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On the 3d August, 1849, Gen. B. Riley, then acting Governor of California, issued a proclamation, in which, after setting forth the anomalous and unsettled position of the country, both in its local and general government, he requested the people, in certain specified districts, to return delegates to a Convention, to form a State Constitution, at Monterey, on the 1st September, 1849. The delegates elected, in accordance with this recommendation, met at Monterey, on the 1st September, 1849, and adjourned over until the fourth, when that body organized by the election of Dr. Robert Semple, President, and William G. Marcy, Secretary.

The representation for each district in the Convention was apportioned as follows: San Diego, 2; Los Angeles, 7; Santa Barbara, 5; San Luis Obispo, 2; Monterey, 5; San José, 7; San Francisco, 9; Sonoma, 6; Sacramento,

San Joaquin, 15. Total, 73. Of this number but forty-eight were present during the sitting of the Convention, as follows: San Diego. Pacificus Ord,

William M. Steuart, Miguel de Pedrorena, Lewis T. Dent.

Francis J. Lippitt,
Henry Hill.

A. J. Ellis,
San José.

Rodman M. Price.
Los Angeles.

Joseph Aram,
Stephen C. Foster,
Kimball H. Dimmick,

San Joaquin.
José Antonio Carrillo, J. D. Hoppe,

Thomas Lloyd Vernule, Hugo Reid, Antonio M. Pico,

0. M. Wozencraft,
Manuel Dominguez,
Elam Brown,

B. F. Moore,
Abel Stearns.
Julian Hanks,

J. McH. Hollingsworth,
Pedro Sanseyaine.

J. M. Jones,
Santa Barbara.
Pablo de la Guerra,

Benjamin S. Lippincott.

Jacinto Rodriguez.
Joel P. Walker,

San Luis Obispo. Robert Semple,

Jacob R. Snyder,
Henry A. Tefft,
Mariano G. Vallejo.

Winfield S. Sherwood,
José M. Covarrubias.

L. W. Hastings,
San Francisco.

John McDougal,
Edward Gilbert,

William E. Shannon,
Henry W. Halleck,
Myron Norton,

John A. Sutter,
Thomas 0. Larkin,
William M. Gwin,

Elisha 0. Crosby,
Charles T. Botts,
Joseph Hobson,

M. M. McCarver.

The following are the absentees elected and entitled to seats in the Convention;

Los Angeles: Luis Rubideaux, Manuel Requerra. Santa Barbara: Amitasio Carillo, Manuel Imeno. Sonoma: R. Maupin, J. Clyman, L. W. Boggs. Sacramento: John Bidwell, John S. Fowler, James Queen, W. Blackburn, R. M. Jones, W. Lacy, Charles E. Pickett. San Joaquin: S. Haley, C. L. Peck, M. Fallon, B. Ogden, George A. Pendleton, Col. Jackson, Jeremiah Ford, B. L. Morgan, Walter Chapman, San Francisco: W. D. M. Howard.

The Convention adjourned sine die, October 13th, 1849, after a session of forty-three days, during which time a work was consummated of great importance and responsibility, in a manner alike honorable to themselves and their constituents. The result of their labors was presented to the people to be acted upon, on the 13th day of November, 1849, and was almost unanimously adopted by them as the Constitution of the State.

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Exhibiting the Names of the Members of the Convention which formed the Con

stitution of California, the Districts represented by them, their Nativity, Age, Profession and present Residence.

NAME. Aram, Joseph. Botts, Charles T. Brown, Elam.. Carrillo, José Antonio Covarrubias, José M... Crosby, Elisha 0.. De la Guerra, Pablo.... Dent, Lewis T. Dominguez, Manuel Dimmick, Kimball H Ellis, Alfred J Foster, Stephen C. Gilbert, Edward. Gwin, William M. Halleck, Henry W Hanks, Julian Hastings, L. W. Hill, Henry.. Hobson, Joseph Hollinsworth, J. McH. Hoppe, J. D.. Jones, J. M.. Larkin, Thomas 0. Lippitt, Francis J. Lippincott, Benjamin S McCarver, M. M.. McDougal, John Moore, B. F.. Norton, Myron.. Ord, Pacificus Pedrorena, Miguel de. Pico, Antonio M. Price, Rodman M Reid, Hugo Rodriguez, Jacinto Sansevaine, Pedro, Shannon, William E Sherwood, Winfield s. Snyder, Jacob R Stearns, Abel.. Steuart, William M. Semple, Robert... Sutter, John A...... Tefft, Henry A... Vermule, Thomas L Vallejo, Mariano G.... Walker, Joel P.. Wozencraft, O. M..


Dis'ct Represented. Age. Where Born. Emigrated from. Res. in California. Profession. Present Residence. San José 39 New York, Illinois

Three years. Farmer

Deceased Monterey 40 Virginia. Virginia, Sixteen months.... Lawyer

Sacramento San José 52 New York. Missouri. Three years...


Contra Costa.
Los Angeles
53 California Native

Fifty-three years... Ranchero
San Luis Obispo. 40

Forty years...

Santa Barbara,
34 New York, New York, Seven months. Lawyer

Santa Clara,
Santa Barbara. 36 California Native

Thirty-six years... Ranchero

Santa Barbara..
26 Missouri. Missouri. Three years..


San Francisco.
Los Angeles
46 California Native
Forty-six years... Banker

Los Angeles.
San José ...
34 New York New York, Three years.

San Francisco
Eighteen months... Merchant

San Francisco.
Los Angeles.
28 Maine
Missouri Three years......


Los Angeles.
San Francisco
27 New York, New York, Eighteen months... Printer.

44 Tennessee Louisiana Four months.. Lawyer

San Francisco,
32 New York. New York.

Three years.

U.S. Engineer.
San José
39 Counecticut Connecticut Ten


San José.
30 Ohio


San Diego

33 Virginia. Virginia, Seventeen months..U.S. Army.. Washington,
San Francisco 39 Maryland. Maryland. Five months. Merchant

San Joaquin

Three years. Lieut. Volunteers.
San José


San Joaquin

25 Kentucky Louisiana Four months. Lawyer
47 Massachusetts .. Massachusetts.. Sixteen years.. Trader

San Francisco.
San Francisco 37 Rhode Island .. New York. Thirty-one months. Lawyer
San Joaquin. 34 New York.. New Jersey Forty-two


42 Kentucky Oregon

One year..

32 Ohio
Indiana Seven months. Merchant

Belmont, San Mateo
San Joaquin.. 29 Florida.



San Francisco
27 Vermont
New York.

Los Angeles.

34 Maryland Louisiana Eight months
San Diego
41 Spain.

Twelve years.

San José
40 California Native


Santa Clara.
San Francisco
30 New York.
New Jersey Four

U.S. Navy

New Jersey.
Los Angeles.. 38 Scotland. Scotland, Sixteen


Los Angeles,
Santa Barbara 36 California Native. Thirty-six years.


San José
31 France


San José.
27 Ireland.
New York. Three


Deceased 32 New York,

66 . Four months.

San Francisco
34 Pennsylvania, .. Pennsylvania... Four years.

Los Angeles.. 51 Massachusetts.. Massachusetts.. Twenty years. Merchant

Los Angeles.
San Francisco 49 Maryland. Maryland. .. One year. .


San Francisco.
42 Kentucky Missouri.

Five years.

47 Switzerland


'Hock Farm,' Sutt'r
San Luis Obispo 26 New York. Wisconsin Four months. Lawyer

San Joaquin
35 New Jersey New York

Three years.
42 California Native
Forty-two years... Ranchero

Sonoma 52 Virginia,

Missouri Thirteen months... Farmer San Joaquin .. 34 Ohio

Louisiana .. Four months..... Physician.. Los Angeles...

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XXX.-STATE OFFICERS, From the Organization of the State Government, Dec. 1849, to 1859. OFFICERS. Term 1850–51. Term 1852–53. Term 1851-55 Term 1856–57. Term 1858–59. Governor P. H. Burnett (a) John Bigler John Bigler. J.Neely Johnson John B. Weller.. Lieut. Gov'r J. McDougall (Samuel Purdy .. Samuel Purdy : R. M. Anderson Joseph Walkup.. Sec. of State W. Van Voorbies W.V.Voorhies(9) J.W. Denver (1) D. F. Douglass. Ferris Forman...

Jas. W. Denver. C.H. Hempstead Controller.. John S. Houston. W. 8. Pierce... Samuel Bell ... G. W. Whitman A. R. Meloney (n.)

E. F. Burton (k) Treasurer .. Richard Roman. Richard Roman, s. A. MeMeans. Henry Bates. Thomas Findley.

J.L. English (1) Att'y-Gen’I E.J.C. Kewen (os. C. Hastings... J.R. Mċċonnell Wm. T. Wallace T. H. Williams..

J. A. MeDougall
Surv'r Gen'l Chas. J. Whiting W. M. Eddy 8. H. Marlette. . J. H. Brewster. Horace A. Higley
Sup. Pub.In John G. Marvin. John G. Marvin. Paul K. Hubbs. Paul K. Hubbs. Andr. J. Moulder

Sup. Pu.Bdg J. S. Graham.... J. S. Graham (h)
Qr. Mr.Gen'iJ.C.

Moorhead (d) W.H. Richardson Wm. c. Ribbe. Wm. Č. Kibbe . Wm. c. Kibbe..

W.H. Richardson Wm. C. Kibbe (0) Adj't-Gen’l. J. R. Per Lee (e).

E. W. McKinstry st'te Printer H. N. Robinson() Eug.Casserly (G.Kerr & Co. (James Allen ... John O'Meara ...

J. Winchester... SG.K. Fitch & B. B. Redding .

Eugene Casserly.11 V. E. Geiger
Translator.. J. H. Schull.... W.E. P. Hartnell W.E.P.Hartnell Agustin Ainsa

(a) Resigned Jan. 8th, 1851. Was succeeded by 1854, and B. B. Redding elected by the

John McDongal for remainder of the term. Legislature May 4th, 1854, who was suc() David C. Broderick elected President of the ceeded Jan. 1st, '56, by James Allen. The

Senate, made vacant by the accession of the present incumbent is John O'Meara.

(9) Resigned February 19th, 1853. James W. (c) Resigned 1850. James A. McDougall elected Denver appointed to vacancy. to vacancy.

(h) Act creating office repealed. Secretary of (d) Removed. William H. Richardson appoint- State made ex officio Superintendent of Pub ed to vacancy, April 26th, 1851.

lie Buildings May 12th, 1853. (e) Resigned September 24th, 1850. William H. (6) William C. Kibbe appointed Quartermaster. Richardson appointed to vacancy.

General June, 1852, under Militia Law of () H. H. Robinson resigned May 4th, 1850. J. 1852, which provides that the Quartermas

Winchester appointed same date, who also ter-Gen'l shall be ex officio Adjutant-Gen'l. resigned March 28th, 1851. Eugene Cas. 6) Resigned November 1st, 1855. Charles H. serly was elected by the Legislature, May Hempstead appointed to vacancy. 1st, 1851, and continued in office until (k) Appointed February, 1857, vice George W. the contract system of 1852 was carried into Whitman temporarily suspended. effect. Contract awarded to G. K. Fiteh (1) Appointed February, 1857, vice Henry Bates and V. E. Geiger June, 1852, who trans- resigned. ferred the same, by consent of the Legisla- (m) Term commenced January 1st, 1857. Term ture, to George Kerr & Co., February 3d, of office, three years. 1853. Contract system repealed Maj Ist, 1 (n) Elected September, 1858.

From the Organization of the State Government in 1849 to 1859.


Chief Justice S. C. Hastings. S. O. Hastings.
Associate Justice.. H. A. Lyons.. H. A. Lyons
N. Bennett...

N. Bennett (a).
E. H. Tharp.

E. H. Tharp

Edward Norton....N. Bennett..


1853. H. A. Lyons (6)... H. C. Murray H. C. Murray. S. Heydenfeldt s. Heydenfeldt (c). Alex. Wells (). E. H. Tharp.. P. K. Woodside K. P. Hepburn.

H. P. Hepburn.


1858. H. C. Murray: H. C. Murray. H.C. Murray

H. C. Murray

David S. Terry. S. Heydenfeldt.. 8. Heydenfeldt.... S. Heydenfeldt. D. S. Terry J. G. Baldwin(d).

Alex. Wells (6). C. H. Bryan (b) D. S. Terry P. H. Burnett (c).. Stephen J. Field.
P. K. Woodside... J. R. Beard... J. R. Beard. C. S. Fairfax.... Charles S. Fairfax.
H. P. Hepburn.... H. P. Hepburn. B. C. Whitman. B. C. Whitman... Harvey Lee.......
(a) Resigned Oct. 1851. H.C. Murray appointed Bryan appointed to vacancy, and continued

to vacancy ; elected Nov. 1852, for unex- until Sept. 1855, when David S. Terry was
pired term to Jan. 1856; re-elected Sept. elected for the unexpired term.
1855, for full term,

(c) Elected Sept. 1851, as successor of Judge Has. (6) Resigned April, 1852. A. Anderson appointed tings, for the term of six years from Jan. 1, to vacancy Alexander Wells elected in

1852. Resigned Jan, 13, 1857. Peter H. 1852, for the unexpired term to 1854, and Burnett appointed to vacancy. Ayain elected Oct. 1853, for the full term. (d) Joseph G. Baldwin elected Oct. 1858, for reJudge Wells died Oct. 31, 1854. Chas. H. mainder of term, to 1862.

* For terms and salaries of Judges of the Supreme Court see p. 90.



MEMBERS OF THE LEGISLATURE.—The Constitution of California provides that the number of Members of the Assembly shall not exceed eighty, and that of the Senators shall not be less than one-third nor more than one-half of the Assembly. The term of the Senators is two years, one-half of which expire each year; of the Members of Assembly, one year.

FIRST SESSION.-Organized Dec. 15, 1849, at San José, and adjourned, after a session of one hundred and twenty-nine days, on the 22d of April, 1850. Number of members : Senate, 16; Assembly, 36; total, 52.

SECOND SESSION.—Organized at San José, January 6, 1851, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and sixteen days, on the 1st of May, 1851. Number of members: Senate, 16; Assembly, 36; total, 52.

THIRD SESSION.-Organized at Vallejo, January 5, 1852; removed to Sacramento, January 12, 1852, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and twenty-one days, on the 4th of May, 1852. Number of members: Senate, 27; Assembly, 62 ; total, 89.

FOURTH SESSION.—Organized at Vallejo, January 3, 1853; removed to Benicia, February 4, 1853, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and thirty-seven days, on the 19th of May, 1853. Number of members: Senate, 27: Assembly, 63; total, 90.

FIFTH SESSION.—Organized at Benicia, January 2, 1854; removed to Sacramento February 25th, 1854, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and thirty-four days, on the 15th of May, 1854. Number of members: Senate, 34;t Assembly, 80; total, 114.

SIXTH SESSION.—Organized at Sacramento, January 1, 1855, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and twenty-seven days, on the 7th of May, 1855. Number of members: Senate, 33; Assembly, 80 ; total, 113.

SEVENTH SESSION.-Organized at Sacramento, January 7, 1856, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and six days, on the 21st of April, 1856. Number of members : Senate, 33; Assembly, 80; total, 113.

Eighth SESSION.-Organized at Sacramento, January 5, 1857, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and thirteen days, on the 30th of April, 1857. Number of members; Senate, 33; Assembly, 80; total, 113.

Ninth SESSION.—Organized at Sacramento, January 4th, 1858, and adjourned after a session of one hundred and twelve days, on the 26th of April, 1858. Number of members: Senate, 35; Assembly, 80; total, 115. * For Officers of the State Legislature, etc., see pp. 82–88. See Constitution of the State, Art. IV,

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P. 69.

+ The first Senatorial District was represented in the Senate of 1854 by two members : making the number of Senators of that session one more than is provided for by the apportionment of 1853.


Of the State of California, from the Organization of the State Government,

December 1849, to 1858.




J. McDougal.. D. C. Broderick (6). S. Purdy.

s. Purdy. pro tem. E. K. Chamberlain. E, Heydenfeldt. B. F. Keene. B. F. Keene. Secretary

J. F. Howe.. J. F. Howe. A. C. Bradford. A. C. Bradford...

Assis't. W. B. Olds. W. B. Olds. J. G. Stebbins... J.S. Love..... Enrolling Clerk.. A. W. Luckett. H. W. Carpentier. . W F. McLean.. ... J. L. Trask. Engrossing B. Dexter (a).

E. Covington,... P. K, Woodside... W. G. Marcy. F. T. Eldridge. Serg'nt-at-Arms. T. J. Austin.. C. Burnham .IC. Burnham.. G. W. Ten Broeck Door-Keeper.. E. Russell,

W. B. Stockton....IG. W. Harris. E. C. Dowdigan..

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President ... S. Purdy. S. Purdy.. R. M. Anderson R. M. Anderson J. Walkup.

pro tem B. F. Keene... R. T. Sprague.. D. R. Ashley... S. H. Dosh..... S. A. Merritt.. Secretary ...J. Y. Lind,... W.A.Cornwall(cW. Bausman...G.S. Evans. ...T. N. Cazneau..

C. Dickinson..
Assis't J. H. Stewart.

R. Biven.....
T. Ward:.

J. T. Ewing....
E.O.F Hastingsd
Enrolig Cl'k'H. st. clair.... J. H. Gardner.. A. E. Waite. J. C. Shipman.. J. C. Shipman..
Engross'g“ J. C. Tucker... J. P.Van Hagen W. Miller... J. H. Webster..L. Bartlett.
S'gt-at-Arms W. H. Harvey..J. T. Knox.....J. W. Ross.. A. Hunter. ...J. W. Hawkins.
Door-Keeper E. C. Dowdigan G. C. Newman. J. McGlenchy..J. McGlenchy..J. McGlenchy..

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1858. Speaker.. C. S. Fairfax...W. W. Stowe... J. T. Farley... E. T. Beatty...

N. E. Whitesides pro tem J. W. Mandeville J, J. Hoff.... T. B. McFarland J. O'Neill. Clerk B. McAlpin.. J. M. Anderson. J. M. Anderson. W. Campbell... J. W. Scobey..

Assist't J. W. Scobey... J. W. Scobey... A. M. Hayden. . J. W. Scobey... J. N. Bingay, Enrol'g Cl'k J. Kimmell.. C. Dannals... J. Powell... R. Lambert....E. J. Mitchell. Engross'g"

E. A. Kelly ... E. A. Kelly T. Moreland. ...S. B. Harris.... W. McConnell.. S'gt-at-Arms G. H. Blake...B. McAlpin. E. Gates.. S. F. Brown. J. F. Quin. Door-Keeper J.H.Warrington T. F. W. Price.IJ. D. G. Quirk. J. J. Frazier...JA. F. Wagner,

(a) T.'J. White resigned February, 1850. John

Bigler elected Speaker. Geo. B. Tingley

elected Speaker pro tem. March 25, 1850. (6) Elected Clerk Supreme Court February 21.

John Nugent to vacancy. (c) Mr. Ohr appointed Assistant Clerk and F.H.

Sandford, Enrolling Clerk, G.0. McMullin

elected Transcribing Clerk, Jan. 26, '50. (d) Resigned Feb. 15, 1853 and J. G. Stebbins

elected to vacancy. (e) Resigned April 21. R. H, Dearing elected

to vacancy.

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