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23. BUHR STONE. "This rock abounds on the Pitt River in large quantities, and also on to the north of Goose Lake. Its admirable adaptation to milling, requires no comment. The value of this rock cannot be too highly esteemed in this State, where the prospective is so flattering of its becoming a grain growing country, equaled by few on the Atlantic slope. The heavy expenses that are now incurred, and the future wants of the State in this particular, will be obviated, and our dependent condition on foreign imports destroyed. These rocks have as yet attracted little notice, but the rapidly increasing wants of the State will ere long bring them into requisition,”—Dr. Trask, 1853.

24. LIME. The manufacture of lime engages the attention of numerous persons in different parts of the State. The kilns of El Dorado and Santa Cruz manu. facture a large quantity annually; number of barrels, estimated at sixty thousand.


There are five thousand seven hundred and twenty-six miles of artificial water courses, for mining purposes, constructed in this State, at a cost of thirteen million five hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred dollars. In addition to the length here stated, there are numerous subsidiary branches, the aggregate length of which, is estimated at over one thousand miles, and several hundred miles of new ditches in the course of construction.

There is no class of enterprise which is more essential to the development of the resources of California, than the construction of such works as will secure to the mining population, throughout the year, an adequate supply of water, to aid them in their operations.

There are thousands of miles of rich mineral land in this State, now lying almost valueless for the greater part of the year, which could, with the aid of enterprise and capital judiciously expended, be made valuable for mining purposes, and thereby secure an abundant return. The Mariposa district is a forcible illustration of this. It is estimatedt that a revenue of ten millions of dollars could be derived annually in this district, from the sale of water.

The progress already made in the construction of these works has been, with but few exceptions, accomplished by the miners themselves, and it is to be desired that a subject so intimately connected with the progress of the State, will no longer escape the attention of those capitalists who are qualified, both from experience and ability, to aid in so important a matter.

* In this list of canals, etc., no reference is made to various enterprises organized for the purpose of furnishing particular cities or towns of the State with a supply of water, viz: The Bensley Water Works and the Mountain Lake Co. of San Francisto; the Sacramento, Marysville and Oroville Water Works, etc. Capital employed, estimated, at $750,000, For a description of these Works, see the county (Part VII) in which each is located.--[ED.

+ Mariposa Gazette.

TABLE Of Water Ditches and Canals throughout the State, with the Owner or Com

pany's Name, the Source of Water, the Length, and the Cost or Value of Each. NOTE.-(a) Cost of Construction ; (6) Assessed Value ; (c) Capital Stock ; (d) Unfinished.

Length Miles.

Cost or Value.

District and Name.

Source of Water.


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AMADOR * Amador C. Co.... Mokelumne, N. F. 50

Sutter Creek .. 18 Buckeye

N. F.. 5 Buena Vista.

15 Butte

Mokelumne, N. F. 30 Chinese Gulch Sutter Creek, S. F. Cosumnes Water Co. Cosumnes, S. F 22 Dry Creek.... Dry Creek.... El Dorado.

6 Harmon & Co.. Sutter Creek, S. F. Humbug..

Grass Valley Cr’k. 20 Indian Gulch Jackson Cr’k, M.F. 10

Rancheria Creek.. 3 Independence Jackson Cr’k, M.F. 4 Killham's Upper.

8 Lower.

S. F. 5 Lancha Plana. Mokelumne River. 6 Logan & Co. Sutter Creek, S. F. 3 Lorees ..

Rancheria C., S. F. Maddocks & Co.. Jackson C., S. F.. 4 Mile Gulch... Rancheria Creek.. Pardee's

Jackson C., S. F.. Phelps & Co Dry Creek.. Pigeon Creek.. Cosumnes, R., S. F. Potosi

Dry Creek... Prairie Water Co....Cosumnes River. 15 Proctor, Walker&Co's Jackson Creek... 14 Rich & Co.'s........ Big Bar Cañon... Secreta

Jackson Creek, S.F 6 Smith & Co.'s Rancheria C.,N. F. 2 Sutter Creek. Sutter Creek..... 25 Union Water Co. Antelope Creek .. 15 Volcano

Tribu's Mok.River 60 Welsh & Co.'s.. Sutter C., M. F.. 10 Wil'w Sp's & Mich. B. Cosumnes, M. F.. 30 Sundry small ditches. Not specified 100

(a) $400,000 Bayerque & Co.... 20,000 J. F. Johnston & Co

3,000 White & Co.... 18,000 J. Foote Turner... 125,000 Butte W. & M. Co..

1,000 Welsh & Co.... 40,000 Tyler & Co.... 6,000 Davis & Co.... 3,000 Montgomery & Co. 2,000 Harmon & Co 10,000 Towle, Carney & Co 10,000 W. L. McKim..... 2,000 Duell & Co... 1,000 Haskell & Co..... 8,000 Butte Canal Co... 4,000 5,000 J. W. Palmer & Co 2,500 Fry & Co... 2,000 Samuel Loree... 1,000 2,000 N. Parsons. 1,000 Pardee & Co. 6,000 Phelps & Co.... 8,000 Simpson & Co..... 2,500 Hinkston & Glover. 40,000 16,000 Walker & Lancaster 4,000 Rich & Co. 3,000 Butte Canal Co...

700 Smith & Co.... 20,000 Mr. Gill..... 15,000 Bayerque & Co... 150,000 Barney & Triplett. 12,000 Welsh & Co.... 70,000 John Ritter... 50,000


BUTTE Berry Creek.. Berry Creek.... 8 6,000 Butte Creek Ridge(d) Feather R., W.B'h. 24 (c)100,000 F. & B. Cr'k Can.co Forbestown, Wyan

dotte and Bangor. Feather Riv. South| 40 100,000 S. Feather W'r. Co

* Aggregate length in the County, 531 miles; cost of construction, $880,400. The County Assessor reports : Number of ditches, 32 ; length, 475 miles ; assessed value, $280,600.—[ED.

+ When the ditches now in the course of construction are completed, there will not be short of 400 miles in the county. Length completed, main trunks, 150 miles ; branches, 150—total 300.-[Ep.

Cost or


Source of Water.

District and Name.



Frenchtown Feather R., W. B'h 22 (c)$60,000 Frenchtown M. Co. Kanaka Peak. Sucker Run

12 8,000 Hoffman & Co.... Mooresville. Feather R. South. 12 (c) 72,000 Mooresville&Cheru

busco C. & M. Co. Oregon City .... Oregon Creek... 5 3,000 Crandall & Co Oroville & Wyandotte Feather R., South. 75 175,000 S.Feather Water Co Table Mountain (d).

W.B’h. 213|(C) 200,000 Feather R. & Table

Mt. Canal Co... Thompson's Flat.... Butte Creek .... 25 50,000 Walker & Wilson. Several small ditches

100 30,000 Various persons CALAVERAS

(a) Albany Flat..

8 15,000 Anderson's... Mokelumne, M. F,

16,000 Berniss

San Domingo Cr’k 6 9,000 E. L. Berniss.. Black Creek

Black Creek.... 81 7,000 Wm. Heiltabidel.. Bostick Angels Creek..

8,000 Bostick & Co..... Bunker Hill. Mokelumne, N. F. Cadwallader's Mok., N.F. of M.F. Carson

Valecito Flat . 15 30,000 Carpenter & Co... Cedar. Cedar Creek.

8 10,000 Ramsbottom & Co. Center Hill.. San Domingo Cr’k.

3,000 Center Hill M. Co. Clark's

Mok., S.F. of M.F. 30 50,000 Clark & Co... Cold Spring McKinney's Creek 22 25,000 R. McCall & Co.. Cole & Hanford's Calaveras R., S. F. 5 6,000 Cole & Hanford... Columbia Tunnel

4 4,000 Cruchette's

Cayote Creek.... 21 1,000 Cruchette & Co....
Albany Flat.... 4 8,000 R. Graham.

14 32,000
Calaveras, N. F... 1

500 Forman's..

Stanislaus River.. 14 20,000 French Camp..

6,000 French Cañon. Douglas Flat .. Ő

8,000 Hanford & Co .... Georgia . Hoyt's. Stanislaus


500 Indian Gulch Indian Gulch..

3,000 Cayote Creek. 3 5,000 Ind'n Gul'h D'chCol Isabel, Jeffries & Co.

5 4,000 Isabel & Jeffries... Italian Stanislaus ..


500 Jackson Willow Creek...

2,000 C. Osborn & Co... Jeffries' Cayote Creek.. 2

800 Wm. Jeffries & Co. Jenny Lind. Calaveras

15 45,000 G. W. Holt & Co.. Kline's.. Stanislaus

2 1,000 G. Kline... Knight's Ferry.. Littlejohn Creek

4,000 Lancha Plana...... Mokelumne... 13 55,000 N. Davis, Agent.. Mokel'e Hill Can. Co.

S. F. 60 (c) 600,000

North Branch... Murray's Creek 3 2,500
Pennellodo's ..

2 1,000 Pennellodo & Co.. Pillberry's Calaveras

4,000 D. H. Pillberry. Pope's .... Willow Creek. 6 7,000 Robert Pope

* The returns of the Assessor for 1868 exhibit the number of ditches at 49; aggregate length, 720 miles; cost of construction, $991,100; capacity, 12,019 inches; number included in the returns received at the office of the Register, 54 ; aggregate length, 550 miles ; cost of construction, $1,600,000.-[ED.


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* The Assessor reports, 1858 : 43 ditches, with an aggregate length of 1,150 miles ; value, $617,970. The number contained in the above table is 42. The aggregate amount expended in their construction is estimated at $1,600,000.ED.

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23,000 David Bovyer ..

5,000 J. F. Stone, Agent. 28,000 E. Williams, 8,000 M. Creamer, 1,000 Durham & Bro.. 19,000 L. Humiston 2,000 8,000 E. McCloud, Agent 12,000 Laird & Chambers. 20,000'J. P. Sasseen, Ag't

7,000 E. Williams.. 40,000 Gilbert & La Rue.. 1,000D. E. Harper. 2.000 Gilbert & La Rue.. 7,000 Tisdale & Co 6,000 30,000 M. W. Irwin..... 10,000 Laird & Chambers.

2,000 J. H. Blankenship. 100,000 80,000 James Cregan, Agt.

2,000 D. C. Teeple...... 2,000

Bloody Run... Humbug Cañon...

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* The returns of the Assessor, 1868, give the number, 86 ; aggregate length, 696 miles ; value $953,700. The cost of construction is estimated at $1,700,000.-(Ed. + Including Del Norte,

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