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Capacity Power. Cost or per day




Scott's Valley.. Etna,...

F. Berry..

1 2,500 water $5,000 R. & Ready. O. Baer & Co.. 1 2,500

5,000 Lafayette... Shore, Bro. & Co... 1 2,500

5,000 Upper Shasta R Westbrook & Pierce 1 2,500

5,000 Upp'r Shasta Mayhew & Burns.. 1 3,000

5.000 Yreka

Johnson & Co..... 15,000 steam 8,000





1 4,000 water 4,000
Thurston's..J. M. Thurston & Co 1 4,000 steam 10,000
Phelps' B. Phelps & Co.... 2 10,000 30,000

1 4,000 water 5.000 Pacific Wm. Hood.....


5,000 Dry Creek.. New..

2 2,000 steam 10,000 Laguna deS. Ro'a Power's. S. T. Powers.

4,000 water 3,000 Russian River.. Marsh's



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Big Creek... Sturdivant's. Duncan & Sturdiva't 1150,000
Big Bar Creek.. Big Bar.... B. L. Warriner.... 1 150,000
Cañon Creek... Cañon City.. Gilman & Earle.. 1 600,000
Fisher's .. Cañon Creek Water

1 600,000
Seeley's .... Carter & Co.

1500,000 E. F. East Fork.. J. Depinette. 1 500,000 French Creek.. French Creek Washington F. Co. 11500,000 Grass Valley C. Lowden's... Lowden & Bro... 1600,000 Howe's Fork... E. Weaver. . Warren, Todd & Co 2 900,000 Manzanita C... Manzanita .. B. Ackerman & Co. 1150,000 Swift Creek.. Chadbourne' Chadbourne & Fagg 1 400,000 Trinity River. Reas' P. W. Reas... 1 600,000

N. F. North Fork. Durkie & Gouth... 1 600 000 “S.F.of N.F Hay Fork.. Baylies & Hallowell 1 600,000

“E.F. St’tsF Sebastopol.. J. F. Chellis. 1400,000 Weaver Creek.. Chauncy's .. Thos. Fisher. 2936,000

Moss' Moss, Maber & Co. 1 400,000
Short's... Short & Darling... 1780,000
Shepherd's. . Shephard & Goss. . 1600,000
Rice's......C. P. Rice... 1 500,000

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3,000 5,000 1,500 1,500 3,000 7,000 1,500 6.000 3.000 2,300 3,000 3,000 8,000 6,000 5,000 3,000 4,000

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Whiting's .. S. A. Whiting & Col 2

* Capacity per annum.

steam 15,000





Capacity Power. Cost or per day.


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Woodland & Co.... i

Smith, Morse & Co. 2

Vine Spring

Read's .. Read & Co......
Jacksonville Latimer's...
Mormon Creek. Mount Brow


Clapp & Co.

Davis & Co.

Heslep & Taylor... 2
Moun'n Pine
Nye's...... Nye & Co...

Phillips & Co..

Severance & Co
Sugar Pine..

Woodward & Co...
Sonora, S. F...

James Hodson & Co Stanislaus River Miner's Can'ı


water $6,000 steam 10,000 water 7,000 steam 15,000

8,000 water 8,000

7,000 steam 25,000 water 10,000

10,000 s.& w. 20,000 steam 8,000

10,000 13,000

20,000 water| 30,000

12,000 10,000 6,000 6,000 12,000




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4,500 3,000 2,000 4,000 6,000 2,500 4,000 1,000 3,500 1,500 3,000 3,000 1,600 2,000 7,500 1,000 6,000 5,000 4,500 5,000 2,500 2,000 3,000

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Branch Turnpike Nevada
Camptonville... Brooks' Brooks & Co.... 1 200,000 steam

Camptonville Hall & Andrews. 1200,000 water
Deadwood Creek Low's...... L. J. Low... 1 150,000
Dobbin's Creek. Presque Isle A. Soward... 1 120,000

Ramirez's .. J. M. Ramirez 1 600,000 steam
Dry Creek

Humphrey's W. R. Humphrey.. 1 200,000 water
American Gates & Co.,

1 200,000
Circular Stetson & Co.

1 200,000
Columbia... Samuel Rice. 1100,000
Enterprise .. Sweetzer & Co... 1 200,000
Cross'. Mr. Cross..

1 100,000
Irish.. Haskell & Evans.. 1 100,000
Hall's.. R. H. Hall..

1250,000 Sharon Val’y L. T. Crone.. 1 300,000 Union Allen & Colby 2 500,000 steam

Washington Samuel Rice. 1 250,000 water Foster's Bar.... Foster's Bar. J. Dixon & Co.... 1150,000 Galena Hill.... Galena.....J. A Dunn & Co. 1 250,000 steam Hampshire Cre'k Hampshire . J. C. West.... 1 250,000 water Indiana Creek.. Indiana . Page & Labadie.. 1 300,000 steam Green's A. Green...

1 100,000 water Oak Valley.... Oak Valley . Paul & Co.

1 200,000 steam Oregon Creek.. Empire W. Hoadley & Co.. 1500,000 Oregon Cre'k Daniels, Jenkins &

1 350,000 water
Sugar Pine.. Neal & Dingman... 1 150,000 steam
Strawberry Val:

Challenge .. Cook & Melloway.. 2 180,000

* Capacity per annum.

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In addition to the above mills there are several located at San Francisco and Sacramento, employed in the sawing and dressing of lumber. In San Francisco there are four propelled by steam, with an aggregate of twentyfive saws and employing forty-five men, viz: Chace & Co., Chittenden & Culverwell, J. Hammond and Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. Cost of construction, sixty thousand dollars. There are attached to these mills machinery for the manufacture of doors, sashes, boxes, etc., and to the one owned by B. T. Chace & Co., an apparatus for the making of barrels. Capacity, two hundred and fifty per day.

3. FOUNDRIES AND MACHINERY. There is no department of mechanical industry in this State in which more enterprise and energy is exhibited than that of the manufacture of machinery. There are at the present time in operation, exclusive of the government works at Mare Island and those belonging to the Pacific Mail Company at Benicia, twenty iron foundries, of which five are located in San Francisco, three at Sacramento, two each at Calaveras, El Dorado and Nevada, and one each in Amador, Butte, Los Angeles, San Joaquin, Santa Clara and Yuba. The establishments at San Francisco, particularly those of the Union Iron Works and the Pacific and Vulcan Foundries, are of the most extensive character, and being amply provided with the necessary appliances for the construction of the heaviest description of machinery, they are fully capable of meeting all the demands that may be made upon them. The government works at Mare Island, and those of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company at Benicia, will favorably compare with similar establishments in the Eastern States. In addition to these foundries, there are several establishments for the manufacture of steam engines, boilers, etc.; and throughout the State there may be found numerous smaller shops devoted to the working of metals, which yield to their proprietors a remunerative return for their industry and enterprise. The boiler works of Messrs. Coffey & Risdon, at San Francisco, devoted exclusively to the manufacture of boilers, is the most extensive establishment of the kind on the Pacific Coast.

4. CALIFORNIA METALLURGICAL WORKS. The California Metallurgical Works, located at San Francisco, have been in successful operation during the last three years. They are both extensive and admirably adapted for the assaying of different descriptions of ore, and especially for the extraction of gold from the tailings of quartz mills.

During the first fifteen months that these works were in operation, but one furnace was used; during the succeeding three months, two were employed. The aggregate amount of gold extracted from quartz tailings and ores, during this period, is $150,000. The whole of this sum may be considered clear gain, and as two-thirds, or $100,000, were paid to the owners of quartz leads, who have invested their money, as a general thing, in this State, the item becomes of considerable importance. About $50,000 have etc.;

been taken from sweepings, polishings, cinders from assay offices, and of this amount two-thirds, or $33,333 have been paid to the parties from whom the material was obtained. The entire cost of these works is $150,000, and they furnish employment to sixteen persons. The agents are Messrs. Wass, Uznay & Warwick.

In addition to the Eureka Refinery and the Metallurgical Works, there are eleven other establishments for the refining and assaying of gold, silver, etc., of which five are located at San Francisco, two each, at Sacramento and Marysville, and one each, at Nevada and Placer. Several of these offices are very extensive and capable of transacting a large amount of business.

5. REFINING OF GOLD AND SILVER. The Gold and Silver Refinery is located at San Francisco. The refinerya substantial brick structure, is one story in hight, and sixty feet in width by one hundred and thirty in length-together with the various implements in use, represent a permanently invested capital of about sixty thousand dollars. Employment is furnished to an average of from twenty-five to thirty persons. Operations were commenced at the refinery on the 14th of last March, and continued until August 8th, when they were temporarily suspended. Since that time the facilities have been greatly increased, and in February or March next the business will be resumed. The refinery has a capacity equal to the refining of twenty thousand ounces of gold per day, or, at seventeen dollars per ounce, three hundred and forty thousand dollars. The amount refined during the period it was in operation was equal to fifteen millions of dollars. E. Justh is the proprietor.

A laudable feature of the management of this establishment is, that all gold deposited is returned in American coin, as the refined gold is coined at the Branch Mint at San Francisco. By the operations of this Refinery, two considerable items are saved to the State, viz: The value of the sulphate of copper (important for agricultural purposes) annually produced, and the consumption of sulphuric acid, which is manufactured from native sulphur at San Francisco; the first amounting to one hundred thousand dollars, and the latter to over thirty-five thousand dollars, annually.

6. CHEMICALS. The San Francisco Chemical Works are located at San Francisco; Farmer, Chase & Co. proprietors. These works have been successfully employed for the last three years in the manufacture of acids. The average number of persons employed is fourteen, and the amount of acids disposed of during the past year amountedto over one hundred thousand dollars.

7. CORDAGE AND OAKUM. The San Francisco Cordage and Oakum Factory is at San Francisco. This enterprise was commenced in April, 1856, by Messrs. Flint, Peabody & Co. and Messrs. Tubbs & Co., since which time the operations of the company have been successful. The buildings connected with the works are of the most extensive and permanent character. The main structure, occupied as the rope-walk, is one thousand feet in length, and the spinning factory is one hundred by forty feet in length. The consumption of raw material is about four thousand pounds of hemp and three thousand pounds of oakum per day, which is obtained from Manila, and arrangements have been completed for regular shipments thereof, until California shall be able to furnish the same from the products of her own soil.

The enterprising proprietors of this establishment are now engaged in the manufacture of cordage from California grown hemp. The specimens exhibited at the recent Mechanics' Fair will favorably compare with the imported article. They have also made arrangements for the importation of seed, for the production in this State of a sufficient quantity of the raw material to supply the demands for home consumption.

8. THE REFINING OF SUGAR. The San Francisco Sugar Refinery is owned by a company of San Francisco and New York merchants, organized by the Legislature of the State. The works of the company are located at San Francisco; they are of the most extensive character, and of a capacity sufficient to supply the entire consumption of sugar in this State. The main building is seventy-five feet in width by one hundred and twenty-two feet in length, and five stories high. Several small buildings are attached, for the prosecution of the different branches connected with the refinery. The entire premises cover an area of four hundred and twelve by two hundred and seventy-five feet.

The raw material consumed at these works is obtained from Manila, Batavia and other Islands of the Pacific, and a line of clipper barks is now employed in maintaining a regular supply, to meet the requirements of the company. It is estimated, that four hundred tuns of sugar and twenty thousand gallons of syrup per month, can be manufactured at these works. The number of hands employed is one hundred and fifty. Cost of building and grounds, one hundred thousand dollars.

The California Sugar Refinery, located at San Francisco, has recently commenced operations on an extensive scale. The works of the company, erected at an expense of sixty thousand dollars, are extensive and admirably adapted to the purposes to which they are appropriated. Capacity, per month, five hundred thousand pounds.

9. WOOLEN GOODS. The extensive growth of wool in this State, and the demand existing on this coast for goods manufactured therefrom, have engaged the attention of an association of capitalists, who have made the necessary arrangements for the early construction, in the vicinity of San Francisco, of a manufactory for the production of blankets and other woolen goods, to be of a capacity sufficient to supply the demand for home consumption and our export trade. This

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