The Gospel: The Four Gospels Blended into One Narrative

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Trafford Publishing, 17. 8. 2006.
The Gospel is a harmony in the truest sense of the word, a blending of the four gospels into one narrative. It is a chronological arrangement of the events that took place during the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ, from birth to death on the cross and resurrection, as recorded by the four saints. It is word for word, unchanged from the original text of the Authorized King James Version of the holy bible and arranged in the familiar two column format. When same events are recorded in two or more versions of the gospel, the most descriptive one has been utilized. Parallel verses that are most descriptive have been taken from another version and blended into the chosen narrative for the most comprehensive account possible. All gospel harmonies are a matter of interpretation. No two can be found that are in complete agreement as to the chronological order of events. This harmony challenges some centuries old and generally accepted placements. These, contrary to traditional placements, answer many long debated questions, among others: was Jesus rejected at Nazareth before or after the first Passover; where and when did Jesus begin his public ministry; what was the duration of his ministry; was John 5:1, the unnamed feast of the Jews, Passover; at what point chronologically did Jesus go to Jerusalem for this feast; did the second cleansing of the temple occur on Sunday or Monday; was Wednesday of Holy Week a non-event day? The journey of Jesus during the last six months has been described as the most perplexing question in harmonistic study. In this harmony the combination of Luke and John during this period leaves nothing to be questioned. A separate explanatory note and chronological arrangement of the last six months of gospel history has been included for special study. The Gospel is a book for all ages, denominational persuasion, and level of chronological study and understanding.

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