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institutions in the Eastern States. The library of the association is the second in the State, numbering over ten thousand two hundred volumes of works in the different departments of literature. Connected with the library is a valuable and extensive collection of works of reference, three thousand volumes in extent, which is open to the inspection of visitors and the public in general. The amount expended for books, etc., for increase of library, during the last fiscal year, was three thousand five hundred dollars; increase of library during same period, twenty-three hundred volumes; increase of library from January, 1855, to October, 1858, six thousand volumes. The reading rooms of the association are furnished with the leading newspapers and periodicals of the United States and Europe, and contains, in addition thereto, a cabinet of specimens of mineralogy and the natural history of the State, and a numerous and valuable collection of paintings, engravings, etc. The number of members, 1,200; average number of volumes taken out monthly, 1,600. The terms of admission to the rooms and library, are five dollars initiation fee, and one dollar per month, payable quarterly. The influence of an institution of this character, properly directed, cannot be estimated; and it can scarcely be doubted that the esprit du corps of the mercantile community of the State will sustain and enlarge this association, by confiding its management to energetic and talented men, and by liberally contributing to its support.

4. LIBRARY OF SANTA CLARA COLLEGE, SAN JOSE. The library connected with the Santa Clara College is an important, and, for its extent, one of the most valuable collections of works in the State. The theological department contaius three thousand volumes, among which may be found many rare and valuable works, not contained in any other library on the Pacific coast. Valuable and extensive contributions from the Eastern States and Europe are constantly being added to the library, and every effort is made by the reverend faculty in charge thereof to increase its facilities and to maintain for it a character equal to that of the excellent institution to which it is attached. Number of volumes, October, 1858, five thousand two hundred and five.


Established 1853. The library of the Odd Fellows' Association contains over five thousand volumes; among which may be found a valuable collection of works on the Pacific coast, and, in addition thereto, one of the most extensive series of books on the subject of Odd Fellowship to be found in any other library in the United States. There is connected with the library a reading room, well supplied with the newspapers and periodicals of the day, also, a valuable cabinet of specimens of mineralogy, shells, etc., of California and the Pacific. The progress of this library, for the past few years, is highly creditable to the society by whose patronage it is sustained. The board of directors in charge thereof have been unceasing in their efforts to advance its prosperity and promote its usefulness.

6. SACRAMENTO LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. Organized 1857. Officers: President, Joseph W. Winans; Vice-President, L. A. Booth; Trustees; C. Crocker, J. G. Hyer, J. M. Frey, M. D., Leland Stanford and James Queen; Recording Secretary, R. P. Lee, Jr., Corresponding Secretary, James Langley; Treasurer, E. Mills; Librarian, S. V. Vreeland.

The objects of this association are, the establishment of a library and reading room, the collection of scientific cabinets, works of art, philosophical apparatus, and other literary and scientific purposes. Any person may become an active member by the payment of an initiation fee of five dollars and a quarterly sum of two dollars and fifty cents. Stockholders may also become members by the payment of the regular quarterly dues. The payment of one hundred dollars secures a life membership, and the right to claim two shares of stock with the privileges of a stockholder and an active member, without the payment of the quarterly dues. The shares of stock are twentyfive dollars each.

The number of volumes contained in the library is nearly five thousand, to which additions are constantly being made of the standard literature of the day. This collection of books, for so young an association, is as creditable to the liberality as it is to the literary taste of the citizens of Sacramento.

7. CALIFORNIA PIONEERS, SAN FRANCISCO. Organized August, 1850. President, A. G. Abell; Vice-Presidents: P. A. Roach, J. B. McMinn, G. C. Yount, C. J. Fernald, L. Cunningham; Secretary, W. R. Wheaton; Treasurer, J. H. Turney; Directors, B. F. Voorhees, 0. V. Sawyer, M. S. Whiting, E. F. Northam, J. G. Eastland, T. H. Blythe, J. S. Ellis. “The objects of the society are to cultivate social intercourse among its members; to collect and preserve information connected with the early settlement and subsequent conquest of the country; and to perpetuate the memory of those whose sagacity, energy and enterprise induced them to settle in the wilderness, and become the founders of a new State. The members shall be composed of two classes. To the first class, all who were residents of California prior to the first day of January, 1849, and the male descendants of all such, who were members, shall be eligible. To the second class, all who were residents of California prior to the first day of January, 1850, and the male descendants of all such, who were members, shall be eligible. Honorary members may be admitted without these qualifications, in accordance with such provisions as may be made in the by-laws. Any who may have rendered distinguished or important services to the society, the State, or the United States, may be admitted as honorary members." The register of the society shows eight hundred and thirty-six names, and seven as honorary members. The number of active, paying members may be computed at three hundred and fifty-four. Terms: City members, twelve dollars per year; country members, five dollars per year. The payment of seventy-five dollars releases a member from payment of dues, and constitutes him a lifemember. The reading rooms of the society are well supplied with the

leading newspapers and periodicals of the United States and Europe, and contain, in addition thereto, a small but well selected library. The society are in possession of numerous records and many valuable relics, connected with the early history of California, which render a visit to their rooms both interesting and instructive.

XXV.–NEWSPAPER AND PERIODICAL PRESS. There are ninety different newspapers and periodicals published in the State of California; of which nineteen are issued daily, sixty-five weekly, two semi-monthly, and four monthly. In addition to the regular issues of these publications, four of the dailies issue weekly and steamer editions, one issues a steamer, and six issue weekly editions; of the weeklies, two issue steamer editions, making a total of one hurdred and seven different publications, viz: daily, nineteen; weekly, seventy-five; semi-monthly and steamer, nine; and monthly, four. In politics, twenty-nine are Democratic, (Administration), fifteen Republican and Anti-Lecompton, and twenty-seven are independent; six are devoted to religion; two to agriculture; two to literature; one to mining; one to medicine, and seven to miscellaneous subjects. Seven are published in foreign languages—three in French, two in Spanish, one in German, and one in Chinese.

Thirty-one different publications are issued in San Francisco; four in Sacramento; three in Stockton, and two in Marysville.

1. LIST OF NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS, Published in California, with the Place and Time of Publication, Name of

Publisher, Etc., Etc., October 15, 1858.

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Alameda ... Gazette

San Leandro. Dem. Amador. Ledger



Butte.. Record...

Oroville.. A. L.
Calaveras Chronicle

Mokel'ne Hill Dem.

San Andreas. A. L.
Contra Costa . Gazette

Martinez Ind't. Del Norte... Herald.

Crescent City Ind't. El Dorado.... Mountain Democrat.. Placerville... Dem.

True Republican. Coloma A. L. Humboldt. Times....

Eureka Ind't,
Los Angeles.. El Clamor Publico, Sp. Los Angeles.. Ind’t.
Southern Vineyard..


Mariposa .

Hornitos Dem.

Mariposa. .



Napa. Dem.

A. L.
Nevada, Democrat

Nevada. A. L.
Hydraulic Press, N'h San Juan Ind't.

Nevada... A. L.
Mining Journal.... Grass Valley.

Placer, Courier

4C. L, Goodrich,
4T. A. Springer
60. D. Avaline.
3G. H. Crosette & Co
8 J. Shannon
3 Armor & Co.
5 T.S. Pomeroy.
5 Gelwicks & January.
1 G. 0. Kies
5 A. Wiley
4F. P. Ramirez..
1 J, J. Warner
8H. Hamilton..
2 W. Godfrey
4L, A. Holmes.
1 Ross & Lawrence,
1 J. D. Lillard ..
3 Montgomery & Cox
61. J. Rolfe & Co...
1 Avery & Waters
8N. P. Brown & Co..
3 W.B. Ewer.
16. D. Roberts.
2 E. B. Boust
6C. H. Mitchell.
4 Smith & Co.
2 McNabb & Lewis
4 Tobey,

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Yankee Jim's Ind't.

Auburn..... Dem,

A. L.
Plumas.. Argus..

Quincy. A. L.
Sacramento... Bee..

Sacramento.. Ind't.
Chinese News..


Chandler & Co. 2Hung Tai. 3 W. Ewing





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LIST OF VESSELS * Which have arrived in San Francisco from Atlantic Ports, from March 10, 1857, to September 30, 1858, together with the names of Captains, port of departure, length of passage,




Date of Arrival.

Where From.

Pas-Tusage nage


Wakeman . Sept. 29, '57... New York. . 127 1832 Almatia....

Richardson. Feb'y 21, '58.. Boston 109 473 Andrew Jackson. Williams... April 27, '58... New York.. 101 1679 Anglo Saxon.. Manter. ... Sept. 21, '58...

../164 868 * For List of Vessels which have arrived at this port from Atlantic ports, up to March 10, 1857, see STATE REGISTER, Vol. I.



Date of Arrival.

Where From.

Pas- Tansagel nage

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Pickett. ... August 4, '58.. Baltimore 164 896 Arey. Wilson.

New York.. 152 1129 Asa Eldridge. Coleman... May 8, '57.

1231178 Atmosphere...

Dec. 23, '57.

150/1486 Aurora, via Rio. Clough. Nov. 6, '57.

1396 Belle of the Seas. Lewis... August 57. Boston 126 1250 Belvidere Jackson Sept. 11, '57...

127 1197 Black Hawk..

Bowers.. July 30, '57... New York.. 109 1109 Black Prince, via Rio.. Brown July 6, '58.... Boston 1601061 Black Warrior..

Murphy ...

July 2, '58.. New York.. 1161889 Bostonian. Burnham .. March 4, '58...

140/1100 Challenger Windsor... Feb'y 17, '58..

1111334 Charger

Hurd.. May 8, '57.. Boston 123 1137
July 1, '58.

117 1137 Chariot of Fame.

Knowles May 13, '58.. New York.. 125 1573 Charmer.

Sept. 2, '57.

133 1055 Chatsworth..

Horne April 18, '58... Boston.. 118 1153 Comet.

Arquit. June 22, '57. New York.. 141 1836 Comet, (bark). Burr. Sept. 21, '58...

157 536 Conquest Sears. Dec. 22, '57...

1501064 Contest. Allen April 18, '58..

132 596 Courser.. Cole. July 4, '57....

154 1025 Cowper. Stevens.... July 2, '57

1341024 Daring Simonson.. August 22, '57.

1311095 Dashing Wave. Young April 18, '58.. Boston..

107|1239 David Crockett.

Spencer.... July 19, 57... New York. . 122 1676 '58..

1161676 Defender Robinson.. March 30, '57..

148 1413 August 13, '58.

150 1413 Don Quixote Hale... March 4, '58..

1081429 Edwin Flye.

June 12, 58.

135 1297 Edwin Forrest.

June 8, '58.

1331110 E. F. Willetts. Holmes August 1, '57..

130 825 June 11, '58...

122 825 Electric Spark. Titcomb... May 7, '57.

1181216 Ellen Foster.

Robinson.. August 8, '57.. Boston. 163 997 Eloisa ... Marcy July 12, '58...

162 789 Empress of the Seas. Wilson. Nov. 14, '57... New York.. 124 1756 Esther May.

Clark . May 19, '58... Boston. 103 499 Europa..

Robertson . Sept. 21, '58. New York..150 846 Fair Wind, via Rio.. Strout Sept. 8, '57.... Boston... 158 1299 Fleet Wing Crowell March 28, '58..

113 896 Flora Temple.

Cole. Sept. 14, 57... New York. . 129/1915 Fly Away.. Sewell Dec. 13, '57.

126 1274 Flying Dragon.. Little July 30, '58.

126 1127 Flying Dutchman. Hubbard .. Sept. 10, '57.

102 1257 Flying Eagle.

April 4, '57. Boston.. 1181094

June 22, '58... New York.. 132 1094 Flying Fish..

Nickels Jan'y 20, '58.. Boston..... 1111346 Flying Mist.. Linnell. March 12, '57..

113 1184 Frigate Bird.

Соро Jan'y 6, '58... Philadelphia (165 805 Gauntlet..

Borland August 9, '58.. New York. . 161 1854 George Raynes, via Ca'o. Bachelder . Nov. 26, '57...

178 999 Goddess

Crowell Nov. 16, '57... Boston.. 129 1126 Golden Eagle.

Harding... June 11, '58... New York.. (1351120

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Bates .....


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