act, or from sickness or any other cause shall be unable to attend to the duty of collecting any district tax, the said board shall appoint a treasurer, who shall possess all the powers of the district treasurer, and shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, give a bond as the district treasurer is required to give.

SEO. 52. If such treasurer shall refuse or neglect to pay over any balance remaining in his hands, it shall be the duty of his successor in office to prosecute, without delay, his official bond for the recovery of such balance.

Successor to pro

secute for failure


pay over.

sible for neglect.

SEC. 53. If, by the neglect of any treasurer, any school moneys Treasurer responshall be lost to any school district, which might have been collected within the time limited in the warrant delivered to him for their collection, he shall forfeit to such district the full amount of the moneys so lost, and shall account for the same to such district, in the same manner as if they had been collected.

SEC. 54. It shall be the duty of the clerk of each district to Daty of clerk. record the proceedings of his district in a book to be provided by the district for that purpose, to enter therein copies of all reports made by him to the county superintendent, and to keep and preserve all records, books and papers belonging to his office, and deliver the same to his successor in office.


SEC. 55. He shall be the clerk of the district board and of all district meetings when present, but, if he shall not be present at any district meeting, the qualified voters present may appoint a clerk of such meeting, who shall certify the proceedings thereof, and the same shall be recorded by the clerk of the district. District board to SEC. 56. The school district board in each district shall contract with and hire qualified teachers for and in the name of the district, which contract shall be in writing, and specify the wages per week or month as agreed upon by the parties, and such contract so completed shall be filed in his office.

hire teachers.

What the bond shall provide.

Clerk to give ten days notice of meetings.

Clerk to report to county superintendent.

SEC. 57. The district board shall provide the necessary appendages for the school house, during the time a school shall be taught therein, and they shall keep an accurate account of all expenses incurred by them, and present such account for allowance to the qualified voters at a regular district meeting, and the amount of such account, as allowed by such meeting, may be assessed and collected in the same list with the other district taxes, but no such account shall be allowed at a special district meeting, unless the intention to present the same shall be specified in the notice of such meeting.

SEC. 58. It shall be the duty of the clerk to give at least ten days previous notice of every annual and special district meeting, by posting up notices there for at five or more public places in the district, one of which notices shall be affixed to the outer door of the school house, if there be one in the district, and he shall give the like notices for every adjourned meeting, when such meeting shall have been adjourned for a longer period than one month. Every notice for a special district meeting shall specify the objects for which such meeting is called, and no business shall be acted upon at any special meeting which was not specified in such notice.

SEC. 59. It shall be the duty of the clerk, between the first and the fifteenth days of September of each year, to make and transmit a report, in writing, signed by him, to the county superintendent, in the year in which it shall be transmitted, showWhat report shilling: First, The number of children, male and female designated


separately, residing in the district on the last day of August, previous to the date of such report, over the age of five and under the age of twenty-one years: Second, The number attending the school during the year, under the age of five and over the age of twenty-one years: Third, The whole number that have attended school during the year: Fourth, The length of time a

school has been taught by a qualified teacher, the name of each teacher, the length of time taught by each, and the wages paid to each: Fifth, The amount of moneys received from the county treasurer within the year, and the manner in which the same has been applied: Sixth, The amount raised by the district in such year, and the purposes for which it was raised: Seventh, The kind of books used in the school: Eighth, Such other facts and statistics in regard to the school and the subject of education as the county superintendent may direct.


SEC. 60. It shall be the duty of the clerk to draw orders on Clerk to draw orthe treasurer of the district for money in the hands of such treasurer, which have been apportioned to or raised by the district, to be applied to the payment of teachers' wages, and apply such money to the payment of such teachers as shall have been employed by him in the name of the district, and, also, to draw orders on said treasurer for moneys in his hands, to be disbursed for any other purpose for which the same shall have been voted by the district, agreeable to the provisions of this act: Provided, Said order shall be signed by the directors.

tax bills.

SEC. 61. That it shall be the duty of the clerk to make out Clerk to make out tax lists of all taxes legally authorized by the district, and annex to such tax lists a warrant under his hand, directed to the treasurer of such district, requiring him to collect the sums therein named.

SEC. 62. That the clerk shall furnish a suitable school regis- Clerk furnish ter in which every teacher in the district shall be required to enter the names, ages and studies of all the scholars attending school, which register shall be deposited with the clerk at the end of each school term; and any teacher who shall willfully Teacher to deposneglect or refuse to comply with the requirements of this section, term. shall forfeit his or her wages for teaching in such district, at the discretion of the district board.

register elerk at close of

SEO. 63. The director, treasurer and clerk shall constitute the District board. district board.

school houses.

SEC. 64. They shall purchase or lease such a site for a school Purchase and sell house as shall have been designated by the district, in the corporate name thereof, and shall build, hire or purchase such. school house, out of the funds provided for that purpose, and make sale of any school house, site or other property belonging to the district, and, if necessary, execute a conveyance of the same, in their name of office, when lawfully directed by the qualified voters of such district, at any annual or special meeting.

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